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St. Kevin's Park
Camden Street, Dublin 8
As at October- March 2016-17

Photo No.0

Photo No.1
Sign (History)

Photo No.2
Sign (Map)

Photo No.3

Photo No.4
Erected by | JOHN ACTON | in memory of his Beloved | Father
| WILLIAM ACTON | who departed this life August 15 1852 Aged 42
Years | also his 4 children who died

Photo No.5
Here lieth the Body of | Mr. WILLIAM ARCHER late of Camden St. |
who departed this Life 10th November 1819 | Aged 5(3) Years |
This Stone has been erected by his Widow MARY ARCHER

Photo No.6
Momento Mori | This Stone was Erected by JAMES | ARMSTRONG of
Ormond Quay in | Memory of his beloved Wife | BRIDGET ARMSTRONG
who departed this Life ...

Photo No.7
(From plague - original stone is in Latin)
The Fr. JOHN AUSTIN S.J. GRAVE | (As transcribed by Bowden) | "To
the Memory of | Rev JOHN AUSTIN | of the City of Dublin A priest,
| and until the suppression of the Society of Jesus, | a
professed Jesuit. | During six and thirty years | a pious learned
and indefegable labourer | in the vineyard of the Lord. | Who
after deserving well | of the rich, whom he admonished, | of the
poor, whom he relieved, | of youth, whom he instructed, | of the
Orphan, to whom he was a father, | of all ranks of men whom he, |
by making himself all in all | was active in gaining to Christ. |
On the 29th September 1784, | Closed, in the 66th year of his
age, a Life, worn out in the sight of the Lord. | Religion |
Weeping for her faithful Minister, | on the 8th of December, 1786
| with grateful hand | erected this Monument."
*the original Latin plagues are embedded around the oblisque.
The Latin transcription can be found in:  J. Memorials
Association, Vol. VII, pp. 312/313

Photo No.8
Sacred | to the Memory of | ... JOHN BARRY ...

Photo No.9
Here lieth the remains of... | BELL of Camden Street who departed
| this life the 21st April 18... | 82 years also the remains of
Mrs. ...

Photo No.10
Here lieth the body of JOHN | BENNETT of Kevin Street | who
departed this life April  | the 10th 1800 aged 50 |...Monument
created by  | ...his Wife. |

Photo No.11
(Fragment) ...er BERMINGHAM | of Dublin who | ...1807 aged ...

Photo No.12
Momento ...| This Stone and  | DAVID BLANCH... | Here...| ...
*From Cantwell: "This stone and Burial place
Belongeth to | DAVID BLANCHVILL of ye City of Dublin | and his
posterity | Here lyeth the body of his son JAMES | BLANCHVILL who
departed ...| (Row 1 , no 16, vol.VI, p. 499. Now partly obscured.
An upright stone.)"

Photo No.13
...by BRIAN BOLGER |...Memory of his...| ...who died | ...ed ?0

Photo No.14
Booth Here lieth the Body of HENERY | BOOTH ...Posterity viz
his  L? | BOO(T)h...Son in law | ... --ter & his three childr'en
| ...XML?....day of ...
*From Cantwell : "Here lieth the body of
HENERY | BOOTH & His posterity viz his | ...Booth his son in law |
...& his three childr'er |  ..... (a badly flaked headstone. )"

Photo No.15
This stone was | Erected by Mrs. ELIZABETH BRYN? | in loving
memory of her | Hus...

Photo No.16
...Stone | was erected by... | Here lyeth the Body of CATHR |BRYN
wife of Mr...

Photo No.17
Sacred to the Memory of | SUSANNA CARY Wife of THOMAS CARY Esq'r
| ...  this life ... |  Aged ... | ...

Photo No.18
2 sided - unreadable
(From the Calendar of Wills, a Blacker Castles is listed as
having died 15 December 1865. He lived at 53 Camden-street
in the City of Dublin.)

Photo No.19
Side view of BLACKER CASTLES Esq stone

Photo No.20
To the beloved memory of | my Parents | LENDRUM and MARY CLARKE |
also of my | dear brother...CHARLES | SARAH...MARY

Photo No.21
... | PATRICK COLLEY | ...ved Father  | ... Kevin St |
...22nd 1802 |... Colley | 1822
*From Cantwell : "This stone erected by PATRICK COLLEY | in
Memory of (his be)-loved Father | NICH(OLAS late of? ) | Kevin
St. | who (departed this life?) Novr 2nd 1802 | (4 lines follow,
these include a reference to another Colley who died in 1822.)"

