Directory: 1801 Merchants, Traders, &c. -H

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Note. The Figures direct to the Number of each House; Mer. 
stands for Merchant; str. for street; qu. for quay; gr. for 
great; l. for little; ;a. for lane; lo. for lower; up. for 
upper; Co. for Company; N. for North; S. for South; E. for 
East; and W. for West.— Thus mared + are wholesale 
Merchants, free of the 6 and 10 per Cent. in the 
Custom-house, Dublin, as regulated by Act of Parliament

Hacket, Bartholomew, Breeches maker, 131 Capel Street
Hacket, Pierce, Collector, 47 Marlborough Street
Hagaty, Hester, Maria & Ann, Frnech & English teachers, 19 P Prussia Street
+Hague, John & Co., Woollen factors, 51 Fishamble Street
Haig, Robert, Distiller, Irshtown, Spirit stores, 16 Temple Bar
Hale, Edward, Loom maker, 18 Carman's Hall 
Hale, James, Worsted manufacturer, 17 Spittlefields
Haliday, William, Chymical Druggist & Apothecary, 33 Arran Quay
Hall & Byrne, Woollen drapers, 10 Francis Street
Hall, James, Goldbearer, 2 Eustace Street
Hall, Robert, Merchant, 17 Moore Street
Hall, Robert, Mill wright, 13  Engine Alley      
Hall, Thomas, Apothecary & Chymist, 40 up. Liffey Street
Hall, William, son, Dyer, 35 Champion Street
Halligan, George, Moird hotel keeper, 14 Sackville Street
Halligan, Peter, Mill wright, 44   Thomas Court
Hallam, Benjamin, Painter, 51 Abbey Street
Halloran, George, Hardware & Trimming merchant, 1 up. Bridge Street
Halpen, John, Bookseller & Stationer, 19 Sackville Street
Halpen, Samuel, Harness maker, 20 Bridgefoot Street
Halpins & Hannon, Distillers, Petticoat Lane
Halpin, Mary & Martha, Haberdashers, 5 Mecklenburgh Street
Halpin, Paget, Engraver, 32 Mecklenburgh Street
Halpin, Richard, Baker, 18 Cook Street
Halpin, William, Tanner, 12 Kilmainham
Ham, Paul, Glover & Skinner, 45 Pill Lane
Hamill, Francis, Apothecary & Druggist, 2 Townsend Street
+Hamill, Hugh & Co., Merchants, 31 Dominick Street
Hamilton, Alexander, Painter & Glazier, 8 Meath Street
Hamilton, Edward, China merchant, 24 E. Arran Street
Hamilton, Emanuel, Trimming manufacturer, 6 W. Park Street
Hamilton, Francis, Sadler, 79 Castle Street
Hamilton, Grace, Haberdasher, 30 Jervis Street
Hamilton, Hugh & Co., Sugar bakers, 4 Beresford Street
Hamilton, James, Turner & Timber merchant, 59 Mary's Lane
Hamilton, James, Merchant, 18 up. Ormond Quay
Hamilton, Jane & Co., Milliners & Haberdashers, 50 Capel Street
Hamilton, Joseph, Gust. & Co., Mer. & Linen factors, 11   Linenhall Street
Hamilton, William, Brazier, 19 1/2 Beresford Street
Hammer, Ann, Fan maker, 19 Grafton Street
Hammond, Hugh, Stone cutter, 11 Beresford Street
Hanaway, Richard, Dry cooper, 1 Manor Street     
Hanagan, Bridget, Grocer, 24 Hawkin's Street     
Hanbury, John Brass founder, 18 lit. Mary Street
Handley, Joseph, Stone cutter, 113 gt. Britain Street
Hanley, James, Shoemaker, 5 Capel Street
Hanlon, Bryan, Flour man, 14 lit. Mary Street
Hanlon, Hugh, Baker, 5 Townsend Street
Hanlon, Thomas, Victualler, 14 Brabazon Street
Hanly, Andrew, Grocer, 7 W. Charles Street
Hanly, Thomas, Wine cooper, 18 up. Liffey Street
Hanna, James, Grocer 14 Henry Street
+Hanna, Moore & M'Cord, Merchants, 27 low. Ormond quay
Hannon, Mary, Baker, 48 Fishamble Street
+Hansbrow, Patrick, Merchant, 10 low. Gloucester Street   
Hanratty, Thomas, Spirit dealer, 101 Pill Lane
Hannyngton, George, Merchant, 7 up. Gardiner Street
Harding, Henry, Grocer, 145 Thomas Street
Hardy, John & Christopher, Hunting & Army sadlers, 15 Cork Hill
Harding, William, Woollen draper, 2 Corn Market
Hardy, Edward, fen, Iron monger, 116 Thomas Street     ?
