Newspaper: Dublin Journal, 22 Nov 1746 (Property sales)

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File contributed by:  Mary Heaphy


To be sold by Mrs Ann FISHER, widow, and sole Executrix of 
Henry Fisher, deceased, the following Leasehold Interests.

A house on Batchelor's-Quay, set by lease for 190 years from 
March 1733 to Mr. Sambron MARRSELL, and now in the 
possession of Mr. Thomas EDWARDS, Merchant.

A house on said Quay. Set by lease for 90 years, from June 
1733, to Mr James BURNET, now in the possession of Mr. 
Edward ARCHER.

A house in Castle Street, set by lease for 41 years, from 
May 1737, to Mr. Charles LESLIE.

A house in said street, set by lease for 44 years from May, 
1728, to Mr. Edward WELD, now in the possession of Mr. 

A house in said Street, let by lease for 61 years, from 
August 1742, to Mr. James FORD.

Proposals will be received by said Ann FISHER at her house 
in Strand Street.