Directory: 1801 Merchants, Traders, &c. -L

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Note. The Figures direct to the Number of each House; Mer. 
stands for Merchant; str. for street; qu. for quay; gr. for 
great; l. for little; ;a. for lane; lo. for lower; up. for 
upper; Co. for Company; N. for North; S. for South; E. for 
East; and W. for West.— Thus mared + are wholesale 
Merchants, free of the 6 and 10 per Cent. in the 
Custom-house, Dublin, as regulated by Act of Parliament

Laban, D. & M., Haberdasher, 28 Capel Street
Lacy, Joshua, Engraver, Copperplate printer & Haberdash., 15 Castle Street
Lacy, Michael, Grocer, 33 Bride Street
Lacy, Philip, Butcher, 12 Castle market
Lacy, Thomas, Skinner, 5 Watling Street
Lacy, William, Skinner, 5 Watling Street
Lafarelle, Ann, Boarding school mistress, 95 Stephen's green
Lalor, Mark, Ship chandler & Grocer, 27 George's quay
Lamb, James, Currier, 14 Nicholas Street
Lambart, Bartholomew, Clothier, 5 Brabazon Row    
Lambert, Hannah, Milliner, 53 Capel Street
Lambert, John, Clothier, 3 Pool Street
Lambert, John, Tallowchandler, 12 Chatham Street
Lambert, Patrick, Clothier, 8 Brabazon Street
Lambert, William, Clothier, 9 Chambre Street
Lamprey, Edward, Wax chandler, 12 S. gt. George's Street
Lamprey, Sarah, Cutler, 29 Castle Street
Lanauze & Cooke, Grocers, 18 William Street
+Lancake, William, Merchant, 66 Queen Street
Landy, John, Hat maker, 4 lit. Ship Street
Landy, Peter, Rectifying distiller, 58 Bridgefoot Street
Lang, & Hawthorn, Merchants, 5 Lurgan Street
+Lang, James, Merchant, 10 Eccles Street
Langan, Christopher, Hosier, 43 High Street
Langan, George, Silk dyer, 7 Fordham alley
Langley, & Co. Milliners, 147 Abbey Street
Langston, John, Sheriff's-peer & Gunmaker, 22, Eustace-street
Laphen, Thomas, Shoemaker, 40 Fleet Street
Largon, Robert, Painter & Glazier, 5, E. Temple Street
Larkin, James, Baker, 81 James's Street
Larkin, John, Globe coffee housekeeper, 51 Essex Street
Larkin, Judith, Tobacconist & Grocer, 144 Thomas Street
Larkin, Matthew, Haberdasher, 43, Stephen Street
Larkin, Matthew, Poulterer, 19 Castle market
Larkin, Thomas, Tallow chandler, 23 Mary's Lane
Larkin, William, Poulterer, 31 Castle market
La Touche, Rt. Hon. David & Co. Bankers, 28 Castle Street
+La Touche, (Peter Digges) Merchant, 29 Leeson Street
Laughlin, Arthur, Shoemaker, 66 High Street
Laurance, Alexander, Woollen draper, 71 Back lane
Laurent, Charles, Mer. & Reg to C. Musical Soc., 6 Mecklenburgh St.
Law, L. Nihell & Co., Distillers, 20 gt. Strand Street
Law, Jane, Stone cutter, 67½ Bride Street
Law, Richard, Silk maufacturer, 35 New market
Law, William, Goldsmith * Jeweller, 1, Sackville Street
Lawler, Maurice, Glover & Breeches-maker, 1, King's inns quay
Lawler, Mary, Grocer 118 James's Street
Lawler, Patrick, Grocer, 1 Cavandish Row 
Lawless, Patrick, Currier, 21 Winetavern Street
Lawless, Philip, Brewer, 6 Warren's mount, Mill Street
Lawless, Timothy, Plaister & Stucco worker, 39 Bride Street
Laurence, John, Tea merchant, 23 Fleet Street
Lawrence, Robert, Miniature painter 35 Fredrick Street
Leacock, John, Butcher, 24 Ormond market
Leahy, & Blaquiere, Army agents, 49 Dawson Street
Lear, James, Tin plate worker, 14 Nassau Street
Leard, Richard, Sadler, 170 gt. Britain Street
Leary, Edmond, Grocer, 14 Castle Street
Leavy, Andrew, Carpenter & Timber merchant, 30 Fisher's Lane
Leavy, Michael, Grocer, 37 Leeson Street
Ledsam, Andrew, Shoemaker, 11 Arran Quay 
Ledwich, Elizabeth, Painter & Glazier, 56 Fleet Street
Ledwich, William, Livery stable keeper, 3, Harry St. 
