Directory: 1801 Merchants, Traders, &c. -I & J  

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Note. The Figures direct to the Number of each House; Mer. 
stands for Merchant; str. 		for street; qu. for quay; 
gr. for great; l. for little; ;a. for lane; lo. for lower; 
up. for upper; Co. for Company; N. for North; S. for South; 
E. for East; and W. for West.— Thus mared + are wholesale 
Merchants, free of the 6 and 10 per Cent. in the 
Custom-house, Dublin, as regulated by Act of Parliament
 Inch, John, Carpenter, 28 Denzille Street	
 Irvine, Charles Wholesale Woollen draper, 58 Pill Lane 
 Irwin, Graham, Spring maker, 53½ Jervis St.			
 Irwin, James, Glazier & House painter, 50 Moore Street			
 Irwin, Ormsby, Watchmaker & Jeweller, 24 Grafton Street
 Irwin, Thomas, Wine merchant, 5 George's bill		
 Irwin, William, Watchmaker & Jeweller, 9 Christ Church lane
 Jackson, Charles, silk & Worsted weaver, 16 James's Street
 Jackson, Henry, Iron, Rotling & Slitting mills, 74 Rogerson's quay		
 Jackson, James, China & Earthen-ware- man, 19 & 31 Essex Sreet
 Jackson, John, Iron founder, 160 Church Street
 Jackson, John, Ivory turner, 104 Grafton Street
 Jackson, Josiah & Son, Chandlers, 59 Barrack Street
 Jackson, Joseph, Goldsmith & Jeweller, 7, Hoey's Court		
 Jackson, Joshua, Cotton manufacturer, 8 Crane Street
 Jackson, Mary, Butcher, 42 Patrick Street
 Jackson, Richard, Looking glass-seller, 8 Essex Bridge
 Jackson, Samuel, Cotton manufacturer, 15 Cork Street
 Jackson, Thomas, Bookseller, 23 Parliament Street & 3 Sackville Street
 Jackson, William, Clothier, 32? up. Coombe
 Jackson, William, Tailor, 8 Crow Street
 +Jaffray & Hantenville, Merchants, 19 Eutace Street
 James, Wm., Alderman & Merchant, 90 Bride Street & 23 William Street
 Janillion & Fagan, Perfumers, Starch & Hair powder manuf. 16 Capel Street
 Jemison, William, Public accountant, 47 Brunswick Street
 Jenkins, Erasmus Wm., Jeweller, 9 Trinity Place
 Jennet, Christopher, Brewer, 28 James's Street
 Jennet, Christopher, Victualler, 7 Union Street
 Jennet, Christopher, Victualler, 20 Kevin's port
 Jennet,  James, Tanner, 3 Kilmainham		
 Jennings, George, Cabinet maker & Auctioneer, 21 Aston's quay	
 Jesson James, Gold & Silver lace man & Hatter, 12 Dame Street
 Jesson, Thomas, Pawnbroker, 14 Temple Lane
 Jessop, Aerry, Thread & Tape manufacturer, 63 Thomas Street  	
 Jessop, Samuel & Thomas, Merchants, 35 up. Coombe
 Jewster, Wm. & Co., Hatters to his Excel. the Ld. Lieutenant, 34 Dame Street
 Johnson, Francis, Chandler, 22 S. Anne Street
 Johnson, William, Flax dresser, 156 N. King Street
 Johnston, Ana, Brush maker, 124 Capel Street
 Johnston, David, Bricklayer, North Street
 Johnston, Francis, Architect, 6 Eccles Street			
 Johnston Francis, Chandler, 22 S. Anne Street
 Johnston, James, Livery lace & Fringe manufacturer, 5 Nicholas Street
 +Johnston, Joseph, Jeweller, 2 Fawcet's court		
 Johnston, John, Leather cutter, 5 W. New row
 Johnston, Matthew, Merchant, 143 Abbey Street
 Johnston, Peter, Livery lace manufacturer, 5 Nicholas Street
 Johnston, Richard, Architect, 24 Eccles Street
 Johnston, William, Fruiterer, 88 Dame Street
 Johnstone, James, City Engineer, Pipe water office, 8 Stafford Street
 Jolly, Henry, Shoemaker, 50 S. King Street
 Jolly, William, Agent, Custom house
 Jolly, William, Painter, 17 Gt. Ship Street
 Jolly, Wm., Spanish Leather manufacturer, 33 S New row
 Jones, Alice, Grocer, 150 Old Church Street
 Jones, Drury, Wholesale Grocer & Wine merchant, 65 Grafton Street
 Jones, Eliza, Merchant & Factor, 6 S. Earl Street
 Jones, Eliza, Skinner, 15, S. New row
 Jones, Francis, Merchant, North Street
 Jones, Humphrey, Linen draper, 84 Pill lane
 +Jones, James, Merchant, 68 City quay
 Jones, Jeremiah, Wine & Porter merchant, 29 Moore Street
 Jones, John, Biscuit baker, 31 George's quay
 Jones, John, Printer & Bookfeller, 91? Bride Street
 Jones, Michael, Chandler & Tobacconist, 5 Cross Poddle		
 Jones & Walsh, Dry Coopers, 9 George's Hill
 Jones, Patrick, House & Floor cloth painter, 46 Henry Street
 Jones, Rice, Hardware merchant, 67 Thomas Street
 Jones, Susannah, Haberdasher, 37 William Street
 Jones, Thomas, Tailor, 9 Dame  Court
 Jones, Thomas, Clothier, 20 Pool Street
 Jones, Thomas, Hosier, 12 Corn Market
 Jones, William, Bookseller & Lottery office keeper, 26 College Gr.
 Jones, William, Cabinet maker, 31 Ormond quay
 Jones, William, Hard ware merchant, 75 Thomas Street
 Joy, Francis, Stone cutter, 18 Sterling lane
 Jordan, Stewart & Co. Wholesale merchants, 5 old Church Street
 Jordan, Thomas, Hosier, 40 Pill Lane
 Jouille, John-Francis, Perfumer, 10 Henry Street
 Judge, James, Grocer, 7 Back lane
 Judge, John, Grocer, 45 Dorset Street
 Judge, Philip, Grocer, 141 old Church Street
 Juxon, William, Watch & Clockmaker, 9 Christ church lane
 Transcriber's Note. To facilitae finding names the old 
style f meaning s has been changed to read "s".