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SAINT PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL Memorials, Dublin   Part 2    Nos. 093 - 171

Photo No.093
SAINT PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL, Dublin. View of Cathedral from the Park of
Saint Patricks

Photo No.094
ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL, Dublin.  One of the beautiful features which is
on both sides of all the entrance gates into the Cathedral

Photo No.095

Photo No.097
ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL, Dublin.  Public Notice:  The Most Illustrious
Order | of The Knights of Saint Patrick
The KNIGHTS of SAINT PATRICK were an order | of chivalry founded in 1783
by King GEORGE III | The choir space of Saint Patrick's Cathedral served
as their chapel. New members were initiated into | the Order here until
1869, when these ceremonies | were moved to Dublin Castle.  The Order
mirrors | the Order of the Garter in England and the | Order of the
Thistle in Scotland
Today banners and hatchments (plaques) connected to | the Order are on
display in the choir of the Cathedral | These flags and symbols
represent the family coats of | arms of the last Knights to be installed
into the Order in | the Cathedral, in the 1860s.  The large wooden
screen | on display here lists the names of Knights of the Order

Photo No.098
ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL, Dublin.  Public Notice:  Monuments in the
(Part of these details can be seen in number 099)

Photo No.099
Part of inscription on number 098:  In medieval times to be buried or
remembered in SAINT PATRICKS | CATHEDRAL was considered an honour which
was reserved for only the most influential; archbishops, members of the
aristocracy and the | extremely wealthy. For many years it was also
thought inappropriate for | women to be buried or remembered A large
portion of the monument within the Cathedral remember men | who died
while serving in the British Army.  Most are from the officer | ranks of
the army and do not include any women.  Many of these monuments,
particularly those from the 19th Century; glorify death as a | result of
conflict. This exhibition within SAINT PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL, focusing on
| Remembrance, afford us the opportunity to redress the balance.  A
monument here has been commissioned to act as a centre piece to the
exhibition: the Tree of Remembrance takes inspiration from the tree that
| appears in the Iveagh Window in the North Transept.  It invites all |
those who have been affection by conflict to leave behind a small
prayer, | message or thought.  It is our hope that this contrasts with
the exclusive | nature of monuments from the past and suggests | that
conflict itself is the real enemy to humanity.

Photo No.100
St. Patrick's Cathedral)  It was added to Saint Patrick's Cathedral on
the 28 July 2014.
Visitors to the Cathedral are invited to leave a message on or near the
tree for someone who has been affected by conflict.  Messages are
written in many different languages by visitors from all over the world.
The message are written on pieces of card in the shape of a leave.  The
leaves which are added symbolise the return of life and hope to an
otherwise barren and bleak tree.   I personally left one in remembrance
of my Grand Uncle WILLIAM FREDERICK WELLS who died 22 June 1916 in Basra
and is "Remembered with Honour" in Basra War Cemetery.
(Close up of the LEAVES OF REMEMBRANCE see number 101)

Photo No.101
ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL, Dublin.  (Photograph courtesy of St. Patrick's
Cathedral).  Close up of the "LEAVES OF REMEMBRANCE", as seen in text/
photograph number 100

Photo No.102
ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL, Dublin   One of the beautiful examples in the
Cathedral of 19th century sculpture to be found anywhere in Ireland.

Photo No.103
ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL, Dublin.   One of the many beautiful stained
glass windows in the Cathedral, this has an inscription on it.
(Inscription details see number 104)

Photo No.104
Inscription on number 103:  Erected by a few friends To the Memory of |
FRANCIS ROBINSON Mvs. D. Vicar Choral | of this Cathedral Died Octr.
21st 1872

Photo No.105
ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL, Dublin.  The Baptistery

Photo No.106
In Loving Memory of | RICHARD ROBERT CHERRY | and MARY his wife | who
for the whole of their long | married life worshipped in this |
Cathedral, all of whose children | were baptised in this Baptistery

Photo No.107
ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL, Dublin.  The Baptismal Font.
(I found being in The Baptistery very moving, as in the very early
1800's my Gr, Gr Grandfather JOSEPH MAGUIRE, one of the 16 children of
my 3 x Great Grandparents, were all actually baptised here.  His father
WILLILAM MAGUIRE served as Sexton in the Cathedral)