Lee, Andrew, Tailor, 15 Arran's quay
Lee, Edmond, Music seller & Instument maker, 2 Dame Street
Lee, E. Examinator of Landwaiters & Surveyors Books, Custom House
Lee, John, Hatter, 5 Skinner row
Lee, John, Music seller & Instument maker, 70 Dame Street
Lee, Thomas & Co. Merchants, 14 Bridge Street
Leeson, Timothy, Woollen draper, 7 Cook Hill
Legh, Peter, Merchant, 91 Cook Street
Le Maistre, Henry, Watch maker, 71 Kevin Street
Lemaistre, Sofia, Milliner, 3 Abbey Street
Le Maitre, H. F., Tea & Muffin dealer, 17 French Street
Lenaghan, Maurice, Currier, 34 Nicholas Street
Leonard, Bridget, Confectioner, 63 Meath Street
Leonard, Edward, Grocer, 59 Thomas Street
Leonard, Philip, Linen draper, 33 Corn market
Leonard, Sarah, Furniture Cotton merchant, 12 Werburg Street
Leslie, William, Grocer, 25 Henry Street
L'Estrange, Anthony, Watch & Clock maker, 93 Dame Street
Lett, Benjamin, Carpenter, 6 Cope Street
Lett, John, Haberdasher & Fringe manufacturer, 89 Grafton Street
Leverty, James, Linen draper, 23 Cuffe Street
Levey, Nicholas, Painter, 170 Abbey Street
Leving, Peter, Butcher, 23 Beresford Street
Levy, John, Grocer, 23 Chambre Street
Lewellyn, James, House painter, 7 S. Anne Street
Lewins, John, Card maker, 38 Vicar Street
Lewis, George, Glazier & Painter, 16 Phenix Street
Lewis, Richard, Sadler to his Exceleincy the Lord Lieut., 38 Camden Street
Lewis, Stephen, Cork manufacturer, 6 Liffey Street
Leydon, Sarah & Co., Grocers, 29 Temple bar
Lighton, Sir Thomas, Bart. & Co., Bankers, Foster Place
Lightburne, Willoughby, Alderman, 44 Dawson Street
Lilly, Hamilton, Wine merchant, Granby Row
Lilly, Robert, Slator, 2 lit. Longford Street
Linam, James, Stone Carver, Marlborough Street
Lindsay, William & Son, Haberdashers, 24 Parliment Street
+Lindsay, John & Co., Merchants, 39 Sackville Street
Linfoot, Richard, Paper merchant, 18 Temple bar
Lisware, Richard, Shoemaker, 8½ Golden Lane
+Litton, Richard, Merchant,  21 low. Ormond quay
Livernet, Alexis, Jeweller, 35 S. gt. George's Street
Livingston, Alexander, Public Accoutant, 48, Brunswick Street
Lloyd, John, Apothecary, 16 Nassau Street
Lloyd, John & Son, Button manufacturers, 36 Castle Street
Lloyd, John, Rope maker, 81 Rogerson's quay
Lloyd, William, Linen draper & Haberdasher, 150 gt. Britain Street
Lloyd, William, Proprietor of the Merchants Stores, Tucker's row
Lloyd, William, Skinner & Inn keeper, 15 Stoneybatter
Lock, Elizabeth, Chandler, 56 S. gt. George's Street
Lock, John, Baker, 9 S. King Street
Locke, Walter, Paper stainer & House painter, 134 Townsend Street
Lockhead, James, Fancy Hat manufacturer, 38 Nicholas Street
Lockyer, William, Merchant, 13 Brunswick Street
Lodge, Mary, Haberdasher, 35 College Green
Logan, James, Shoemaker, 22 Clarendon Street
Logan, John, Seal engraver, 10 Aungier Street
Logan, Thomas, Paper stainer, 23 Temple bar
Long, Abraham, Shoemaker, 5 Nassau Street
Long, Ann, Tallow chandler, 119, James's Street
Long, Mark, Grocer, 11 Angelsea Street
Long, William, Coach maker 12 Mary Street
Longford, & Cahill, Chip & Straw hat manufact., 61 S. gt. George's St.
