Newspaper: Fugitives for Debt - 1730 

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File contributed by:  Mary Heaphy


3-10-1730. Dublin Gazette.

Sessions for Waterford.

Leigh, Robert, Dyer.

Wood, George, Weaver.

Sessions from Dublin.

King, Laurence, last of Triplow, Scribler.

McLaughlin, John, last of Dublin, Shoe-maker.

Sessions for Kildare.

Fontt, Barth, last of Ballyfarmott, Co. Dublin, Farmer.

Sessions for Westmeath.

Murray, Robert, last of Mullingar, Merchant.


County of Dublin.

Harmon, Benjamin, last of Bollegegreen, Dealer.

County of Monaghan.

Wall, Henry, last of Allygath, Soldier.

County of Kildare,

Quin, Christopher, late of Thomas Street, Dublin, 


Sessions at Cork.

Baily, George, late of Corke, Rope-Maker.

Sessions at Mullingar.

Boyle, William, of New-Pass, Taylor.


Sessions for Dublin.

Button, Alexander, last of George's Lane, Show Maker.

Radford, Robert, last of Corke, Slater.

Sessions for County Tyrone.

Mitchell, Hugh, last of Ranolly, Co. Tyrone, Farmer.


Sessions for Dublin.

Effington, Robert, last of James's Street, Shoe maker.

Wallace, Thomas, last of Thomas Street, Show Maker.

Session for Maryborough.

Dun, Edward, last of Stradbally, in the Queen's County, 

Sessions for County Westmeath.

Gore, Christopher, late of Pimblico, in Dublin, Dyer.

Session for County Monaghan.

Murphy, Bryan, Lawyer.

Session for County Armagh.

Thompson, William late of Lurgan, Linnen Weaver.


Session for Dublin.

Linegar, Capt. Charles, of the College in Dublin, Professor 
of the Irish Language.

Andrew, Bartholemew, last of Drogheda, Cooper.

Sessions for County Kildare.

McGuire, Phillip, prisoner in Athy gaol, last of Racoffy, 
Co. Kildare, Yarn Merchant.

Sessions for Naas, Co. Kildare.

McCann, William, prisoner in Naas Gaol, last of White Cross, 
near Smithfield, Dealer.


Sessions for the County Kildare.

Surrendered to the Goaler of Athy.

Murphy, John, last of Manooth, Kildare, Dealer.

Plunket, Peter, of the same place, Dealer.

Flood, John, last of Cormickstown, Dyer, in the Goal of 

Surrendered in Belfast. Co. Antrim.

Hunter, Samuel, last of the Parish of Drumbegg, Co. Antrim.


Dublin Sessions.

Sullivan, Daniel, last of Church-Street, Cord Winder.

Drogheda Sessions.

Hoy, Thomas, last of Drogheda, Carpenter.


Dublin Sessions.

Eagan, Dennis, last of Stoney-Batter, Dublin, Carpenter.

Byrne, James, last of Bride Street, Vintner.

Belfast Sessions.

Seymour, Francis, last of Belfast, Mariner.

Sessions for Derry.

Vance, Thomas, last of near to Minimore, in the towns land 
of Annahavale, in the County of Derry, Merchant.


Sessions of Dublin.

Duff, John, last of Blind Quay, Coal Merchant.

Edge, John, of Bell-Alley, in Golden Lane, Chirurgeon and 


Sessions for Dublin.

Ellis, Patrick, of Thomas Street, Dealer.

Procter, Robert, of the same place, Dealer.

Bourke, Patrick, last of Corke Hill, Vintner.

Bryan, Samuel, last of Twatling Street, Skinner.

Bath, Michael, last of Bridge Street, Shopkeeper.

Sessions for Derry.

Devenny, William, last of the Parish of Cumber, in the 
County of Derry.


Sessions for Waterford.

Blackan, Benjamin, Glazier.

Sessions for Dublin.

Meaking, Daniel, last of Castle-Street, Mariner.

Hunter, Thomas, last of Cow-Lane, Upholder.

Scott, Richard, last of Cook Street, Ale House Keeper and 

Marging, Paul, last of Ash Street, Comber.

Fuller, Nicholas, last of Corn Market, Clothier.

Ward, Thomas, last of Enniscorthy, Victualler.

Boyland, James, last of Drumna, in the County of Dublin, 


Sessions for Dublin.

Graves, Charles, last of George's Quay, Mariner.

(All spellings as per paper)