Photo No.108
In this baptistery | the chandelier and the furnishings | were presented

Photo No.109
Underneath | lie | the lamented remains of | Very Revd. | JOHN WILLIAM
KEATINGE D.D. | Dean of this Cathedral | He died | May 6th 1817 | aged
47 years | His attached friend | Revd. ROBERT HANDOCK D.D. | Dedicates
this Tablet | to his memory

Photo No.110
The roof of the Nave | being decayed and | supported by scaffolding |
twenty five years | was taken down | the present erected | and the
Cathedral and | Organ received many | improvements and | thorough repair
| A.D. 1814 and 1816 | Very Revd. | JOHN WM. KEATINGE D.D. | Dean |
Revd. THOS CRADOCK L.L.D. | Preb of St. Audeons (-)

Photo No.111
ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL, Dublin.   Stained Glass Windows in The

Photo No.112
ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL, Dublin.  "The Lady Chapel"

Photo No.113
ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL, Dublin.  Some of the memorial tablets on one
side of The Lady Chapel

Photo No.114
Beneath this Lady Chapel are buried | the mortal remains of | Dr ELIE
BOUHEREAU (1643 – 1719 | Doctor of Theology and of Medicine | Huguenot
Refugee of La Rochelle with his family | after the Revocation of the
Edict of Nantes (1685 | First Librarian of Marsh's Library, Dublin |
Progenitor of the Borough Family of Ireland | Here also are buried |
BOUHEREAU | 1645-1704) wife | LOUISE MARGUERITE QUARTIER (1705-1706)
Granddaughter | MARGUERITE BOUHEREAU QUARTIER (1673-1707 | Daughter |
LOIS QUARTIER (1663-1715) son-in-law | The Huguenots were granted the
use of this Chapel | and worshipped here from 1666 – 1816 | Erected by
BOROUGH of Querrin, Co. Clare to mark | the tercentenary of the
Revocation of The Edict of Nantes 1985

Photo No.115
To mark the place | of many of his Christian labours | this Tablet |
here erected by | the Protestants of The Deanery | as | a grateful
though humble memorial | of the love which they bore to the | Revd.
ROBERT MAGUIRE | their late friend and Pastor | who for 16 years as
Assist Deans Vicar | was | instant in season and out of season | seeking
to win Souls to Christ | He was called from the sphere | of his valuable
ministry | to enter into the joy of his Lord | March 23rd 1837. Aetat 40
(I was very thankful to one of the Cathedral Stewards in the Cathedral
who took my brother and I to see this Tablet as was not on Public view
and was located on the stairwell up to the Clergy Robing Room. The Revd.
ROBERT MAGUIRE is our 1st cousin 4 x removed.   There is another
Memorial Tablet to him in the Cathedral itself and this can be seen in
Part 1 text/photograph number 63)

Photo No.116
Notes from the book which records where all the Memorials / Tombs are
"Clergy Robing Room"
White marble (on staircase)
Inscription reads: (Please refer to text/photo number 115 for
inscription details)

Photo No.117
(Inscription detail see number 118)

Photo No.118
Inscription on number 117:  In Memory of | The Officers, Non
Commissioned Officers & Men | of the | 8th KINGS ROYAL IRISH HVSSARS |
who were Killed in Action or who died of wounds or disease | dvring the
| African Campaign 1900 – 1902 | Lievtenant Colonel P. W. J. Le GALAIS |
Lievtenant and Adjvtant P. A. T. JONES | Lievtenant F. H. WYLAM |
Sergeant A. ROSDYKE; Lance Corporal G. HUNTER | Corporal J. CN(-) |
Lance Corporal J. LYSTER; Lance Corporal P. MARSHALL; Lance Corporal F.
Column 1	Column 2		Column 3
Column 4		Column 5
This Monument is erected by their comrades | and by Officers who have
served | in the Regiment.

