Death:  Sharkey, Margaret February 5, 1869

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File contributed by: Mary Heaslip 
April 19, 2016, 4:37 am


Name:                Sharkey, Margaret
Date Of Death:       February 5, 1869 Time: 
Place Of Death:      Cloghran
Gender:              Female
Age:                 1.5 years
Marital Status:      Single
Cause Of Death:      Scrofula. Six months, uncertified. No 
Medical Attendant
Occupation:          Daughter of a Labourer
Informant:           Margaret Sharkey. Present at Death. 
Date Recorded:       September 30, 1869
Source Of Record:    Registrar's quarterly return to General 
Registrar's Office
Certificate No.:     268
Registrar's District:Malahide in the Union of Balrothery
Registrar:           Richard Stanishut??

This appears to be a duplicate entry - the columns for 
gender and age are crossed out with an X and there is a note 
to the left of the entry stating 'Previously registered at 
No 235'. This is signed by the Registrar on 30/0/1869.