Directory: 1801 Merchants, Traders, &c. S  

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Note. The Figures direct to the Number of each House; Mer. 
stands for Merchant; str. for street; qu. for quay; gr. for 
great; l. for little; ;a. for lane; lo. for lower; up. for 
upper; Co. for Company; N. for North; S. for South; E. for 
East; and W. for West.— Thus marked + are wholesale 
Merchants, free of the 6 and 10 per Cent. in the 
Custom-house, Dublin, as regulated by Act of Parliament

Saint, Joseph, Victualler, 77 Rogerson's Quay
Sall, George, Button manufacturer, 4, Portland Street, James's Street
Sall, John, Jun., Bell foundor & Brass manufacturer, 17 Jervis Street
Sally, Catherine, Linen draper, 38 Capel Street
Salmon, Catherine, Baby linen maker, 41 Marlborough Street
Salmon, George, Linen draper, 39 Capel Street
Salmon, John, Bookbinder, 12 S. gt. George's Street
Salmon, William, Statuary, 3 Anglesea Street
Salters, William, Dealer in Hides, Bonham Street
Sandford, Michael, Pawnbroker, 42 Liffey Street
Sandford, Patrick, Looking glass manufacturer, 45 Henry Street
Sandwith, Joseph, Merchant, 17 Anglesea Street
Sandy, Peter, Rectifying distiller, 58 Bridgefoot Street
Sandy, Sarah, Stay maker, 31 S. King Street
Sandys, Robert, Architect, 19 S Anne Street
Sankey, Henry Gore, Alderman, 9 Clare Street
Sargent, Henry, Tailor, 40 Bolton Street
Savage & Kavanagh, Milliners, 37 Capel Street
Savage, Arthur, Apothecary & Druggist, 30 Meath Street
Savage, Edward, Cart maker, 149 N. King Street & 10 1/2 Bolton Street
Savage, John, Boot & Shoemaker, 144 Old Church Street
Savage, Mark, Hatter, 19 Castle Street
Savage, Mary, Haberdasher & Linen draper, 23 Grafton Street
Savage, Patrick, Tallow chandler, 83 Capel Street
Savage, Silvester, Brazier, 41 Back Lane
Savage, Thomas, Tanner, 61 Capel Street
Saul, Francis, Silk & Worsted manufacturer, 12 Spittlefields
+Saunders, John, Timber merchant, North Wall
Saunders, Matthew, Perfumer, 76 Great Britain Street
Saunders, Thomas, Optician, 6 Church Lane
Saunders, William, Carpenter, 56 Mecklenburgh Street
+Sayers, Richard & John, Merchants, 1 Beresford Place
Schevenels, Henry, Tallow chandler, 37 Exchequer Street
Seale, John, Baker, 13 Smock Alley
Scanlan, Charles, Hotel keeper, 20 Molesworth Street
Scanlan, Matthew, Paper merchant, 8 & 9 Cook Street
Scott, David, Grocer, 3 Whitefriar Street
Scott, James, Watch maker, 39 Grafton Street
+Scott, Samuel, Wholesale Linen draper, 52 Pill Lane
Scott, John, Salt & Lime manufact., 46 City Quay & North Wall
Scott, John, Carpenter, 41 Montgomery Street
Scott, Samuel, Wholesale Woollen draper, 70 Pill Lane
Scott, William, Grocer, 24 Stephen Street
Scully, Timothy, Turner, 11 Ash Street
+Surclog, Gregory, Merchant, 10 Greek Street
Seaton, John, Merchant, 53 Sackville Street
Seaver, Nicholas, Shoemaker, 45 Exchequer Street
Sedwick, James, Grocer, 11 James's Street
Seely, Francis, Glazier, 33 Stephen Street
Segrave, Patrick, Silk manufacturer, 50 Pill Lane
Segrave, Thomas, Chandler & Tobacconist, 1 low. Kevin Street
+Segrave, Thomas, Merchant, Terrace, Circular road, Dorset Street
Seguin, Peter, Merchant, 14 Peter Street
Semple, John, Bricklayer, 21 Marlborough Street
Seising, John, Furrier, 120 Townsend Street
Servant, David, Bookbinder & Stationer, 2 Crow Street
Sexton, Owen, Tailor, 72 Capel Street
Shannon, Bartholomew, Tanner, Kilmainham
Shannon, Cornelius, Tanner, Kilmainham
Shannon, Edward, Cloth merchant, 31 Castle Street
Shannon, John, Silk & Tabinet manufacturer, 19 Meath Street
Shannon, Matthew, Tanner, 95 James's Street
Shannon, Patrick, Distiller, 30 James's Street
Shannon, Peter, Distiller, 26 Watling Street
Sharkey, Andrew, Worsted manufacturer & Oil Merchant, 8 Mark's Alley
