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Evening Press -----June 30th. 1971.

Two women were dead when cut out from wreckage of a mini-car 
which was in a head-on-crash with a Milk Lorry, a mile pass 
the Boot Inn at Cloughran, just 2 miles from Swords, late 
this afternoon. The women and two or three children who were 
with them in the Mimi-car were trapped in the wreckage of 
the car and had to be cut by firemen using acetylene 
Apparently the two women, believed to be from Swords area 
were dead before been freed, but the children were not 
seriously injured and were taken to Temple Street Hospital 
for observation.
Three Fire Brigade's and a Rescue Tender were rushed to the 
scene, the crash occurred on a bad bend between The Boot Inn 
and the Forest Hill Fruit Farm.
The driver of the Milk Lorry was also injured, but not 
seriously. The bodies of the two women were taken to the 
Mater Hospital. The wreckage was strewn over the roadway 
which was completely blocked to traffic as the firemen freed 
the dead and injured. Gardai were called to direct the build 
up of traffic around the accident spot.
"They appeared to hit each other head on at a very bad bend 
in the fairly narrow roadway ", an eye witness to the 
accident said later. " It happened about 8 o'clock and we 
had to get a ambulance to the scene from Dublin as there is 
no ambulance in that area.

Irish Press --1st July, 1971.

Two Killed in Family Crash Tragedy

A mother  and daughter were killed and two young members of 
the same family are stated to be critically ill after their 
car was involved in a head-on-collision with a milk-lorry at 
Cloughran, Swords, Co. Dublin, yesterday. The dead are Mrs. 
Mary Leggett ( 63 ) and her daughter, Miss Bernadette 
Leggett ( 36 ), of Rathbeale Cottages, Rathbeale Road, 
Swords. The children injured-- Grand Children of Mrs. 
Leggett--are Derek ( 3 ) and Stewart Johnston ( 5 ) of the 
same address. Firemen using acetylene equipment cut the dead 
and injured from the wreckage of the car. Two ambulances and 
a rescue tender attended the accident, which occurred on a 
very bad bent on the back road to Dublin Airport between The 
Boot Inn and the Forest Fruit Farm. The bodies of the two 
women were brought to the Mater Hospital and the two 
children were removed to the Children's Hospital, Temple 
Street, where they were stated to be critically ill last 

The wreckage of the car was strewn all over the road and 
extra Gardai were drafted into to seal off the area and deal 
with the traffic built-up.
The driver of the milk-lorry was badly shaken and slightly 
injured, but did not required hospital treatment.

COMMENT: The mother and daughter, Mrs Mary Leggett ( 63 ) 
and Bernadette Leggett are buried in Swords Roman Catholic 
Graveyard in Swords.