Will:  Garvey, Barbara December 24, 1813

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Source: National Archives Kew
Written: December 24, 1813
Recorded: June 26, 2020

In the Name of God Amen I Barbara Garvey of Winetavern 
Street in the City of Dublin late of the City of Kilkenny 
Spinster being of sound mind & memory but considering the 
uncertainties of this mortal Life do make this my last Will 
& Testament in manner & form following (that is to say) I 
bequeath to my relation Miss Jane FitzPatrick of Winetavern 
Street aforesaid all my Estate & Effects whether real 
freehold or personal of what nature or kind soever subject 
to the Legacies hereinafter mentioned & in case the said 
Jane Fitzpatrick shall die before me then I leave all my 
said Property subject as aforesaid to Miss Mary Fitzpatrick 
Sister of the said Jane And in case the said Jane and Mary 
shall both die before me then I leave the same & every part 
thereof subject as aforesaid to & amongst the Children of 
John Fitzpatrick deceased the Brother of the said Jane & 
Mary in equal Shares in which Case the Mother of the said 
Children shall enjoy the Interest of the several & 
respective share of each Child during the minority of each 
of said Children respectively discharged of all Accounts 
with her said Children save that she shall maintain clothe & 
educate them out of my Property & the Interest & Proceeds 
thereof & I do further leave a Sum of ten Guineas to Mrs 
Joanna Walsh of the City of Kilkenny Widow Sister of Patrick 
Byrne of the said City Esquire And I appoint the said Jane 
Fitzpatrick in case she shall survive me my sole Executrix 
but if she shall die before me then I appoint the said Mary 
Fitzpatrick (if she shall be living) my sole Executrix but 
if both the said Jane Fitzpatrick & Mary Fitzpatrick shall 
die before me then I appoint Mrs Mary Fitzpatrick Widow of 
the said John Fitzpatrick my sole Executrix And I hereby 
revoke all former Wills by me heretofore made Witness my 
Hand & Seal hereunto affixed this twenty fourth Day of 
December One thousand eight hundred & thirteen Barbara 
(Attestation Clause) Thos Quigan _ Pat. Byrne
Proved at London 9 May 1816 PCC Prob11/1580