Photo No.119
Memorial Tablet for THOMAS RICE HENN
(Inscription details see numbers 120 & 121)

Photo No.120
Inscription top section of number 119:  Sacred To the Memory of | THOMAS
RICE HENN | Lieutenant of The Royal Engineers, Third son of THOMAS RICE
HENN | Paradise Hall in the County of Clare, Esq. | (One of Her
Majesty's | Counsel and Recorder of Galway) | by JANE ISABELLA, daughter
| of the Right Honorable FRANCIS BLACKBURNE | Lord Chancellor of
Having led into action a detachment of the Bombay Sappers and | Miners –
the last of all the Troops to leave the line of battle, | and of whom
of, save eight, were either killed or | wounded – He perished
gloriously, on the fatal field of | Maiwand | in Afganistan | July 27
1880 | in the 31st year of his age

Photo No.121
Inscription bottom section of number 119:  (THOMAS RICE HENN)
Crowning his noble conduct – that disastrous combat by a deed of heroism
| than which (to quote the words of the Official Despatch. History does
not afford | any grander or truer instance of gallantry and devotion to
Queen and Country) | Covering with a small, but indomitable band –
eleven in number – the retreat | by the entire British Brigade and
holding in check the overwhelming | Forces of the Enemy, who did not
dare to continue their advance, | until he and his brave comrades had
been every one shot down.
His bereaved parents, brothers and sisters | have erected this Tablet, |
Mourners yet grateful.
"No hero ever died more nobly than he | did – I envy the manner of his
death - | If I had ten sons, I should be indeed | proud if all ten fell
as he fell"
Words written upon his death by | Lieut-Gen., Sir GARNET J. WOLSLEY,
G.C.B. & C.
Base:  "He hath delivered by Soul in peace from the battle | that was
against me" Psalm 55. 18

Photo No.122
In Memory of | WILLIAM GRAHAM BROOKE | Master of Arts of Trinity College
Dublin | Born MDCCCXXXIII. Died MCMVII | "Farewell beloved brother
farewell | until the day"
Beloved at home, honoured abroad. A faithful friend, | in converse gay,
in work inspiring.  A lover of jvstice | trvth and beavty he served The
State, The Chvrch and | Edvcation in Ireland and from youth to old age
with | an vnwearied devotion of the cavse of God and man. | In Christo
Vixit Vicit Nvncvivit

Photo No.123
JOHANNES SMITH TAYLOUR | Mortalitaten Iiit | In urbe Waterford | Octavo
Idum Sextilis | MDCCLXXIX | In Christo De Cessit | Immortalitatem Induit
| In comitatu Meath apud Corbal Lis | Octavo Iduum Januarii |
MDCCCXLVIII | Omnibus Amatus Vixit | Nemini Infletus Obiit

Photo No.124
Around top:  "Here lieth the body of Mr CHARLES TAYLOR who erected this
Tomb and died (-) of February 1742-3 aged 82
Here lieth the body of MARY TAYLOUR Daughter of said CHARS TAYLOUR who
dyed on the 27th Febry 1763 aged 56
(Inscription details see numbers 125 & 126)

Photo No.125
Inscription on left side of tomb of number 124:  Here hath interred the
body of Mrs MARY TAYLOUR | Truly affectionate and beloved wife of
CHARLES TAYLOUR. Grand Daughter to The Rev. Dr. THOS. WARKMAN | of
Bewdley in Warwickshire in whom he haf iffue | Fix children viz ELINOR,
WILLIAM JOHN, MARY, ELIZAB. | and HENRIETTA.  She departed this life in
full affurance of a glorious refurrection, ye 12th day of | June in the
year of Our Lord 1711 and in ye 38 year | of her age. Here lies alfo |
(unable to read next few lines)

Photo No.126
Inscription on right side of tomb of number 124:  Mors Ianua Vitae |
Here lies the Body of WILLIAM TAYLOUR eldest son of | the aforesaid
CHARLES and MARY who | departed this life the 16th day of May Anna Domin
| 1712 in the 14th year of his age | "As you are fo were wee | And as
wee are fo fhall you be" | Here alfo lies the body of HENRIETTA daughter
of | the aforesaid CHARLES and MARY TAYLOR who | departed this life ye
16th day of Febry in the year of Our Lord 1712 aged two years and eight
months | Mementomori | Here lies the body of CHARLES TAYLOUR eldeft fon
of the above | CHARLES who departed this life the 10th day of March 1712

