Directory: 1801 Merchants, Traders, &c. U-Z

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Note. The Figures direct to the Number of each House; Mer. 
stands for Merchant; str. for street; qu. for quay; gr. for 
great; l. for little; ;a. for lane; lo. for lower; up. for 
upper; Co. for Company; N. for North; S. for South; E. for 
East; and W. for West.— Thus marked + are wholesale 
Merchants, free of the 6 and 10 per Cent. in the 
Custom-house, Dublin, as regulated by Act of Parliament

Unthank, Thomas, Timber merchant, 5 Myler's Alley
Upington, Henry, Timber merchant, 88 Kevin's Port
Usher, John, Apothecary, 24 Suffolk Street
Usher, Richard, Apothecary, 133 Capel Street				

Vallance, James, Bookseller & auctioneer, 6 Eustace Street
Valentine, Thomas, Chandler, 120 Francis Street
Vance, James, Alserman & Merchant, 120 Capel Street
Vance, James, Grocer, 2 N. King Street
Vaughan, Anthony, Tallow chandler, 12 Townsend Street
Vaughan, Hector, Grocer, 11 Aungier Street
Vaughan, John, Shoemaker, 5 Wood Street
Vaughan, Robert, Apothecary, 154 Thomas Street
Vaughan, Partick, Fruiterer, 26 Mary's Abbey
Vecchio & Co., Foreign Printseller, 67 S. gt. George's Street
Venables, Peter, Pawnbroker, 4 Usher's Street
Vero, Thomas, Painter & Glazier, 64 Bride Street
+Verschoyle, John, Merchant, 17 N. gt. George's Street, Office, Ratland Place
+Verschoyle, Richard, Merchant, Office, 19 Sycamor Alley
Vickers, Robert, Tallow chandler, 74 Francis Street
Vidouze, Francis, Jeweller, 17 Fawnes's Street
Viepyyle, Simen, Stone cutter, 2 Bachelor's Walk
Vigne, James, Jeweller, 27, College Green
Vizer, Barnaby, Watch maker, 23 Meath Street
Vousden, Samuel, Vintner, 9 Essex Gate

Waddick, John, Grocer, 40 Leeson Street
Waddy, John, Hatter, 27 Parliament Street
Wade & Cardiff, Linen drapers, 109 Townsend Street
Wade & Henecy, Merchants, 11 George's Hill
Wade, Charles, Currier, Winetavern Street
Wade, John, Carpenter, 7 Constitution Hill
Wade, John Chymist & Apothecary, 66 Capel Street
Wade, Joseph, Grocer & Wine merchant, 85 Bride Street
Wade, Neale, Wine cooper, 8 Liffey Street
Wade, Nicholas M., Linen merchant, 63 Bolton Street
Wade, Richard, Tanner & Currier, 17 Nicholas Street
Wade, Thomas, Grocer & Hatter, 16 Dame Street
Wainright, William, Basket maker, 24 & 41 Fishamble Street
+Waldron, Jeffry, Cooper, 15 Bachelor's Walk
Waldron, Laurence, Wholesale Linen draper, 11 King's Inns Quay
Waldron, Wm., Drawing master, Ballybough Bridge
Walker, Digby, Apothecary, 132 N. King Street
Walker, George, Smith & Iron monger, 122 Thomas Street
Walker, Henry, Lottery man & Stock broker, 10 Dame Street
Walker, Henry, Stay maker, 29 Bishop Street
Walker, Henry, Surveyor, 56 Charlemont Street
Walker, James, Tailor, 24 Skinner Row
Walker, Nathaniel, Glazier & Painter, 21 Exchequer Street
Walker, Nathaniel, Merchant & Supervisor of Pipe water, 32 Queen Street
Walker, Solomon, Velvet manufacturer, 54 Francis Street
Walker, William, Mathematical instrument maker, 17 Temple Bar
+Walker, Wall & Hamilton, Merchants, 78 Fleet Street
Wall, Andrew, Worsted manufacturer, 5 Mark's Alley
Wall, Ann, Grocer, 118 Townsend Street
Wall, Eleanor, Haberdasher, 42 Exchequer Street
Wall, Garrett, Grocer, 90 Coombe
Wall, John, Skinner, 13 Watling Street
Wall, Luke, Confectioner, 162 Great Britain Street
Wall, Mary, Grocer & Habedasher, 49 Francis Street
Wall, Paul, Skinner, 21 Watling Street
Wall, Patrick, Corn chandler, 35 Patrick Street
Wall, Valentine, Shoemaker, 132 Great Britain Street