Photo No.22
IHS | This Stone was Erected by | JOHN COLLINS of Whitefrair St |
...| Children

Photo No.23
IHS | This Stone was Erected by Mr | JAMES COLLINS Son of KEVANS
PORT OVER | The Remains of MARGARET COLLINS | ...12th Ja'Y 1772

Photo No.24
The Stone is Erected by Mr. THOMAS CONNOR | of Molesworth St in
Memory of his Beloved | Son JOHN CONNOR who Departed this Life
July the 25th 18..?  Here also | ...CONNOR who

Photo No.25
Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. MARY COOKE | Widow of CAPTAIN COOKE
27 th Reg... | who departed this Life | the 16th day of April
1829 | In the 75rd Year of her Age | " The Lord  | Blessed be the
Name of the Lord.

Photo No.26
To the Memory of | DAVID COURTNEY | Formerly of Racine? Grove |
in the county of Dublin Esq |Who died in consequence of a fall |
From his horse |On the 3rd April 1811 in his 57th Year |(bible
verses) man is created... his days are as a shadow that passeth
away.  | His...goeth forth he returneth | to...in that very day |
Also interred here DAVID third son |Of the one who died in the
lord  | Also in memory of CHARLOTTE ...| Of the same who departed
this... | August 30... in her 19 th year | Behold Thou made my
days as an... | and...as nothing before Thee | Teach us to number
our days that we may | apply our hearts unto wisdom. |
Also to the memory of ANNA MARIA | Widow of DAVID COURTNEY who
was Born |September 21, 1821 and peacefully departed | this life
on the evening of Sunday | April 6, 1856 in her 82nd Year. |
Beloved the Lord has kept me alive
forty and five years. Josh14:10 | Let the ...widows trust in me
saith the Lord |It is better to trust in the Lord | Than to put
confidence in man. |Trust you eat in the Lord forever for in the
Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength. | He will swallow up death
in victory and the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces.
Isaih 25 8

Photo No.27
Here lieth the Body of | Mr(s?) PRINCE CRAWFORD who departed |
life June 15th 1815? Aged 66 Years  | Also the Body of Mrs
ELIZABETH BROWN | mother in law who departed this life ? 1827
Aged 87 Years

Photo No.28
Underneath are departed the remains of | Mr. BARTHOLOMEW CUTHBAN
late of Aungier Street | who departed this life September - -845

Photo No.29
Here lieth | the Body of M_S (?) DARBY | who departed this Life
the 27th October | aged 7(1?) years

Photo No.30
Belongs to JOHN DARCY, Brewer, Usher's St | his Father MATTHEW
DARCY, died Aug 6th 1824 | Also his mother, Mrs. MARY DARCY died
March 30th 1814 | Also his eldest brother, ARTHUR DARCY, died
Sept 7th 182
*stone unreadable - from plaque

Photo No.31
Full view of DARCY stone and plaque

Photo No.32
Erected in the Memory of | .. Husband WM DELANDER who | Departed
this life Jan 26th 18(20?) | aged _3 years

Photo No.33
This Stone was Erected to the memory of | PATRICK DORAN late of
St. Francis Street | Distiller whose Body is here Interred. | He
departed this Life the 17th day of March | 1783 aged 53 Years.
Here also Lyeth the | Body of his Son EDWARD DORAN who Dyed | the
17th day of March 1782 aged 7 Years.

Photo No.34
Sacred | to the memory of | JOHN DOWELL? who departed this | Life
April 10 183?4  aged 46 years.| he was a... husband and Father |
a Sincere  ... whose loss will ever be... by his afflicted widow.

