Will: Duchesne, Mary September 10, 1766

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File contributed by: Rosalind Dunning rdunning@ewings.uk.com 
March 5, 2021, 3:28 pm


Source: National Archives Kew
Written: September 10, 1766
Recorded: March 5, 2021

In the Name of God Amen I Mary Duchesne of the City of 
Dublin Spinster being infirm of Body tho' of sound Mind do 
declare my last Will and dispose of my worldly Substance as 
sollows first I Order all my Debts and funeral Expences to 
be paid as soon as Possible after which I leave and bequeath 
unto Christian Dobson who was my servant twenty five Pounds 
Sterling to be paid her six Months after my decease I leave 
and bequeath to my Executor hereafter named One of Stocks in 
the English funds which shall remain there in the name of my 
said Executor who shall pay the Interest or Produce thereof 
Yearly to the father or Mother of my Godson John Dobson 
untill he attains twenty one Years of Age the Principal or 
Stock then to be made over or its value paid to the said 
John Dobson but if he should die before the said Stock or 
its value be made over of paid to the said John's Mother 
Christian Dobson as soon as her son is Dead I leave and 
bequeath to Miss Charlotte Bouchetiere twenty Pounds 
Sterling to Miss Susanna and Mary Chaigneau of York Street 
or the Survivor of them twenty five Pounds Sterling to the 
Maid which shall attend me at my death one years wages 
besides what wages may be due to her to the Poor of the 
French Church of Peters Street five Pounds Sterling to my 
Executor hereafter named five Pounds Sterling for a small 
token of my regard I leave and bequeath to my Relation Mary 
Mercier One hundred Pounds I leave and bequeath to Miss 
Elizabeth Henry ten pounds Sterling also the Lease of my 
Dwelling House for the reminder of my Term with all the 
Profits and Advantages thereof if there be any deficiency it 
is my Will each of my Legatees shall bear the Loss in 
Proportion if there be an Overplus I leave and bequeath it 
All to my aforenamed Relation Mary Mercier Lastly I Name 
Constitute and Appoint the Reverend James Pelletrean my Sole 
Executor in Confirmation of all which I have hereto set my 
hand and Seal in Dublin the 10th of 9ber 1766 Mary Duchesne 
Signed Sealed and Published in our Presence John Smith _ 
Michl McDannell
Proved at London 13 February 1767
PCC Prob11/925