Military: Rebels Who Surrendered From 29th June To 9th 
September 1798. M-Q

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File contributed by:  Mary Heaphy


A list originally printed in The Journals of the House of 
Commons of the Kingdom of Ireland.

Name Address Occupation.

Rebels M

Madden Bernard.26 Spittlefields.Hosier.
Madden John.Palmerstown.Calico Printer.
Madden Walter.31, Corn Market.Linen-Draper.
Madden William.Fumbaly's Lane.Cotton Weaver.
Maher Anthony.Rose Alley,Coal Quay.Shoe Maker.
Maher James.Grafton Lane.Servant.
Maher James.Ormond Quay.Waiter.
Maher Patrick.11 Kevin St.Farmer.
Maher Patrick.11 Kevin Street.Farmer.
Maher Thomas.183 Great Britain St.Servant.
Mahon Owen.101 Thomas St.Car Maker.
Mahon Patrick.13 Poole Street.Weaver.
Mahon Patrick.9 Hanover Lane.Chairman.
Mahon Patrick.Artane, Co. Dublin.Gardener.
Mahon Peter.124 New Street.Farmer.
Malone James.Sheds of Clontarf.Clerk.
Malone Joseph.18 Charles Street.Shoe Maker.
Malone Patrick.Killeech,Co.Wicklow.Taylor.
Mangan Thomas. 22 Patrick Street.Writing Clerk.
Manwarring Matthew.31 Aston's Quay.Publican.
Markee James.Dolphin's Barn.Cotton Printer.
Marks Tony.16 Bow Bridge.Labourer.
Martin John.Meath Street. Riband Weaver.
Martin Nicholas.52 Meath Street.Clothier.
Martin Patrick.11 Park St.Carpenter.
Martin Patrick.35 Liffey Street.Shoe-Maker.
Mathews Edward.3 Hanover Lane.Silk Weaver.
Mathews John.15 Patrick Street.Hatter.
Mathews Laurence.7 White's Court.Lace Weaver.
McArdell Philip.17 Coal Quay.Shoe Maker.
McBride Patrick.Mullinahack.Cabinet Maker.
McCabe Alexander.14 Thomas Court.Silk Weaver.
McCabe Patrick.58 New Street.Stucco Man.
McCabe Patrick.Francis St.Publican.
McCabe Richard.26 Kevin Street.Slator.
McCabe Thomas.39 Plunket Street.Stucco Man.
McCann Barry.29 Dolphin's Barn.Silk Weaver.
McCann Henry.Dolphin's Barn.Cotton Weaver.
McCann Pat.Malborough St.Servant.
McCann Thomas.29 Dolphin's Barn.Silk Weaver.
McCann William.29 Dolphin's Barn.Cotton Weaver.
McCawl Daniel.135 Francis Street.Carpenter.
McCawley Alton.16 Marrowbone Lane.Callico Printer.
McClean George.35 Cook Street.Engine Weaver.
McClusky Joseph.60 New Row.Silk Dyer.
McCormick James.Miltown.Wool Scribbler.
McCormick John.Montrath St.Labourer.
McCormick Patrick.15 Engine Alley.Cotton Spinner.
McCormick Patrick.Purcell's Court.Wool-Comber.
McCowen Philip.33 Cook Street. Callico Glazer.
McDermott Daniel.Kilneton?,Co. Wexford.Labourer.
McDermott Michael.22 Plunket St.Clo?e Broker.
McDermott Thomas. Francis St.Brogue Maker.
McDermott Thomas.Elbow Lane.Labourer.
McDonell John.Corris Stream.Cotton Printer.
McDonell John.Francis Street.Shoe Maker.
McDonell Laurence.New Holland.Cotton Dyer.
McDonell Moses.50 Church St.Weaver.
McDonell Peter.New Holland.Cotton Dyer.
McDonough Loughlin.114 Coombe.Hosier.
McEvoy Thomas.7 Cuff Street.Carpenter.
McGenniss John.Stephen's Green.Servant.
McGenniss William.57 Manor Street.Publican.
McGrath James.37, Kevin Street.Butter Merchant.
