Directory: 1801 Merchants, Traders, &c. K

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Note. The Figures direct to the Number of each House; Mer. 
stands for Merchant; str. for street; qu. for quay; gr. for 
great; l. for little; ;a. for lane; lo. for lower; up. for 
upper; Co. for Company; N. for North; S. for South; E. for 
East; and W. for West.— Thus mared + are wholesale 
Merchants, free of the 6 and 10 per Cent. in the 
Custom-house, Dublin, as regulated by Act of Parliament

Kane, Daniel, Woollen draper, 12 Francis Street
Kane, John, Grocer, 44 Henry Street
Kane, Mark, Grocer, 1 gt. Ship Street
Kane, Partick, Leather cutter, 34 Back Lane
Kane, Partick, Tanner, 37 Chamber Street
Kane, William, Coach maker, 16 Aungier Street
Kathrens, Benjamin, Umbrella & Oil cloth manufacturer, 8 Trinity Street
Kavanagh, Ann, Grocer, 62 Stephen Street
Kavanagh & Brett, Sugar bakers, 26 Stephen Street
Kavanagh, Charles, Watchmaker, 6 S. Anne Street
Kavanagh, John, Goldsmith & Jeweller, 32 Capel Street
Kavanagh, Michael, Livery stable keeper, Moore Lane
Kavanagh, Michael, Merchant, 26 Stephen Street
Kavanagh, Miles, Cabinet maker, 24 Bride's Alley
Kavanagh, Patrick, Coach maker, 14 Denzile Street
Kavanagh, Patrick, Sugar baker, 66 Exchequer Street
Kaven, John, Grocer, 7 Stoneybatter
Keane, James, Tobacconist, 12 Thomas Street
Keane, Richard, Trimming manufacturer, 7 Wormwood Gate
Keane, Roger, Sild manufacturer, 12 Bridge Street
Kearney, Andrew, Cutler, 37 Bridge Street
+Kearney, Hickman & Michael, Merchants, 12 Bachelor's Walk
Kearney & Kirwan, Coach makers, 32 gt. Britain Street
Kearney & Reilly Merchants, 143 Thomas Street
Kearney, Bartholomew, Grocer, 39 Pimlico
Kearney, John, Stone blue & Starch manufacturer, 38 Patrick Street
Kearney, Joshua, Carver & Gilder, 186 gt. Britain Street
Kearney, Justin, Apothecary, 8 William Street
Kearney, Maurice, Broker, 8 Bride's Alley
Kearney, Peter, Vinter, 19 Crow Street
Kearns, Garret, Shoemaker, 38 High Street
Kearns, James, Shoemaker, 26 Nassau Street
Kearns, John, Auctioneer & Sworn broker, 112 Grafton Street
Kearns, Joseph, Musick seller, 44 Grafton Street
Kearns, Mary, Haberdasher, 112 Grafton Street
Kearns, Paul, Hat linen manuf. & Wholesale Haberdasher, 6 up. Bridge Street
Kearns, Peter, Vintner, 6 Kildare Street
Keary, Matthias, Upholder & Auctioneer, 38 Aungier Street
Keary, Michael, Tanner, 44 James's Street
Keary, Patrick, China & Delph seller, 1 Poddle   ?
