Directory: 1801 Merchants, Traders, &c. M not Mc

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Note. The Figures direct to the Number of each House; Mer. 
stands for Merchant; str. for street; qu. for quay; gr. for 
great; l. for little; ;a. for lane; lo. for lower; up. for 
upper; Co. for Company; N. for North; S. for South; E. for 
East; and W. for West.— Thus mared + are wholesale 
Merchants, free of the 6 and 10 per Cent. in the 
Custom-house, Dublin, as regulated by Act of Parliament

MacBride, Thomas, Hardware & Trimming merchant, 20 Bridge Street
Macgrane, Michael, Merchant, 53 Abbey Street
Mack, John, cabinet maker, 188 Abbey Street & 39 Stafford Street
Mack, John, Stonecutter, 86 Dorset Street
Mackay, Thomas, Tailor, 4 Chancery Lane
Macken, Patrick, Merchant, 13 Bridgefoot Street
Mackenzie, William, Merchant, 9 Granby row
Maclain, William, Painter & Glazier, 20 Anglesea Street
Maclune, Busby, Timber merchant, 35 Townsend Street
Macpherson, John, Button manufacturer, 21 Ross Lane
Madden, & O'Neil, Silk Thread & Tape manufact., 6 Wormwood Gate
Madden, Francis, Linen draper, 1 Charles Street
Madden, James, Grocer, 34 Thomas Street
Madden, James, Grocer, 6 Gardiner Street
Madden, John, Brewer, 10 Thomas Street
Madden, Martin, Grocer, 47 low. Bridge Street
Madden, Michael, Trimming manufacturer, 9 Arran Quay
Madden, Samuel, Apothecary, 42 S. King Street
Madden, Thomas, Hairdresser, 28 lit. Mary Street
Madden, William, Corn chandler, 34 Stonybatter
Madden, William, Paper manufacturer, 7 Merchant's quay
Madder & Co., Porter brewers, 89 James's Street
Maddock, Joseph, Hatter, 4 Temple bar
Maffit, John, Tailor, 39 Gt. Strand Street
Magarr, John, Perfumer, 37 Anglesea Street
Magauran, Thomas, Grocer, 24 Patrick Street
Magee, William Snell, Merchant, 40 Sackville Street
Magennis, Ann, Baker, 140 Francis Street
Magennis, Edward, Breeches maker, 3 Tighe Street
Magennis, James, Baker, 3 Cuffe Street
Magennis, Patrick, Baker & Tablebeer brewer, 31 Charles Street
Magill, George, Sadler, 23 Nassau Street
Magill Thomas, Tailor, 20 Chancery lane
Magin, Patrick, Grocer, 14 Charles Street
Magrath, Christopher, Carpenter, 150 Francis Street
Magrath, Folliott, Merchant, 31 N. Cumberland Street
Magrath, Folliott, jun. Merchant, 11 Beresford Place
Magrath, John, China & Delph seller, 63, Dorset Street
Magrath, Mark, Merchant, 13 Fleet Street
Magrath, Michael, Tailor, 47 Clarendon Street
Maguire, Alexander, Merchant, 157 N. King Street
Maguire, Daniel, Merchant, 34 Francis Street
Maguire, Edward, Currier, 27 Mill Street
Maguire,George, Floour merchant, 3 W. Arran Street
Maguire, Hugh, Tailor & Chandler, 145 gt. Britain Street
Maguire, John & George, Merchants, 3 W. Arran Street
Maguire, John, Merchant, 48 Stephen Street
Maguire, Matthew, Merchant, 25 Denmark Street
Maguire, Michael, Shoemaker, 164 gt. Britain Street
Maguire, Patrick, Yarn merchant, 3 Grant Street
Maguire, Thomas, Silk manufacturer, 55 Pill lane
Maguire, Thomas, Wine merchant, 4 Gloucester Place
Maher, Timothy, Linen draper, 10 Nicholas Street
Mahon, & Hawksworth, Coal merchants, 16 Hawkin's Street
Mahon, Michael, Shoemaker, 2 Bride's Street
Mahon, Nicholas, Merchant 26 Merchant's quay
Mahon, Thomas, Merchant, 19 Office, 16 Merchant's quay
Malacridi & Co. Map & Print sellers, 7 Mary Street
Maley & Webb, Stockbokers & Lottery office keepers, 21 Capel Street
Maley, Hezekiah, Tailor, 14 gt/ Strand Street
