Will:  Duggan, Henry January 24, 1767

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File contributed by: Rosalind Dunning 
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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: January 24, 1767
Recorded: September 23, 2017

In the Name of God Amen I Henry Duggan of the City of Dublin 
Taylor being in Weakly Infirmities in Body but thanks Christ 
of Sound Indisposition of Mind Memory and Calling upon my 
Maker and Redeemer our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 
and in Memory of his Precious Blood being Shed to Receive 
and Redeem such Sinners as will Turn their Hearts and 
receive his pardon and forgiveness Do make this my last Will 
and Testament First I Appoint and Desire that my beloved 
Wife Jane Duggan other Tudor Shall be my Sole Executrix of 
the same and She Imediately after my Death do Possess 
herself all my Goods Chattels Books Bonds Bills Papers 
Leases or Counter Leases together with the Duplicates of 
Mortgages Given by me either before my taking the Benefit of 
the Insolvent Act or Since And I do Appoint my said 
Executrix with the Advise of any Gent in the Law to Settle 
and Compose the Accounts of my Mortgages to ask for sue and 
Recover the Ballance the same when Settled I Do Leave and 
bequeath to my Wife Jane Duggan to be for and go to her Use 
and for no other Use or Intent Purpose whatsoever And as to 
all the Rest of my Effects in whomsoever hands they may be 
found I bequeath also in like manner And as to my Equity of 
Redemption now in the Hands of Mr William Lamb of my Cousins 
(?) of Portabella and he has also in his Custody my Schedule 
of all my Debts and other Paper Writings for which I Expect 
that he will fairly and honestly Account for with my 
Executrix And my further Will is that such Wearing Apparel 
as I Shall have in my Custody that my Executrix do give the 
same to Mr Jeremiah Duggan my Next Kinsman And I do desire 
that I may be Buried in the Cabbage Garden as near as 
possible to the side of my Wellbeloved and Dear friend Mr 
James Mahaffey And I do Request and Intreat the favour of 
Bro' John Grahams and Bro' Robert Mason to see my funeral 
Performed in such manner as they Shall Direct I do hereby 
and by these Presents Confirm this my last Will and 
Settlement hereby and hereupon revoking all other former 
Wills said to be made by me In Witness whereof I have 
hereunto set my hand and Seal in the year of our Lord One 
thousand seven hundred and Sixty Seven and on the 24 day of 
January Henry Duggan Witness present John Read_ Walter 
Proved at London 23 April 1767
PCC Prob11/927