Will:  Magrath, Maurice  August 13, 1824

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: August 13, 1824
Recorded: April 1, 2018

Extracted from her Majesty's Court of Prerogative in Ireland

This is the last Will and Testament of Maurice Magrath of 
Fitz William Street in the City of Dublin Whereas I am 
possessed of certain Debentures which are deposited in the 
Bank of Ireland for safe Custody amounting to a Sum of Two 
thousand six hundred pounds and also a Sum of fifteen 
hundred pounds in Irish Government Stock bearing Interest at 
three pounds ten shillings by the hundred by the year and 
also a Sum of Seventeen hundred pounds in the New English 
four per Cent Stock and also a Sum of twelve hundred pounds 
in the English New three and a half per Cent Stock and also 
of a Sum of one thousand one hundred pounds or thereabouts 
in the three per Cent Consols Now I do hereby leave and 
bequeath the said several Sums of money and Securities for 
money together with all the Interest and Dividends which 
shall be due thereon at my decease and all other money 
invested in Government Securities of which I am possessed to 
my Daughter Henrietta Frances Magrath her Executors admors 
and assigns And Whereas I am entitled to a reversionary 
Estate or Interest situate in Cornwall expectant upon the 
decease of my said Daughter without leaving Issue now I do 
hereby give and devise all my said Estate and Interest in 
the said premises in Cornwall in case my said Daughter shall 
die without leaving any Issue who shall be living at her 
death to my Brother James Magrath his heirs and assigns I 
leave to my said Daughter all my silver plate and the 
portraits of her Mother and her Uncle Dickinson and the 
Miniature Pictures of her Mother and of myself I desire that 
my Dwellinghouse and furniture Prints and books of every 
description save as hereinafter mentioned and all other my 
Effects shall be sold immediately after my decease and out 
of the produce of such Sale I leave and bequeath to my 
Brothers James Magrath and Denis Magrath each the Sum of one 
hundred pounds and I leave to the two Sons of my late 
Brother Jeremiah Magrath the Sum of one hundred pounds to be 
equally divided between them share and share alike and the 
principal thereof to be paid to them respectively at such 
time or times as my Executor shall deem expedient and I 
leave to each of my Sisters Biddy the Wife of Richard Rogers 
Mary the Wife of William Cloon and Margaret Magrath the Sum 
of one hundred pounds and I leave to Biddy Doyle who has 
served me faithfully for seven years the Sum of forty pounds 
and to my other Servant Biddy Dillon the Sum of ten pounds 
in addition to any Wages that shall be due to them and I 
desire all my Debts any bequests that shall be contained in 
the Codicil hereto annexed and my funeral and administration 
expences to be paid thereout and I leave the Residue of the 
produce of such Sale to my Nephew William Magrath who is now 
living with me and I direct that the said residue shall as 
soon as conveniently may be after my decease be paid out in 
the purchase of an annuity for the life of my Nephew the 
said William Magrath and until such annuity can be procured 
I desire the Interest of such Residue to be paid him I 
bequeath the Residue of my personal Estate and Effects not 
hereinbefore disposed of to my said Nephew William Magrath I 
hereby revoke all former Wills & Testamentary Instruments by 
me at any time heretofore made and I appoint my said 
Daughter Henrietta Frances Magrath my said Nephew William 
Magrath and my friend John Smith Furlong to be Executors of 
this my Will In Witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed 
my name this thirteenth day of August in the year of our 
Lord 1824 Mauce Magrath
(Attestation Clause)
Edwd Reeves _ Crosbie Morgell _ Anthy R Kearney
Proved at London 2 December 1824 to Henrietta Frances 
Magrath Spinster power reserved to other Executors
PCC Prob11/1693