Headstones: Kilbarrack Cemetery, Sutton, Co. Dublin
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Contributed by: Eadaoin Breslin


Dublin City Council website has the following : "The ruins of
Kilbarrack Church stand on the north coast of Dublin and can
be viewed from the Howth Road. The churchwas built for the
assistance of shipwrecked sailorsand is sometimes known as
'the Mariner's Church'.The church isnoted in some records as
'the Chapel of Mone' and wasformerly of St Mary's Abbey. For
a period, ships entering Dublin Bay paid duties to the
authorities in order to maintain the church."

The name Kilbarrack comes from the Irish "Cill Bharrog", the
Church of (Saint) Barrog.
Section 1.

Photo No.0
View of the ruined church, taken facing south.

Photo No.1
Map of the graveyard, divided into seven sections.

Photo No.2
(The inscription on this headstone is not visible from

Photo No.3
In loving memory | of | CHRISTOPHER COGHLAN | died 10th Nov.
1923 | MARGARET COGHLAN | died 12th Aug. 1950 | SHEILA COGHLAN
| died 24th Feb. 1965 | WILLIAM F.COSGRAVE | died ?29th Sept.

Photo No.4
In loving memory of | THOMAS GLEESON | who entered into h---
on? | the 11th day of March 05 | his residence Montrose,
Clontarf | aged 75 years | and his? ... ... | THOMAS JOSEPH |
who died 9th Feb ...? | and his ... daughter | ADELAIDE MARY,
who died .. Feb

There are five Headstones in the east section of the church

Photo No.5
Erected by his sons | in memory of | JOHN FITZSIMONS. |
Newtown House Raheny. | who died 10th July 1899. | aged 80
years. | also of their beloved mother | FRANCES FITZSIMONS. |
who died 2nd December 1901 | aged 78 years. | JOHN. | the
eldest son | who died 30th July 1911. Aged 58 years. | ANNA
MARIA. Fourth daughter | who died 31st March 1922. Aged 60
years. | R.I.P.

Photo No.6
My Jesus mercy | Of your charity | pray | for the repose of
the soul of | JOHN BUTTERLY. | Waterside House. Howth. | who
died 21st October 1893. Aged 73 years. | also for the soul of
his beloved wife | HANNAH. | who died 23rd February 1902. Aged
71 years | O God Who hast commanded us to honour our father
and mother | mercifully shew pity to the souls of our parents
| forgive them their faults and grant that we may see them |
hereafter in the joys of thy eternal glory. | through Our Lord
Jesus Christ Amen. | Trocaire ar a? n-anamaib | R.I.P. | Pray
for | JOSEPH BUTTERLY. | died 4th August 1935 aged 71 years. |
and his son JOHN DESMOND BUTTERLY | died 7th July 1943 aged 33
years. | also pray for MARY TERESA BUTTERLY, who died 18th
July 1948.

Photo No.7
(headstone at the foot of Number 6)
Per Ardua ad Astra | 1623599 Sergeant | J.D. BUTTERLY | flight
engineer | Royal Air Force | 7th July 1943 age 33 | R.I.P. |
Lamb of God who takest away | the sins of the world | grant us
peace |

Photo No.8
Beneath | is interred the body of the | Very Rev PAUL DAN
SMITHWICK | for thirty one years the reverend pastor | of
Baldoyle Howth &? Kinsealy | that faithful and prudent priest
| exemplified in his own life | what he taught his people | so
forcibly by word. | He was born at Kilkenny | on the 23rd of
May 1803 | and died at Baldoyle the 28th of Dec 1880 | in the
78th year of his age | and ?55th of his sacred ministry. |
This cross has been erected | by his parishioners | as a mark
of their respect for his memory | My flesh also shall rest in

Photo No.9
Mercy Jesus Mercy | Of your charity | pray for the repose of |
the soul of | JAMES O'REILLY | who died at his residence | The
Cottage, Baldoyle | 16th June 1893. | And of his sisters JANE,
| who died 9th April 1895 | MARY CATHERINE, | who died 23rd
July 1895. | R.I.P.