Directory: 1801 Merchants, Traders, &c. N-O 

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Note. The Figures direct to the Number of each House; Mer. 
stands for Merchant; str. for street; qu. for quay; gr. for 
great; l. for little; ;a. for lane; lo. for lower; up. for 
upper; Co. for Company; N. for North; S. for South; E. for 
East; and W. for West.— Thus mared + are wholesale 
Merchants, free of the 6 and 10 per Cent. in the 
Custom-house, Dublin, as regulated by Act of Parliament

Nairn, Thomas, Carver & Gilder, 36 Townsend Street
Napper, Robert, Printer, 29 Capel Street
Nath, Stephen, Harpsichord & Piano sorte maker, 106 Capel Street
Naylor, Thomas, Grocer, 89 gt. Britain Street
Nelis, Henry, Wine merchant, 62 Summer Hill
Nelson, John, Coal factor, Luke Street
Nelson, John, Watch & Clock maker, 6 Dame Court
Nesbitt, Meade, Linen draper, 6 Grafton Street
Nessfield, Sanuel, Tanner, 20 James's Street
Netterville, Edward, Merchant, 72 Dorset Street
Nevill, Arthur Richards, Engineer & Land surveyor, 20 Charlotte Street
Nevill, Brent, Sheriff's peer & Merchant, 52 Abbey Street
Neville, Samuel, Silversmith, 9 Hoey's Court
Nevin, James, Cotton manufacturer, 32 Ransford Street
Newcomen, Sir Wm. Gleadowe, Bt. & Co., Bankers, 30 Castle Street
Newell, Robert, Grocer, 36 gt. Britain Street
Newett, Benjamin, Coach maker, 7 Dorset Street
Newland, Philip, Grocer, 5 Charlotte Street
Newman, Christopher, Cotton manufacturer, 28 Marrowbone Lane
Newman, James, Salesmaster, 45 Smithfield
Newman, John, Furrier, 95 Grafton Street
Newman, Michael, Baker, 4 Thomas Street
Newman, Patrick, Grocer, 4 Green Street
Newman, Thomas, Merchant, 9 W. Partk Street
Newport, Thomas, Skinner, 32 Watling Street
Newton, George, Mercer, 99 Grafton Street
Newton, John, Stay maker, 155 gt. Britain Street
Nicholson, Thomas, jun., Linen draper, 1 Johnsons Place
Nicholson, William, Linen draper, 108 Bride Street
Nicklin, Ambrose, Silversmith, 2 E. Cole alley
Nickson, Michael, Linen draper, 78 Grafton Street
Nicole, Francis, Livery stable keeper, 40 Exchequer Street
Nihells, Laurence, Merchant, 20 gt. Strand Street
Nixon, Frances, Milliner, 42 Marlborough Street
Nolan, Joseph, Clothier, 28 & 29 Chamber Street
Nolan, Mary, Skinner, 64 Watling Street
Nolan, Patrick, Skinner, 58 Watling Street
Norman, Robert, Umbrella & Oil cloth manufacturer, 14 Trinity Street
Norman, William, Haberdasher, 82 Grafton Street
Norris, Robert, Hatter, 5 Sackville Street
Norris, Rowland, Merchant, 18 N. gt. George's Street, Office, 36 Fleet Street
Norris, William, Merchant, 62 Exchequer Street
North, Bartholomew, Grocer, 91 Kevin's Port
North, Christopher, Perfumer & Hair dreffer, 4 S. Cope Street
North, James, Hardware merchant, 21 New row
North, William, Brazier & Tin plate worker, 123 Thomas Street
Norton, John, Hosier, 93 gt. Britain Street
Norton, John, Sheriff's peer & Woollen draper, 3 High Street
Norton, Thomas Shoemaker, 27 gt. Britain Street
Nouge, andrew, Tailor, 2 Trinity Place
Nowlan, Bartholomew, Leather seller, 9 Back lane
Nowlan, Garret, Butcher, 4 Castle market
Nowlan, George, Chandler, 59 Exchequer Street
Nowlan, James, Brazier, 47 Back lane
Nowlan, James, Chandler, 19 Nicholas Street
Nowlan, Jane, Merchant, 12 Moore Street
Nowlan, John, Baker, 1 Nicholas Street
