Will: Extract - George DELANE, 1720 

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 DELANE, GEORGE, Dublin, glazier.
 26 Sept. 1720. Precis, 1/2 p., 28. 1720.
 Eldest son Denis Delane. Owen Loyd, Croghan, Co. Roscommon, 
Esq., Rev. Patrick Delany, senr. Fellow of Trinity College, 
Dublin, and William Burne, Dublin, gent., trustees and 
exors. His real estate in countries of Roscommon and Galway 
and elsewhere. Witnesses: John Rowlatt, servant to testator, 
William Souch, clerk to William Sumner, notary public, and 
said William Sumner. Memorial witnessed by: William Sumner, 
Richd. Berkeley.
 28, 287, 17632.                    Wm. Burne (seal)

 Source: Registry of Deeds, Dublin, Abstract of Wills, Vol. 
I (of 2), 1708-1745, edited by A. Beryl Eustace, Dublin 
Stationery Office, 1956, Printed by Cahill & Co., Ltd., 
Parkgate Printing Works, Parkgate Street, Dublin.