Death:  Richardson, John December 21, 1886

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File contributed by: Joyce Tunstead 
April 25, 2013, 6:40 am


Name:                Richardson, John
Date Of Death:       December 21, 1886 Time: 
Place Of Death:      7 Albion Terrace, Kilmainham
Residence:           7 Albion Terrace, Kilmainham
Gender:              Male
Age:                 72
Marital Status:      Married
Spouse:              Richardson, Mary
Cause Of Death:      Natural Decay Chronic Rheumatism 4 
years. No medical attendant
Occupation:          Fitter
Informant:           Mary Richardson, wife of deceased, 
present at death. 7 Albion Terrace, Kilmainham
Date Recorded:       January 17, 1887
Source Of Record:    Copy Registration of Death

Registered at Palmerstown in the Union of South Dublin, in 
the County of Dublin.

Additional Comments:
Mary Richardson, wife of deceased, made her mark (X).