Sharkey, Michael, Wine cooper, 25 lit. Strand Street
Sharkey, Thomas, Wholesale Linen draper, 24 Bridge Street
Sharkey, Valentine, Slator, 15 Keving's Port
Sharman, John, Teacher of Writing & Georgraphy, 22 Dawson Street
Sharman, Mary, Haberdasher, 22 Dawson Street
Sharpe, John, Tinplate worker 31 Nicholas Street
Sharply, William, Inn keeper, 40 Old Church Street
Shaw & Collins, Milliners, 17 Suffolk Street 
+Shaw, & Turbett, Merchants, 2 Bachelar's Walk
Shaw & Twiford, Ship brokers, 2 George's Quay
Shaw, John, Carpenter, 27 Abbey Street
Shaw, John, clothier, 17 Ardee Street
Shaw, John, Merchant, 18 Dorset Street
Shaw, John, Thread & Tape manufacturer, 37 W. New Row
Shaw, Mary, Haberdasher, 78 Castle Street
+Shaw, Ralph, Merchant, 9 White's Lane
Shaw, Robert, 44 Townsend Street
Shaw, Thomas, Confectioner, 140 1/2 Capel Street
Shaw, Thomas & James, Wholesale Linen drapers, 63 Back Lane
Shaw, Thomas, Sadler, 17 Bolton Street
+Shaw, Robert, Sheriff's peer & Banker, 2 Merrion Square,  East
Shea, John, Printer, 42 College Green
Shea, Margaret, China & Delf seller, 39 Henry Street
Shea, Philip, Carpenter, 18 Manor Street
+Shearman, Francis, Merchant, 13 lit. Britain Street
Sheal, Bartholomew, Grocer, 9 Tighe Street
Sheil, James, Tanner, 30 Dolphin's Barn Lane
Sheil, John, Poulterer, 11 Patrick Street
Sheircliffe, Sarah, Brass founder & Pewterer, 15 Back Lane
Sheircliffe, Thomas, Brass founder, 19 Blackhall Row 
Sheppard & Co., Linen drapers & Haberdashers, 27 S. gt. George's Street
Sheppard, James, Woollen draper, 9 Cork Hill
Sheridan, James, Baker, 12 Back Lane
Sheridan, William, Clothier, 17 John Street
Sherlock, David, Merchant & Brewer, 32 York Street
Sherlock, robert, Poulterer, 7 Patrick Street
Sheridan, James, Baker, 45 Patrick Street
Sheridan, James, Hotel keeper, 4 Fownes Street
Sheridan, James, Starch & Blue manufacturer, 25 Back Lane
Sheridan, Patrick, Shoemaker, 187 1/2 Great Britain Street
Sherrard & Brassington, Land surveyors, 1 Blessington Street
Sherry, Edmond, Tailor, 25 Andrew Street
Sherwin, John, Silversmith, 12 E. Cole Alley
Sherwin, John, Tailor, 18 Greck Street
Sherwood, Benjamin, Plumber, 4 Mary's Abbey
Sherwood, Thomas, Boot & Shoemaker, Corn Market
Shore, James, Painter & Plasterer, 99 Townsend Street
Shore, Thomas, Tobacconist, 18 Townsend Street
Short, John, Silk manufacturer, 18 Coombe
Short, John & Son, Wine & Porter merchants, 22 Werburgh Street
Sibthorp, Henry, Glazier, 18 Exchange Street
Sibthorp, Luke, Glazier, 1 Palace Street
Sikes, John, Shoemaker, 19 Chatham Street
Silk, Elizabeth, Linen draper, 33 Back Lane
Silly, John, Shoemaker, 11 Wood Quay
Simmons, Isaac, Silk, Tabinet & Poplin manufacturer, 23 Meath Street
Simmons, Thomas, Linen draper, 101 Bride Street
Simmons, William, Perfumer, 120 Capel Street
+Simon, James, Merchant, 26 gt. Strand Street
+Simon, Stuckey, Merchant, 26 gt. Strand Street
Simpson, Alexander, Glover, 94 Grafton Street
Simpson, Benjamin & Son, Seedsmen, 1 College Green
Sims, Charles, Haberdsher & Perfumer, 117 Capel Street
Sinclair, John, Umbrella maker, 88 James's Street
Singleton, Richard, Cotton manufacturer, 10 Cork Street
Singleton, Susannah, Cutler, 7 Exchange Street
Sinnett, J.T., Wholesale Silk merchant, 8 Merchat's Quay
Sinnett, James, Grocer, 46 Leeson Street
Sinnett, Nicholas, Clothier, 3 Brabazon Row
Sinnett, William, Wholesale Silk merchant, 12 King's Inns Quay
+Skeys, Hugh & John, Merchants, 21 Dominick Street
Slator, George, Paper maker, 51 Thomas Street
Sleater, William, Printer, Stationer & Bookseller, 38 Dame Street
Sleter, John, Hatter, 14 High Street
Sly, Thomas, Gold & Silver plater, 21 E. Cole Alley
Small, James, Tailor, 2 Mountrath Street  ?