Wall, William, Smith, 9 Mercer Street
Walsh & Eardley, China & Glass sellers, 77 Great Britain Street
Walsh & Keely, Woollen drapers, 6 High Street
+Walsh, & Murray, Wholesale hardware merchants, 17 W. New Row
Walsh, Andrew, Merchant, Allen's Court, Mullinihack
Walsh, Ann, Baker, 21 Copper Alley
Walsh, Charles, Calico printer, 46 Cork Street
Walsh, Francis, Quill dealer, 10 Rosemary Lane
Walsh, George, Printer, 19 Wood Quay
Walsh, James, Button merchant, 43 Fishamble Street
Walsh, James, Distiller, 41 Pimlico
Walsh, J., Surveyor of paper hangings, Bottles & Auctions, 15 gt. Slip Street
Walsh, James & Son, Breeches maker, 35 Dame Street
Walsh, James, Coal factor, 87 Coombe
Walsh, James, Seedsman, 37 High Street
Walsh, John, Confectioner, 30 up. Ormond Quay
+Walsh, John & Co., Merchants, 3 low. Gloucester Street
Walsh, John, Worsted manfacturer, 13 Spittalfields
Walsh, Joseph & Co., Stone blue manufacturers, 81 Meath Street
Walsh, Margaret & Co., Milliners, 48 Capel Street
Walsh, M. & Co., Rectifying distillers, 77 Great Britain Street
Walsh, Martin, China & Delf man, 77 Great Britain Street
Walsh, Mathew, Silk dyer, 37 S. King Street
Walsh, Michael, Button & Trimming merchant, 58 Fishamble Street
Walsh, Michael, Merchant, 8 Henry Street
Walsh, Oliver, Parchment manufacturer, 63 Watling Street
Walsh, Patrick, Jewelrey & Goldsmith, 23 Skinner Row
Walsh, Patrick, Wholesale grocer, 9 Usher's Quay
Walsh, Patrick, Quill dealer, 23 Fishamble Street
Walsh, Peter, Linen draper, 32 Corn Market
Walsh, Philip, Grocer, 6 Stoneybatter
Walsh, Richard, Baker, 46 Patrick Street
Walsh, Richard, Horse cloth manufacturer, 24 Chambers Street
Walsh, Richard, Tobacconist, 47 Thomas Street
Walsh, Richard, Umbrella maker, 17 up. Ormond Quay
Walsh, Robert, Linen draper, 18 Sackville Street
Walsh, Thomas, Baker, 11 Fishamble, Street
Walsh, Thomas, Baker, 35 Stoneybatter
Walsh, William, Coach maker, 44 Clarendon Street
Walsh, Sarah, Glazier, 27 Ross Lane
Ward, Barnaby, Hatter, 23 Essex Street
Ward, Bartholomew, Baker, 32 N. King Street
+Ward, Charles, Merchant, 11 Fownes's Street
Ward, John, Sadler, 7 Smithfield
Ward, John, Silk manufacturer, 15 Bridge Street
Ward, Lawrence, Smith & Bell hanger, 61 Mary's Lane 
Ward, Mary, Confectioner & Pastry cook, 5 S. gt. George's Street
Ward, Matthew, Coal factor, 40 City Quay
Ward, Maurice, Skinner, 8 Watling Street
Ward, Michael, Baker, 53 S. King Street
Ward, Patrick, Baker, 6 Pimlico
Ward, Peter, Baker, 34 Meath Street
Ward, Peter, Baker, 18 Cole's Lane
Ward, Peter, Pawnbroker, 3 Hawkin's Street
Ward, Richard, Watch & Clock maker, 146 Great Britain Street
Ward, Samuel & Co., Apothecaries, 26 Bridge Street
Warmingham, Charles, Cabinet maker, 19 Fleet Street
Warner, George, Watch maker, 9 College Green
Warren, Benjamin, Carpenter, 25 Charlemont Street
Warren, R. & Co., pawnbrokers 12 Fawnes's Street
Warren, Eleazer, Watch maker, 48 S. gt. George's Street
Warren, Elizabeth, Hosier & Haberdasher, 48 S. gt. George's Street
+Warren, Francis William, Merchant, 9 Constitution Hill
Warren, Henry, Officer of Customs, 22 French Street
Warren, John, Grocer, 125 Capel Street
Warren, James, Watch & Clock maker, 49 Thomas Street
Warren, Nathaniel, Glazier, 31 Clarendon Street
Warren, Samuel, Laceman & Sild manufacturer, 79 Grafton Street
Warren, Thomas & Co., Merchants, 3 Dorset Street
Warren, William, Grocer, 55 Charlesmount Street
Warren, William, Shoemaker, 45 S. gt. George's Street