Keary, Thomas, Baker, 39 up. Coombe
Keating, George, Stucco man & Painter, 29 Meckleburgh Street
Keating, Michael, Goldsmith, 14 E. Cole Alley
Keating, Patrick, Butcher, 102 Patrick Street
Keating, Patrick, Perfumer & Powder manuf., 196 Great Britain Street
Keavin, John, Floorman, 80 Townsend Street
Keeffe, Daniel, Breeches maker & Glover, 6 Mary Street
Keegan, John, Butcher, 27 Clarendon Market
Keeling, Mary, Tin plate worker, 84 Pill Lane
Keely, Edward, Paper stainer, 141 Capel Street
Kehoe, Michael, Ship builder, 92 Rogerson's Quay
Kehoe, Patrick & Co., Pawnbrokers, Angel Court
Keene, John Goldsmith, 67 Dame Street
Keene, William, Goldsmith, 73 Dame Street
Keightly, Richard, Bookseller, 111 Capel Street
Kellett, John, Carpenter & Timber merchant, 6 Mary Street
Kellett, John, Hat maker, 54 N.King Street
Kells, Robert, Whipmaker, 36 Smithfield
Kelly, Anne, Grocer, 14 Great Britain Street
Kelly, Barnaby, Confectioner, 13 E. Arran Street
Kelly, Charles Aylmer, Watchmaker, 22 Stephen Street
+Kelly, Chritlop. & Co., Wholesale Woollen drapers, 25 Merchant's Quay
+Kelly, Daniel, Merchant, 14 Merchants Quay
Kelly, Denis & Co., Pawnbrokers, 30 N. King Street
Kelly, Edward, Distiller, 31 Old Church Street
Kelly, Edward & Co., Wholesale Linen drapers, 57 Pill Lane
Kelly, Eugene, Brush maker, 33 Mary's Abbey
Kelly, Francis, Glover, 47 Grafton Street
Kelly, George, Brushmaker, E. Arran Street & 1 Brush Row
Kelly, Henry, Tailor, 4 Cecilia Street
Kelly, Hugh, Cooper, low. Liffey Street
Kelly, James, Merchant, 117 Thomas Street
Kelly, James Reilly, Merchant, 165 Old Church Street
Kelly, James, Carpenter, 26 lit. Ship Street
Kelly, Jane, Brushmaker, 20 Arran Street
Kelly, John, Apothecary, 1 S. King Street
Kelly, John, Corn factor, 16 W. Cole Alley
Kelly, John, Confectioner, 40 College Green
Kelly, John, Grocer, 153 Old Church Street
Kelly, John, Hosier & Linen draper, 20 Corn Market
Kelly, John & Richard, Linen merchants, 11 Usher's Quay
Kelly, John, Livery stable keeper, 13 Duke Street
Kelly, John, Merchant, 14 Dorset Street
Kelly, John, Potter, 11 S. New Row
Kelly, John, Shoemaker, 39 Castle Street
Kelly, John, Tallow chandler, 10 Golden Lane
+Kelly, John, Wine merchant, 20 Great Ship Street
Kelly, Joseph, Tanner, 147 James's Street
Kelly & Kennedy, Grocers, 100 Capel Street
Kelly, Laurence, Factor & Tobacconist, 103 Thomas Street
Kelly, Magdalen, Earthenware seller, 154 Old Church Street
Kelly, Marks, Tailor, 37 Dawson Street
Kelly, Martin, Baker, 42 Bolton Street
Kelly, Mary, Linen draper, 18 Corn Market
Kelly, Michael, Clothier, 36 New Market
Kelly, Michael, Grocer, 10 Townsend Street
Kelly, Michael, Publican, 72 Queen Street
Kelly, Nehemiah, Brushmaker, 17 S. gt. George's Street
Kelly, Nicholas, Printer, Bookseller & Stationer, 6 S. gt. George's Street
Kelly, Patrick & Co., Grocers & Merchants, 100 Capel Street
Kelly, Patrick, Turner, 17 Ash Street
Kelly, Richard, Stonecutter, 36 low. Ormond Quay
Kelly, Thomas, Cooper, 51 New Row, Poddle
Kelly, Thomas, Jeweller, 3 F. Cole Alley
Kelly, Thomas, Tool cutter & Engraver, 10 Hay Market
Kelly, William, Grocer, 33 Skinner Row
Kelsall,  Robert, Calondrer, 1 Halston Street & 159 N. King Street		
Kelsey, Thomas,  Sander, 83 Pill Lane
Kemston, John, Confectioner, 3 up. Ormand Quay
Kennan, Thomas, Mechanic tool dealer, 19 Fishamble Street
Kennedy & Cioffey, Grocers, 4 Castle Street
Kennedy, Andrew, Grocer, 6 Patrick Street
Kennedy, Catherine, Linen draper, 10 N. King Street