Mallet, Robert, Cabinet maker, 61 Capel Street
Malone, Andrew. Cardmaker, 37 Thomas Street
Malone, Joshua, Grocer, 57 Stephen Street
Malone, Silvester, Grocer 1 Henry Street & 26 Mary Street
Malone, Thomas, Grocer & Dye stuff merchant, 107 Coombe
Malone, William, Spirit merchant, 46 Thomas Street
Manager, Eleanor, Grocer, 60 Exchequer Street
Manders, Isaac, Baker, 116 James's Street
Manders, Isaac, Clothier, 39 Chamber Street
Manders, Isaac, Merchant, 41 Aston's Quay 
Manders, John, Builder & Carpenter, Luke Street
Manders, Joshua, Timber merchant, Dublin Castle
Manders, Richard, Alderman & Flour merchant, 113 James's Street
Manders, Robert, Brewer, 14 Pimlico
Mangan, Michael, Woollen draper, 32 High Street
Mangan, Thomas, Corn chandler, 17 Arran Street
Manning, Thomas & Henry, Goldsmiths & Jewellers, 60 Dame Street
Manning, J.M., Master of the English Academyh, 4 Fade Street
Manning, Patrick, Inn keeper, 65 1/2 old Whitecross, Pill lane
Maniergh, John Silk manufacturer, 52 Pill lane
Mansfield, Thomas Leather seller, 2 W. New row
Mansfield, William, Button & Trimming merchant, 1 Francis Street
Manwaring, Sylvester, Poulterer ?, 13 Ormond market
Manypenny, Henry, Tailor, 121 Capel Street
Manypenny, Jane, Mantua maker, 15 Chatham Street
Manypeny, Thomas, Comber & Clothier, 14 Pimlico
Maquay, George & John Leland, Merchants, 13 Hume Street
Marchbank, Robert, Printer & Patent medicine seller, 18 Chancery Lane
Marmion, F. & Kirwan, Merchants, 19 Greek Street
Marnock, Norman, Grocer, 23 Capel Street
Marshall, Rober, Merchant, 60 Abbey Street
Martin, Andrew, Baker, 41 Smithfield
Martin, Edmond, Carpenter & Undertaker, 154 Francis Street
Martin & Ormsby, Merchants, 3 Henry Street
Martin, Patrick, Grocer, 119 New Street
Martin, Peter, Ironmonger & Wholesale hardware merch., 55 Thomas Street
Martin, Patrick, Tin plate worker, 58 Cook Street
Martin, Thomas, Foreign Fruit merchant, 16 Smock alley
Martindale, Elizabeth, China & Delph seller, 19 up. Liffey Street
Martindale, William, Shoemaker, 2 N. Earl Street
Mason, Abraham, Ironmonger, 20 Clerendon Street
Mason, Benjamin, Seal engraver, Saul's court, Fisamble Street
Mason, Francis, Grocer, 8 F.......... Street		?
Mason, Luke, Set cooper, 17 Marrowbone lane
Mason, John, Merchant, 12 Beresford place
Mason, Margaret, Grocer, 43 Coombe
Mason, Samuel, Pewterer & Brazier, 34 Corn market
Mason, Seacombe, Optician, 8 Arran quay
Masterson, Benjamin, Tailor, 1 Fawcet's court
Masterson, Luke, Wine merchant, 141 Abbey Street
Mathers, Blacker, Linen draper, 13 Castle Street
Mathews, Ann, Vintner, 4 Dame court
Mathews, Judith, Chandler, 17 1/2 Dawson court
Mathews, James, Painter, 10 gt. Strand Street
Mathews, John, Hatter, 38 Temple bar
Mathews, Thomas, Ironmonger, 123 Thomas Street
Mathews, Mervyn, Timber merchant, 3 Luke Street
Mathewson, Joshua, Merchant, 2 Moss Street
Maturin, R. & E., Booksellers, 5 Stephen Street
Maturin, William, Clerk of the Munster Road, 71 Camden Street
Maud, W. Henry, Book auctioneer, 6 Exchange Steet
Maxwell, Hamilton, Merchant, 151 Abbey Street
Maxwell, Richard, Merchant, 18 Bridge Street
Maxwell, Garrett & Malacky, Grocers 143 Francis Street
Maxwell, James, Cabinet maker, 9 gt. Langford Street
Maxwell, John, Law stationer, 4 York Street
Maxwell, Robert, Sadler, 41 Henry Street
May, Frederick & Son, Watch makers, 31 Capel Street
May, James, Cook, 4 Copinger's row
May, James H., Sild manufacturer & Haberdasher, 15 up. Exchange Street