Warren,William, Upholder & Cabinet maker, 17 Sackville Street
Washer, Barrack, China merchant, 1 George's Street, George's Quay
Watkins, John, Prprietor of the Carteret Tavern, 32 Castle Street
Watkins, Richard, English hotel & Tavern keeper, 56 City Quay
Watkins, William, Grocer, 18 Dawson Street
Watson, George, Grocer, 29 Nicholas Street
Watson, Joseph, Chandler, 64 Plunkett Street
Watson, Mark, Mohair, Thread & Paper manufacturer, 1 Mullinihack
Watson, Samuel, Printer, Bookseller & Stationer, 71 Grafton, Street
Watson, Sarah, Stay maker, 8 Skinner Row
Watson, Solomon & Co., Sugar refiners, 29 Rainsford Street
Watson, William, Pawnbroker, 3 Back Lane
Watson, W., Thread, Tape & Garter manufacturer, 30 W. New Row
Watson, William & Son, Booksellers & Stationers, 7 Capel Street
Watts, George, eterinary Surgeon, 86 S. gt. George's Street
Watters, George, Coach maker, 26 Dominick Street
Watters, James, Engraver, 4 Exchequer Street
Webb, James, Starch & Blue manufacturer, 76 Capel Street
Webb, James, Vintner, 1 Dame Court
Webb, Mary, Hosier & Haberdasher, 17 Arran Quay
Webb, Richard, Factor, 25 S. Earl Street
Webb, Robert, Stock broker & Lottery office keeper, 17 Dame Street
Webb, Thomas, Agent to the mail coach office, 46 Dawson Street
Weeks, Philip, Inn keeper, 145 James's Street
Weir, David, Master builder, 5 Denzile Street
Weldon, Bartholomew, Baker, 89 Dorset Street
Weldon, Christopher, Tinplate worker, 54 Thomas Street
+Weldon, Ignatius, Merchant, 4, Anderson's Court
Weldon, James, Tinplate worker, 56 S. gt. George's Street
Weldon, John, Mercer, 79 Dame Street
Weldon, Patrick, Coal factor, 37 Drury Lane
Weldon, Thomas, Sadler, 14 Nassau Street
Welwood, John, Coach maker, 55 1/2 Stephen Street
Weft, Abraham, Cutler, 19 E. Cole Alley
West, Francis, Drawing master, 58 Exchequer Street
West, Jane, Haberdasher, 45 Castle Street
West, John, Jeweller & Goldsmith, 13 Skinner Row
West, Matthew, Engraver, 10 E. Cole Alley
West, Matthew, Jeweler & Goldsmith, 15 Skinner Row
Westerman, Thomas, Shoemaker, 3 Parkgate Street
+Westray, Henry, Tanner, 57 James's Street
Wetherall, William, Stay maker, 34 Capel Street
Wetherelt, Cecil, Apothecary, 9 Barrack Street
Wharton, James, Dyer, 13 Ormond Street
Wharton, John, Silk manufacturer, 5 Wormwood Gate
Wheartly, Stephen, Baker, 69, James's Street
Wheatley, Alexander, Watch & Clock maker, 27 Capel Street
Wheatly, Thomas, Wool comber, 16 Spittlalfields
Whelan, Denis, Confectioner, 50 Grafton Street
Whelan, John, Stucco plasterer & Painter, 20 Crow Street
Whelan, Laurence, Builder & Carpenter, 20 Digges Street
Whelan, Luke, Skinner, 64 Watling Street
+Whelan, Thomas, Merchant, 9 Low. Liffey Street
Wheeler, Oliver, Gunsmith, 5 gt. Ship Street 
Whistler, Gabriel, Upholder & Auctioneer, 69 S. gt. George's Street
Whitecraft, John & Co., Pawnbrokers, 58 Meath Street
White, Alice, Linen draper, 65 Back Lane
White & Bernard, Hatters, 12 Temple Bar
White, Christopher, Corn chandler, 27 Hawkin's Street
White, Clement, Coffee house keeper, Crampton Court
White, Eliza, Linen draper, 64 Thomas Street
White, George, Haberdasher, 10 Cork Hill
White, Francis, Woollen draper, 4 Cork Hill
+White, Henry Waring, Merchant, 16 Bachelor's Walk
White, James, Superviser, 24 gt. Ship Street
White, John, Coach owner & Undertaker, 12 Bolton Street
White, John, Distiller, 98 James's Street
White, John, Shoemaker, 1 Wood Quay
White, Joseph, Tortoise shell comb manufacturer, 38 Beresford Street
White, Luke, Wholesale Bookseller, 34 Dawson Street