Photo No.127
In Piam Memoriam | JOHANNIS HEMSLEY | Qv Ecclesiae Cathedralis S.
Patricii | Mvltos Annos Vicarivs Choralis | Apvd Eblanenses Artem
Mvsicam Profitebatvr | Nat A.D. IV Kal April A.D. MDCCCXXXVIII | O.B. Id
Oct A.D. MDCCCXCIII | Caritatis Maritvs Officii Pater Fidei Amicvs |
Nvnqvam Non Memor Ita Dei Gloriae Ingenivm | Svvm Dicabat Vt Voce Sva
Avitoribys | Videretvr Nvmen Lavdare Praesens | Hanc Tabvlam | P.C. |

Photo No.128
Memorial Tablets for CRADOCK
(Inscription details see numbers 129 & 130)

Photo No.129
Inscription on top tablet of number 128:  Sacred To the Memory | of his
beloved and lamented parents | The Revd. THOMAS CRADOCK | and SUSANNAH
his wife | This Tablet is erected | by their most affectionate son | The
Revd. THOMAS RUSSEL CRADOCK | Minister | of the Parish of St. Nicholas
Within | The Revd. THOMAS CRADOCK | was Prebendary of St. Audoens | and
a Member of The Chapter | of St. Patricks for 52 years | He died the
14th of November 1827 | in the 85th year of his age | SUSANNAH CRADOCK |
Died 18th April 1815 aged 67

Photo No.130
Bottom two tablets on number128:  CRADOCK
(Inscription details see numbers 131 & 132)

Photo No.131
Inscription top tablet of number 130:  In Memory of | The Revd. THOMAS
RUSSEL CRADOCK | Minister of the Parish of St. Nicholas Within who |
departed this life on the 9th day of March in the year | of Our Lord
1853 in the 83rd year of his age. | And also of MARY his wife who
departed this life | on the 4th day of September in the year | of Our
Lord 1841 in the 66th year of her age.

Photo No.132
Inscription bottom tablet of number 130:  In Memory of | Lieutt. CHARLES
BURY CRADOCK | 2nd W. I. Regt. | Fort Adjutant at Belize | who died the
16th August 1860 | and of his brother | Revd. FREDERICK KEATINGE CRADOCK
| Rector of St. John's Belize | who died the 2nd of September 1860 |
Both fell victims to Yellow Fever | and their remains lie side by side |
in St. John's Churchyard | Belize, British Honduras.

Photo No.133
Memorial Tablet for JOHN SPRAY
(Inscription details see number 134)

Photo No.134
Inscription on number 133:
Left side:  To the Memory | of | JOHN SPRAY Mus. Dr. | who | for a
period of thirty years | discharged the duties | of | Vicar Choral | in
both the Cathedrals | of the Irish Metropolis
Right side:  This tribute | is erected at the expense of | FRIENDS |
whose estimation of his VIRTUES in private | and of his QUALITIES in
Social Life | was commensurate with their admiration | of his TALENTS as
a MUSICIAN | And his | Transcendant Power as a VOCALIST | TO THE ONE |
He was indebted for the highest | hononary degree | in his profession |
TO THE OTHER | For the character he required and retained | that of the
Bottom:  Left side:  Doctor SPRAY Died on the | 21st day of January 1827
Right side:  in the sixtieth year of | his age.

Photo No.135
Here remembered | Sir CHARLES VILLIERS | STANFORD | 1852 – 1924 | He
received much of | his early musical training | in this Cathedral

Photo No.136
(Inscription details see number 137)

Photo No.137
Inscription on number 136:  In Memoriam | GEORGE HENRY PHILLIPS HEWSON |
Mus. D. Hon. F.R.C.O. Hon. F.T.C.D. | 1881 – 1972 | Boy Chorister –
Organist and | Master of the Choristers | St. Patrick's Cathedral,
Dublin | Erected in gratitude by the Past Choristers Society

Photo No.138
Memorial Tablet for CAROLAN (O'CAROLAN)
(Inscription details see number 139)

