Birth:  Asst Births KENNEDY, O'ROURKE

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File contributed by: Colette O Rorke


SURNAME        NAME                   SUP'T REGR'S DIST.       COUNTY          DOB             NAME OF FATHER                           OCCUPATION      NAME MOTHER			      SIGNATURE OF INFORMANT
KENNEDY        John                   South Dublin             Dublin          14 Aug 1890     Robert Kennedy, Tallaght                 Labourer        Teresa Kennedy nee Sheridan	      Teresa (mark) Kennedy, mother, Tallaght
KENNEDY        Catherine              South Dublin             city of Dublin  4 Apr 1882,     Michael Kennedy, 12 Belview Buildings    Labourer        Catherine Kennedy nee Lennon/x	      Dora Byrne (mark), 10 Belview Buildings
KENNEDY        Catherues              South Dublin             city of Dublin  18 Aug 1882,    William Kennedy, 124 Francis Street      Cooper          Maria Kennedy nee Neill		      Mary Byrne (mark), 125 Francis Street
KENNEDY        Catherine Mary         South Dublin             Dublin          12 Dec 1882,    Michael Kennedy, Golden Bridge           Grocer          Catherine Kennedy nee Donagh	      Michael Kennedy, Golden Bridge, father
KENNEDY        Catherine              South Dublin             Dublin          16 Nov 1882,    Patrick Kennedy, 23 Ushers Island        Labourer        Mary Kennedy nee Whelan/Whalen	      Mary Kennedy, mother, 23 Ushers Island
KENNEDY        Maryanne               South Dublin             Dublin          14 Oct 1882,    Michael Kennedy, Greenhills              Labourer        Catherine Kennedy nee Connolly	      Catherine (mark) Kennedy, mother, Greenhills
KENNEDY        Michael                South Dublin Union       Dublin          5 Apr 1886,     John Kennedy, 35 Gloucester Street       Labourer        ? Kennedy nee Keenan ?		      Sarah Kirwan, 35 Gloucester Street
KENNEDY        Peter                  South Dublin             Dublin          6 Aug 1884,     Robert Kennedy, Airton                   Labourer        Teresa Kennedy nee Sheridan	      Mary (mark) McNally, ?, Tallaght
O'ROURKE       Christopher James      South Dublin             Dublin          29 Dec 1876,    Thomas O'Rourke, 21 Michaels Lane        Tailor          Eliza Rourke, nee Deegan	      The mark of Eliza O'Rourke, mother, 21 Michaels Ln
O'ROURKE       Rosanna                North Dublin Union       city of Dublin  8 Jun 1872?     Laurence O'Rourke, 75 Upper Dominick St. Baker           Eliza O'Rourke nee Hologhan	      Laurence O'Rourke, father, 75 Upper Dominick St
O'ROURKE       Thomas Christopher     Thomas Christopher       Dublin          5 Nov 1876,     Thomas O'Rourke, 3 Lees Lane             Porter          Mary Anne O'Rourke nee Dignane	      The mark of Mary Magann, 9 Essex Street E.
RORKE          John Christopher       South Dublin Union       city of Dublin  12 Dec 1864,    Thomas Rorke, 11 Redmonds Hill           Cattle Dealer   Marianne Rorke, nee Shortt	      Thomas Rorke, father, 11 Redmonds Hill
RORKE          Christopher            Drogheda                 Louth           8 Jun 1873,     Michael Rorke, Hardmans Garden           Labourer        Margaret Rorke nee Bryan	      Margaret (mark) Rorke, mother, Hardmans Garden
RORKE          Christopher            Dublin North             Dublin          10 Dec 1876,    Stephen Rorke, Howth                     Fisherman       Mary Rorke nee Byrne		      Mary (mark) Nulty, Howth
ROURKE         Christopher            No. 2 South City         Dublin          9 Mar 1872,     Thomas Rourke, 22 Michaels Lane          Tailor          Eliza Rourke, nee Deegan	      The mark of Maggie Hennessy, 22 Michaels Ln
ROURKE         Christopher            Dublin North             city of Dublin  10 Aug 1876,    Christopher Rourke, 160 Church Street    Dealer          Catherine Rourke nee Eustace	      Catherine (mark) Rourke, 160 Church Street
ROURKE         Christopher            Rathdown                 Dublin          3 Oct 1879,     Peter Rourke, Windy Arbour               Coal Factor     Mary Jane Rourke nee Gilligan	      Peter (his mark) Rourke, father, Windy Arbour