White, Mary, Grocer, 40 King Street
White, Mark & Joseph, Wine merchants, 10 Dorset Street
White, Michael, Currier, 37 Cook Street
White, Michael, Grocer, 75 Old Church Street
White, Michael, Ship chandler, 10 Poolbeg Street
+White, Nathaniel, Wholesale haberdasher, 38 Pill Lane
+White, Nicholas, Linen draper, 65 Back Lane
White, Nicholas, Smith & Cartwright, 43 New Market & Coombe 
White, Nicholas, Tanner, 52 Dolphin's Barn
White, Richard, Distiller, 8 Watling Street
White, Robert, Whip maker, 6 N. King Street
White, Thomas, Grocer, 38 Old Church Street & 45 Mary's Lane
White, Thomas, Grocer & Wine merchant, 12 up. Bridge Street
+White, Thomas, Merchant, 13 Clare Street
White, William, Baker, 33 Thomas Court
White, William, Grocer, 82 Pill Lane
White, William, Corn chandler & Timber merchant, 20 Thomas Street
White, William, Timber merchant, 114 Thomas Street
+Whithead, Edmond, Merchant, 52 Dominick, Street
Whitehead, Thomas, Haberdasher, 22 Pimlico
Whitestone, Robert, Stay maker, 23 Andrew Street
Whitmore, Mary, Haberdasher, 187 Great Britain Street
Whitty, Thomas son, Smith & Iron founder, 53 City Quay
Whitsted, Patrick, Grocer, 118 Abbey Street
Whitworth, John, Printer, 14 up. Exchange Street
+Whyte & Kirwan, Merchants, 41 Townsend Street
Whyte, John, Haberdasher & Linen draper, 60 Fishamble Street
Whyte, Sam & Son, Master of the Eng. Gram. school, 75 Grafton Street
Wickings, Thomas, Carpenter, 8 low. Kevin Street
Wightman, John, Muslin manufacturer, 11 Merchant's Quay
Wilcocks, William, Grocer 20 Duke Row
+Wilde, Joseph, Wholesale Woollen draper, 27 Merchant's Quay
Wilde, Michael, Painter, 44 Dolphin's Barn
Wilde, Patrick, Tanner & Glueboiler, 64 Marrowbone Lane
Wildridge, George, Stone cutter, 56 S. gt. George's Street
Wildridge, Thomas, Builder, 12 Harcourt Street
Wilkins, George, Butcher 100 Patrick Street
Wilkins, Mary, Linen draper, 84 Castle Street
Wilkinson, Abraham, Merchant, 40 Dawson Street
Wilkinson & King, Haberdashers & Milliners, 70 Grafton Street
Wilkinson, George, Silk & Worsted manufacturers, 8 Spittalfields
+Wilkinson, George, Merchant, 84, Fleet Street
Wilkinson, John, Ship & Army broker, 10 Beresford Place
Wilkinson, Peter, Merchant, 4 W. Park Street
Wilkinson, Richard, Hatter, 15 Pill Lane
Wilkinson, Thomas, Bookseller, 30 Winetavern Street 
Wilkinson, William, Timber merchant, 20 Camden Street
+Willan, Jacob & Samuel, Silk & Worsted manufacturers, Merchant's Quay
Willett, James, Seal cutter, 1 S. gt. George's Street
Willet, Robert, Gun maker, 23. Eustace Street
+Williams, Charles & Son, Druggists & Chemists, 20 Bride Street
+Williams, Griffith, Merchant, 2 Darby Square
Williams, Henry, Shoemaker, 15 Bride Street
Williams, Joseph, Merchant, 33 W. Cole Alley
Williams, Richard, Jun., Glass manufacturer, 35 Ormond Quay
Williams, Richard, son & Co., Glass manufacturers, Potter's Alley
Williams, Robert, Goldsmith & Jeweller, 16 Grafton Street
Williams, Robert, Grocer, 8 Cork Hill
Williams, Thomas, Coach maker, 17 Mary Street
Williams, William, Chandler, 34 Merchant's Quay
Williams, William, Glass maker, Richmond
Williams, William, Trunk maker, 27 Wood Quay
Williams, William, Silk manufacturer, 117 low. Coombe
Williams, William, Silk manufacturer & Haberdasher, 44 Castle Street
Williamson, B. & J., Printers, 12 Grafton Street
Williamson, James, Grocer & Coal factor, 38 Ashton's Quay
Williamson, Lewis, Jeweller, 89 Dame Street
Williamson, Matthew, Carver & gilder, 36 Grafton Street
Willis, Anthony, Refiner, 3 up. Ormond Quay
