Will:  Kennedy, Patrick July 22, 1820

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: July 22, 1820
Recorded: November 4, 2017

In the Name of God Amen I Patrick Kennedy of the City of 
Dublin Watch Maker being of sound and disposing memory and 
mind praise be God for the same do hereby make and publish 
this as my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all 
former Will or Wills made by me in manner and form following 
ffirst surrendering my Soul to Almighty God thro the Merits 
of Almighty my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ I do hereby 
give devise and bequeath all my Worldly substances both what 
I am possessed of and what I may or might hereafter become 
possessed of to my Wife Anne Kennedy otherwise Webster and 
my Daughter Catherine who is now a Widow and was married to 
John Bacon share and share alike and I constitute and 
appoint them my aforesaid dear Wife Anne and my dear 
Daughter Catherine Executrixes of this my last Will and 
Testament Secondly I order my said Executrixes to secure to 
my Grand Daughter Jane Sarah Bacon five hundred pounds 
Sterling to be placed at Interest until she attain the age 
of eighteen years To Mrs Catherine Dillon ten pounds 
Sterling per annum To Mr John Russell forty pounds Sterling 
as my part for renumerating his Services likewise to Mr 
Edward Ryan and Mrs Pierce five pounds Sterling each for the 
same purpose to my good friend John Clare £10 Sterling and 
ten pounds Sterling per annum To Margaret Hessian otherwise 
Kenedy Catherine Kennedy Spinster Maria Kearney otherwise 
Kenedy Pebelina (?)O' Rielly and Eliza Kennedy twenty pounds 
Sterling to each I give and bequeath to me dear Wife Anne 
the sole and entire Property left her by her ffather Robert 
Webster and it is my will that part of my Property which may 
come to the share of my Daughter Catherine may be so secured 
as that it may not be any means be under the controul of any 
Husband she may have I also order that my Wife's share of 
the property coming from the Estate of Mrs Anne Dillon may 
devolve after the decease of my said Wife Anne Kennedy on my 
Daughter Catherine Bacon And I further desire if my share of 
the Estate of Mrs Ann Dillon of Sax Weiner deceased does not 
amount to the sum of four thousand pounds Sterling then in 
that case the Legacies bequeathed by me shall be 
proportionately reduced Patrick Kennedy 
(Attestation Clause)
Nathanl Burton 24 Queen Street Dublin _ David Brereton M D 
19 Arran Quay _ Thomas Ayre Goldsmith Great Britain Street 
Dated this 22nd Day of July 1820 
Proved at London 14th July 1834 by the Oath of Catherine 
Abeltshauser Wife of Ignatius George Abelthauser heretofore 
Bacon the Surviving Executrix
PCC Prob11/1834