Photo No.35
(Masonic Symbol) Erected by | THOMAS P. DOWNES | Lodge Photo No. 245 Dublin |
... of his beloved Father | ...
(Behind bench - very difficult to access)
*From Cantwell :" Erected by | Thomas P. Downes | (Lodge
No 245 Dublin ) | in memory of his beloved father | George Downes
late of | South King Street Linen Draper |  who departed this
life the 9th of |  June 1810 aged 74 years | also Ann Relict of
the said | George  | died 28 of March 1818 | Sarah Barrington |
daughter of the said Ann ... | dies 5th May 1832 | aged 49 years.
(Row 1 , Photo No. 11, vol. VI. P. 498 )  Headstone. There is carved on
this stone a Masonic emblem, having compasses, the opened point
of which lie (downwards)  over a square. In the center of the
enclosed space is "G".  This device, in relief, within a double
circle containing seven points. Now partially underground.)"

Photo No.36
Gloria in E...les deo | Here lyeth the Remains of JOHN FEAGAN
Late of Arron Quay Gentleman who | Departed the Life 27th of
Feb'y 1781 | aged 64 Years | Here also are Interred the Remaines
| of is Wife ELIZABETH FEAGAN who | departed this Life ...April

Photo No.37
(side 1)
... (long unreadable) | EDWARD | who died ...| and ANN |
...EDWARD| ... | JANE FRANCIS | Wife of EDWARD FRANCIS | departed
March /5/ | ... FRANCIS
(side 2)
Erected by EDWARD FRANCIS | EDWARD FRANCIS | who died ?Nov 178? |
Aged 7?2 Years |...| ... | JANE MARIA | wife of EDWARD FRANCIS |
died Oct. 25th 18 | Aged 75 Years |

Photo No.38
Erected | in memory of | JOHN FRANCIS | who died 11th May 1870 |
aged 34 years | by his sorrowing widow. | Jesus sayth I am the
Resurrection | and the Life. JOSHUA ...| Also ELIZA FRANCIS |
Widow of Above | did 24th January 1913 | aged 73 Years. |...

Photo No.39
This Stone and Burial... | Mr. DENIS GALE ...Lieth the Body of

Photo No.40
In Memory of | WILLIAM GALLAGHER | who died March 1872? (maybe
1877)| Aged  ?3 Years | Erected by | his Loving Daughter| MARY

Photo No.41
Sacred to the memory of | Mrs EIZABETH GLISON who on the 14th of
| January 1801 at the age of 81 years departed this life in which
she fulfilled the various | duties of wife of mother and of
friend  | with the fidelity affection and sincerity which |
evinced that in all her actions she was | influenced by sublime
motives of the | Christian Religion.
*Combined reading with Cantwell
** Stone very soft, eroded and difficult to read

Photo No.42
This store was erected by Mrs. ELEANOR GOOLD for her and her
Posterity. | Here lie interred Mr. DANIEL GOOLD her | husband who
departed this life the 18th ? | day of January 1782  |aged 52
years | and two of their children.....

Photo No.43
[JOH]N GRAHAM | died 3rd Sept 1866 | aged 18 years | Erected by his
Companions | not lost but gone before | hope to meet to part no

Photo No.44
This stone was erected by Mrs. | BRIDGET GRAHAM of Kevin Street
in me | mory of her affectionate husband  | Mr. MICHAEL GRAHAM
who departed this life  | ? May ? 1813 aged 78? Years | also
...son who died | August following?  aged 35 years?

Photo No.45
Erected by| JOHN (GRANW, ...?)(ORAN...?)| in the memory of his
beloved | Daughter HANNAH who departed | this life the 31st day
of October 1866 aged? | Beneath this Stone ...the remains of his
Son? | JOSEPH NEWTON | who died the ? day of Feb  1846? ...Aged
...6 months

Photo No.46
Sacred to the Memory | of | THOMAS GREENE  | Eminently
distinguished | For all the social virtues | He was a loyal
From Cantwell: "Sacred to the Memory | of | Thomas Greene |
eminently distinguished | for all the social virtues | he was a
loyal subject | a patriot citizen | faithful in trust | in
friendship candid and sincere | universally beloved in life | and
not less lamented in death | having lived up to the strict (est?)
moral Rules | of Morality an(d R) eligion | he exchanged this
life of a better | on the fifth day of June 1760 | in the 54th
year of his age | This monument was erected by his widow | in the
year of our Lord MDC (CLX)IV.
Cantwell also notes:  (Row not stated, a low alter-tomb at the
extreme east of the Churchyard not far from the northern
Maffet's lengthy description of the tomb includes a reference to
"The Pedigree of the Greene Family" , published ?the late
Surgeon-Colonel Greene'. A rubbing of the Greene Family Arms or
crest ? ?azure, three stags trippant' with motto ?I neither fear
nor despise" is also included. Vol.VIII, pp. 298/9)"