Hardy, Edward, jun., Iron monger, 112 Thomas Street
Hardy, John, Silk manufacturer, 51 Bridgefoot Street
Harford, John, Shoemaker, 82 Dorset Street
Hargraft & Dunns, Curriers, 11 Winetavern Street
Hargrave, Mary, Chandler, 56 S. King Street
Harkness, William, Merchant, 22 Dominick Street
Harlin, James, Currier, 71 Cook Street
Harlin, John, Baker, 70 Cook Street
Harney, Martin, Woollen draper & Button merchant, 17 Skinner Row
Harpur, Basil, Vintner, 5 Dame Court
Harrihill, John, Perfumer, 20 Anglesea Street
Harricks, Jane & Charles, Coach makers, 63 Marlborough Street
Harricks, John, Chandler, 93 James's Street
Harricks, Joseph, Thread & Tape manufacturer, 26 W. New Row
Harricks, Thomas, Hosier, 7 Trinity Street
Herrington, Henry, Butcher, 29 Patrick Street
Herrington, James, Vintner, 14 Grafton Street
Harrington, William, Trunk maker, 27 Fishamble Street
Harris, Thomas, Brazier, 13 Bolton Street
Harrison, Henry, Clerk of the Connaught Road, 55 Exchequer Street
Harrison, James, Grocer, 27 Patrick Street
Harrison, Jervis, Woollen draper & Men's mercer, 48 College Green
Harrison, John, Shoemaker, 42 Fleet Street
Harrison, Thomas, Tailor, 45 gt. Strand Street
Hart & West, Woollen drapers, 79 College Green
Hart, Hugh, Glass cutter, 12 Skinner Row
Hart, John, Lottery office keeper, 101 Grafton Street
Hart, John, Silk manufacturer & Hosier, 14 Cork Hill
Hart, Mary Ann, Grocer, 53 James's Street
Hart, Matthew, Woollen draper, 75 Dame Street
Hart, Michael, Chandler, 70 Mechlenburgh Street
Hart, Michael, Perfumer, 17 Grafton Street
Hart, Owen, Skinner, 45 Watling Street
Hart, Owen, Trimming merchant, 20 W. New Row
Hart, Patrick, Skinner, 18 Watling Street
+Hartley, James, merchant, 89 Bride Street
Hartley, Martha, Haberdasher & Silk merchant, 4 Nicholas Street
Hartstronge, Henry, Watch maker, 4 Corn Market
Hartwell, John, Timber merchant, 15 Golden Lane
Harvey, Joseph, Tallow chandler, 8 Corn Market
Harvey, Margaret, Chandler, 75 S. gt. George's Street
Harvey, Thomas, Carpenter, 70 Great Britain Street
Harvey, William & Co., Glaziers, 53 Exchequer Street
Haskey, Thomas, Gunsmith, 16 up. Ormond Quay
Haskins, Charles, Army clothier, 1 Summer Street
Hasset, James, Grocer, 10 Clare Street
Hasset, Thomas, Grocer, 17 Mill Street
Haslum, Richard, Clerk in Permit office, 19 gt. Strand Street        
Hastings & Craven, Apothecaries, 41 Dawson Street
Hatchell, Henry, Accoutremen maker, 153 Capel Street   
Hatchell, Mary, Haberdasher, 1 up. Ormond Quay
Hatton, Bartholomew, Skinner, 21 S. New Row
Hatton, William, Skinner, 24 S. New Row
+Hawksley & Rutherford, Merchants, 22 low. Ormond Quay
Hawkesworth, James, Carver & Gilder, 12 Duke Street
Hawkins, John, Shoemaker, 46 Bishop Street
Hawkins & Rooney, Coach makers, 188 Great Britain Street
+Hawthorn, William, Linen merchant, 5 Lurgan Street         
Hay, Ann, Seed merchant, 4 Old Church Street
Hay, M.J., Carpenter, Builder & Timber merchant, 39 up. Dorset Street
Hayes, Andrew, Shoemaker13 Arran Quay
Hayes, Peter, Tailor, 7, John's Lane
Hayes, William & Robert, Wholesale Linen drapers, 33 Bridge Street
Hayes, Thomas, Bookseller, 34 Chancery Lane
Heaydon, Mary, Confectioner, Molesworth Street
Healy, Andrew, Chandler, 2 up. Exchange Street
Healy, Bartholomew, Silk manufacturer, 36 Bridge Street
Healy, Gabriel, Silk Manufacturer, 27 up. Bridge Street
