Military: Rebels Who Surrendered From 29th June To 9th 
September 1798. D-F

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy 


A list originally printed in The Journals of the House of 
Commons of the Kingdom of Ireland.

Name Address Occupation.


D'Arcy, William 10 Poolbeg St. Stucco Makr.
Dalton, William 2 Johnston's Court Smith.
Dalton, William Sycamore Alley Cutler.
Daly, Denis Francis St. Slator.
Daly, Denis, Curtis Stream Labourer.
Daly, Neil 95 Francis Street. Cotton Finisher.
Daly, Patrick. 8 Pool Street Cloth Dresser.
Daniel, Francis. 15 John Street Silk Weaver.
Daniel, James 91 Francis Street, Lace Weaver.
Daniel, Samuel Draper's Court, Lace Weaver.
Daniel, William 10 Werburg St. Lace Weaver.
Danilly, Nicholas Harold's Cross Joiner.
Darcy, James Abbey Street Farmer.
Darly, Luke. Newtown Park, Callico Printer.
Day, Moses. 3 Charles St. Clerk.
Delahunt, Charles 127, Coombe Cutter.
Delander, Bart Chapel Izod. Harness Maker.
Dempsey, Maurice Gorey, Co. Wexford Labourer.
Derham, Patrick 6 Island Row, Hosier.
Derham, William Bride's Alley Carpenter.
Dignan, Andrew 16 Skinner's Alley. Silk Weaver.
Dillon, Francis 19 Liffey Street. Painter.
Dillon, George 11 Fumbally's Lane Silk Weavr.
Dillon, John Tennis Court Yard Carpenter.
Dillon, Robert 35 Rainsford Street Cotton Weaver.
Dillon, Thomas Tennis Court Yard Carpenter.
Dobbin, Bart Royal Hospital, Gardener.
Dolan, Mathew, 95 Francis Street Labourer.
Dolling, Patrick. 9 Boyne, Street Servant.
Donelly, James 30 King St. South Carpenter.
Donelly, Joseph 120 Townsend St. Carpenter.
Donelly, Michael Cockborough, Co. Westmeath, Farmer.
Donigan, Patrick 9 Thomas St. Labourer.
Donolast? Edward/. Miltown. Farmer.
Doran, Charles 12 Stoneybatter Nailor.
Doran, Edward Montrath St. Labourer.
Doran, John Phenix Park, Labourer.
Doran, Patrick Ballymore Eustace, Shop Keeper.
Doran, Thomas 12 Park St. Silk Weaver.
Douglas, George 136 Great Britain St. Carpenter.
Douglas, George, Glassmanogue, Labourer.
Dowdall, Edward 27 Tripoli Hatter.
Dowdall, George. 19 Manor Street Sawyer.
Dowling, Chris 57 Coombe, Wool Comber.
Dowling, James 49 Church St. Smith.
Dowling, Laurence 59 Poddle Lace Weaver.
Dowling, William 37 Jervis St. Servant.
Dowling, William 4 John Street. Shoe Maker.
Downey, Patrick 84 Bride Street Publican.
Doyl, Laurence Monaseed Labourer.
Doyle, Alexander Labourer.
Doyle, Andrew Rathfarnham. Labourer.
Doyle, Bryan 33 Sinner's Alley Cotton Dyer.
Doyle, Denis Aungier St. Labourer.
Doyle, Denis. Gorey, Co. Wexford Timber Merchant.
Doyle, James Gorey, Co. Wexford. Shop Keeper.
The above two men were discharged by order from the Lord Lieutenant and got protections.
Doyle, James 2 Savage Lane, Carpenter.
Doyle, James. Ballnastow, Wicklow. Labourer.
Doyle, Mathew Kilpatrick, Co. Wicklow Carman.
Doyle, Patrick Donybrook. Labourer.
Doyle, Peter 61 Aungier Street Labourer.
Doyle, Philip Gorey, Co. Wexford Labourer.
Doyle, Simon 32 Chancery Lane, Carpenter.
Doyle, Terence Blue Bell Labourer.
Doyle, Thomas 13 Brown Street. Broad Weaver.
Drake, Joshua 14 Pool Street Broad Weaver.
Driscoll, Daniel 6 Black Pits. Engine Weaver.
Drurg, Cornelius Ormond Market Butcher.
Duboe, Charles Jnr 39 Moor Street Perfumer.
Duff, Charles 30 Chamber Street. Silk Weaver.
Duff, James Chapel Izod. Labourer.
Duff, James Mecklehburgh St. Farmer.
Duffly, William Wespelstown, Co. Dublin Labourer.
Duffy, Edward Rathmines Labourer.
Dungan, John, 39 Bolton Street. Publican.
Dungart, Patrick, 94 Francis Street Hosier.
Dunn, Andrew 24 Thomas Court. Corn Chandler.
Dunn, Daniel 26 Earl Street Silk Weaver.
Dunn, Denis 6 New Row Engine Weaver.
Dunn, John 60 Mary's Lane, Shoe Maker.
Dunn, Laurence Rathfarnham Bricklayer.
Dunn, Michael 24 Mill Street, Currier.
Dunn, Patrick 8 Price's Lane Carpenter.
Dunn, Thomas 15 Cook Street Publican.
Dunn, Timothy 11 Thomas Court, Labourer.
Dunn, William 29 Dolphin's Barn Cotton Weaver.
Dunne James, 8 Price's Lane Carpenter.
Dunne, Richard 31 Temple Bar. Carver and Gilder.
Durham, Joseph, 11 Coal's Lane Shoe Maker.
Dwyer, James 50 Marabone Lane, Gent.
Dykes, George 4 Fordom's Alley, Silk Weaver.


