Birth: O'Hara, Annie September 17, 1910

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File contributed by: Robert Leggett July 8, 2015, 12:17 pm


Name:                O'HARA, ANNIE
Date Of Birth:       September 17, 1910 Time: 
County Of Birth:     dublin
Place Of Birth:      Rodtunda Hospital Dublin.
Gender:              Female
Race:                W
Parent's Residence   Santry Court, Dublin
Mother's Name:       LEGGETT,  MARGARET
Mother's Age:        Unavailable
Mother's Birthplace: Unavailable
Father's Name:       O'HARA,  JOHN
Father's Age:        Unavailable
Father's Birthplace: Unavailable
Doctor:              Unavailable
Hospital:            Unavailable
Source Of Record:    Birth Cert..
Certificate No.:     235

Signature, Qualification and Residence of Informant: 
J. JACK, Presence at Birth. Rodtunda Hospital 

Rank or Profession of Father: Labourer.
When Registered: September Twenty First 1910 
Signature of Registrar: G I Eustow Asst. Registrar
Birth Registered in the District of N City 2 in the Union of 
Dublin in the City of Dublin