Directory: 1801 Merchants, Traders, &c. R 

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Note. The Figures direct to the Number of each House; Mer. 
stands for Merchant; str. for street; qu. for quay; gr. for 
great; l. for little; ;a. for lane; lo. for lower; up. for 
upper; Co. for Company; N. for North; S. for South; E. for 
East; and W. for West.— Thus marked + are wholesale 
Merchants, free of the 6 and 10 per Cent. in the 
Custom-house, Dublin, as regulated by Act of Parliament

Radford, John, Painter & Paper stainer, 20 William Street
Rafferty, Christopher, Cheese monger & Grocer, 45 Essex Street
Rafferty, George, Sadler & Harness maker, 46 Great Britain Street
Rafferty, Mary, Linen draper, 36 N. King Street
Rafter, Patrick, Chandler, 77 Thomas Street
Rafferty, Patrick, Wholesale Woollen draper, 60 Pill Lane
Ramsford, James, Book binder, 22 Andrew Street
Ramsford, John, Wine merchant, 61 Abbey Street
+Rainsford, Walsh & Horner, Merchants, 73 Abbey Street
+Rainey, Samuel, Merchant, 42 Stafford Street
Ralph, Andrew, Sadler & Coach harness maker, 15 Sackville Street
Ralph, Samuel, Glass cutter, 3 Mary's Lane
+Ramage, Smith, Merchant, 9 Granby Row
Ramsay, Alexander, Dyer, Cowparlour , Weaver's Square
Rankin, George & Sons, Clothiers, 36 Chamber Street
Rankin, Joseph, Sadler, 112 Capel Street
Rankin, William, Clothier, 7 & 8 Chamber Street
Ransford, James, Cabinet maker, 62 Aungier Street
Ransford, William, Clothier, 11 Chamber Street
Raper, John, Glazier, 21 Exchange Street & 11 Essex Quay
Rathborne, William, Wax chandler, 48 Essex Street
Rattigan, Bridget, Timber merchant, 2 Bridgefoot Street
Rattigan, Eliza, Baker, 2 Sycamore Alley
Ravell, Joseph, Silver plater, 17 Sycamore Alley
Rawden, George, Sadler, 29 Pill Lane
Rawlins, Christiana, Haberdasher, 161 James's Street
+Rawlins, William, Merchant, Office, 20 Eustace Street
Raye, Michael, Grocer, 58 Great Britain Street
Raymond, William, Watchmaker, 42 Moore Street
Rea, John, Printer, 57 Exchequer Street
Rea, Mary, Tea dealer, 11 Wood Street
Reed, Christopher, Wax chandler, 9 Denmark Street
Read, John, Knife & Sword cutler 8 College Green
Read, Mary, Linen draper & Haberdasher, 2 Whitefryar Street
Read, Robert, Broker, 14 Fleet Street
Read, Thomas, Cutler, 4 Parliament Street
Read, Thomas, Woollen draper & Men's mercer, 23 Dame Street
Reade, Richard, Merchant, 7 Linenhall Street
Reaf, James, Ivory turner & Toy man, 103 Graften Street
Reddy, James, Harness maker, 25 Pill Lane
Reddy, John, Harness maker, 37 Kevin's Port
Reddy, William, Peruke maker & Hair drefter, 3 Crow Street
Redmond & King, Woollen drapers & Men's mercers, 41 Dame Street
Redmond, James, Factor, 63 Smithfield
Redmond, Matthew, Confectioner, 36 Henry Street
Redmond, Patrick, Grocer & Corn factor, 70 Thomas Street
Redmond, Thomas, Grocer, Tea & Wine merchant, 48 Grafton Street
Redmond, Thoams, Sadler, 2 Suffolk Street
Redmond, Walter, Merchant, 100 Townsend Street
Redwell, Richard, Perumer, 43 Moore Street
+Reed, James, Wholesale Linen draper, 7 King's Inn Quay
Reed, Abraham, Painter & Glazier, 29 Great Britain Street
Reed, Richard, Pocket book maker, 10 Trinity Street
Reed, Samuel & Son, Alderman & Plumbers, 91 Cook Street
Reid, George, Carpenter, 31 Beresford Street
Reid, Richard, Disteller, 4 New Market
Reilly & Balfe, Rope makers, 3 Pill Lane
Reilly, Charles, Broker, 13 Bride's Alley
Reilly, Charles, Grocer, 29, up. Ormond Quay
Reilly, Charles, Poulterer, 6 Casel market
Reilly, Christopher, Dry cooper, Mary's Lane
Reilly, Edward, Starch & Hairpowder manufacturer, 81 Pill Lane
Reilly, Garret, Yarn factor, Yarnhall   ?