Photo No.139
Inscription on number 138:  Erected | by the desire of SYDNEY Lady
MORGAN | To the Memory of | CAROLAN | the last of the Irish Bards |
Obiit | A.D. MDCCXXXVIII – Aetatis Svae An LXVIII

Photo No.140
To the Memory of GABRIEL LINDOFF | One of the Founders of The Irish
Association | of Change Ringers | Keeper of the Belfrey and instructor
of | St. Patrick's Cathedral Society of Change Ringers | 1897 – 1941 |
"O praise God in his holiness | Praise Him upon the loud cymbals" | This
Tablet is erected by members of The Ringing | Excerise & friends in
memory of a great ringer.

Photo No.141
Memorial Tablet for ALEXANDER DALLAS
(Inscription details see number 142)

Photo No.142
Inscription on number 141:  Sacred | To the Memory of | ALEXANDER ROBERT
CHARLES DALLAS | one of Irelands best friends | who died December 12th
1869, aged 78 years
In early life a brace Peninsular Officer | in later years Rector of
Wonston, | and Chaplain to the Bishop of Winchester. | He served with
equal fidelity, his Country, his Church, and his God. | Like him whose
name this Cathedral bears, | having visited Ireland's shores, | he ever
after prayed and worked for Ireland's spiritual welfare | and not in
vain; | for through God's blessing on his labours, | many were led to
renounce the innovations of error, | and to hold fast in all its
scriptural purity| that ancient faith which, near this very spot | ST.
PATRICK preached of old.
Reader, would you honour the memory of this good man? | Let then the
prayer of his life be yours:- | "O God, for CHRIST'S sake, give me THE

Photo No.143
In Memory of | RALPH SADLEIR, D.D. | who for over half a | century was
Incumbent of | Castleknock, Clonsilla | A Canon | and sometime Sub-Dean
| of this Cathedral | Trusting in Jesus | he fell asleep at Geneva | the
28th September A.D. 1902 | in the 88th year of his age | "I will arise
and go to my father"
(There is also a Memorial Tablet in the Cathedral to his wife LETITIA
SARAH GEORGINA and this can be seen in Part 1, text/photograph number

Photo No.144
(Inscription details see number 145)

Photo No.145
Inscription on number 144:  Designed and executed by | CHARLES GEORGE
SAWIER | 1884 – 1973 | Master Engraver of this City | Examples of his
excellent work | can be seen in this Cathedral | Erected by his loving
wife ELSIE | "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you"

Photo No.146
ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL, Dublin.   Notice Board – The GUINNESS
(Part of this inscription details see number 147)

Photo No.147
Part of inscription of number 146:  Throughout the centuries episodes of
| flooding, bad weather and political unrest have | taken toll of SAINT
PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL | Much of to-days Cathedral is the result of | a
major restoration between 1860 – 65 | This was funded by the GUINNESS
Family | best known for their famous Irish Stout.
By the 19th Century the Cathedral was | on the verge of collapse
following years | of neglect. In 1845 Dean HENRY PAKENHAM | attempted to
raise fund to restore the Cathedral. However, his attempts coincided |
with one of Ireland's greatest tragedies, the | Famine, which made fund
raising impossible.
Finally in 1860 a solution presented itself. | At his own expense, Sir
BENJAMIN LEE GUINNESS | restored the Cathedral.  Under his direction |
the walls were strengthened, new stained glass | windows were added and
some internal partitions | were removed, a style which Guinness felt was
more in keeping with worship at the time.

Photo No.148
ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL, Dublin.  View of one of the stained glass
windows and underneath we have the Monument for Archbishop SMYTH

Photo No.149
Monument for Archbishop SMYTH
(Inscription found on the left side of this, please see details on
number 150)

Photo No.150
Inscription on number 149:  This Monument of | Archbishop SMYTH | was
removed from the Aisle | of the Cathedral | and re-erected | in the
South Transept | by his Kingsman | BENJAMIN LEE GUINNESS | A.D. 1862

Photo No.151
Memorial Tablet for Sir EDWARD FITZGERALD LAW
(Inscription details see number 152)