Willis, John, Glover & Breeches maker, 81 S. gt. George's Quay
Willoe, Thomas, Agent, 2 Charlotte Street
Willis, Ann, Chandler, 98 Francis Street
Wills, Nicholas, Tape & Thread manufacturer, 8 Spittlefields
Wilson, Alexander, Carpenter, 17 Townsend Street
Wilson, Alexander, Painter & Glazier, 13 Aston's Quay
Wilson, Anne, Tea dealer, 55 Stetphen Street
Wilson, Benjamin, Golsmith, 26 Skinner Row
Wilson, Edward, Grocer, 29 Moore Street
Wilson, Henry, Carpenter, 15 Fishamble Street
Wilson, Henry, Silk dyer, 68 Meath Street
Wilson, James, Butcher, 14 Castle market
Wilson, John, Butcher, 18 Clarendon Street
+Wilson, John, Wine merchant, 13 Grafton Street
+Wilson, Jos., Merch. & Consul. to the U.S. of America, 10 low.Ormond Quay  
Wilson, Richard, Coal factor, 40 Aston's Quay
Wilson, Richard, Linen draper, 8 Castle Street
Wilson, Richard, Iron monger, 21 High Street
Wilson, Richard, Wax chandler, 135 Capel Street
Wilson, Robert, Chandler, 2 lit. Mary Street
+Wilson, Robert, Merchant, 48 Golden Lane
Wilson, William, Army agent, 21 William Street
Wilson, William, Bankers & Merchants Stationer, 16 Cork Hill
Wilson, William, Grocer, Ringsend
Wily, Robert, Shoemaker, 37 W. Cole Alley
Wossington, Robert, Piano forte maker, 9 William Street
Wogan, John, Chandler, 17 N. Earl Street
Wogan, Patrick, Bookseller, 23 old Bridge
Wogan, Thomas, Grocer, 79 Francis Street
Wolfe, Thomas, Carpenter, 45 Montgomery Street
Wolfe, Thomas, China, Glass & Delt merchant, 9 Temple Bar
Wood, George, Grand canal Tavern keeper, 8 Portobello
Wood, Richard, Cheese monger, 40 Temple Bar
+Woodhouse, William, Tobacconist, 60 N. King Street
Woodrooffe, John, Wine merchant, 60 Jervis Street
Woods, George, Wine & Porter merchant, 18 Abbey Street
Woods, Richard, Cooper, 14 N. Bow Street
Woodward, Humph Adrien, Dep. Agent for Half pay, 7 Ellis Quay 
Woodward, Mary, Haberdasher, 66 Grafton Street
Woolridge, Hugh, Carpenter, N. Strand
Woolridge, Thomas, Tallow chandler, 3 Back Lane
Wooloughan, Peter, Coal factor, 20 Aston's Quay
Wornal, Richard, Butcher, 99 Patrick Street
Worthington, David, Lane surveyor & Measurer, 62 Townsend Street
Worthington, Sir William, Alderman, 11 Blackall Street
Wright, Benjamin, Grocer, 1 Linenhall Street
Wright, Edward, Hatter, 37 Temple Bar
Wright, James, Victualler, 15 Hawkins's Street
Wright, Joseph, Engraver, 8 Mary Street
Wright, Joseph, Grocer, 9 Fishamble Street
Wright, Joseph, Hatter, 20 Essex Street
Wright, Nehemiah, Linen draper, 3 Skinner Row
Wright, William, chandler, 32 Bride Street
Wybrants, James Vintner, 37 George's Quay
Wybrants, Stephen & Robert, Army agents, 47 Granby Row
Wyke, Robert, Jeweller, 12 Leinster Street
Wyon, James, Merchant, 18 Lower Ormond Quay

Yeates, Jonathan, Cutler, 21 Old Church Street
Yeates, John Tobacconist, 25 Bolton Street
Yeates, Samuel, Optician, 29 Capel Street
Yeates, Thomas, Shoemaker, 18 Stephen Street
Young, Drelincourt, Ship chandler, 8 White's Lane
Young, Elizabeth, Haberdasher & Milliner, 106 Capel Street
Young, George, Hatter, 41 Temple Bar
Young, John, Cabinet maker, 2 Dawson Court, Stephen Street
Young, John, Wholesale, Watch maker, 25 Kennedy's Lane
Young, Matthew, Woollen draper, 4 Francis Street
Younge, Jane, Linein draper, 58 High Street

Zimmerman, Emanuel, Teacher of the French Language, 16 Stephen Street

_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Transcriber's Note. To facilitae finding names the old style f meaning s has been changed to read "s".