Newspaper: Repeal of the Union 3 Oct 1840  

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy


We, the undersigned request a meeting of the Inhabitants of 
Dundrum, Sandyford, Taney, Rathfarnham and Stillorgan, on 
tomorrow, Sunday, the 4th Oct., at 1 o'Clock to be held on 
the chapel lawn, in Sandyford, for the purpose of 
petitioning Parliament for the Repeal of the Legislative 
Union between Great Britain and Ireland.

Richard Corballis,

John Walsh,

Thomas M. Scully,

Edward G. Mason,

Joseph Mason,

Thomas Byrne,

John Whitcroft,

John Rice. C.C.

John F. Roche, O.C.D.

T. McCormick. R.C.C.

Richard O'Moran,

Francis Hover,

P. Smith. P.P.

Daniel Curran,

Solomen Missitt,

William Ennis.

Mathew Ennis.

Mathew Rinkle,

John Rinkle,

David Maher.

John Byrne.

Michael Moran.

John Hall.

Edward Whelan.

John Boen.

Michael Meehan.



To Theophilus Taylor and John Martin, Esqrs, Churchwardens 
of the Parish of St. Bridget.

We, the undersigned, request you will at your earliest 
convenience convene a meeting of the inhabitants of St. 
Bridget's Parish, to take into consideration the propriety 
of aiding, by all legal and constitutional means, our 
illustrious Representative Daniel O'Connell, Esq. in the 
mighty effort he is now making for the regeneration of our 
beloved, but long oppressed and impoverished Country, by 
restoring to her her Domestic Legislature, the only measure 
which can again place her in the proud position of being 
happy, contended and prosperous.

Dublin August 22nd 1840.

Joseph Johnston,

Michael Walsh,

Thomas Gilbert,

Henry E. Stephens.

William Brennan,

Thomas Carey,

Peter Lawlor,

Thomas J. Atkins,

Thomas Byrne,

John Murphy,

L. M'Nally,

Laurence Hickey,

James Farrell,

John Bergin,

Edward Cooke, Jnr.

James Keegan,

John Douglas,

Peter Long,

Peter Hickey,

John Nugent,

Michael Dowling,

James Keatley,

James Kernan,

William Milton,

Thomas Bass,

Bernard Doyle,

James Whelan,

John Tully,

William Curtis,

Patrick Donohoe,

John Fogarty,

John M'Manus,

Thomas Morris,

George Osborne,

Peter Gogarty,

William Wilson,

Andrew Ennis,

Michael Kennedy,

John Fitzpatrick,

Mathew Fitzpatrick,

Thomas Wright,

Edward Falkner,

Peter Geraghty,

Cornelius Moore,

Henry Byrne,

Peter Byrne,

Farrall Cusack,

Simon Meehan,

John Burke,

Peter Downey,

John Fortune,

John Drake,

Michael Coote,

Edward Coote, Snr.

John O'Gara,

Luke Bell.

In compliance with the foregoing requisition, we hereby 
request a meeting of the above Parish on Saturday next, the 
29th inst. At Mr. Bentley's Auction Mart, in Bride Street, 
at 2 O'Clock in the afternoon, for the purpose therein 

Dated this day the 24th August, 1840.

Theophilus Taylor,}

John Martin,}Church Wardens.



The Fishermen of Ringsend.

William Conroy,

Owen Kenny,

John Maxwell,

James Barton,

John Mitten,

Bernard Thornton,

Lawrence Kearney,

James Doyle,

James Quigley,

William Quigley,

Michael Talbot,

William Carroll,

Patrick Nowland,

Patrick Connor,

Martin Kavanagh,

William Quinn,

George Kennedy,

John Dunne,

John Doyle,

Joseph Dalton,

John Power,

James Locke,

Patrick Byrne,

Patrick M'Guire,

James Tallon,

John Byrne,

Thomas Byrne,

Thomas Connor,

Mathias Gormley,

Thomas Power,

James Toole.

Letter from Mr.Nicholas Kirwan, Rathfarnham, enclosing 
details of persons employed in the different trades in the 
town, who beg to be enrolled, trusting in providence that 
they shall live to see the day when that desirable object 
shall be obtained for old Ireland, namely, the restoration 
of her domestic parliament.

James Daly,

Edward Finn,

Peter Collins,

Bernard King,

Denis Kirwan,

Patrick Quinn, Jnr.

James Sheridan,

Valentine Bourke,

Robert Burrell,

John Locke,

Edward Collins,

Michael Lennon,

Edward Kirwan,

Eugene Quinn,

James Farrell,

Michael Donohoe,

Neil Murphy,

John Collins,

Patrick Byrne,

Martin Reilly,

Patrick Quinn,

Michael Byrne,

Thomas Cahill,

Mr James Fox, Jnr. Ashtown, near Castleknock, County Dublin 
transmitting the subscriptions of twenty one repealers 
including his own.

James Kennedy,

Laurence Smith,

Laurence Bourke,

Christopher Callaghan,

Patrick Thornton,

Thomas Maher,

Thomas Brrennan,

James Gannon,

Peter Daly,

Bryan Caffrey,

John Constant,

L. Ennis,

Hugh M'Cann,

Catherine Caffrey,

Patrick Segrave,

Michael Nugent,

Mary Constant,

Hugh Blaney,

Bernard M'Donnell,

Adam Campbell.

From Tallagh, County Dublin.

John Magrane, Old Court,

Francis Poynton,

Thomas Poynton,

John Poynton,

Elizabeth Lambert,

Mathew Hickey,

Thomas Cunningham,

Patrick Walsh,

Andrew Connor,

Thomas Reilly,

Samuel Winters,

Miles Cavanagh,

Richard Brennan,

John Brennan,

James Doyle,

Edward Doyle,

Edward Reilly,

Richard Fitzsimon,

Michael Duffy,

Patrick Kelly,

John Hutchinson,

James Doyle,

Patrick M'Cabe,

George M'Loughlin,

Michael Malone,

Daniel Staunton,

Michael Duffy,

Mary Downey,

Thomas Mahon,

James Devereux,

Patrick Kinshella,

Darby Keogh,

Michael Clarke,

Simon Doyle,

William Mahon,

James Connor,

Andrew O'Brien,

Patrick Finnigan,

James Mahon,

Luke M'Cabe,

James Wyre,

Tom McGrath,

Margaret Downey,

Mary Downey,

Peter Healy,

Patrick Keegan,

Loughlin Horan,

Thomas Hurley,

Charles Fay,

Patrick Byrne,

Michael Brennan,

James Doyle,

John Doyle,

Terence Byrne,

Miles Byrne,

Hugh Carty,

Peter Quin,

William Flinn,

Patrick Doyle,

Christopher Dowling,

John Doran,

Michael Gavan,

James Dunne,

John Halligan,

Richard Gibson.

Thomas Kelly,

Michael Connolly,

William Flanaghan,

Michael Doyle,

William Harding,

William Donigan,

James Keely.

Freeman's Journal, 3-10-1840