Nowlan, Owen & James, Merchants, 68 gt. Britain Street
Nowlan, John, Hardware merchant, 22 W. New Row
Nowlan, Mary, Baker, 104 Pill Lane
Nowlan, Michael, Flour merchant, 8 Aston's quay
Nowlan, Patrick, Baker, 12 Hanover Lane
Nowlan, Simon, Baker, 32 Mary's Lane
Nowlan, Thomas, Baker, 1148 gt. Britain Street
Nowlan, Thomas, Chandler, 25 Pill Lane
Nowlan, William, Chandler & Broker, 20 Sycamore Alley
Nugent, Edmond, Woollen draper, 27 Francis Street
Nugent, E., Woollen draper & Men's mercer, 77 Grafton Street
Nugent, Mark, Woollen draper, 30 Francis Street
Nugent, John, Dyer, 34 Pimlico
Nugent, Mary, Furrier, 13 Suffolk Street
Nugent, Matthias, Merchant, 61 Summer Hill
Nugent, Orson & Co., Husbandry artists, 7 Henry Street
Nugent, Robert, Haberdasher & Line draper, 19 Werburg Street
Nugent, William, Grocer, 68 Capel Street
Numan, Patrick, Grocer, 4 Green Street
+Nun, Wm. & Co., Lace merchants, 5 Dame Court

O'Beirne, Thomas, Woollen draper, 5 up. Ormond quay
O'Brien, Andrew, Chandler, 79 gt. Britain Street
+O'Brien, Christopher, Merchant, 19 Moore Street
+O'Brien, Cornelius, Merchant, 2 Fleet Street
+O'Brien, Denis & Thomas, Merchant, 23 Merchant's quay
O'Brien, James, Hatter, 2 Cross poddle
O'Brien, James, Professor of Drawing, 49 Marlborough Street
O'Brien, Joseph, Merchant, 26 Eustace Street
O'Brien, Michael, Chandler, 57 Fishamble Street
O'Brien, Nathaniel, Tailor & Confectioner, 75 Capel Street
O'Brien, Patrick, Bacon & Fruit seller, 2 Castle market
O'Brien, Patrick, Chandler, 3 Stephen Street
O'Brien, Patrick, Skin dealer, 6 Thomas Street
O'Brien, Richard & Michael, Wholesale Woolen drapers, 36 High Street
O'Brien, Thomas, Carpenter & Builder, 16 Blackhall Street
O'Brien, Thomas, Undertaker & Auctioneer, 159 gt. Britain Street
O'Brien, Valentine, Apothecary, 51 Moore Street
O'Connor, Andrew, Timber merchant, 5 Bonham Street
O'Connor, Christopher, Printseller, 15 Aston's quay
O'Connor, James, Publican, 7 Thomas Street
O'Connor, John, Iron monger, 128 James's Street
O'Connor, Michael, Shoemaker, 18 Werburgh Street
O'Connor, Nicholas, Baker, 12 S. Earl Street
O'Connor, Richard, Wholesale Linen draper, 8 King's lane quay
O'Connor, Robert, Grocer, 8 Arran Street
O'Connor, Thomas, Merchant, 64 Bolton Street
O'Connor, Timothy, Skin dealer, James's Street
+O'Connor, Val. & Malachy, Merchants, 6 Dominick Street
O'Connor, William, Engraver & Copper plate printer, 21 Essex Street
O'Connors, Wm. & Son, Tallow chandler, 5 & 6 Hanbury Lane
O'Donnell, Daniel, Rop maker, 11 Church Street
O'Donnell, Hugh, Woollen draper, 3 Francis Street
O'Donnell, James, Apothecary, Dame Street
O'Donnell, John, Grocer, 16 Cuffe Street
O"Donnell, Patrick, Grocer & Tobacconist, 107 Thomas Street
O'Donnell, Robert, Merchant, 13 Bachelor's walk
O'Donnell, Terence, Boot & Shoemaker, 7 Dame Street
O'Farrell, John, Linec draper, 1 Bride Street
Ogilby, James, Merchant, 18 Prussia Street
O'Flaherty, James, Pawnbroker, 36 Back Lane
O'Flaherty, John, Tobacconist, 121 Townsend Street
O'Flaherty, Patrick, Grocer, 51 Mary Street
Ogilhy, Robert, Merchant, 23 Dorset Street
Ogle, Henry, Merchant, 23 Summer Hill
O'Halloran, James & Edward, Merchants, 22 up. Bridge Street
O'Hara, Daniel, Wine merchant & Cooper, 4 Liffey Street
O'Hara, Henry, Hardware merchant, 30 W. New Row