Reilly, Hugh, Pocket book maker, 20 Temple Bar
Reilly, Hugh, Woollen draper, 33 Castle Street
Reilly, James, Coach owner, 25 Aungier Street 
Reilly, James, Mealman, 18 Arran Street
Reilly, James, Salesmaster, 10 Brunswick Street
Reilly, John, Apothecary 129 Thomas Street
Reilly, John, Currier, 19 Winetavern Street
Reilly, John, Pawnbroker, 33 S. King Street
Reilly, John, Sugar refiner, 9 Bellview
Reilly, Margaret, Grocer, 42 Charles Street
Reilly, Michael, Grocer, 88 N. King Street
Reilly, Patrick, Iron & Brass founder, 160 Old Church Street
Reilly, Patrick, Publican, 11 Stoneybatter
Reilly, Patrick, Timber merchant, 4 Hanbury Lane
Reilly, Philip, Grocer, 100 low. Abbey Street
Reilly, Richard, Currier, 41 Winetavern Street
Reilly, Terence, Starch & Stone blue manufacturer, 8 Pill Lane
Reilly, Thomas, Hosier, 11 Corn market
Reily, James Carpenter, 2 W. Arran Street
Reily, Ignatius, Grocer & Starch manufacturer, 186 Abbey Street
Rencher & Waller, Engravers, 12 Dame Court
Revell, Robert, Linen draper, 57 Castle Street
Revill, Joseph, Silver plater, 17 Sycamore Alley
Reynolds, George, Coach maker, 10 Bull Lane
Reynolds, James, Breeches maker & Glover, 41 N. King Street
Reynolds, James, Cutler, 5 Afton's Quay
Reynolds, John, Carpenter, 16 new Church Street
Reynolds, Loughlin, Tobacconist, 121 Townsend Street
Reynolds, Patrick, Clothier, 3 John Street
Reynolds, Patrick, Tailor, 28 Plunket Street
Reynolds, Thomas, Ivory tuner, 102 Grafton Street
Reynolds, Thomas, Linen draper, 21 Cook Street
Rhames, Elizabeth, Music seller & Haberdasher, 16 Exchange Street
Rice, Edward, Jeweller & Goldsmith, 13 Capel Street
Rice James, Tanner, Sweeny's Lane
Rice, John Bookseller & Stationer, 111 Grafton Street
Rice, Catherine, Tanner & Currier, 30 Cook Street
Richardson & Nolan, Woollen drapers, 109 Grafton Street
Richardson, Benjamin, Merchant, 32 Dawson Street
Richardson, George, Sadler, 116 Thomas Street
Richardson, Henry, Butcher, 32 Castle market
Richardson, John, Corn chandler, 91 Thomas Street
Richardson, Martin, Coal merchant, 17 Hawkins's Street
+Richardson, Ralph & T., Merchants, 59 Bolton Street, Office, Yarnhall Street
Richardson, Susanna, Grocer, 11 Digges Street
Rickard, Edward, Shoemaker, 2 Wood Quay
Rickard, James, Baker, 5 Hanover Lane
Richey, Andrew, Linen draper, 22 Dame Street
Riddall, James & Hans, Lace men, 21 Corn market & 22 College Green
+Ridings, William, Merchant, 21 Suffolk Street
Ridley, Henry, Brushmaker, 48 High Street
Ridley, Joseph, Woollen draper, 35 Castle Street
Rigby, John, Gun maker, 19 Suffolk Street
Rigg, Matthew, Cabinet maker, 22 Bride's Alley
Rigg, Peter, Cabinet maker, 3 Bride's Alley
Rigney, Christopher, Merchant, 124 Great Britain Street