Photo No.47
MD 50 | n Loving Memory | of  | FRANCIS JAMES HEARNE | who died
on 21 12 1897 | and | ELIZA HEARNE | ( Nee KEELEY) | who died on
16 ? 5 1914 | and | her loving Husband | FRANCIS JAMES HEARN |

Photo No.48
Sacred | to the Memory | of ELIZABETH HIGGINS | Wife of ... |
...Ser't (?) Major 3rd ...| who departed this life |
... of 25th? Dec...| Aged 32 years

Photo No.49
Here lies interred the body of | MARY HILL who departed this ...|
... nuary 11th 16(75)

Photo No.50
Erected by JOHN HILTON | in Memory of his Son | ...

Photo No.51
...R. HUGHES | ... |  ...Also? The body of THO'S HUGHES  | ...
Rathmines | ...

Photo No.52
ROBERT JAFFRAY | third son of ALEXANDER JAFFRAY | of the City of
Dublin | born the 7 of September 1787

Photo No.53
JASPER JOLY, died Nov 9th 1823, aged 84. Also his wife, Mary,
Died Dec 13th 1825, aged 84. | Also CATHERINE, wife of CHARLES
JOLY of Harcourt Terrance | Died Feb 27th , agd 43. | Also
* stone unreadable ? transcribed from plague

Photo No.54
Close-up of plaque (Number 53)

Photo No.55
This Stone was Erected to the | Memory of ELISIBETH JONES | who
Departed this Life March 7 17...| Aged ? Years also lies Interred
here | the Body of ELISIBETH LIGH... | who departed this life
July | 90? Years.  ...Aged

Photo No.56
Here lieth the body | of JOHN JONES | who departed this life 13?
Feb 1808 | Aged 73 ? years | Also his wife SARAH ....|

Photo No.57
The KEOGH Grave Plaque
JOHN KEOGH, Mount Jerome, one of the Founders of the | Catholic
Convention of 1792, Died Nov. 13th 1817 Aged 77 | Also MARY His
Wife, Died Dec. 1st 1823, Aged 66 | Also His Father CORNELIUS
KEOGH, died Aug. 19th 1774, Aged 66 | Also His Mother ABIGAIL
KEOGH, Died Sept. 20th 1779, aged 68 | Also his Daughter MARY
KEOGH, Died April 20th 1804, Aged 18.

Photo No.58
This Stone was erected by JOHN KEOGH of | Mount Jerome in the Co
of Dublin Esq in | memory of his father CORNELIUS KEOGH who |
died 10th of Aug 1774 Aged 66 Years . | Also of his Mother
ABIGAIL KEOGH who | died 20 Sept 1779 aged 68 Years | Here lieth
the Body of his Daughter | MARY KEOGH  who departed this life the
20th | of April 1804 aged 18 years | JOHN KEOGH Esq | of Mount
Jerome | One of the Founders of | the Catholic Convention of 1792
| died 13 November 1817 | age 77 | also his wife MARY died 1st
Decr 1823 | aged 66.

Photo No.59
This Stone was Erected by | ELIZABETH KIRWAN of Leeson St |
Dublin in Memory of her beloved | Husband BENJAMIN K..WAN who  o
| Departed this Life October the 3rd | 1808 in the 77th Year of
his Age | ... KELLY ...| ...|

Photo No.60
This Stone| was Erected by THOMAS KIRKWOOD Stone | Cutter in
Memory of his Children JUDITH | JOHN  ALSO JAMES ? KIRKWOOD who
departed | this life the ? June 1796 Aged ? Years. Much |
Lamented.| Also JOHN KIRKWOOD who departed this | life March 1798
Aged 9 Years | Here also lie the Remains of the | Above JAMES
KIRKWOOD who Departed | this Life the 5th June 1800 aged ?0

Photo No.61
...his Beloved wife MARGARET  New... | Here also lieth the Body
of his Daugh | Mrs. MARGARET LANGAN who Departed this | life the
19 of November 1789 Aged 22 Years

Photo No.62
The Stone and Burial Place belongeth | to Mr. DENNIS LAWLESS of
Harolds Cross in the County of Dublin for him and his Posterity.