O'Hara, Marcus, Pawnbroker, 17 Chancery Lane
O'Hara, Oliver, Wine merchant, 54 Abbey Street
Oldham, & Stokes, Painters & Glaziers, 27 Bishop Street
Oldham, John, Shoemaker, 5 Arran quay
Oldham, Mary, Linen draper, 110 N. King Street
+Oldham, Thomas, Merchant, 6 Merchant's quay
Oldham, Thomas, Painter & Glazier, 25 lit. Mary Street
Oldham, William, Painter & Glazier, 24 lit. Mary Street
O'Leary, James, Merchant & Accomptant, 115 gt. Britain Street
O'Loghlin, Andrew, Woollen draper & Mens mercer, 19 Skinner's Alley
O'Neale, Joshua, Painter & Glazier, 77 Aungier Street
O'Neil, Charles, Publican, 58 Fishamble Street
O'Neil, James, Grocer, 1 Usher Street
O'Neil, John, Cheese, Spice & Pickle merchant, 21 up. Ormond quay
O'Neil, John, Hose Painter & Floor cloth manufacturer, 92 Capel Street
O'Neil, Matthew, Merchant, 30 Usher's quay
O'Neil, Nicholas, Tanner, 24 Cork Street
O'Neil, Patrick, Grocer, 55 Fleet Street & 23 College Street
+O'Neil, Patrick, Wholesale Woollen draper, up. Bridge Street
O'Neil, Patrick, Woollen draper, 29 High Street
O'Neil, Richard, Pin maker, 105 Thomas Street
O'Neil, Thomas, Grocer, 54 York Street
+O'Neill, Andrew, Merchant, 59 Capel Street
O'Neill, Arthur, Goldsmith & Watch maker, 10 Hoey's Court
O'Neill, Peter, Silk, Muslin & Calico dyer, 103 Coombe
O'Neill, Richard, Merchant, 21 up. Bridge Street
O'Neill, Terence, Meal merchant, 105 Capel Street
O'Neille, James, Painter & Paper stainer, 75 gt. Britain Street
Oram, David, Stone cutter, 108 low. Abbey Street
Oram, Lydia, Haberdasher, 34 Fleet Street
Ord, Arthur, Tanner, 56 Cork Street
O'Reilly, Anthony, Carpenter & Architect, Ballybough Bridge
O'Reilly, Edward, Grocer & Ship chandler, 62 City Quay
+O'Reilly, John & Co., Merchants, 6 Andrew Street
O'Reilly, Laurence, Pawnbroker, 131 Francis Street
O'Reilly, Michael Dease, Druggist & Chymist, 92 Bride Street
O'Reilly, Thomas, Iron monger & harware merchant, 2 Kennedy's Lane
Ormsby, Christopher, Woollen draper & Wince merc. 71 gt. S. George's Street
Ormsby, Henry & Son, Marshals of the Four Courts, Marshalsea
Ormsby, James & Co., Army agents, 2 Dawson Street
Ormsby, James Mason, army agent, 12 Baggot Street
Ormsby, John, Slator, 1 Rathland Place, Cavendish Row
Ormsby, Peter, Publican & Inn keeper 4 Bridgefoot Street
Orpin, Paul & Sons, Hose painters & Glaziers, 71 Camden Street
+Orr, John, James & Alexander, Merchants, 153 Abbey Street
Orr, William & John, Muslin manufacturers, 24 Merchant's quay
Orson & Taylor, Merchants, 6 N. Anne Street
Osborne, Samuel, Silk dyer, 43 S. New Row
Osborne, William, Jeweller, 59 S. gt. George's Street
Osbrey, Gerald, Calico printer & Bleacher, 43 Cork Street
Osbrey, William, Marshal of Dublin, 2 Coppinger's Row
O'Shaughnessy, Ann, Pitch, Tar, Rosin & Oil seller, 36 Essex Street
Otway, Samuel, Wine & Porter merchant, 8 Eustace Street
Overend, George, Merchant, 6 Lurgan Street
Oullahan, Elizabeth, Butcher, 18 George's quay
Oullahan, Henry, Butcher, 5 Poolbeg Street
Oustein, Richard, Dancing-master, 4 Stafford Street
Owen, Thomas, Linen draper, 15 Castle Street
+Oxley, Thomas, Woollen-factor, 15 Castle Street
Ozlin, Michael, Clothier, 15 Brabazon Row

Transcriber's Note. To facilitae finding names the old style 
f meaning s has been changed to read "s".