Maybury, Mary, Pitch, Tar & Oil seller, 3 Wood quay
Mayfield, Samuel, Cutler, 126 Capel Street
Mayne, Henry & Co. Wine merchants, 172 Abbey Street
Maziere, Andrew de la, Tea man, 38 Dame Street
Maziere, Bartholomew & Co., Merchants, 6, Mary's abbey
Meade, Thomas, Merchant & Cotton manuf. 18 Merchants's quay
Meade, Thomas, Poulterer, 9 Ormond market
Meath, Mary, Ribbon weaver, 6 Malpas Street
Medcalf, Charles, Cabinet maker, 26 Bride's alley
Medcalf, Henry, Linen draper, 44 Marrowbone lane
Meehan, Jeremiah, Woollen draper, 5 John's lane
Meehan, John, Tailor, 31 Queen Street
Meehan, Richard, Grocer, 62 Fleet Street
Meehan, Roger, Clothier, 13 Chamber Street
Meehan, Thomas, Baker, 1 Cook Street
Meekings & Callaghan, Shoemakers, 18 Capel Street
Meekings, Margaret, Milliner, 140 1/2 Capel Street
Meihan, thomas, Grocer 13 lit. Mary Street
Melvill, Mary & Rob., Merchants, 36 Bow Street
Milville, Margaret, Grocer, 53 Meath Street
Mercer, Robert, Merchant, 51 Capel Street
Mercier, Rich. Ed. & Co., Law booksellers, 31 Angelsea Street
Meredith, Charles, Gun maker, 16 Fishamble Street
Meredith, Jeffry, Stay maker, Werburgh Street
Meredith, Richard Duke, Apotecary, 11 Marleborought Street
Mergan, James Butcher, 83 Partick Street
Mergen, John, Butcher, 69 Patrick Street
Merle, John, French cook, 57 S. gt. George's Street
Merritt, John, Silk manufacturer, 12 Capel Street
Merrit, Mary & John, Sild mercers, 6 Castle Street
Metcalf, Anthony, Chandler & Soap boiler, 106 Francis Street
Meyler, John, Perfumer, 11 Duke Street
Meyler, John, Carver & Gilder, 25 Suffolk Street
Middleton, Joseph, Accountant, 6 Mark Street
Middleton, Richard, Accountant, Monk place, Phibsborough
Middleton, Martha, Linen draper, 63 Meath Street
Middleton, Samuel, Merchant, 23 Watling Street
Middlewood, William, Fruit merchant, 13 Chatham Street
Might, Adam, Sadler, 32 Bolton Street
Might, James, Sadler & Harness maker, 78 Capel Street
Millea, John, Tailor, 8 Ross lane
Miller, Ann, Hatter, 31 1/2 Essex Street
Miller, James, Basket maker, 33 Fishamble Street
Miller, John, Stone cutter, 63 New Street
Miller, Stephen, Merchant, 8 Bachelor's walk
Milliken, John, Bookseller, 32 Grafton Street
Millikin, John, Cutler, 4 Trinity Street
Millikin, John, Silk manufacturer, 7 Nicholas Street
Milling & Mitchell, Woollen drapers & Mens mercers, 76 Dame Street
Milling, Thomas, Merchant, 56 Bolton Street
Millington, Robert, Tailor & Habit maker, 30 Chancery lane
Mills, Michael, Printer, 36 Dorset Street
Mills, William, Jeweller, 13 Trinity place
Milward, George, Sadlers hardware man, 17 up. Exchange Street
Minchin, & Boyle, Salesmasters, 9 Hendrick Street
Minchin, Humphrey & Co., Wine merchants, 62 Grafton Street
Minchin, James, Grocer, 13 High Street
Minnitt & Short, Ribbon & Sild manuf. & Haberdashers, 41 Castle Street
Miot, Isaac, Grocer, 81 Stephen Street
Misset, James, Linen draper, 95 gt. Britain Street
Mitchell, Denis, Brazen head inn keeper, 30 Bridge Street
Mitchell, James, Tailor, 7 Greek Street
Mitchell, Joseph, Baker, 7 S. New row
Molineaux & Gibbons Tobacconists, 6 Essex bridge
Moller, Andrew, Merchant, 30 York Street
Moller, George, Timber merchant, 41 1/2 City quay
Molloy, Eleanor, China & Delph seller, 77 Capel Street
Molloy, George, Rectifying Distiller, 42 Patrick Street
Molloy, Philip, Merchant, 7 low. Ormond quay
Molony, A. & C, Linen Drapers, 142 N. King Street
Malony, James, Carpenter, 11 Arran Street
Molyneaux, John, Watch maker, 20 E. Cole Alley
