Land: Canceled Valuation Books - Tighe Street Arrans Quay, Ca. 1861-1868 

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File contributed by:  C. Hunt

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*= later occupant
In fee and free means owned by occupant
(If only one name is show as changed it is assumed that the other name is the same.)
(?) not certain of name


No.    OCCUPIER                     IMMEDIATE LESSORS              NOTES

Here Arbour Hill Intersects

11  William Netherton               Charles Connors
    * Lodgers

12  Mrs Barry Lodgers               Mrs Barry                      Oct 1865, Nov 1866, Jan 1867 
                                                                   (dates scratched out except 
                                                                   for last one)

Parish of St Paul

1   John Green or Greer             Reps. of Edw Hogan
    * Patrick Guidera 
2   John Thorpe                     Martha Roberts

3   Francis Rochfort                same

4   Joseph Daly                     Immediate Lessor
    *Eliza ??
    *William Lindsay
5   Margaret Murphy                 Maria Finn
    *James Jagan
6   Adam (?) Hall                   John Fitzgerald                note "Dec 1869"
    *Mary						earlier set says Clay Hall
7   Patrick Dunne                   Matthew Britt
    Daniel Clancy

8   Edward Mela                     Francis Morgan                 also Melia in earlier set
    *      Mealy

9   James Martin (lodgers)          James Martin

10  Richard Leonard (lodgers)       Richard Leonard                
                                    *Joseph Shipley                note "Sept 1868"
11  Thomas Daly                     Patrick Campbell
    *Denis Morgan           
12  James OLeary (lodgers)          James O Leary                  note "? 1867"

13  William Singleton (lodgers)     William Singleton

14  William Singleton (lodgers)     same

15  John Paul (lodgers)             John Paul

16  John Gannon                     William Singleton
    *James Byrne                    
17  Alicia Fallon                   William Singleton
    *Nicholas _oyle (?)             John Flinn
Here Hendrick Lane intersects

18  John Farrell (lodgers)          John Farrell    

19  John   Neille                   Francis Morgan
    *    ^O

20  Patrick Curtin (lodgers)        Patrick Curtin

21  Thomas McCann                   Charles Hoey
    *      Lodgers
22  Michael Sherry (lodgers)        Michael Sherry
23  Philip Finnigan                 Michael Finnigan
Here Barrack Street intersects

24  James Kelly                     Joseph McQuade
    Patrick Brady                   Richard Kelly
25  Thomas English                  same

a   John Fitzharris                 same

26  Joseph McQuade (lodgers)        same

27  David Dowdall                   Viscount Clifden

28  David Dowdall (lodgers)         David Dowdall

29  Thomas Hepple                   Lord Clifden
30  Charles Wm. Wood                same

Here John Street intersects

31  Catherine Browne               John Ireland
32  John Ireland (lodgers)         same

33  John Ireland (lodgers)         same

34  Michael Day                    Mrs Campbell

35  Reps of Anna Woods}            Reps. of Anne Woods
    E. Ross           }   
    (lodgers)         }           

Here Browner Alley intersects

36  John Fox                       Mrs. Murphy

37  Joseph Kelly                   Viscount Clifden

38  John Conner                    same
    Lodger                         John Conner                     note: "January 1861"
39  Thomas Hennessy (lodgers)      Thomas Hennessy

40  Rose Carroll                   Nicholas Carroll
    *____ _earns (?)                                               note: "26th Mar 1866"
    *John Heery 
41  Rose Carroll                   Viscount Clifden                note: "26th Mar 1866"
    *John Heery
 a  lodger                         John Heery                      note: "Decr 1869"

42  Patrick Woods                  John Miott
    *Patrick Lambert
    Owen Gilsogh (?)               
43  Patrick Campbell (lodgers)     Patrick Campbell
    *Paul Leonard
44  Robert Delahoyd                Robert Delahoyd                 note: "Novr 1868"
    Louis Keogh

Source: FHL# 0872235