Will:  Kelly, Patrick January 13, 1816

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: January 13, 1816
Recorded: November 7, 2018

Whereas we are all subject to a sudden death I think it 
proper to name Executors to dispose of my Property after my 
death therefore I name my Cousin Festus O'Kelly of Tycooly 
my Executor & his Wife Mary Ann O'Kelly my niece Executrix 
who are to pay the following sums after my death fifty one 
pounds British to the Convent of the Carman of Cadiz for 
Masses for my Soul which sum is to be remitted to Messrs 
Costello Brothers & Co of Cadiz with orders to deliver the 
same to the mentd Convent sixty pounds Irish to be given as 
Charity to the Poor of the Parish of Caltragh for a certain 
intention one thousd pounds Irish to my Niece & Executrix 
Mary Ann O'Kelly after her death to be divided equally among 
her four sons five hundred pounds Irish to the Children of 
my deceased Nephew William Kelly of Esttage equally divided 
five hundred pounds Irish to my Niece Margt Kelly Stapleton 
one hundred pounds Irish to my Gd Niece Bell Kelly one 
hundred pounds Irish to be given to the Parish Priest of 
Caltragh to keep to make a decent Altar in his poor Chapel 
the remainder of my property I leave to my Cousin & Executor 
Festus O'Kelly after his death to his four Sons to be 
equally divided Dublin 13th January 1816 Patk Kelly Witness 
Robt O'Donnell
Proved at London 18 August 1819
PCC Prob11/1619