Death:  Shorten, Jane June 13, 1869

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File contributed by: Valerie Ackroyd April 
15, 2015, 4:52 pm

Name:                Shorten, Jane
Date Of Death:       June 13, 1869 Time: 
Place Of Death:      52 1/2 Talbot Street
Gender:              Female
Age:                 18
Marital Status:      Single
Cause Of Death:      Scarlatina, one week, certified
Occupation:          Daughter of a farmer
Informant:           Mary Sheridan (her mark), present at 
death, 52 1/2 Talbot St
Date Recorded:       July 6, 1869
Source Of Record:    Photocopy of death record
Certificate No.:     55

Deaths Registered in the District of No. 1 North Dublin