Photo No.152
Inscription on number 151:  To the Memory of | Major Sir EDWARD
FITZGERALD LAW K.D.S.I. – K.C.M.C. | Late Royal Artillery: Third son of
MICHAEL LAW of | this City and of Glenconway, Co. Derry; Born at
Rostrevor | Nov. 2. 1846: Died in Paris Nov. 2. 1908: Buried at Athens |
Served in The Egyptian Campaign of 1885 as Financial | and Commercial
Secretary. He represented his Country | in various negotiations in
Eastern Europe: Was first | President of The International Commission at
| Athens 1897: Minister Resident 1898: Financial Member | of The
Governor General Council in India 1900 to 1904 | "Who shall ascend into
the hill of the Lord: Or who shall | stand in his holy place. He that
hath clean hands and a pure heart"

Photo No.153
Certificate and typed note re Freedom of City 1729 presented to JONATHAN
(Details of the typed note see number 154)

Photo No.154
Inscribed on typed note on number 153:
Freedom of the City | 1929
Out of gratitude to Dean SWIFT for his successful campaign | to prevent,
"Wood's Ha' pence", a debased currency, from | undermining the economy
of Ireland, Dublin Corporation | granted SWIFT The Freedom of the City
in 1729.  The city's coat | of arms can be found at the top of the
document; SWIFT's coat of arms is located in the centre

Photo No.155
ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL, Dublin.  Public Notice:  The Graves of | SWIFT
Left side:  JONATHAN SWIFT's closest friend, ESTHER JOHNSON better known
as STELLA died aged 46 | on 28 January 1728.  On the night of her
funeral | SWIFT was so overcome with grief that he could | not bring
himself to attend her funeral.
He even moved out of his usual bedroom to | avoid seeing the light of
her funeral through | the Cathedral's windows
SWIFT himself died on 19th October 1745 aged 78 having | outlived many
of his contemporaries.  This was possibly | because of his obsession
with personal hygiene and | exercise.  In pleasant weather, he walked or
went riding | When bad weather kept him inside, SWIFT raced up and |
down the three flights of stairs in the Deanery.
Right side:  Paying their last respects, the people of Dublin filed past
| SWIFT's open coffin in the Deanery.  After one mourner | cut off a
lock of his hair, the public viewing ended. | The Clergy then held a
private funeral in the Cathedral. | To-day, SWIFT and STELLA are buried
alongside each other | in accordance with SWIFT's wishes
In 1731 SWIFT reflected upon his own death, writing | ‘His time was
come, he ran his race, we hope he's | in a better place'
Small box bottom right side:  In 2017 Dr. CHRIS RYAN | (University of
Dundee), | created a facial approximation of SWIFT | and STELLA.  This
project was led by forensic | anthropologist Dr. RENΙ | GAPERT and used
the casts | of SWIFT and STELLA's skulls.
(Please refer to Part 1 text/photograph numbers 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 for more

Photo No.156
Memorial Tablet for SAMUEL GORDON
(Inscription details see number 157)

Photo No.157
Inscription on number 156:  To | the Glory of | God | and In Memory of |
SAMUEL GORDON M.D., F.R.C.P.I. | of this City | who departed this life
on | the 29th of April 1898 | aged 83 years | this Memorial has been
erected | by his sorrowing friends and of | those who appreciated his
worth. | In appreciation of an active useful | and philanthropic life
dedicated | to Christ's Glory and the service of | his fellow men

Photo No.158
Monument Tomb for DANIEL LETABLERE
(Inscription details see number 159)

Photo No.159
Inscription on middle tablet of number 158:  Sacred | To | the Memory of
| The Very Rev. | DANIEL LETABLERE, D.D. | Dean of the Cathedral Church
of | St. Mary, Tuam, Vicar of Laragh Brisn, | and Prebendary of Maynooth
in this | Cathedral Church | who departed this life Aug. 1775
He was the son of | RENE DE LA DOUESPE DE LESTABLERE | who in 1685 | for
the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ | on the revocation of the Edict of
Nantes | left his country Le Bas Poictou, France | and took refuge in
Ireland | where after having held several Commissions | under Du Cambon
and Lifford in the arm of | KING WILLIAM III, he finally settled.
His daughter ESTHER CHARLOTTE | married in 1783 | EDWARD LITTON Esq, |
H. M. 37th Regiment | of Ballyfarmot, County of Dublin | whose sons |
have, In Memory of their Ancestor | Erected this Tablet A.D. 1865 |
"Nous avons tout abandonnι et nons Tavone Suiris" Mare X. 28

