Military: Rebels Who Surrendered From 29th June To 9th 
September 1798. R-S

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File contributed by:  Mary Heaphy 


A List Originally Printed In The Journals Of The House Of 
Commons Of The Kingdom Of Ireland.

Name   Address   Occupation.


Rafferty, Joseph 14 New Row Cotton Weaver.
Rafter, James Castle Kelly Labourer.
Read, Martin Kevin Street. Labourer.
Reath, Thomas Glock, Co. Louth Farmer.
Redding, Patrick 12 Cook Street Cooper.
Redmonds, Bernard 8 Usher's Court. Writing Clerk.
Redmonds, John King Street Musician.
Redmonds, Michael King's Court, Servant.
Reed, Charles 22 Great Britain St. Tailor.
Reed, John 23 Dame Street Malster.
Reed, John 25 Plunkett St. Shoe Maker.
Reed, William Kilmacod Labourer.
Reilly Phillip Miltown. Labourer.
Reilly, Christopher 35 New Market, Broad Weaver.
Reilly, Daniel 9 Cannon St. Carpenter.
Reilly, Edward 15 Plunkett St. Shoe Maker.
Reilly, Hugh, 1 Roberts Street Silk Dyer.
Reilly, Hugh. 33 Castle St. Wollen Draper.
Reilly, James 2 Sampson's Lane Painter.
Reilly, James Harbour Hill Gardener.
Reilly, John 11 Skinner's Alley Silk Weaver.
Reilly, Joseph. 26 Fordom's Alley Silk Weaver.
Reilly, Patrick 25 High Street Tailor.
Reilly, Richard Donnybrook Labourer.
Reilly, Robert Rosemary Lane Quill Dresser.
Reynolds, Chris. 114 Coombe Nailor.
Reynolds, James Spittlefields Labourer.
Reynolds, John Rathfarnham, Wool Spinner.
Rice, John 55 Marabone Lane Silk Weaver.
Rice, Thomas 22 Bow Lane, Shoe Maker.
Richards, William 5 Pimlico Wool Comber.
Richardson, Robert 13 Coombe Hosier.
Rickey, William 36 Coombe Silk Weaver.
Roberts, Henry 7 Essex Quay, Plater.
Roberts, Hugh, 3 Long Lane, New St. Weaver.
Robinson, John 2 Hanover Lane Writing Clerk.
Robinson, Michael 18 Michael's Lane Quill Dresser.
Robinson, Richard Cook St. Slator.
Robinson, Thomas 2 Hanover Lane Dairyman.
Rogers, Barnaby 28 Bride's Alley Cabinet Maker.
Rogers, John 25 Cork St. Cotton Weaver.
Rogers, Robert 65 Thomas St. Tape Weaver.
Rogers, Stephen 37 New Row. Shoe Maker.
Rone, Edward Dolphin's Barn, Cotton Weaver.
Rooney, Patrick Kevin St. Innkeeper.
Roony, James 149 Francis St. Baker.
Ross, Robert, 24 Wood Quay Cutler.
Rourke, James Mill yard, Bride's Alley Shoe Maker.
Rourke, John 13 Skinner's Alley Hosier.
Rourke, John 86 Pill Lane Cabinet Maker.
Rourke, Terence Patrick's Close Shoe Maker.
Rourke, William 21 Plunket St. Shoe Maker.
Row, Terence 53 High Street Farmer.
Ryan, John Lucan, Carpenter.
Ryan, Michael 3 Coffe St. Baker.
Ryan, Thomas 38 Cook Street Tailor.


Savage, James Paradise Row Attorney.
Scully, Thomas Marabone Lane Cotton Weaver.
Shagnasy, Phillip 5 Skinner's Alley Weaver.
Shannon, Joseph 31 Meath St. Wool Comber.
Sharkey, Thomas 5 Mitre Alley Cotton Weaver.
Shaw, James Back Lane Linen Draper.
Shaw, John 5 Tripoli Wool Comber.
Shaw, Richard 9 Blackhall Row Labourer.
Shaw, Thomas Back Lane Linen Draper.
Shea, Darby 31 Meath St. Wool Comber.
Shea, Thady 9 Vicar Street Labourer.
Sheehan, William Kevin Street Farmer.
Sherlock, Nicholas 15 Mary Street Printer.
Sherry, Edward 14 New Street Silk Weaver.
Sherry, Thomas 88 Coombe Shoe Maker.
Shine, James 77 Townshend St. Painter.
Short, Arthur Fumbaly's Lane Cotton Weaver.
Short, Edward, Keelagh, Farmer.
Short, John 18 Coombe Weaver.
Short, Myles, Timore, Co. Wicklow, Farmer.
Shortell, Stephen 104 Thomas Street Carpenter.
Simpson, John 6 Flag Alley Silk Weaver.
Simpson, William Kilternan, Paper Maker.
Sinclair, William Fishamble St. Painter.
Skillin, William 26 Plunket St. Bricklayer.
Smith, Daniel Donecarney, Publican.
Smith, James 11 John Street Broad Weaver.
Smith, John 139 New Street Wire Worker.
Smith, Michael 44 George's St. Painter.
Smith, Thomas Engine Alley Hosier.
Smith, William Engine Alley, Hosier.
Smyth, Charles 26 Mary's Abbey Grocer.
Smyth, James Corn Market, Wool Comber.
Smyth, William Meath Street Pawn Broker.
Spait, Joseph, 44 Cork Street Writing Clerk.
Stafford, Nicholas 131 James St. Publican.
Stanly, John 7 Island St. Hosier.
Stanton, Patrick 14 Cook Street Farmer.
Stapleton, John 54 Meath St. Cotton Spinner.
Stephens, Daniel New Market Jenny Spinner.
Stephenson, William 32 Coombe Hosier.
Steward, Ellen 55 Manor Street Hair Dresser.
Stewart, John 7 Island St. Hosier.
Stone, George Elbow Lane Silk Weaver.
Sullivan, John 16 Carman Hall Worsted Weaver.
Sullivan, Murtagh Ballicurra, Co. Wexford Farmer.
Sullivan, Patrick 7 Luke Lane Hair Dresser.
Sullivan, Peter 14 Francis St. Silk Manufacturer.
Summers, Alexander, South King St. Clerk.
Sweeny, Phillip 8 George's St. Publican.
Sweetman, John 12 New Row. Shoe Maker.