Death:  Lamb, Martha 1863

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File contributed by: Sharon Slater 
February 8, 2019, 7:18 am


Name:                Lamb, Martha
Date Of Death:       1863 Time: 
Place Of Death:      Rathgar-Road, Dublin
Residence:           Unavailable
Gender:              Female
Age:                 Unavailable
Marital Status:      Unavailable
Date Of Birth:       Unavailable
Place Of Birth:      Unavailable
Mother's Name:       Unavailable, Unavailable
Mother's Birthplace: Unavailable
Father's Name:       Unavailable, Unavailable
Father's Birthplace: Unavailable
Cause Of Death:      Unavailable
Hospital:            Unavailable
SS Number:           Unavailable
Occupation:          Unavailable
Funeral Home:        Unavailable
Doctor:              Unavailable
Coroner:             Unavailable
Informant:           Unavailable
Date Of Burial:      Unavailable
Place Of Burial:     Unavailable
Date Recorded:       April 25, 1863
Source Of Record:    Limerick Chronicle

At Rathgar-road, Dublin, Martha Lamb, widow of James 
Boswell, Esq., late of that city.