Photo No.160
Memorial Tablet for FLETCHER
(Inscription details see number 161)

Photo No.161
Inscription on number 160:  This Tablet is erected To the Memory of the
Late | JUSTIN FLETCHER | of The Court of Common Place, Ireland | who
died the 20th March 1829, aged 73 years | Also to his widow SARAH
FLETCHER | who died the 14th of February 1838, aged 78 years | Also to
WILLIAM FLETCHER | Barrister At Law L.L.D | who died the 9th of February
1846, aged 49 years  | Also to FRANCISKA FLETCHER, his widow | youngest
child of the Late | ARCHIBALD HAMILTON ROWAN | of Killyleagh Castle, Co.
Down | who died the 28th of August 1861, aged 58 years

Photo No.162
A.M.D.G. | Et in Piam Gratamove Memoriam | EDWARD CECILII GUINNESS |
Primi Cometis De Iveagh | Equitis Ordinis S. Patricii | Qui Natus
MDCCCXLVII Obiit MCMXXVII (Rest of inscription continues in Latin)

Photo No.163
In Memory of | HENRY KINGSMILL MOORE D.D., F.L.S. | Sometime Canon of
this Cathedral | and for 43 years Principal of The | Church of Ireland
Training College | Born 1853 Died 1943 | Pro Christo Discere et Docere

Photo No.164
Memorial Tablet for THOMAS BALL
(Inscription details see numbers 165 & 166)

Photo No.165
Inscription on main section of number 164:  Erected by | The Ancient and
Most Benevolent Order | of | FRIENDLY BROTHERS of SAINT PATRICK | To the
Memory of | THOMAS friendly BALL Esqr., | Grand President of the Order |
and | one of the Masters of His Majesty's | High Court of Chancery | IN
HIM | the Friendly Order lost | a steady warm hearted zealous | and
beloved brother | and the public | an active and most intelligent
Officer. | His social virtues were of the highest order | emanating from
a heart | fraught with the purest | benevolence | and at all times under
the control | of a well regulated mind.

Photo No.166
Inscription on small tablet base of number 164:  THOS BALL Esqr died
24th October 1825 | aged 48 years
Honble HANS Friendly Blackwood		-	Grand President
ROBERT Friendly BLAKENEY Esqr.		-	Grand Secretary
CONINGHAM Friendly McALPHINE Esqr	-	Grand Treasurer
WILLM Friendly MAZIERE Esqr		-	Select Secretary

Photo No.167
Memorial Tablet for GEORGIVS SALMON – The inscription here on the tablet
is entirely in latin

Photo No.168
Memorial Tablet for JEMIMA SHEPPARD.
Top section:  This widow is erected | To the Glory of God | and In
The widow referred to in this inscription was located on the left side
of the memorial tablet itself.
(Details of rest of inscription see number 169)

Photo No.169
Inscription bottom section on number 168:  the beloved wife of | WILLIAM
SHEPPARD | (of) Kenilworth Square, Dublin | who died 3rd November 1900 |
aged 55 years | "(Th)erfore being justified by faith | (w)e have peace
with God through | (O)ur Lord Jesus Christ"
(Forgive use of a partial photograph for this text, the full text
photograph was rather blurred)

Photo No.170
Memorial Tablet for NORMAN CONOLLY
(Inscription details see number 171)

Photo No.171
Inscription on number 170: CONOLLY NORMAN M.D. | (Hon Causasa) Univ.
Dub. | Vice-President Royal College of Physicians of Ireland | for
Twenty years; Medical Superintendent of The | Richmond Asylum, Dublin;
President of The Medico - | Psychological Association, 1894-5; A true
friend; An | able Physician; An ardent Student of Science; A har | of
varied culture and pronounced individuality | Born 12 March 1853; Died
23 Feb. 1908

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