Photo No.63
Here Lyes inter'd the remains of | MARY LEE ? who departed this
| life  January ?th Anno 1778??

Photo No.64
This tomb was erected by Mr HUGH LEESON | of the City of Dublin
Brewer for himself | his posterity the 29th day of January 1...5|
and now beautified by his son JOSEPH | LEESON the 14th day of May
1741 | Beneath  are interred the following members of the family
| GRACE 1st wife of Hon'blr ROB'T LEESON  died 11th of Nov  1833
| WILLIAM  eldest son of Sir W.E. LEESON died 2nd Aug't 1837 |
ELIZABETH Countess of Milltown died 22nd Jan'y  1842 aged 100 |
she was the third wife of the above named JOSEPH LEESON  |  who
was created Earl of Milltown 1760 | The Hon'ble  ROBERT LEESON
youngest son of the | 1st Earl of Milltown by his 3rd wife died
10th of April 1852 | at which period this tomb  was renewed by

Photo No.65
...of | ...| JOHN LEWIS | ...me ra... | City of Dublin ? |(late?)
Curate of  | ... of ...| ...of...| City of ..ur...| and of  |
MARY LEWIS | his? Wife | ...| ...Erected | Mr EDWARD LEWIS | May
26th 1870
Maffett: Vol. VII Vol 2 part 1 p 56. "In Memory | of | the Rev'd
John Lewis A.B. | Rector of the Parish of Howth | county of
Dublin | and curate of | the Parish of St. Peter | City of
Dublin. | And of | Mary Lewis | his wife. | This stone is erected
| by their son | John Edward Lewis | May 26th 1870.

Photo No.66
...| in | Loving Memory  of ELIZABETH LLOYD | wife of FREDRERICK
*from Cantwell... who died 10th August 1875 | Aged 36 years

Photo No.67
This Stone is Erected by | WALTER LOCKE of Cuffe Street | to the
memory of his Beloved | Wife MARGARET who Departed | this life on
the 8th day of May 1809 | Aged 66 years. | Also three of their
children. |  Also the remains of the above-named | WALTER LOCKE |
departed 18th May 1863.

Photo No.68
The stone was erected by | Mrs. JANE MARA of Kevin St for Herself
| Ancestors and Posterity | Here lie ...PATRICK ...| CATHER...|

Photo No.69
Erected in Memory of | JOSEPH JAMES MARSHALL | who died 20th
April 1796 | Aged 19 years

Photo No.70
... | Here lieth the body of | WILLIAM MARTIN D.D. | ... |

Photo No.71
Here L...Body of | EDWARD MCCABE ...Duke | Street who dep... this
life the | 6th of August ...Years.

Photo No.72
Here lie the remains of | ANNE MCFANE | Died the 23rd of May 180?
| Aged 80 (30?) years

Photo No.73
Erected | by | LEONARD AND NANNIE...MCSLEAN | to her Father and
Brother| JOSEPH Wh...| died Jan 13th ...Aged ...| also his son |
JOSEPH GUSTAVIS?? W ...| died ...|

Photo No.74
Here lieth the Body of HESTER MEDLICOTT | who
departed this Life 24 March 1771 | Here also lieth the Body of
her Daughter  | Mrs ELIZABETH  SCOTT (or MEDLICOTT ?) |
Charlemmont St ...[Cou]nty of Dublin
*From Cantwell pg 9 : Here lieth the body of Hester Medlicott |
who departed this life 4th March 1771 | here also lieth the body
of her daughter | Mrs. Eliza(beth) Scott of Charle (mont street
City? ) of Dublin | who departed this life ...August 1808

Photo No.75
The Burial ground of Mr. JOHN MILLER | of New Street | Here lies
the Body of MARGARET BIG?.... | Daughter of the above who
departed | this life | Dec 3rd 18..| Aged 24 years  | Here also
Lieth the body of | HENRIETTA SOPHIA wife of the above | JOHN
MILLER who departed this life | on the ...Jany 18(3?)2 Aged 6(9?)
years |