Rigney, Mary, Haberdasher, 30 Queen Street
Riky, Alexander, Clothier, 34 Chambers Street
Riky, Elias, Cotton manufacturer & Dyer, 27 Chamber Street
Riky, Robert, Sheriff's peer, 9 S. Brown Street
Riky, Samuel, Shoemaker, 50 Exchequer Street
Risk, Ann, House painter, 1 Wood Street
Rivail, Thomas, Haberdasher, 118 Great Britain Street
Rivett, John, Tailor,  7 Crow Street
+Roberts, Robert, Merchant, 8 low. Ormond Quay
Robertson, Charles, Miniature painter, 81 Mecklenburgh Street
+Robertson, Alexander, Merchant, 3 Bachelor's Walk
Robinion, Allen, Vintner, 3 Dame Lane
Robinson & Pim, Merchants, 36 Bride Street
+Robinson & Todhunter, Merchants, 56 City Quay
Robinson, George, Cutler, 152 Capel Street
Robinson, Henry, Cooper, 17 Coombe
Robinson, James & Co., Pawnbrokers, 34 Clarendon Street
Robinson, James, Pawnbroker, 30 Poolbeg Street
Robinson, Jane, Tea dealer & Haberdasher, 53 York Street
Robinson, James, Breeches maker, 4 Church Lane
Robinson, John, Engraver & Copperplate printer, 28 Essex Street
Robinson, John, Linen & Cotton manufacturer, 36 Bride Street
Robinson, John, Calico stamper, 80 Queen Street
Robinson, John, Sadler, 10 Smithfield
Robinson, Joseph, Carpenter, 9 Golden Lane
Robinson, Michael, Brazier, 164 Old Church Street
+Robinson, Richard, Porter & Ale brewer, 4 Granby Place
Robinson, Samuel, Calico printer, Beggar's bush   ?
+Robinson, Samuel, Merchant, 42 Aston's Quay
Robinson, Thomas, Joiner, 6 Whitefryar Street
Roche, John, Biscuit maker, 5 Moss Street  ?
+Roche, John & Co., Merchants, 9 low Ormaond Quay, Office, 9 Gt. Strand Street
Rochfort, James, Silver plater, 27 lit. Strand Street
Rochfort, Edward, Sadler & Harness maker, 38 Capel Street
Rochfort, Thomas, Merchant, 54 Townsend Street
Rock, Patrick, Stone cutter, 44 Mecklenburgh Street
+Roe & Franklin, Merchants, 20 Temple Bar, Office, 1 Crampton Quay
Roe, John, Land surveyor, 7 W. Arran Street
Roe, John, Tinplate worker, 87 Capel Street
Roe, Nicholas, Distiller, 33 Pimlico
Roe, Peter, Glazier, 55 S. King Street
Roe, Thomas, Tanner, 32 Mill Street
Rogers, George, Pawnbroker, 51 Barrack Street
Rogers, Owen, Hatter & Laceman, 63 Dame Street
Rogers, Patrick, Corn chandler, 117 Old Church Street
Rogers, Patrick, Bookseller, 9 Angelsea Street
Rogers, Robert, China & Delf man, 2 E. Arran Street
Rogers, Robert, Bookbinder, 12 Skinner Row
Rogers, Thomas, Baker, 34 Denmark Street
Rogers, William, Grocer, 26 Fishamble Street
Rogers, William, Trunk maker, 5 Smock Alley
+Rogerson, John, Wholesale Woolen draper, 9 Werburgh Street
Rooke, Henry, Engraver, 14 Essex Quay
Rooney, Charles & Co., Distillers, 14 Truck Street
Rooney, Dominick, Grocer, 24 Mary Street & 36 Denmark Street
Rooney, Edward. Linen draper, 13 Catpurse Row  ?