Kennedy, Denis, Grocer, 18 Wood Quay
Kennedy, Ester, Boarding school mistress, 22 Mary's Abbey
Kennedy, James, Dancing, Fencing & Music master, 20 Anglesea Street
Kennedy, James, Coach owner, 71 Capel Street
Kennedy, James, Goldsmith, 22, Chancery Lane
Kennedy, John, Apothecary, 42 Old Church Street
Kennedy, John, Biscuit baker, 8 low. Abbey Street
Kennedy, John, Distiller, 97 James's Street
Kennedy, John, Tailor, 12 Trinity Street
Kennedy, John, Waterford Glass merchant, 50 Stephen Street
Kennedy, Nicholas Ward, Classical School master, 3 lit. Britain Street
Kennedy, Richard, Paulterer, 29 Fisher's Lane
Kennedy, Roger, Watchmaker, 85 Abbey Street
Kennedy, T. & J., Wholesale Linen drapers, 26 Corn Market
Kennedy, Thomas, Carpenter & Undertaker, 27 up. Ormand Quay
Kennedy, William, Grocer, 83 Grafton Street
Kennedy, William, Merchant, 3 Usher's Island
Kenney, Hugh, Spirit & Porter merchant, 1 S. Prince's Street
Kenny, Hugh, Alexander, Brushmaker, 68 Exchequer Street
Kenny, Bartholomew, Grocer 39 Pimlico
Kenny, John, Linen draper, 23 1/2 Corn Market
Kenny, Martin, Wine merchant, 4 Aston's Quay
Kenny, Matthew, Harness maker, 113 Thomas Street
Kenny, Thomas, Shoemaker, 26 Temple Bar
+Kenny, Thomas, Wine merchant, 13 lit. Britain Street
+Kenny, William, Paper & Wine merchant, 20 Usher's Quay
Keogh, Miles, Shoemaker, 62 High Street
+keogh, Thomas, Merchant, 23 Townsend Street
Keon, Peter, Wine merchant & Grocer, 97 Great Britain Street
Kernan & Molloy, Woollen drapers, 5 Parliment Street
Kerney, James, Baker, 11 Townsend Street
Kerr, Richard, Publican, 6 Angelsea Street
Kertland & Co. Chymists & Perfumers, 177 Abbey Street
Kilch, Patrick Vintnew & Innkeeper, 65 Church Street
Kildahl, James, Merchant, up. Mount Street
Kildahl, Nicholas, Carpenter & Builder, 4 Gloster Street
Killen, Bernard, Carpenter, 25 Townsend Street
Killen, John, Sadler, 20 Suffolk Street
Kinahan & Co., Grocers, 43 Capel Street
Kinahan, Daniel, Wine merchant & Grocer, 12 Trinity Street
Kindelan & Byrne, Dyers, 35 Pimlico
Kinder & Cotton, China, Glass & Delph merchants, 40 Essex Street
Kinder, George, Cutler, 35 Exchequer Street
Kinder, Thomas, Glass & China man, 61 Dame Street
King, A.B., Printer & Stationer to the House of Commons, 36 Dame Street
King, Gayner, Cutler, 118 Capel Street
King, George, Coach keeper & Undertaker, 131 New Street
King, George, Presser, 11 W. Park Street
King, James & Co., Card makers & House painters, 18 Grafton Street
King, John, Linen draper, 133 Townsend Street
King, Mary, Linen draper, 22 Denmark Street
King, Robert, Merchant, Yarn Hall
Kinsela, Francis, Corn chandler, 61 Francis Street
+Kinsela, Thomas, Merchant & Looking glass manuf., 12 Usher's Street
Kinsley & Saks, Brewers, 11 Beresford Street
Kinsley, Thomas, Merchant, 12 George's Street, George's Quay
Kinsley, Thomas, Sheriff's peer & Drug merchant, 107 Capel Street
Kirchner, John, Furrier, 193 gt. Britain Street
Kiraffer, Hall, Cabinet maker, 62 Henry Street
Kirkpatrick, Alexander, Merchant, 32 N. gt. George's Street
Kirkpatrick, Francis, William & Co., Merchants, 3 low Ormands Quay
Kirwan, Benjamin, Chandler, 39 Leeson St         
Kirwan, Patrick, Woolcomber, 20 Spittlefields
Kirwan, Thomas, Merchant, 41 Townsend Street
Knott, William, Thread & Tape manufacturer, 25 W. New Row
Knowles, Mary Baker, 33 Charles Street

Transcriber's Note. To facilitae finding names the old style 
f meaning s has been changed to read "s".