Photo No.76
Momento Mori | This Stone Erected by PATRICK MILLER  | of Harolds
Cross in Memory of his Beloved | wife and sister who Departed
this life | March 1799

Photo No.77

Photo No.78
JOHN MOORE Esq. formerly Barrack Master at Inslandbridge Dublin.
| Died Dec 17th, 1825, aged 84. | Also ANASTASIA MOORE, alias
CODA, his wife, died May 6th 1832, aged 68 | Also six of their
children who died young and their daughter, ELLEN, died Feb 14,
1846. | Deeply mourned by her brother, THOMAS MOORE, the Bard |
of his much beloved country, Ireland.

Photo No.79
In the Memory of MARGARET MOORE ...Also two Brothers | ...Street
August the 19th? 18

Photo No.80
This stone erected by | WILLIAM MOREHOUSE of this City | Here
lieth the remains of his affectionate | Daughter WILLIMENA?
MOOREHOUSE | 1834 (5/)

Photo No.81
In memory of Conp.... ...nal | Affectionate Sacred .... | of
William Sand? ...| Late of Glassnevin Stone Cutter | Who departed
this Life Deeply | Regretted October 1805? Aged 24 | Here also
Lieth the Body of Mrs. MARY MURRAY Grandmother

Photo No.82
This Stone was erected by CATHERINE | NEILAN in Memory of  her
beloved Husband | MURTAGH NEILAN who departed this Life | the
16th day of August 1800 aged 32 Y'rs | And the ... Neilan who |

Photo No.83
...he 3rd? Ma... | Also lieth the Body of | ROBERT NEWENHAM | who
died the 18th July 1836 | Aged 49 Years  | They lived together in
the faith and hope  | The gospel and in their death were ...|
...rded | Near this lieth CATHERINE  | Daughter of ... | who died
*placed upside down when relocated

Photo No.84
This Stone and Burial Place be | longeth to BAR...D O'BRIEN of Co
|...Street| ...his posterity. | Here lieth ELIZABETH O'BRIEN his
| Daughter ...1780 | Age... 11 Years.

Photo No.85
Sacred | to the Memory of | the Rev.'d WILLIAM O'CONNOR  |
Minister of the Parish of St. Luke in this Dioceses | whose  ...
| ...s of his [] | a tender Husband | ...friend

Photo No.86
Dr. DERMOT O'HURLEY was born at, or | near, Emly, Co. Tipperary,
about 1530. His family were well off by the standards | of the
time and as a young man Dermot | was sent abroad to study law at
the University of Louvain, where he | graduated with an M.A. in
1551. | In 1581 Pope Gregory XIII asked | Dermot O'Hurley, still
a layman, to | become the new Archbishop of Cashel | and he
accepted. He was ordained on 13th. August 1581 and on 11th
September of | that year was appointed Archbishop of Cashel.
O'Hurley was aware that his | appointment would mean life as a  |
fugitive, ministering where possible, in dangerous conditions. |
In the summer of 1583 he arrived in Ireland. He never reached
Cashel. | While sheltering at Slane Castle he | was recognized.
By October, he had | been arrested and imprisoned in Dublin
Castle. Believing he was actively | participating in a plot to
overthrow | the English rule in Ireland, Dermot | O'Hurley was
repeated interrogated | and tortured. This included roasting |
the Archbishop's legs in two boots ...| protested that his
mission was one of peace and that he had no information | to give
to his captors. The authorities | also resorted to bribery. This
proved equally fruitless and an order | for his execution was
received from | England on Saturday, 20th June 1587. | Dermot
O'Hurley was taken very early | on a mid simmer morning from his
cell| in Shir Street, to Hoggin Green, near | St. Stephen's
Green, (then a swampy area | with wild fowl ) to be hanged. He
got an opportunity to speak a few words | to people who were in
the Green that morning. | " I am a priest anointed and also a |
Bishop, although unworthy of so sacred | Dignities, and no cause
could they find | against me that might in the least | degree
deserve the pains of death, but | merely my function of
priesthood| wherein they have proceeded against | me in all
points cruelly contrary to | their own laws. | The Very Rev. Dean
Kinane P.P. V.G. | in his book "The Life of Dr, O'Hurley |
Archbishop of Cashel " published in | 1893 states " Mr. William
Fitzsimmons | a citizen of Dublin (let his name be ...| ...