McGrath John.47 Winetavern St.Labourer.
McGuire Andrew.24 Ross Lane.Writing Clerk.
McGuire Hugh.55 Marrowbone Lane.Baker.
McGuire John.27 Plunket-Street.Engine Weaver.
McGuire Patrick.8 Hanover Lane.Silk Weaver.
McGuire Peter.Ball's Bridge.Labourer.
McGuire Thomas.Rathdrum.Co.Wicklow.Labourer.
McLloyd James.8 Summer Street.Tape Weaver.
McLnne Patrick.113 Thomas Street.Labourer.
McLong Patrick.5 Blackhall Row.Labourer.
McManos John.12 Redmond's Hill.Servant.
McNally James.Rush, Co. Dublin.Farmer.
McNuhy James.2 Fisher's Lane.Clerk.
Merrick William.55 High Street.Silk Weaver.
Might John.Coal Alley, Meath St.Silk Weaver.
Miles Robert.5 Treenon Alley.Silk Weaver.
Miller James.109 Coombe.Stay Maker.
Molloy David.William's Town,Carlow.Farmer.
Molloy James.12 Ash Street.Silk Weaver.
Molloy Mark.Capel Street.Tavern Keeper.
Molloy Thomas.William's Town,Carlow.Farmer.
Molloy William.21 Ormond Quay.Clerk.
Monck Patrick.10 Ash Street.Broker.
Monck Patrick.10 Ash Street.Broker.
Moncks Simon.15 New Row.Silk Weaver.
Moony John.25 Cork Street.Engine Weaver.
Moony Patrick.4 Engine Alley.Hosier.
Moony Terence.46 Coombe.Hosier.
Moony William. 7 Arran Quay.Clerk.
Moor Patrick.11 New Market.Broad Weaver.
Moore Garrett.9 Patrick Street.Labourer.
Moore James.57 Great Britain St.Currier.
Moore James.Ballala, Co. Dublin.Labourer.
Moore Patrick.16 Kevin St.Smith.
Moore William.26 Charles Street.Tailor.
Mooty Thomas.4 Townsend-St.Chaise Owner.
Moran Patrick.7 Brown Street.Broad Weaver.
Morriss Peter.17 Smithfield.Cotton Weaver.
Morrisson John.25 Engine Alley.Cotton Weaver.
Moughan William.16 Hanover Lane.Labourer.
Mulhall Bryan.6 Winetavern St.Labourer.
Mulhall Thomas.6 Winetavern St.Labourer.
Mullady Michael.Clunburriss.Servant.
Mullen Denis.146 Francis Street.Thread Manufacturer.
Mullen John.38 Skinner's Alley.Silk Weaver.
Mullen John.4 Rainsford St.Cotton Spinner.
Mulligan Edward.Blackthorn, Co.Dublin.Labourer.
Mulligan Laurence.117 New Street.Slator.
Mulsany Christopher.59 New Row.Shoe Maker.
Murphy Arthur.26 Rainsford Street.Silk Weaver.
Murphy Daniel.111 Thomas Street.Hatter.
Murphy George.Draper's Court.Chair Maker.
Murphy George.Portland Street.Farmer.
Murphy James.20 Abbey St.Teacher.
Murphy James.Croock, Co. Dublin.Farmer.
Murphy John.4 Skinner's Alley.Huxter.
Murphy John.48 Plunket St.Hosier.
Murphy John.Reynold's Court.Worsted Weaver.
Murphy Laurence.Tipper,Co.Kildare.Labourer.
Murphy Michael.2 Kilmainham.Cotton Weaver.
Murphy Michael.6 Skinner Row.Shop Keeper.
Murphy Morgan.14 Wood Street.Baker.
Murphy Patrick.4 Ardee Row.Silk weaver.
Murphy Patrick.Draper's Court.Weaver.
Murphy Thomas.47 Kevin Street.Farmer.
Murphy William.33 Skinner's Alley.Huxter.
Murray Bartholomew.11 New Row.Shoe Maker.
Murray Denis.Burn's Hill.Labourer.
Murray John.124 New St.Nailor.
Murray Laurence.10 New Church Street.Tanner.
Murray Patrick.4 New Row.Publican.
Murray Philip.35 Back Lane.Shoe Maker.
Murray William.6 Moore Street.Breeches Maker.
Myler Anthony.Blackhall Row.Shoe Maker.

