Directory: 1801 Merchants, Traders, &c. Mc  

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Note. The Figures direct to the Number of each House; Mer. 
stands for Merchant; str. for street; qu. for quay; gr. for 
great; l. for little; ;a. for lane; lo. for lower; up. for 
upper; Co. for Company; N. for North; S. for South; E. for 
East; and W. for West.— Thus mared + are wholesale 
Merchants, free of the 6 and 10 per Cent. in the 
Custom-house, Dublin, as regulated by Act of Parliament

McAllister, James, Brewer, 5 Cork Street
McAllister, James, Grocer, 57 Thomas Street
McAlpine, Conyngham, Agent, 24 Denmark Street
McArdell, James, Woollen draper, 22 High Street
McArdell, Philip, Linen draper, 2 Mary's abbey
McAuley & Hughes, Ship chandlers, 70 George's quay
McAuley, James, Hatter, 39 Temple bar
McBride, Patrick, Hair dresser & Perfumer, 156 gt. Britain Street
McBrin, John, Chandler, 171 gt. Britain Street
McCabe, Ann, Linen draper, 102 Bride Street
McCabe, Joseph, Linen draper, 9 Bride Street
McCabe, Patrick, Hatter, 3 Meath Street
McCalley, John, Music seller & Professor, 33, Moore Street
McCann, & Reilly, Merchants, 34 Bridge Street
McCann, David, Glazier, 35, Vicar Street
McCann, Maxwell, Hatter, 16 Parliment Street
McCann, patrick, Chandler, 57 Fishamble Street
McCann, Richard, Skinner, 14 Watling Street
McCann, Rosa, Agent, 24 Camden Street
McCarty, Michael, Merchant, 9 Luke Street
McCarty, Patrick, Grocer, 12 up. Exchange Street
McCaul, Alexander, Ladies Shoemaker, 36 Abbey Street
McCausland, Jane, Tea dealer, 41 up. Jervis Street
McClean, Charles, Distiller, 6 Brabazon Street
McClean, Robert, Carpenter & Builder, 128 Townsend Street
McCleery, Catherine, Grocer, 38 Bishop Street
McCleery, William, Printseller, 21 Nassau Street
McClinchy, Saunders, Glover & Breeches maker, 116 Capel Street
McCloskey, Laurence, Dyer & Scourer, 16 S. gt. George's Street
McCom, William, Grocer, 56 Charlemont Street
McComas, Thomas, Tailor, 7 Whitefriar Street
McConnell, Wm. Silk manufacturer, 7 Hanover Street
McCormick, Andrew, Druggist, 11 Skinner row
McCormick, Elizabeth & Co., Glovers, 8 Capel Street
McCormick, Elizabeth, Silk weaver, 29 Vicar Street
McCormick, Henry, Linen draper, 100 Bride Street
McCormick, John, Merchant, 1 Lurgan Street
McCormick, John, Tanner, 33 Mill Street
McCormick, Joseph, Pawnbroker, 63 Meath Street
McCormick, Joseph, Pawnbroker, 8 Bull lane
McCormick, Mark, Linen & Furniture draper, 16½ Werburgh Street
McCormick, Michael, Cutler, 6 Hoey's court
McCormick, Patrick, Skinner, 6 Watling Street
McCormick, Patrick Skinner & Feather merchant, 63 Bridgefoot Street
McCormick, Teresa, Confectioner, 55 Mary's lane
McCormick, William,  Clothier, 22 Ardee Street
McCormick, William, Slator, 12 Loftus Lane
McCowen, John, Painter & Glazier, 17 Aston's Quay
McCoy, David, Vintner, 34 Mary's abbey
McCoy, Mary, Linen draper, 2 Tighe Street
McCracken, Andrew, Clothier, 23 Braithwaite St
McCracken, Bernard, Haberdasher, 53 Henry Street
McCracken, James, Blockmaker & Pumpborer, 83 Rogerson's quay
McCracken, Thomas, Cutler, 16 up. Ormond quay
McCrea, John, English School master, 70 Stephen Street
McCready, Thomas, Upholder, 43 Bride Street
McCready, William, Upholder, 66 Bride Street
McCreery, James, Carpet & Blanket manufacturer, 5 High Street
McCullagh, Alexander, Bricklayer, 163 Abbey Street
McCutchin, George, Timber merchant, 24 Thomas Street
McCutchin, James, Cabinet maker, 26 Brunswick Street
McDermott & Beahen, Wholesale Muffin dealers, 18 Bachelor,s walk
McDermott, Bernard, Cabinet maker, 30 Golden lane
McDermott, Christopher, Tailor, 49 Golden lane
McDermott, Farrell, Gunmaker, 2 Abbey Street
McDermott Geoffrey, Grocer, 108 Townsend Street
Mc Dermott, Henry, Inn keepers & Corn factor, 65 Bridgefoot Str.
McDermott, John, Silk & Ribbon manufacturer, 2 W. Hanover Street
McDermott, Joseph, Linen draper, 91 Grafton Street
McDermott, Laurence, Silk manufacturer, 178 old Church Street
McDermott, Michael, Grocer & Tobacconist, 32, Francis Street
+McDermott, Patrick, Drug merchant, 15 Jervis Street
McDermott, Roger, Haberdasher & Linen draper, 62 gt.  Britain Street
McDonald, Archibald, Sadler, 74 Grafton Street
McDonald, Charles, Cabinet maker, 3 Mary Street
McDonald, D., Nursery & Seedsman, Vineyard, Ball's bridge
McDonald, Hugh, Tanner & Leather seller, 27 Winetavern Street