Earls, Thomas 35 Cork Street Nailor.
Edldon Richard, 14 Hanover Lane Cotton Spinner.
Edy, William 16 Coal Alley Silk Dyer.
Egan, William 52 New Row Poddle Cotton Weaver.
Egar, Benjamin 106 Coombe Silk Weaver.
Ellis, Christopher 46 Vicker's St. Tape Weaver.
Ellis, Thomas 65 Thomas St. Tape Weaver.
English, Michael Wspelstown, Co. Dublin Farmer.
English, Robert 21 Cork Street. Weaver.
Ennis Robert, 23 Michael's Lane Nailor.
Ennis Thomas South Cumberland St. Servant.
Ennis, George Donnybrook. Labourer.
Ennis, James 5 Black Pits Silk Dyer.
Ennis, Patrick 49 Thomas Court Publican.
Ennis, Patrick Doonybrook Labourer.
Ennis, Robert, Rathfarnham Bricklayer.
Ennis, Thomas 9 Moore Street Chandler.
Eullace, James. 26 Fordom's Alley, Carpet Manufacturer.
Evers, Matthew 4 School House Lane Silk Weaver.


Fairweather, James 11 Green St. Stone Cutter.
Fannen, William, 16 College St. Paper Stainer.
Farley, Thomas 4 Mill Street Cutler.
Farley. Michael Temple Bar. Labourer.
Farmer, John 6 Cole's Lane Hair Dresser.
Farmer, Richard 52 Bride St. Hosier.
Farrell, Christopher, 69 Bride St. Baker.
Farrell, James 6 Ardee Row Riband Weaver.
Farrell, John Engine Alley Jack Maker.
Farrell, John Mullinahack. Cotton Weaver.
Farrell, Patrick Robert St. Silk Weaver.
Farrell, Thomas Miltown, Labourer.
Farrell, William Clondalkin, Labourer.
Farrill, Thomas 32 Coombe Wool Comber.
Fay, Patrick 30 Mary's Lane Glazier
Fegan, Peter 7 Island St. Riband Weaver.
Fegan, Thomas, Thomas St. Labourer.
Fegan, William Dolphin's Barn Tanner.
Fennell, Laurence 72 Patrick Street Butcher.
Feriss, Edward 7 Holles St. Clerk.
Field, Bartholomew 31 Coombe Slator.
Field, George 16 Skinner's Alley Silk Weaver.
Field, James 9 Pitt St. Sadler.
Field, John Jnr 38 Mill Street Silk Weaver.
Field, John Snr 38 Mill Street Silk Weaver.
Field, Patrick 2 Engine Alley Riband Weaver.
Finley, John Fishamble St. Carpenter.
Finn, Michael Rathfarnham, Labourer.
Finnerty, John 31 Pill Lane, Labourer.
Fitzakkerly, Joseph Coolock, Dublin Labourer.
Fitzgerald, John Bennet's Court Silk Weaver
Fitzgerald, Lawrence 84 Townsend St. Labourer.
Fitzpatrick, John Whitehall Canal, Cappenter.
Fitzpatrick, John, 39 Robert St. Publican.
Fitzpatrick, Patrick 31 Meath St. Wool Comber.
Fitzpatrick, William 7 French St. Servant.
Fitzpatrick, William, 113 Thomas Court Labourer.
Fitzpatrick,John 13 New Market Wig Maker.
Fitzsimmons, Patrick 4 back Lane, Farmer.
Flaherty, Matthew, 10 Patrick St. Bellows Mender.
Flanery, Patrick 34 Stoneybatter Smith.
Fleming, Redmond 88 Fleet St. Stone Sawyer.
Fleming, Samuel 3 St. Andrew's Court Shoe Maker.
Fletcher, Francis 7 Plunket St. Hair Dresser.
Flynn, John 7 Swift's Row Clerk.
Flynn, Simon 20 New Street Labourer.
Foley, James 48 High St. Smith.
Foley, James Bride's Alley. Glover.
Foley, John Bride's Alley Glover.
Foley, Patrick Bride's Alley Glover.
Foley, William 22 Plunkett St. Carpenter.
Ford, Charles 69 Meath St. Baker.
Ford, James Portland Street. Callico Printer
Ford, Patrick 3 Fitzwilliam Square. Farmer.
Forrester, Michael 113 Coombe Riband Weaver.
Forsman, Edward Fumbally's Lane. Cotton Weaver.
Fox, Joseph 114 Coombe Silk Trowster?
Fox, Thomas 14 King St. Taylor.
Fox, Thomas 20 Chamber St. Worsted Weaver.
Fox, William 10 Merrion Row Servant.
Frayne, Patrick 88 Fleet St. Servant.
Freeman, John 25 New St. Chair Maker
Furney, James Cownstown, Westmeath Miller.