Newspaper: Insolvents in Ireland. Lower Ormond Quay -1829

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1st April.

M'Donagh, Owen, of Camden Street, Dublin, publican.

Martin, John of Ballinakill, Co. Galway, labourer.

Walker, James of Jane-Villa, Cork, Cooper.

2nd April.

Beatty, Benjamin, James of Mount Pleasant, Dublin, gent.

Collins, John of Patrick Street, Dublin, dealer in glass, 
china, etc.

4th April.

Butler, James of Temple Bar, Dublin, hatter.

Byrne, John of Castle Market, victualler.

Gossin, David, of Capel Street, boot maker.

Hines, Joseph, of Esker, farmer.

Kirby, William of Summer Hill, gent.

O'Meara, John of Fownes-Street, cork manufacturer.

Peeble, James, of Queen Street, gentleman.

Regan, Mathew Thomas, of Grafton-Street, toy and fancy 

Rennick, William of Burnett Place, gentleman.

Same Place 8th April.

Cahey, Patrick, of South Anne Street, Dublin, publican.

Flood, Terence, of Cavan, publican and stucco plasterer.

Hogan, John of Townsend Street, and of Tucker's Row, Dublin, 

Johnston, Elinor, of Celbridge, Co. Kildare, widow.

Russell, Eliza of Mount Pleasant, Dublin, widow.

9th April.

Alexander, William, of Londonderry, surgeon.

Burne, William, of Belbrook, Co. Kildare, farmer.

Dolan, Terence, of New Street, Dublin, publican.

Doyle, Michael of Francis Street, Dublin, iron and salt man.

Hooper, Henry, of Drogheda, music teacher.

Manly, Joshua, of Escar, Co. Dublin, calico printer.

Ryan, Perceval, of Great Britain Street, Dublin, coal meter.

Simpson, John of Francis Street, Dublin, grocer.

Same Place, 11th April.

Branagan, Jane of Great Britain Street, Dublin, tallow 
chandler and soap boiler.

Darcey, Patrick, of Great Ship Street, Dublin, grocer.

Dillon, Edward of Celbridge, Co. Kildare, silk weaver.

Donly, Patrick of Furbane, King's County, publican and 

Dunn, John of Exchequer Street, Dublin, shoe maker.

Gallagher, Owen, of Stephen's Green, Dublin, merchant 

Hanlon, Patrick, of Riverstown, Co. Louth, publican.

Harrington, Thomas, of Commons-Street, Dublin, publican.

Henry, James of Belfast, publican.

Howard, Henry of Nassau Street, Dublin, clerk.

Magee Joy, Joseph, of Merchant's Quay, Dublin, Doctor of 

Myles, W. of Caherdrenny, Co. Cork, farmer.

O'Brien, Thomas of Ballybough-Bridge, Dublin, baker.

Price, William, of Celbridge, Co. Kildare, grocer.

Same place. 15th April.

Alley, Robert, of Capel Street, Dublin, gent.

Dunn, John of Exchequer Street, Dublin, shoe maker.

Same Place 16th April.

Dawson Booth, John of Noghanalle, Co. Westmeath, gent.

Heery, Michael of Smithfield, Dublin, publican.

M'Cullagh, Patrick, of Belfast, County Antrim, coal factor.

M'Mahon, Laurence, of Charles Street, Dublin, dealer in 

Ryan, Michael, of Love Lane, and formerly of Whitworth 
Place, Dublin, writing clerk.

Ward, Patrick of Dundalk, Co. Louth, farmer.

Same place 18th April.

Adams, Thomas of Essex-Street, Dublin, gent.

Brennan, John of Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, shopkeeper.

Devoy, Joshua, of Pitt Street, Dublin, bookbinder.

Fawcett, Peter of Nurney's Court, Gardiner's Place, Dublin, 
horse shoer and farrier.

Howard, Henry, of Nassau Street, Dublin, clerk.

Knox, William of the City of Waterford, merchant.

Law, Robert, of Digges-Street, Dublin, wine merchant.

Richards, Samuel, of Chatham Street, Dublin, esq.

Sullivan, Michael, of Milltown, Co. Dublin, writing clerk.

Taubman, Caesar, of City Quay, Dublin, grocer and spirit 

Ward, W, of Temple Bar, Dublin, hatter.

Wilkins, James Charles, of Donnybrook-Road, Dublin, gent.

Same Place 22nd April.

Dixon, Samuel, of Merchant's Quay, City of Cork, master 

Fishbourne, George, of Abbey Street, Dublin, gate porter.

Hansbro, John of Mountrath, Queen's County, shopkeeper.

Kearney, Alexander, of Gregg's Lane, Dublin, servant.

Mooney, Denis of Smithstown, Co. Kildare, farmer.

O'Brien, Phillip, of Usher -Street, Dublin, gent.

(Spelling as per paper)

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