Healy, John, Shoemaker, 42 Capel Street
Healy, Samuel, Electrifying machine maker, 43 James's Street
Healy, Thomas, Corn Chandler, 43 Patrick Street
Healy, William, Shoemaker, 43 1/2 S. gt. George's Street
Heany, John, Pewterer & Brazier, 20 up. Ormond Quay
Heaney, Samuel, Hose painter, 69 Exchequer Street
Heape, William, Painter & Glazier, 22 Mabbot Street       
Heard, Edmond, Mineral water importer, 45 Henry Street
Hearn, William, Shoemaker, 65 Bride Street
Heffernan, David, Cabinet maker, 18 Bachelor's Walk
Heiton, James, Carpenter & Undertaker, 6 Beresford Street
Hemingway, John, Pawnbroker, 70 Exchequer Street
Henderson, James, Watch & Clock maker, 8 Capel Street
Henderson, Rober, Cotton manufacturer, 15 Vicar Street
Hendrick, John, Merchant, 27 up. Jervis Street
+Hendrick, Thomas, Merchant, 4 Dominick Street
Henecy & Fitzpatrick, Engravers & Copper plate printers, 18 Suffolk Street
Henegan, John, Scrivener, 25 Whitefriar Street
Heney, Patrick, Watch maker, 64 Capel Street
Henlon, Laurence, Perfumer, 15 Nassau Street
Henry & Hudson, Woollen drapers & Men's mer. 46 College Green
Henry, James, Stay maker, 178 Great Britain Street
Henry, Peter, Tailor, 10 Crane Street
Henshall, James, Linen merchant, 133 Linenhall          
Herbert, Bartholomew, Grocer, 17 Lit. Ship Street
Hetherington, Samuel, Linen draper, 1 Castle Street
Hetherington, Thomas, Turner, 2 Golden Lane
Hevein, William, Upholder & Auctioneer, 47 S. King Street
Hevey, Blase, Brewer, 41 Thomas Court
Hevey, J. & Co., Mead brewers, Wine & Vinegar makers, 33 S. Earl Street
Hewett, John, Thomas & Co., Stay & Habit makers, 106 Capel Street
Hewit, James, Jeweller, 20 Nassau Street
Heyden, Daniel, Weigh master, City crane, Essex Quay
Hicks, William, Linen draper, 25 Corn Market
Hickey, William, Delph seller, 24 Bishop Street
Higinbotham, Andrew, Agent, Dublin Castle & 109 Great Britain Street
Higinbotham, Thomas, Agent, Dublin Castle & 5 up. Gardiner Street
Higginbotham, Eleanor, Baker, 64 Meath Street
Higginbotham, Thomas, China & Delph seller 106 Pill Lane
Higgins, Ann, Milliner & Haberdasher, 34 Aungier Street
Higgins, Hannah, Merchant, 13 Mary Street
Higgins, William, Tallow chandler, 21 Thomas Street
Higginson, Philip, Merchant, 7 N. Cope Street        
Hill, Anthony, Ship wright, Townsend Street
Hill & Chapman, Shipbrokers, 185 Abbey Street 
Hill, Edward, Chandler, 38   Leeson St
Hill,  George, Salter & Cooper, Stocking Lane    
Hill, John, Butcher, 1 Castle Market
Hill, John, Grocer, 129 Townsend Street
Hill, John, Glass merchant, 8 Sackville Street
Hill, John, Salter & Cooper, 154 James's Street
Hill, John, Tin plate worker & Helmet maker, 47 College Green
Hill, Jonathan, Mathematician, 40 Aungier Street
+Hilles, James, Iron merchant, 180 Abbey Street
Hime, Morris, Music seller, 34 College Green
Hinchy, Arthur, Grocer, 8 Redmond Hill
+Hinchy, David, Merchant & Distiller, 37 Queen Street
Hincks, Bithia & Co., Linen drapers, 5  Lisburn Street
+Hincks, William, Merchant & Linen factor, 5 Linenhall Street    
Hinds, Thomas, Shoemaker, 48 Mary Street
Hines, Joseph, Distiller, 3 Ward's Hill         
Hines, Mark, Brazier & Tim plate worker, 33 Mary's Lane 
Hines, Thomas, Butcher, 51 Clarendon Market
Hines, William & Joseph, Brewers, 7 Ward's Hill    
