Death:  Donohoe, Essie September 6, 1869

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File contributed by: Mary Heaslip 
April 18, 2016, 1:27 pm


Name:                Donohoe, Essie
Date Of Death:       September 6, 1869 Time: 
Place Of Death:      Beechwood
Gender:              Female
Age:                 6 years
Marital Status:      Single
Cause Of Death:      Scarlatina. Three days. Certified
Occupation:          Daughter of a Labourer
Informant:           Mark of James Donohoe. Present at 
Death. Beechwood.
Date Recorded:       September 13, 1869
Source Of Record:    Registrar's quarterly return to General 
Registrar's Office
Certificate No.:     265
Registrar's District:Malahide in the Union of Balrothery
Registrar:           Richard Stanishut??

Age last birthday on Register is confusing - it originally 
may have been 'three days'. The word days has been crossed 
out and the figure 6 entered but neither 'Three' nor 'years' 
have been altered in any way.

Additional Comments:
Beechwood is listed elsewhere as in the Barony of Coolock 
and the Civil Parish of Portmarnock.
Sister Mary died of same cause on September 10th.