Smallman, George, Hatter, 48 Temple Bar
Smart, John, Deputy Accountant general, 64 up. Dorset Street
Smily, Richard, Carpenter, 10 Mercer Street
+Smith & Prentice, Merchants, 25 N. Anne Street
Smith, Ann, Stamp stationer, 3 Crampton Court
Smith, Brett, Printer & bookseller, 38 Mary Street
Smith, Edward, Clock maker, 54 Jervis Street
Smith, Henry, Baker, 23 Abbey Street
Smith, John, Carpenter, 130 Townsend Street
Smith, John, Watch & Clock maker, 4 Hammond Lane
Smith, John, Leather seller, 32 Back Lane
Smith, Michael, Baker, 10 Stoneybatter
Smith, Nathaniel, Carpenter, 7 Whitefriar Street
Smith, Richard, Iron monger & Bell hanger, 28 S. gt. George's Street
Smith, Robert, Silversmith & Jeweller, 18 Henry Street
Smith, Samuel & Co., Paper stainers, 16 Nassau Street
Smith, Samuel, jun., Paper stainer, 11 up. Ormond Quay
Smith, Thomas, Herald & House painter, 20 Digger's Street
Smith, Thomas, Tailor, 6 John's Lane
Smith, Thomas, Velvet & Cotton manufacturer, 16 Usher's Quay
Smith, Valentine, Coach keeper & Undertaker, 14 Pitt Street
Smith, William, Brewer, 8 Brunswick Street
Smith, William, Currier, 50 Watling Street
Smith, William, Stationer & Stock broker, 19 Crampton Court
Smithson, John & Thomas, Builders, 3 Chancery Lane
Smitten, George, Nursery & Seedsman, 36 Capel Street
Smyth & Dickson, Woollen drapers, 8 Parliament Street
Smylie, John & Co., Belfast Glass merchants, 11, Luke Street
Smyth, Alexander, Tailor, 5 Aston's Quay
Smyth & Nicholson, Woollen drapers, 2 Parliament Street
Smyth, Catherine, Stone cutter, 41 Clarendon Street
Smyth, Charles, Baker, 23 Denmark Street
Smyth, Constantine, Merchant, 79 & 80 N. King Street
Smyth, Francis, Apotecary, 19 Sackville Street
Smyth, Francis, Silk & Worsted manufacturer, 14 Spittlefields
+Smyth, John, China merchant, 167 Thomas Street
Smyth, John, Iron monger & Smith, 12 Moore Street
Smyth, Michael, Baker, 21 Andrew Street
Smyth, Michael, Distiller, 27 Ball Alley
Smyth, Michael, Shoemaker, 88 S. gt. George's Street
+Smyth, Robert, Iron merchant, 23 Thomas Street
Smyth, Robert, Wine & Vinegar merchant, 52 Montpelier Hill
Smyth, Thomas, Grocer, 14 Stoneybatter
Smyth, Thomas, Shroud manufacturer, 6 W. New Row
Smyth, William & Co., Pawnbrokers, 1 Meath Street
+Speyd, Henry, Merchant, 2 S. Prince's Street
+Speyd, Nathaniel, Wine merchant, 35 Sackville Street
Sohan, Edward, Apotecary & Chymist, 14 Parliament Street
Solomor, Samuel, Proprietor of the Balm of Gilead, 7 Exchange Court
Somers, Alexander & Co., Brewers, 3 S. Prince's Street
Sousi, Lorenzo, Wine merchant, 69 Great Britain Street
Southwell, Wm., Harpsichord & Piano Forte maker, 86 Marlborough Street
Sparks, Richard, Hatter, 14 Cutpurse Row
Sparrow, John, Writing master, 19 W. Cole Alley 
+Sparrow, William, Merchant, 7 Eustace Street
Spear, William, Shoemaker, 13 Golden Lane
Spear, Richard, Mathematical Instrument maker, 23 Capel Street
Speer, John, Apothecary, 19 Mary Street
Spelman, William, jun. & Co., Dye fluff merchants, 9 Meath Row