Rebels N

Nail, Charles Bride's Alley Shoe Maker.
Nail, Henry Coroughlane, Co. Wicklow Farmer.
Nail, John 33 Braithwait St. Labourer.
Nail, Patrick Cromlin, Co. Dublin Land Stewart.
Neil, Andrew 20 High Street. Farmer.
Neilson, Oliver North Anne Street Gent.
Newman, James 12 Mill Street Broad Weaver.
Nicholson, George 56 Meath Street. Cotton Weaver.
Nittleton, John New Market. Broad Weaver.
Nolan, John, Clarendon St. Huxter.
Nolan, Michael, 16 Ross Lane Clerk.
Norcourt, Henry Black Pits. Silk Weaver.
Norton, James Freedom's Alley, Scribbler.
Nowlan, Darby Coombe Labourer.
Nowlan, Edward 78 Upper Coombe Silk Weaver.
Nowlan, Edward Miltown, Labourer.
Nowlan, Francis Coal Alley, Castle St. Bricklayer.
Nowlan, John 57 New Street Silk Dresser.
Nowlan, Nicholas 25 Charles St. Cabinet Maker.
Nowlan, Pat. Clasnamuck, Labourer.
Nowlan, Thomas New Street. Labourer.
Nugent, George 17 Vicker's Street Hatter.
Nugent, Oliver, Coombe Ribbon Weaver.

Rebels O.

O'Bryan, Jonathan, 26 Kevin's Port Shoe Maker.
O'Byran, Pat, 5 Leinster Row. Carpenter.
O'Connor, Roderick 73 James's Street. Skin Merchant.
O'Daniel, John Mill Street. Tanner.
O'Gelby, Christopher 25 New Street Labourer.
O'Mealy, Dominick 21 Pill Lane, Apothecary.
O'Neil, Cormick 55 Thomas Street Clerk.
O'Shaughnesy, Philip Bow Street Hosier.
Orr, Michael 58 Fishamble Street Watchcase Maker.
Orr, William 31 Fishamble Street Cotton Printer.
Oulihan, Maurice, John's Street Wool Comber.
Oulihan, Patrick Marabone Lane Worsted Weaver.
Owens, Thomas Rathfarnham, Servant.

Rebels P.

Parker, Christopher 14 New Street. Cabinet Maker.
Parker, Pat Marybone Lane Silk Weaver.
Pasmore, John 46 Meath Street Worsted Weaver.
Pegs, Thomas Donnybrook Labourer.
Peppard, Christopher Rathfarnham. Gardener.
Phillips, George Rathfarnham, Labourer.
Phillips, Henry, 1 Caroline Row, Summer Hill, Gardener.
Pick, George 100 New Street Hosier.
Pike, Edward 7 Island Street Ribbon Weaver.
Plunket, Henry Kilcock, Co. Kildare Farmer.
Plunket, Patrick 61 Manor Street Grocer.
Pointing, Francis Donovan's Lane Silk Weaver.
Pointing, James 31 Meath Street Silk Weaver.
Pointing, Thomas 27 Plunket Street, Ribbon Weaver.
Pordell, Laurence Ardee Street Wool Spinner.
Porter, James 67 Coombe, Weaver.
Powell, John 103 New Street Hatter.
Powell, Thomas 5 Cathedral Lane, Cabinet Maker.
Power, Patrick Wilkinson, Co. Meath. Farmer.
Power, Robert Dolphin's Barn, Cotton Weaver.
Power, Timothy 52 New Row, Poddle Baker.
Prowd, James 70 Kevin Street, Farmer.
Purcell, James, 49 Cork Street, Wool Scribbler.

Rebels Q.

Quinn, Ennis Mud Island Cotton Weaver.
Quinn, James 18 Kevin's Port, Publican.
Quinn, Owen, 89 Francis Street Calender Man.
Quinn, Patrick 47 New Street Grocer.
Quinn, Terence 28 Carman's Hall Baker.
Quinn, Terence Camden Street Grocer.
Quinn, William 25 Skinner's Alley, Silk Weaver.
Quirck, John 3 Bull Alley Painter.

Note: "Mc" names transcribed from "M'" for ease in searching