Obit: Clark (adopted), Joseph  August 1881

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Joseph Clark is Cut in Two Under the Wheels.

Yesterday morning about 3 o'clock the body of a man was 
found on the south track of the railroad about a mile and a 
half this side of Allegrippus, which had been run over and 
horribly mangled.  The body was picked up and brought to 
this city at an early hour and placed in charge of 
Undertaker Tipton.  The remains proved to be those of Joseph 
Clark, a young man of this city, who made his home with Mr. 
Daniel Noonan.  Coroner Mitchell was notified and he 
summoned the following jury: M. B. McGrath, J Cloyd Kreider, 
W. H. Glenn, John M. Watson, David Tipton, George W. 
Daughman, which returned a verdict of accidental death in 
accordance with the facts above given.  It is supposed the 
deceased was returning from Braddock's, where it is thought 
he had gone to visit W. H. Clark, a brother by adoption, and 
falling from the train was killed.  He was about 19 years of 
age and well known in this city.  He was formerly employed 
in the railroad yard in this city, but more recently was 
teaming for Mr. John G. Kline.  He was born in Dublin, 
Ireland, and was adopted by a family named Clark, and came 
to this country with them, but had no blood relations on 
this side of the water.  He is well spoken of by those who 
were intimately acquainted with him, and is credited with 
being a sober and industrious young man.  W. H. Clark, the 
adopted brother of the deceased, was telegraphed for and 
arrived from Braddock's yesterday evening.  The funeral will 
take place this afternoon and will proceed from the 
residence of Daniel Noonan to St. John's cemetery at 2 

Morning Tribune, Altoona, Pa., Friday, August 26, 1881