Hird, Thomas, Wine & Paper merchant, 1 Andrew Street
Hodges, Frederick, Watch & Clock maker, 138 Capel Street
Hodges, Jonathan, Engraver & Copper plate printer, 27 Exchange Street
Hodges, John, Brazier, 27 Exchequer Street
Hodges, Wm., Tin plate worker & Helmet maker, 28 Sackville Street
Hodgins, Michael, Flax, Hemp & Sail cloth merchant, 167 Old Church Street
Hodgins, Thomas, Flax, Hemp & Sail cloth merchant, 9 Pill Lane
Hodgson, Catherine, Coal factor, 46 Aston's Quay         
Hodgson, Lewis, Merchant, 8 Usher's Island        
Hoey, John, Coal factor, 1 Hawkins's Street
Hoey, Matthew, Painter, 6 Bull Lane
Hoey, Nicholas, Skinner, 13 S. New Row
Hoey, Michael, Skinner, Cook's Lane & 12 S. New Row
Hoey, Peter, Bookseller & Stationer, 33 up. Ormond Quay
Hoey, William, Tallow chandler, 37 Meath Street
+Hogan, Timothy, Woollen & Cotton factor, 9 up. Bridge Street
Hogan, Patrick, Grocer 1 Townsend Street
Hoguet, Joseph, Fur manufacturer, 32 Grafton Street
Holdship, William, Army agent, Royal Hospital
Hollister, William Castell, Harpsichord maker, 10 S. Anne Street
Holdbrook, William, Vintner, 11 Cope Street
Holmes, Benjamin, Carver & Gilder, 6 Aston's Quay
+Holmes, Hugh, Merchant, 8 Mountague Place
Holmes, James, Merchant, 37 Stafford Street
Holmes, James, Jeweller, 66 Stephen Street
Holmes, John, Boot & Shoemaker, 57 Capel Street
Holmes, John, Wire weaver & Worker, 6 lit. Ship Street
Holmes, Jushua, Apothecary, 76 Capel Street
Holmes, Thomas, Merchant, 88 Townsend Street
Holmes, William, Sadler, 13 Cork Hill
Holt & Lane, Confectioners, 24 Cuffe Street
Holt, William, Hatter, 7 lit. Ship Street
Homan, Richard, Grocer, 23 gt. Ship Street
+Hone, John, Merchant, 27 York Street
+Hone, Joseph, Merchant, 11 Harcourt Street
Hone, Horace, Miniature painter, 12 low. Mount Street
+Hone, Nathaniel, Sheriff's peer & Merchant, 79 Fleet Street
Hood, Margaret, Grocer, 50 Kevin Street
Hooke, Samuel, Clothier, 3 Ormond Street
Hope, Gerald, Silk dyer, 65 Abbey Street
Hopes, John, Woollen & Cotton factor 5 Werburgh Street
Hopkins, Patrick, Corn chandler, 70 Queen Street
Hopper & Hamy, Jewellers, 11 Eustace Street
Horan, Jane, Perfumer, 61 Henry Street
Horan, Thomas, Carpenter, 12 Cook Street
Horner, Roger, Linen factor, 8 Dorset Street
Horsman, Thomas, Coach maker, 21 Jervis Street
Horsman, Martin, Army Accoutrement maker, 186 Great Britain Street  
Horton, William, Shoemaker, 7 Golden Lane
Houghton, Joseph, Silk, Worsted & Carpet manufacturer, 6 William Street
Houiton, Thomas, Chandler, 27 Bishop Street
Houston, Shean, Watch & Clock maker, 198, Abbey Street
Howard, Christopher, Grocer, 74 Great Britain Street
Howard, James, Baker, 37 Back Lane
Howard, John, Merchant, 75 Great Britain Street
Howard, John, Merchant, 8 Nicholas Street
Howard, John, Watch & Clock maker, 6 Church Lane
Howard, Nicholas, Cooper, 154 abbey Street
Howard, Patrick, Tallow chandler, 36 Patrick Street
+Howard, Peter & Son, Merchants, 8 Henry Street
Howard, William, New Drapery manufacturer, 62 Meath Street
Howell, Douglas, Measurer, 23 Chanery Lane
+Howie, Thomas, Scots merchant, 10 Merchant's Quay
Howison, Henry, Alderman & Merchant, 14 Dominick Street
Howison, Thomas, Merchant, 21 Bachelor's Walk
Hoyne, Nicholas, Baker, 51 Fishabmle Street
Huddleston, Tho. Die-sinker, Seal-cutter & engraver, 36 Clarendon-st.
