Birth:  McGrath, Robert November 13, 1909

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File contributed by: Irene Magrath May 
24, 2013, 1:20 pm


Name:                McGrath, Robert
Date Of Birth:       November 13, 1909 
County Of Birth:     Dublin
Place Of Birth:      Rotunda Hospital
Gender:              Male
Race:                W
Parent's Residence   20 Lower Sherrard St
Mother's Name:       Sharpe, Helena
Mother's Age:        32
Mother's Birthplace: Wilburton, Cambs
Father's Name:       McGrath, Robert 
Father's Age:        34
Father's Birthplace: Dublin
Doctor:              R. M. Baker
Hospital:            Rotunda
Source Of Record:    Birth Certificate
Certificate No.:     231 97

The family always used the name Magrath.

Additional Comments:
Union of N. Dublin
Profession of father - Clerk
Baptismal name added after Registration - Robert Edwin
Copy made 21st December 1925