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File contributed by: Valerie Garton 


Memorial Number: 183513082 
Volume: 183513 
Page: 82

A MEMORIAL of an Indented Deed of Assignment bearing date 
the twenty sixth of June one thousand eight hundred and 
thirty five and made between Bridget Montford of the City of 
Dublin Widow of the one part and John Kennedy of 
Micklenburgh Street in the City of Dublin Gentleman of the 
other part. Reciting that Thomas Aunghborough Whitney of 
Newpass in the County of Westmeath Esquire was at and 
previous to his death Seized and Possessed of certain 
Properties both real and Freehold and personal Estate and 
amongst others seized as of Freehold in all that and those 
the Lands of Slievlan in the Barony of Moyguish and County 
of Westmeath and Reciting that by his last Will and 
Testament bearing date the thirty first October one thousand 
eight hundred and twenty six he amongst other bequests 
devised and bequeathed unto the said Bridget Montford then 
wife of William Montford one annuity or yearly Rent charge 
of Ten pounds British for and during her natural life 
arising and payable out of the said Lands of Slievlan in the 
said County of Westmeath payable half yearly as in said Will 
mentioned with Power of distress as by said Will of Record 
in His Majesties Court of Prerogative in Ireland appears. 
The said Deed therefore Witnessed that for and in 
Consideration of the Sum of Fifty Pounds Sterling by the 
said John Kennedy in Hand paid to the said Bridget Montford 
at or before the executing there of granted, bargained Sold 
Assigned and made over released and confirmed unto the said 
John Kennedy (as then in his possession as therein 
mentioned) and to his Heirs and Assigns All that and those 
the said Annuity or clear yearly Rent Charge or Annual Sum 
of Ten pounds British chargeable issuing and Payable out of 
All that and those the Said Lands of Slievlan Situate and 
lying and being in the Barony of Moyguish and County of 
Westmeath will all and Singular the rights, Members and 
Appurtenances To Hold receive and take the same unto the 
Said John Kennedy his heirs executors Admins and Assigns to 
and for His own proper use and behoof for the life of the 
said Bridget Montford and in which said Deed is contained 
Covenants as to Title and further Assurances which said Deed 
and this Memorial is Witnessed by Michael Rafter of the City 
of Dublin Writing Clerk and Patrick Reilly of the Said City 
of Dublin Writing Clerk 
(Signed)	 Bridget Montford
Michael Rafter 
Patrick Reilly