Obit: Bellings, Dame Margaret 1635

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Funeral Entries
Dame Margaret daughter of the Rt. Honble Richard BUTLER 
Viscount Mountgaret, she was married to Richard BELLINGS 
Esqr. Sonn and Heir of Sr. Henry BELLINGS of Tirellstoune in 
the County of  Dublin, Knight ; by whom she had issue four 
Sons and one Daughter Viz. Richard BELLINGS eldest Son, 
Henry BELLINGS Second Son. Frances BELLINGS 3d Son who died 
young, James BELLINGS 4th Son and Mary BELLINGS. The 
aforesaid Dame Margarett depad. this mortall Life the 6th of 
August, and with funerall Proceedings and rights was brought 
from Merchant Key in Dublin so to St. Michan's Church in 
Oxmantown the l3th day of August 1635. Conveyed to the 
Church of Mallehedert in  the Com. of Dublin to her Grave. 
The truith of the premisses is testified by the Subscriptn 
of Richard BELLINGS Esqr. as afore- said, taken by me Albon 
Leverett Athlone Officer of Armes to be recorded in the 
Office of tho King of Armes of Ireland
                               Rd. BELLING

Charles T. Lamacraft, Association for the Preservation of 
the Memorials of the Dead in Ireland, 1910