Photo No.87
This Stone erected to the Memory of | SARAH | Beloved wife of
Captain HENRY ODLUM ? | of Royal M... Battalion | and Daughter of
| GEORGE ADAMSON | of Clonregn?? Co. Westmeath Who departed this
life the 9th day of July 180? |Aged 4 years. | Also underneath
are the remains f the | above named Captain HENRY ODLUM ?...| who
departed this the 21st March 1840 | aged 63 years

Photo No.88
Broken stone top:
...one | MARTHA PIDGEON to (?) | ... ...ed [rest of the stone

Photo No.89
Sacred | to the memory of | WILLIAM PIDGEON (?)

Photo No.90
This Stone erected by MARY REA | in the Memory of BERNARD REA |
who departed this life 1st of May | 1768 aged 52 years | Here
lieth the body of CATHERINE | POWELL otherwise REA ...
*Transcription with help from Cantwell

Photo No.91
The stone was erected by MOSES | REDMAN of Brides Alley in the
City | at of Dublin for him and his posterity | Here lie the
Remains of his Daughter ELIZABETH REDMAN who departed this life
13th May 1806 ? aged 19 years.

Photo No.92
Sacred to the memory of | JOSEPH RIDGEWAY who departed |
this life |  (... hidden behind another stone)
*From Cantwell: "Sacred to the memory of Joseph Ridgeway Esq |
late of the city of Dublin who departed | this life March 30th |
1810 | aged ... years |  the stone was erected by his afflicted

Photo No.93
Erected by | W. ROBENSON | here lieth his wife ELIZABETH | Who
departed this life July 19 1830 Aged .... Yrs. | also 9 of
his...children | ....BRIDGET, | and .....

Photo No.94
This stone was erected by | Judith ROURK | of Bride Street in
memory of her | Her | beloved Husband BYRAN ROURK | who departed
this life November 12th, 1800

Photo No.95
This Monument Erected by PHILIP | WM. RUSSE (l?) Esq'r ... of  Br
?an?(Maybe Brittan St)  lower  | to the Memory of  his Dearly
beloved | Wife ELIZABETH....who Died at  ---ior? | the 8th day of
August ?? Aged 60 Years

Photo No.96
Here lye the Bodies of WILLIAM SALE | and MARY his Wife also
CATHERINE | KAVANAGH Mother of the above MARY | with GEORGE
KAVANAGH Esq'r, her son | likewise LUCY Murphy Daughter of | said
CATHERINE who died 6th of January 1780 aged 60?  years  and late

Photo No.97
Here lieth Interred the Mortal remains of | Mrs. BRIDGET SCOPE
who departed] | this Life Feb ...

Photo No.98
... |Here lyeth the Remains of | ... SCOTT...| ...
Note: Cantwell lists two Scott's who could possibly fit :  Mrs.
Louisa Scot d. 8 Jan 1805 age 35 and Bridgt (sic) Scott d. Feb
(no other info).

Photo No.99
This Stone was Erected by | PATRICK SHORT of Kevin Street in |
Memory of his beloved Father WILLIAM | SHORT who departed this
life the 19th of | September 1810 aged 42 (or 72?) Years.  Also
his | Mother BRIDGET SHORT who died the  ? September aged 68?

Photo No.100
Erected by CHARLES SMITH | ...in memory of ...Childr...|

Photo No.101
JEROM SMITH Esq died 29 December 1762 | Aged 45 | Mrs. SARAH
SMITH died 6th November 1764 | ...

Photo No.102
RICHARD SMITH Esq'r | ...obit 9th May 1788 | Aged 33 Years

Photo No.103
Here Lyeth the Body of Mrs, SARAH | STAPLES ? who departed this
Life the | 26th November 1789 | Age ... | A ...
*From Cantwell: "To the Memory of | SARAH STAPLES who died
November ...1798 | ISABELLA BRIDGELAND died October 1799 | JAMES
STAPLES died August 16 1801."