Hudson and Thomas, Men's mercers, 39 College-green
Hudson, Robert, Copper-plate-printer, 39 Fishamble-street
Hughes, Bartholomew, Corn chandler, 82 Thomas Street
Hughes, Edward, Shoe-maker, 3 Essex Street
Hughes, Edward, Silk dyer, 20 Aston's Quay
Hughes, Felix, Woollen draper, 5 Michael's lane
Hughes, George, Brewer, 23 Usher's Quay
Hughes, James, Boot & Shoemaker, 33 S. gt. Georg's Street
Hughes, James, Woollen draper, 16 High Street
Hughes, James, Brewer, 23, Usher's Quay
Hughes, John, Fruit merchant, 16½ Abbey Street
Hughes, Michael, Merchant, 20 low. Ormond Quay
Hughes, Michael, jun. Timber & Deal merchant, 8 George's Street
Hughes, Patrick, Merchant, 20 low. Ormond Quay
Hughes, Patrick, Grocer, 10 Cuffe Street
Hughes, Patrick, Linen draper, 66 gt. Britain Street
Hughes, Richard, Clothier, 12 Pool Street
Hughes, Samuel, Boot & Shoemaker, 25 Dame Street
Hull, Henry, Merchant, 12 Mecklenburgh Street
Hull, William, Organ builder, 46, Jervis Street
Hully, William, Cotton factor, 26½ Meath Street
Hume, Arthur, Agent, Dublin Castle
Hughes, Patrick, Hosier, 66 gt. Britain Street
+Humfrey, Wm., Sheriff's peer & Wine merchant, 22 Cuffe Street
Humphreys and Son, Army agents, 32, Blackall Street
Humphreys, Christopher, Glazier & House painter, 9 Andrew Str.
Humphreys, Edward, Cabinet maker, 42 Fishamble Street
Humphreys, Thomas, Upholder, 6 Bride's Alley
Humphreys, Walter, Linen draper, 31 Corn Market
+Humphreys, William, Woollen draper, 5 Usher's Quay
Hunt & Kiernan, State Apothecaries, 58 Henry Street
Hunt, John, Clothier, 9 Braithwait Street
Hunt, John, Sheriff's peer, 76 Stephen Street
Hunt, Joseph, Yarn merchant, 8 N. Anne Street
Hunt, Robert, Tobacconist, 56 Francis Street
Hunter, George, Brazier, 67 Stephen Street
Hunter, James, Pawnbroker, 16 Nicholas Street
Hunter John Iron monger, 19 lit. Strand Street
Hunter, Robert, Merchant & Corn factor, 1 Merion Row
Hunter, Robert, Painter, 16 Stafford Street
Hunter, William, Pawnbroker, 90 Francis Street
Huson, Richard, Wine merchant, 47 Abbey Street
Hussey, John, Grocer & Coal factor, 66 City Quay
Hussey, Thomas, Shoemaker, 154 Capel Street
Hutcheson, John, Druggist, 18 Dame Street
Hutcheson, Isaac, Jeweller & Silversmith, 6 College Green
Hutchinson, John, Carpenter, 32, William Street
Hutchinson, Michael, Gun maker, 8 Dame Street
Hutchinson, Robert, Agent, 19 Dorset Street
Hutchinson, Robert, Cotton manufacturer, 37 Ransford Street
Hutchinson, Robert, Cotton manufacturer, 37 Bachelor's Walk
+Hutchinson, Ephraim, Merchant, 4 Bachelor's Walk
Hutton, Francis, Tea merchant, 91 Great Britain, Street
Hutton, Henry, Alderman, Tanner & Currier, 17 Winetavern Street
Hutton, John, Coach manufacturer, Summer Hill
Hutton, T. Edwards & Co., Distillers, 32 James's Street
Hutton, William & Co., Distillers, Mount Brown
+Hutton, William, Merchant, 100 James's Street
Hyland & Co., Tea merchants, 27 Castle Street
Hyland, Charles, Grocer, 11 Queen Street
Hyland,   Matthew, Baker, 47 Stephen Street
Hyland, Thomas, Woollen draper, 23 High Street
Hyland, William, Starch manufacturer, 51 Back Lane
Hynes, James, Hatter, 101 Grafton Street
Hynes, John, Grocer, 11 Tighe Street
Hynes, John, Pawnbroker, 9 Mountrath Street
Hynes, Mark, Brazier, 33 Mary's Lane
Hynes, Patrick, Lampblack manuf. & Paper stainer, 6 Hammond Lane
Hynes, P.M., Printing ink & Lampblack manuf., 34 Church Street
Hynes, Patrick, Tailor, 13 Dame Court
Hyre, Stephen, Shoemaker, 51 High Street

Transcriber's Note. To facilitae finding names the old style 
f meaning s has been changed to read "s".