Molyneaux, Patrick, Grocer, 69 Meath Street
Monk, John, Tailor, 14 Hoey's court
Monk, Thomas, Grocer, 6 E. Park Street
Monks, Araminta, Starch & Blue manufacturer, 91 Aungier Street
Mons, Barth, Girth web manufacturer, 3 Pimlico
Monferrat, Mark, Merchant, 177 Abbey Street
Montgomery, Alexander, Merchant, 122 Capel Street
Montgomery, Catherine, Habedasher, 17 Castle Street
Montgomery, William, Cabinet maker, 21 Wood Street
Mooney, James, Butcher, 7 Castle market & 7 Trinity place
Mooney, James, Brush maker, 74 Exchequer Street
Mooney, Richard, Distiller, 8 Watling Street
Mooney, Thomas, Ironmonger, 169 Church Street
Moore, & Maley, Wine merchants, 4 Crow Street
Moore, Anthony, Merchant, 4 Crow Street
Moore, Christopher, Grocer, 14 Queen Street
Moore, Daniel, Apothecary, 10 Grafton Street
Moore, Francis, Hatter, 20 Sackville Street
Moore, Garrett, Grocer, 46 Grafton Street
Moore, Ignatius, Grocer & Tobacconist, 121 old Church Street
Moore, James, Bookseller, 45 College green
Moore, James, Merchant, 119 & 124 Thomas Street
Moore, John, Carpenter & Machine maker, 16 Back lane
Moore, John, Linen draper & Haberdasher, 3 Cork hill
Moore, John, Serivener, 41 gt. Strand Street
Moore, John, Merchant, Flour & Whiskey factor, 61 Jervis Street
Moore, John, Salt manufacturer & Ironmonger, 82 Fleet Street
Moore, John, Tea merchant & Grocer, 12 Aungier Street
Moore, Margaret, Cheese monger & Grocer, 44 Essex Street
Moore, Mary, Stay maker & Linen draper, 39 S. King Street
Moore, Patrick, Whell wright, 17, Bridgefoot Street
Moore, Peter, Bookseller, Stationer & Hatter, 100 Grafton Street
Moore, Thomas, Thread & Tape manufacturer, 27 Elbow lane
Moore, William, Cabinet & Pianoforte maker, 47 Capel Street
Moore, William, Timber merchant & Builder, 2 Gloucester Place
Moore, William, Wine merchant, 53 Marlborough Street
Moran, Charles, Baker, 7 Werburg Street
Moran, Edward, Grocer, 23 Bridgefoot Street
Moran, Francis, Tailor, 10 Trinity place
Moran, Patrick, Butcher, 10 Hanbury lane
Moran, Patrick, Rope maker 12 Pill lane
Moran, Thomas, Cloth merchant, 6 Winetavern Street
Moran, Thomas, Club hosekeeper, 47 Sackville Street
Moran, Thomas, Glover, 53 Castle Street
Moran, William, Baker, 38 S. gt. George's Street
Morgan, Francis, Hatter, 8 Grafton Street
Morgan, James, Butcher, 2 Patrick Street
Morgan, Jane, Cotton manufacturer, 38 Charles Street
Morgan, John, Butcher, 14, Patrick Street
Morgan, John, Chandler, 15 up. Exchange, Street
Morgan, Patrick, Grocer, 5 Bride Street
Morgan, Richard, Chandler, 6 Bride Street
Morgan, Robert, Chandler, 10 gt. Britain Street
Morgan, Robert, Cabinet maker & Upholder, 21 Henry Street
Morgan, Stewart, Publican, 48 Charlemont Street
Morgan, Thomas, Tobacconist, 68 Church Street
Morgan, William, Watch maker, 19 up. Ormond quay
Morley, Catherine, Milliner, 4 Henry Street
Morris, Edward, Brush maker, 19 S. gt. George's Street
Morris, James, Distiller, 62 James's Street
Morris, Tho., Inn keeper, Spirit & Wine merchant, 32 Stoneybatter
Morris, Thomas, Tin plate worker & Oil merchant 17 Parliament Street
Morris, William, Grocer, 26 Meath Street
Morrisson, John, Tailor, 14 Crampton court
Morrisson, Robert, Carpenter, 68 Aungier Street
Morton, John, Fruiterer, 24 1/2 up. Ormond quay
Morton, William, Gun maker, 28 Castle Street
Morton, William, Stucco plasterer & Painter, 45 Fishamble Street
Moses & Wiggins, Grocers, Wine & Spirit merchants, 38 Golden lane