Lord, Laurence, Linen draper, 13 Tighe Street
Lord, Mary, Hatter & Hosier, 19 Capel Street
Loughlin, James, Apthecary, 13 King Street
Louch, Richard Lucius, Architect & Measurer, 27 Poolbeg Street
Love, William, Wollen draper, 25 Francis Street
Lovely, Robert, Slate merchant, 26 Poolbeg Street
Lowe, Mary, Metal Sash maker, 12 Marlborough Street
Lowe, Robert, Carpenter, 18½ Montgomery Street
+Lowery, James, Merchant, 54 Pill Lane
Lowery, Michael, Brewer & Merchant, 11 Meath Street
Lowth, Edmond, Brush maker, 2 S. Gt. George's Street
Lube, Patrick, Wholesale Woollen draper, 41 Bridge Street
Lucas, Cooke & Minchin, Woollen drapers, 10 Parliament Street
Lundy, George, Brazier, 49 N. King Street
+Lunell, George, Merchant, 99 Capel Street
Lunn, Thomas, Button manufacturer, 16 Ross Lane
Lunt, David, Tobacconist, 18 Exchequer Street
Lynar, Alex., Treasurer to Trustees of Circular road, 53 Capel Street
Lynar, David, Corn chandler, 10 Hay market
+Lynch & Young, Merchants, 31 W. New row
Lynch, Catharine, Glover, 62 Pill Lane
Lynch, Charles, Merchant, 61 Pill Lane
Lynch, Dorothea, Livery stable keeper & Coach owner, 23 Denzile St.
Lynch, Edward, Tailor, 26 Bachelor's walk
Lynch, James, Merchant, 22 Bachelor's walk
Lynch, James, Optician, 26 Capel Street
Lynch, John, Grocer, 103, N. King Street
Lynch, John, Worsted manufacturer, 13 Spittlefields
Lynch, John, Hosier, 15, up. Bridge Street
+Lynch, Jonathan, Merchant, 3. Usher's quay
Lynch, Joseph, Tailor, 5 Greek Street
Lynch, Laurence, Shoemaker, 13 King's inns quay
Lynch, Laurence, Whip maker, 14 Essex Street
Lynch, Michael, Grocer, 34 Hammond lane
Lynch, Thomas & Co., Grocers & Tobacconists, 22 Old Church Street
Lyndon, Ann, Miniature painter, 49 Jervis Street
Lyng, Denis, Grocer, 52 City quay
Lynham, Christie, Shoemaker, 10 gt. Britain Street
Lynham, Thomas, Publican, 84 James's Street
Lynnam, Joseph, Currier, 90 Cook Street	
Lyons, Henry, Merchant, 2 Mountjoy Square, N.
Lyons, John, Grocer, 42 Golden lane
Lyons, Mary, Mercer, 85 Grafton Street
+Lyons, Robert, Merchant, 16 Dorset Street
Lyons, Samuel, Skinner & Tanner, 10 Watling Street
Lyons, William, Clothier, 5 Weaver's Square	

Transcriber's Note. To facilitae finding names the old style 
f meaning s has been changed to read "s".