Will:  Fitzgibbon, Gerald January 19, 1843

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File contributed by: Rosalind Dunning 
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Source: London Metropolitan Archives
Written: January 19, 1843
Recorded: August 12, 2017

Extracted from the Registry of her Majestys Court of 
Prerogative in Ireland I Gerald Fitzgibbon late of Baldoyle 
in the County Dublin a Lieutenant in her Majesty's Army on 
half pay do make this my last will and testament revoking 
all former Wills I will and Appoint my dear Wife Sarah Beata 
Guardian of my Children and residuary legatee In addition to 
the property settled on my Wife by marriage settlement in 
event of her surviving me I will and bequeath to her all 
other unsettled property I may die in possession of to be 
held by her in trust she to have during her life the 
interest of such principal sums and on her decease to revert 
to her children in such proportions as will be hereafter 
stated I further will & bequeath the legacy left me by my 
Cousin Richmond Allen on the death of his brother John Allen 
of Cheltenham to be paid to be put out at interest my dear 
wife to have a life interest in the same the principal also 
to revert to my Children or survivor of them as will 
hereafter Appear T will and bequeath to my daughter Mary 
Anne the sum of one thousand pounds stg which I authorise my 
dear wife should she think well to do so to take up from the 
unsettled property and secured by Bond and Judgment of the 
Earl of Mount Cashel a marriage portion to be paid on her 
marriage with her mother's Consent or the interest thereof 
during her mother's life at any time my wife may think it 
proper to do so I authorize my wife also to take up the sum 
of one thousand pounds stg at any time she may think well to 
do for the use & benefit of my son Gerald to advance his 
prospects in life And as she is further empowered to Give 
him the interest of this money at any time during her life 
should she think proper to do so this principal sum to be 
taken out of the legacy above stated payable on the death of 
John Allen I further will and bequeath to my son Gerald 
should he survive his mother such property secured by 
marriage settlement situated in the City of Waterford and 
held under leases from the Corporation of said City as also 
that held under the Dean and Chapter of said place I further 
bequeath to my daughter Mary Anne should she survive her 
mother (additional) the sum of one thousand pounds secured 
in part & Judgment of Francis Evans Esq Dublin for the sum 
of seven hundred pounds British Currency as also the sum of 
three hundred pounds now placed on security in the City of 
Dublin Abbey Street saving Bank should my dear wife Consider 
it more to their advantage not to take either of the sums 
she is authorized to take up from the settled property for 
the use of my children I will my children shall be by her 
maintained and educated at the expense of the interest of 
both of these capital sums to which they are to be applied 
and further in event of my wife surviving her children she 
is authorized by this my last will and testament to demise 
the whole or part of the property settled or unsettled as 
she may think proper to do so I further will & Appoint my 
brother in law Nevis (?) Tully Esq as a trustee which I hope 
he will accept & act & that no principal sum will be taken 
up for the use of my children by me wife without first 
obtaining his consent & Approbation Given under my hand & 
seal at St Julian this 19th day of January 1843 G Fitzgibbon 
signed sealed and delivered in presences of 1 C H Hatchell 2 
Garret Mane 3 Robert Nevill
Admon with Will annexed to Sarah Beata Fitzgibbon of 20 
Edgcombe Street Stonehouse Plymouth 23 Novemb