Rooney, James, Baker, 149 Francis Street
Rooney, James, Brush maker, 62 S. gt. George's Street
Rooney, Patrick, Timber merchant, 62 1/2 Bridgefoot Street
Rooney, Patrick, Grocer, 86 Great Britain Street
Rooney, Walter, Brewer, 61 New Market, Chamber Street
Rorke, Andrew, Pin maker, 29, W. New Row
Rorke, Brien, Confectioner, 52 Fishamble Street
Rorke, Edmond, Pin maker, 33, New Row
Rorke, John, Merchant, 26 Usher's Quay
Rorke, Thomas, Tobacconist, 19 Pill Lane
Rorke, Thomas, Wool merchant, 52 Meath Street
Rosborough, Samuel & John, Wholesale Line drapers, 27, Charles Street
Rose, John, Alderman, 17 William Street
Ross, James, Chandler, 152 James's Street
Ross, William, Sadler, 5 & 6 Barrack Street
Roth, Robert, Jeweller, 5 College Green
Rotheram, William, Tallow chandler & Soap boiler, 20 lit. Strand Street
Rourke, Edward, Shoemaker, 16 Sackville Street
Rourke, John, Boot & Shoemaker, 4 S. gt. George's Street
Rourke, Thomas, Watch & Clock maker, Christ Church Lane
Rounds, John, Paper stainer, 106 Bride Street
Rowe, Nicholas, Paper maker, 17 Cook Street
Rowan & Hamilton, Lace merchants, 37 Abbey Street
Rowland, William, Pin maker, 172 Old Church Street
Royce & Colvill, Sugar bakers, 25 Cole's Lane
Roycraft, Thomas, Wine cooper, 55 Abbey Street
Rubottom, Wm., Trimming manufacturer, 201 Great Britain Street
Rugeby, Winifred, Pitch, Tar, Rosin & Oil seller, 34 Essex Street
Rumbold, William, Gun maker, 34 Sackville Street
Russell, George, Grocer, Johnston's Place
Russell, Christopher, Worsted manufacturer, Mary's Lane
Russell, James, Linen printer & Dyer, Marrowbone Lane
Russell, John, Linen manufacturer, 92 Coombe
Russell, John, Builder & Carpenter, 11 Russell Place, Mountjoy Square
Russell, John, Watch maker, 22 Ross Lane
Russell, Joseph, Wool comber, 5 Tripoli
Russell, Mary Ann, Paper stainer & House painter, 7 Stephen Street
Russell, Newbald, Wholesale Linen draper, 8 Bridge Street
Russell, Samuel, Clothier, 19 Ardee Street
Russell, William & Francis, Merchants, 19 Meath Street
Rutherford, John, Merchant, 59 Abbey Street
Rutherford, Sarah, Haberdasher, 54 Great Britain Street
Ryan, Benjamin, Grocer, 155 Thomas Street
Ryan, Charles, Apothecary , 7 Old Church Street
Ryan, Edward, Glover & Breeches maker, 3 Arran Quay
Ryan, Edward, Haberdasher, 36 Golden Lane
Ryan, Edward, Tailor, 12 Crow Street
Ryan, James, Butcher, 15 Castle Market
Ryan, Jeremiah, Pawnbroker, 9 Usher's Court
Ryan, John, Carpenter, 14 Redmond's Hill
Ryan, John, Merchant, 188 Abbey Street
Ryan, Laurence, Perfumer, 49 Capel Street
Ryan, Michael, Butcher, Cole's Lane Market
Ryan, Michael, Merchant, 9 N. Earl Street
Ryan, Patrick, Victualler, 13 Fade Street
Ryan, Simon, Skinner, 52 Watling Street
Ryan, Thomas, Silk manufacturer, 42 Castle Street
Ryder, Andrew, Silk manufacturer, 5 W. Hanover Street
Ryder, Charles, Harpsichord maker, 88 Marlborough Street
Ryder, Patrick, Baker, 167 Abbey Street

Transcriber's Note. To facilitae finding names the old style 
f meaning s has been changed to read "s".