Photo No.104
...ted By ... | of 8 Kevins Po.. | ... ary 1702 For H.. |
... .re lie.. | ... WILLIAM | ... of BENJAM.. | ...  [rest hidden]
*From Cantwell: This tomb was errected by Mr | Simon Thornton of S
Keuins port | the 28 of February 1702 for him | and his posetrity
Here lieth | intomb'd the body of William | Thornton the son of
Benjamin | Thornton who depated (sic) this life | the | 15 day of
Iune 1713 in the 19th year of his age.
(A slab sunk in the path of the vestry door, vol X, p. 194.)

Photo No.105
(Larger stone in back)
This Stone was Erected by CHARLES and | LUKE TOOLE ...Street
Dublin. | In Memory of  ...ES TOOLE. | who departed ...day of ..|
Also ...here

Photo No.106
_n TRAY TRACY (?) | ... 11 of June (?)

Photo No.107
*inside the locked nave of the Church.  Took the shot
through the gate. Maffet notes that when he observed this stone
it was partially covered by large heavy platform. Cantwell
completed the missing information, much of which can now be seen
in this photo.  The following is from Cantwell with his additions
added to Maffett
"Here lyeth the body of THOMAS | TWIGG Esqr who departed this |
Life the 26th day of Aprill [sic] 17...| together with nine of his
Children| Here also lyeth FRA(ncis) ...| TWIGG eldest Son of the|
above THOMAS Obit Ano |Dom 1702 Aetatis 21 | and ANN TWIGG alias
| PUREFOY wife of THOMAS  Junr | obit 18 Nov 1718 | ALICE TWIGG
also wife of the | above THOMAS TWIGG the Eldor [sic] | obit 10
Aprill [sic] 1720 Aetatis  65 | and THOMAS TWIGG ESQ 2ND | of the
above THOMAS Obit | 16 May 1728 Aetatis 44 with two | of his son

Photo No.108
Here lieth the Remains of | Rev CHARLES VINCENT | who departed
this Life | 20? January 1813

Photo No.109
Here Lies the Body of | VINCENT WALDRE | Architect &tc &tc |
Whose modest and Intrinsic | Merit | Gained him many
Friends  | He departed this life August  | 3rd 1814 in the 71st

Photo No.110
Here lyeth Interred the Remains | of Mrs. JANE YOUNG who departed
| this Life 5th July 1789 Aged 84 Years. | Beloved and Respected
by all | her Acquaintance

Photo No.111
broken stone:
who departed this life | August 1790 (?) | ... ed 82 Years.

Photo No.112
.... ...| tys  endeare? | his Creator and render'd him | ... of
Mankind : he died in the ? ? | year of his Age.  February 23rd
178? |  Scarce Th... w... oer  your ...| Began to fill the other
Year | When lovely HUGH thy Soul hath fled | ...of your Widdows
tear |

Photo No.113
Sacred | to the m[emory o]f SARAH wife of | ... lelemont? [the rest is
covered by another stone]
Stone underneath:
This Stone ... Burial Place [rest covered by a third stone]

Photo No.114
This stone | was erected ... | ... Mother and Si... | ... memory
of [rest underground]

Photo No.115
Erected by | ..in memory of her Husband |... of  Harolds
Cross? |

Photo No.116
Sacred | To The memory of | B(?) ... ... curry | who died the
9th (?) day of Jun 18__? | ... Yea ...

Photo No.117
Top of stone:
... | This Stone and Burial place belongs | ... ... street.
[Rest of stone covered by another stone]

Photo No.118
Here lies the Body of ROBERT | ...|...| ...aged 48.

Photo No.119
Here Lieth The Body of ye Mr (?) | MURAY (?) Who Departed This Life |
The 10? Day of October 1705 | ... [rest illegible]

Photo No.120
... | ... | ... | ... ELSIA | ...

Maffett, Rev. R.A.. J. Memorials Association, Vol. VII, pp.312/313
Maffett, Rev, R.A. J. Memorials Association, Vol. VII. Vol 2, part 1. P 51-57
Cantwell, Brian J. 1987. South Dublin. Camden Row. (National Archives, Dublin.)
Cantwell additions are posted with Permission from Ian Cantwell.

All images Copyright by Photographer