Will:  Blossett, Anthony January 15, 1724/5

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: January 15, 1724/5
Recorded: May 2, 2017

In the Name of God Amen I Major Anthony Blossett of 
Rathfarnam in the County of Dublin being weak of Body but of 
sound and perfect memory thanks be to God do make ordain 
constitute appoint and declare this my last Will and 
Testament in manner and form following viz first I resign my 
Soul to almighty God and my body to be decently buried in 
such place as it shall please my Executors hereafter named 
to appoint and as to my temporal Estate Goods and Chattels 
real and personal and Debts I do order to be disposed of as 
followeth that is to say first I will and order all my Debts 
to be paid by my said Executors Item I leave and bequeath 
all my right title and Interest which I have to one house 
backside Garden and all its appurtenances Situate lying and 
being in Rathfarnam aforesaid known by the name of the Green 
house and which I farm from Edward Shirer of the City of 
Dublin Jeweller provided I do not otherwise sell or dispose 
of the same before my death together with such Sume and sume 
of money as shall appear to be due to me by the Government 
of England and under the protection of Rene Rane of the City 
of London his Executors Administrators and Assigns with all 
the Interest or other benefit that shall be due to me at my 
Death as also such ready money household goods plate Jewells 
and Chattels real and personal as I shall be possessed of at 
my decease unto such Child or Children as I shall have 
lawfully begotten on the body of my beloved Wife Anne 
Blossett als Carshore the same to be divided amongst such 
Children share and share alike but in Case I should happen 
to dye without such Issue then I order and my Will is that 
my dearly beloved Wife Anne Blossett als Carshore her heirs 
Executors Administrators and Assigns shall have and enjoy 
for their own proper use and behoof for ever the whole 
benefit and advantages arising from the said Green house 
backside and Garden with its appurtenances and all other my 
real and personal Estate of what kind or nature soever with 
all such sume and sums of money lying in the said Government 
of England and under the protection of the said Rene Rane 
his heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns with all 
Deeds Leases Counterparts of Deeds and Leases all Bills 
Bonds Notes and other writings whatsoever relating to the 
said particulars or any part of my said Estate real and 
personal with all the ready money household furniture Linnen 
Bedding wearing apparrell Plate Jewels rings and all other 
Effects goods and chattels that I shall dye possessed of for 
the use of her and her heirs Executors Administrators and 
Assigns for ever Item I will and bequeath that my said Wife 
Anne Blossett als Carshore shall pay imediately after my 
decease or cause to be paid eighteen shillings and Six Pence 
Sterling unto my Cozen Edward Noy of Navan in the County of 
Meath to buy him a mourning ring Item I do hereby nominate 
constitute and appoint my wellbeloved Wife the said Anne 
Blossett als Carshore and the said Edward Nove of Navan 
aforesaid Executors of this my last Will and Testament 
hereby revoking and annulling by these presents all and 
every Will and Wills heretofore made and declared by me 
either by Word or writing and this only to be deemed and 
taken for my last Will and Testament and none other In 
Witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seal this 
fifteenth day of January 1724 Anthonie Blossett signed 
sealed and published in the presence of us Jo: Cusack _ 
Margrat Cusack _ Copia Vera Exam per Jo: Sale Registrarius

Proved at London    day of June 1725

PCC Prob11/603