Will:  Macartney, Margaret April 29, 1775

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: April 29, 1775
Recorded: October 31, 2017

In the Name of God Amen I Margaret Macartney of the City of 
Dublin Spinster being of sound mind and memory tho' in a 
declining State of health and reflecting on the uncertainty 
of life and the dangers that sometimes attend crossing the 
Irish Seas do make my last Will and Testament hereby 
revoking and making void all other Wills by me formerly made 
first and Principally I commend my Soul into the hands of 
Almighty God who gave it my Body I commit to the Earth and 
desire it may be decently and privately interred at frenchay 
as near as possible to my beloved Brother Arthur Macartney 
that is if I die in Bristol And I Will and direct all my 
just Debts and funeral Expences be discharged as soon as 
conveniently may be after my decease Item I give and 
bequeath unto my Cousin James Iredell of Edenton North 
Carolina Three hundred Pounds Item to his Brother Thomas 
Iredell One hundred Pounds the Interest is to run up till he 
is Prenticed out or to help purchase him a Commission in the 
Army which ever his friends approve the Money to lye in the 
Hands of Mr Griffith Maskelyn Item to Mrs Iredell fifty 
Pounds Item to my God Daughter Jane Barry One hundred and 
fifty Pounds the Interest to run up until she arrives at the 
Age of twenty one the Money to lye till that time in the 
Hands of Mr Griffith Maskelyn Item to my Cousin William 
McCullough of Dublin Two hundred Pounds Item to my beloved 
Cousin Mr John Thompson of Newry One hundred and fifty 
Pounds together with my Pearl Earrings Pins etc. as a token 
of my sincere affection Item to Mrs Weld Wife of Mr Isaac 
Weld of Dublin fifty Pounds together with my Gold repeating 
Watch and my Harpsicord as a small token of the grateful and 
sincere affection I feel for her Item to my Cousin Mrs Alice 
Macartney fifty Pounds with my Cluster Diamond Ring as a 
small token of my respect and regard for her Item to my late 
Servant Sarah Derham of Bristol Ten Guineas with her Note of 
Hand now in the Possession of Mr Maskelyn Item to the House 
of Industry I give and bequeath twenty five Pounds Item to 
the Poor of Mary's Parish I give and bequeath twenty five 
Pounds Item I give and bequeath to Mr Griffith Maskelyn 
fifty Pounds as a small token of my gratitude for his 
friendship and the trouble he has had and I constitute and 
appoint Henry Eustace McCulloh Esq (of the Temple) my whole 
and sole Executor reserving to myself the Power of disposing 
of my Plate Linnen China and Wearing Apparel as I see fit 
hereafter but in case any Accident happens before I dispose 
of it that with the residue of my Effects (Wearing Apparel 
excepted) to go to the said Henry Eustace McCullogh Esq as 
Witness my hand this twenty ninth day of April in the Year 
of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and seventy five 
Margt Macartney Witness James Lang _ Ann Mercer
Proved at London 13 January 1776
PCC Prob11/1015