McDonald, James, Druggist & Chymist, 19 Arran quay
McDonald, John, Papermaker, 24 Cook Street
McDonald, John, Boot & Shoemaker, 11 Castle Street
McDonald, Patrick, Butcher, 129 N. King Street
McDonald, Rands, Bookseller, 28 up. Bridge Street
McDonald, William, Trunkmaker, 17 Smock-alley
McDonnell, Alex. & J., Harpsichord & Pianoforte mak., 2 Church lane
McDonnell, Alexander, Musical instrument maker, 12 Anglesea Street
McDonnell, A. & M., Silk manufacturers, 2 Castle Street
McDonnell, Charles, Tailor, 10 Essex quay
McDonnell, Christopher, Paper manufacturer, 9 Merchant's quay
McDonnell, Daniel, Harpsichord & Pianaforte maker, 28 Fleet Street
McDonnell, James C., Apothecary & Chymist, 35 Camden Street
McDonnell, James, Timber merchant, 96 up. Coombe
McDonnell, John, Coal factor, 12 Redmond's hill
McDonnell, Wm. & Laurence, Papermakers, 19 Cook Street
McDonnell, Randal, Shoemaker, 13 Wood Street
+McDonnell, Randal, Merchant, N. Frederick Street
McDonnell, Richard, Hot & Cold calenderer, 22 Cook Street
McDonnell, Thomas, Printer & Bookseller, 50 Essex Street
McDonnell, William, Merchant, 17 Stafford Street
McDonogh, Matthew, Publican, 49 Essex Street
McDonogh, Patrick, Confectioner, 107 Bride Street
McDonogh, William, Drug merchant, 50 Castle Street
McDonough, Margaret, Coffin maker & Undertaker, 16 Cook Street
McDonough, M. & Co., Propr. of the Dublin coffee house, Crampton-co.
McDowell, George, George, Shoemaker, 64 Fleet Street
McEever, William, Currier, 35, Winetavern Street
McEndry, Owen, Cornchandler, 12 Ormond market
McEnery, thomas, Perfumer & Hair powder manuf. 40 Dawson Street
McEvoy, John, Grocer, 32 Abbey Street
McEvoy, Timothy, Carpenter, 134 Townsend Street
McGoe, John, Pawnbroker, 3 Fade Street
McGloin, John, Merchant, Bellview
+McGrath, T., Woollen, Manchester & Nottingham fact., 3 Smock-alley
McGregor, Alexander, Stocking hosier, 5 Rainsford Street
McGregor, Alexander, Wine merchant, 48 City quay
McGuire, Constantine, Grocer, 19 Patrick Street
McGuire, Daniel, Inspector & Measurer, Mount lodge, Broad Street
McHugh, William & Co., Merchants, 25 gt. Stand Street
McIlwrath, William, Lottery office keeper, 22 Capel Street
McJennet, Thomas, Gocer, 124 Townsend Street
McKay, David & Wm., Cotton manufacturers, 177 old Church Street
McKeevers, Patrick, Breeches maker & Glover, 1 up. Ormond quay
McKenna, Tully, Spirit dealer, 5 Swift's Row
McKenny, John, Wholesale Woollen draper, 74 Pill lane
McKenny, Thomas, Hosier, 63 Stephen Street
McKenzie, John, Ironmonger, 90 Marlborough Street
Mckenzie, William, Bookseller, 33 College green
McKeone, Daniel, Grocer, 9 up. Merrion Street
McKee, John, Merchant, 55 Bolton Street
McKiernan, Patrick, Woollen Draper, 11 Francis Street
McKown, John, Chandler, 42 William Street
McLachlan, Neil, Merchant, 14 Linenhall Street
McLaine, John, Stay & Habitmaker, 65 Dame Street
McLaughlin, Christopher, Carpenter, 7 Ross lane
Mclaughlin, James, Apothecary, 11 Andrew Street
McLaughlin, James, Publican, Canal barbour	?
McLaughlin, John, Feather & Quill merchant, 15 Patrick Street
McLeland, William, Linen Factor, 3 Lurgan Street
+McLoghlin, Con, Merchant, 13 Usher's Street
McLorinan, James, Linen draper, 27 Cornmarket 
McMahon, Andrew, Silkdyer, 12 Sackville Street
McMahon, Diana, Merchant, 31 Aungier Street
McMahon, George, Shoemaker, 41 Henry Street
McMahon, John, Sugarbaker, 8 Townsend Street
+McMahon, Mark, Merchant, 19 N. Anne Street
McMahon, Patrick, Cardmaker, 101 Thomas Street
McMahon, Patrick, Clothier, 33 New market
McMiley, Michael, Clothier, 6 Ormond Street
McMullen, Alexander, Apothecary, 101 Capel Street
McMullen, Mary, Grocer & Soap boiler, 182 gt. Britain Street
McNabb, Joseph, Pawnbroker, 6 Skinner row
McNally, Ann, Pewterer & Brazier, 30 Bridgefoot Street
McNally, Elizabeth & Co. Cornfactors, 16 Thomas Street
McNally, James, Salesmaster & Whiskey factor, 60 Smithfield
McNally John, Salsmaster, 26 Smithfield
McNally, Patrick, Oilman, 21 Fishamble Street
McOwen, Richard, Cabinet maker, 108 Capel Street
McOwen, Robert, Skinner, 59, Watling Street
+McPherson, Thomas, Merchant & Army broker, 19 Bachelor's row
McQuinllin, Arthur, Woollen draper, 3  Cornmarket 
McSorley, Michael, Linen draper, 63 Pill lane
MacBride, Thomas, Hardware & Trimming-merchant, 20 Bridge Street

Transcriber's Note. To facilitae finding names the old style 
f meaning s has been changed to read "s".