Motley, William, Jeweller, 41 William Street
Mosse, A. & E., Tea dealers, 11 Hoey's court
Mossop, William, Letter cutter & Dye sinker, 13 Essex quay
Moss, Edward, Tailor, 16 Cork hill
Muley, Daniel, Gun maker, 28 Parliment Street
Mulhall & Roche, Brewers, 28 James's Street
Muhall, Darby, Baker, 69 Exchequer Street
Mullanphy, Owen, Tailor, 38 Stephen Street
Mullay, James & Son, Merchants, 37, Gloucester Street
Mullen, Barnaby, Clothier, 6 Chamber Street
Muileu, Denis, Thread & Tape manufacturer, 146 Francis Street
Mullen, Henry, Silk manufacturer, 8 Hanover Street
Mullen, John, Grocer, 21 low. Coombe
Mullen, John, Shoemaker, 8 Wood quay
Mullen, Michael C., Jeweller, 6 Exchange court
Mulligan, John, Publican, 3 Townsend Street
Mulligan, Nicholas, Merchant, 25 Abbey Street
Mulvany, Charles & Co., Glass merchants, 113 Abbey Street
Mulvany, Patrick, Clothier, 20 Ardee Street
Mulvey, Bartholomew, Shoemaker, 78 Thomas Street
Murphy & Kennedy, Distillers, 105, James's Street
Murphy, Anne, Corn chandler, 81 Thomas Street
Murphy, Andrew, Woollen draper, 6 Parliament Street
Murphy, Bryan, Ironmonger, 29 Kennedy lane
Murphy, Denis, Grocer, 38 Bride Street
Murphy, Denis, Butcher, 65 Patrick Street
Murphy, Denis, Merchant, 13 Beresford place
Murphy, Edward, Nursery & Seedsman, 18 Nassau Street
Murphy, Elizabeth, Haberdasher, 13 Temple bar
Murphy, Harriot, Linen draper, 3 Nicholas Street
Murphy, James, Upholder & Auctioneer, 2 Essex quay
Murphy, James & Peter, Skinners & Tanners, 19 Watling Street
Murphy, John, Apothecary & Chemist, 56 Abbey Street
Murphy, John, Merchant, 77 Fleet Street
Murphy, Joseph, Baker, 45 Fleet Street
Murphy, Joseph, Tanner, 38 Dolphin's Barn
Murphy & Kelly, Brewers, 4 Gloster Street		?
Murphy, Laurence, Merchant, 35 Thomas Street
Murphy, Martin, Clothier, 67 Coombe
Murphy, Michael, Baker, 13 Plunket Street
Murphy, Michael, Bricklayer, 2 Fade Street
Murphy, Michael, Button manufacturer, 55 Fishamble Street
Murphy, Nicholas, Merchant, 133 Thomas Street
Murphy, Patrick, Brewer, 36 Usher's quay
Murphy, Patrick, Grocer, 132 Thomas Street
Murphy, Patrick, Cotton manufacturer, 19 Rainsford Street
Murphy, Patrick, Grocer, 76 Thomas Street
Murphy, Patrick, Grocer & Whiskey factor, 7 Wood quay
Murphy, Partrick, Shoemaker, 1 Aungier Street
Murphy, William, Inn keeper, 38 Stoneybatter
Murphy, William, Salesmaster, 48 Smithfield
Murphy, William, Shoemaker, 47 W. New row
Murphy, William, Skinner, 53 Watling Street
Murphy, William, Tailor, 7 Wood Street
Murray, Barnaby, Silk manufacturer, 45 Francis Street
Murray, Bernard, Cheese monger, 3 S. gt. George's Street
Murray, Edward, Clothier, Brabazon row
Murray, Edward, Corn chandler, 63 James's Street
Murray, James, Publican, 29 William Street
Murray, John, Cork cutter, 9 old Church Street
Murray, John, Linen draper, 79 Grafton Street
Murray, John, Painter, 140 gt. Britain Street
Murray, John, Tailor, 6 Exchange court
Murray, John, Tin plate worker, 8 Cross Poddle 
Murray, Patrick, Apothecary, 41 Grafton Street
Murray, Patrick, Brewer, 8 Ellis Quay 
Murray, Thomas, Accountant, 25 let. Mary Street
Murry, Matthew, Cork cutter, 20 Pill lane
Muspratt, Ephraim, Cor cutter, 181 Abbey Street
Mussen, Dominick, Perfumer & Starch manufacturer, 5 N. Earl Street
Myers, William, Stay maker, 46 Temple bar
Myler, William, Merchant, 171 Abbey Street

Transcriber's Note. To facilitae finding names the old style 
f meaning s has been changed to read "s".