Spencer, Edward, Brewer, 4 Montgomery Street
Spencer, Mary, Tanner, 156 James's Street
Spencer, Sam. & Co., Hardware sellers & Pawbrokers, 4 Cross Poddle 
Spicer, Edward, Earthen ware merchant, 19 E. Arran Street
Spilsbery, Duigan & Co., Patent medicine venders, 45 Mary Street
Sproule, Margaret, Milliner, 2 William Street
Sproule, Samuel, Architect, Rowsertown     ?
Sproule, Solomon, Merchant, 5 S. Earl Street
Stacy, Richard, Chandler, 22 Duke Street
Stafford, John, Corn merchant, 22 Poolbeg Street
Stafford, Marianne, Goldsmith, 1 Crampton Court
Stafford, Richard, Timber merchant, 2 Ryder's Row
Staire, Abednego, Leather factor, 15 Sackville Street
+Stamer, William, Alderman & Wine merchant 38 Dawson Street
Stamper, John, Tailor & Habit maker, 5 Church Lane
+Stanford, William, Woollen draper, 26 Dame Street
+Stanley, Arthur, Merchant, 30 Dawson Street, Office, 40 Bride Street
Stanley, Edward, Agent, 121 Stephen's Green, W.
+Stanley, John & Co., Drug, Oil & Colour merchant, 72 Dame Street
Stanley, William, Tailor, 6 Smock Alley
Stanton, John, Grocer & Undertaker, 14 Cook Street
Stapleton, Michael, Stucco plasterer & Painter, Mountjoy Place
Stark, Kenneth, Ship block maker, 2 White's Lane
Stawell, E. & Co., Stage waggon & Parcel boat Props, 20 Canal Bank
Steel, Ralph, Wine, Spirit & Porter merchant, 1 Jervis Street
Steel, Ralph, Linen draper & Haberdasher, 44 1/2 S. gt. George's Street
Steele, George, Sadler, 46 up. Ormond Quay
Steele, William, Broker, 35 Tighe Street
Stein & Edgar, Distillers, 23 Marrowbone Lane
Stephens & Cash., Merchants, 23 Bachelor's Walk
Stephens, Benjamin, Oil Cloth manufacturer, 13 Trinity Street
Stephens, Edward, Fruiterer, 159 Great Britain Street
+Stephens, E, Corn fac. & Propri. of the Merchants Stores, 30 W. Cole Street
Stephens, Edward, Hosier, 39 Capel Street
Stephens, Mary, Milliner & Haberdasher, 201 Great Britain Street
Stephens, Nathaniel, Grocer, 41 Cook Street
Stephens, Nathaniel, Leather stainer, Winetavern Street & Merchant's Quay
Stephens, Samuel, Hatter, 7 Skinner's Row
Stephens, Samuel, Merchant, 40 Bishop Street
Stephens, Thomas, Chandler, 29 Bride Street
Stephens, William, Merchant, 12 S. Earl Street
Stevenson & Co., Pawnbrokers, 2 Andrew's Lane
Stephenson, Andrew, Paper Stainer, 5 lit. Ship Street
Stephenson, John, Book binder, 3 Metcalf's Court
Sterling, William, Watchmaker, 4 Golden Lane
Stewart, Alexander, Painter, 86 Bride Street
Stewart, Ann, Pawnbroker, 20 Chancery Lane
Stewart, David & Co., Pawnbrokers, 2 Crow Street
Stewart, Donald, Merchant, Barrack Bridge
Stewart, Henry, Agent, 6 Leinster Street
Stewart, John & Co., Merchants, 183 Abbey Street
Stewart, John, Merchant, 41 Pill Lane
Stewart, John, Cork cutter, 42 Liffey Street
+Stewart, John & Co., Provision merchants, 5 Crampton Quay
+Stewart, John, Stone & Wood carver, 45 Mongomery Street
Stewart, Isaac, Merchant, 102 Townsend Street
Stewart, Mary & Tho., Linen drap. Hosiers & Haberdasher, 5 Old Church Street
Stewart, Richard, Rope maker, 87 Thomas Street
Steward, Thomas & Son, Boodsellers & Stationers, 1 Church Street
+Stillas, Alexander, Merchant, 16 Fleet Street
Stinson, John, Tobacconist, 39 gt. George's Street & 59 1/2 Great Britain Street
+Stiot, John, Merchant, 25 Stafford Street
Stock, Luke, Hosier, Essex bridge
Stockdale, Henry William, Merchant, 23 Poolbeg Street
Stockdale, John, Printer & Boodseller, 62 Abbey Street
+Stokes & Southwood, Iron mong. & Hardware merch., 27 & 28 Kennedy's Lane
Stokes, Nicholas, Grocer, 157 Great Britain Street
Story, Peter, Butcher, 6 Ormond market & 8 George's Hill
Stott, Jonas, Merchant, 30 Dominick Street
Stoyte, John, Silversmith, 26 Kennedy's Lane
Strahan, & Co., Silk mercers, 18 Nicholas Quay
Stretch, Edward & Co., Tobacconsit, 12 & 13 Old Church Street
Stretch, Luke, Merchant, 25 N. Cumberlan Street
Stringer, Joseph, Apothecary, 23 Stephen Street
Stroker, Simon, Herald & House painter, 58 Great Britain Street
Stroker, Thomas, Apothecary & Chymist, 166 Great Britain Street
Strong, George, Tanner & Marrowbone Lane
Strong, Henry, Officer of Commons, 39 Jervis Street
Strong, John, Thread & Tape manufacturer, 76 Pill Lane
Strong, John & Co., Thread manufacturers, 5  Mullinihack
Strong, Michael, Tanner, 40 Cork Street
Stubbs, John, Woollen draper, 5 King's Inns Quay
+Sturgeon, John, Linen draper, 29 Stephen Street
Sullivan, Daniel, Paper maker, 3 Cook Street
Sullivan, Denis, Butcher, 68 Barrack Street
Sullivan, James, Upholsterer, Cabinet maker & Auctioneer, 49 Capel Street
Sullivan, Jeremiah, Paper maker, 14 low. Ormond Quay
Sullivan, John, Comb manufacturer, 5 Usher's Court
Sullivan, Peter, Stuff manufacturer, 16 Ash Street
Summers, Felix, Carver & Gilder, 21 Aston's Quay
Satter, Robert, Glover & Table beer brewer, 19 Usher's Quay
Sutton, James, Dyer, 2 Weaver's Square
+Sutton, John, Merchant, 1 Gardiner's Place
Sutton, John Corn factor, 38 Aston's Quay
Sutton, Thomas, Hosier, 105 Bride Street
Swan, James, Army broker, 51 Stephen Street
Swan, Michael, Table beer brewer, 52 Smithfield
Swayne, Catharine, Milliner, 1 Baggot Street
Sweeney, Philip, Vintner, 8 S. gt. George's Street
Sweeny, John, Butcher, 67 Patrick Street
Sweeny, Roger, Tailor, 35 Jervis Street
Sweetman, John, Hatter & Hosier, 58 Dame Street
Sweetman, Michael, Corn chandler, 64 Old Church Street
Sweetman, P. & John, Porter brewers, 23 Francis Court, Francis Street
Sweetman, William, Brewer, 92 low. Abbey Street
Sweny, John, Merchant, 16 York Street
Swift, & Gandon, Lottery men, 86 Dame Street
Swinny, Bladen, Linen draper, 29 Dame Street
Switser, James, Painter & Floorcloth manufacturer, 5 Bishop Street
Swords, Eleanor, Grocer, 31 Meath Street
Swords, Michael, Chandler, 66 Thomas Street
Swords, William, Hatter, 10 Meath Row
Sylver, John, Watch maker, 16 Stephen Street

Transcriber's Note. To facilitae finding names the old style 
f meaning s has been changed to read "s".