Directory: 1801 Merchants, Traders, &c. -G 

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Note. The Figures direct to the Number of each House; Mer. 
stands for Merchant; str. 		for street; qu. for quay; 
gr. for great; l. for little; ;a. for lane; lo. for lower; 
up. for upper; Co. for Company; N. for North; S. for South; 
E. for East; and W. for West.— Thus mared + are wholesale 
Merchants, free of the 6 and 10 per Cent. in the 
Custom-house, Dublin, as regulated by Act of Parliament

 Gaffney, Philip, Tailor, 65, Exchequer Street 
 Gahan, James, Peruke maker, 17, Mountrath Street	 
 Gahan, Michael, Grocer 80 Rogerson's Quay
 Gargin, James, Corn chandler, 108 Francis Street
 Gale, Grantham, Hosier, 26 Grafton Street & 24 M___ Street
 Gallagher & Lanigan, Linen & woolen draper, 60, ___ lane
 Gallagher, George, Carpenter & P___ maker, 102 Coombe 
 Gallagher, Elizabeth, Butcher 85 Patrick Street
 Gallagher, Richard, Looking-glass maker, 34, S. gt. George's Street
 Gallagher, Thomas, Butcher 16 Patrick Street
 Gallagher, Thomas, Spirit merchant, 42 Winetavern Street
 Galland, Samuel, Spirit retailer, 2 E. Crane Lane
 +Galloway, John, Merchant 152 Abbey Street
 Galway, William Gamble, Merchant, 26, N. Anne Street
 Gamble, Ann, Mantua maker, 28, Clarendon Street		
 Gamble, James, Stone cutter, 5 Walker's Alley, E. Arran Street
 Gamble, John, Grocer, 107 Townsend Street
 Gamble, Robert, Flax dresser, 15 Francis Street
 Gamble, Francis & Son, Linen draper, 64 High Street
 Ganly, John, House painter & Glazier, 10 Lit. Strand Street
 Ganley, Michael, House painter & Glazier, 16 Fisher's Lane
 Ganley, Thomas, House painter, 1 Frederick Street, Rutland Square
 Gandon, James, Architect, 7 Mecklenburgh Street
 Gannon, Bartholomew, Wholesale Linen draper, 7 Low Bridge Street
 Gannon Cornelius, Tobacconist & Chandler, 130 Francis Street
 Gannon, James, Baker, 119 Old Church Street
 Gannon, Jane & Co., Wholesale Linen drapers, 20 Merchant's Quay
 Gannon, John, Tobacconist, 97 N. Kings Street
 Gannon, Thomas, Currier, 59 Back Lane
 Gardiner & Hanes, Wine Merchants, 23 Suffolk Street
 Gardiner, John, Cabinet maker, 21 Aungier Street
 Gardiner, John, Coal merchant, 56 City Quay
 Gardiner, John, Print seller & Gilder, 49 Mary Street
 Gardiner, Samuel, Linen merchant, 21 N. Anne Street
 Garland, Thomas, Vintner, 180 old Church Street
 Garnett, George, Tea merchant, 43 Arran Quay
 Ga_ty, George, Watchmaker, 30 William Street
 Ganon, John, Slator & Slate merchant, 16 Phoenix St. 
 Gats ?, Joseph, Vintner, 119 Low Abbey Street
 +Gatchell, Samuel, Iron merchant, 87 Pill Lane
 Garty, Joseph, Barometer & Themometer maker, 1,Smock Alley
 +Gault, Benjamin, Sheriff's peer & merchant, 16 Mary's Abbey
 Gaultrinn, Christopher, Yarn manufacturer, 20 Nicholas Street 
 Gautier, Cornelius, Wine cooper, 30 gt. Strand Street
 Gavin, James, Silk manufacturer, 39 Bridge Street
 Gavin, Thomas, Hosier, 14 Cornmarket    					
 Gaynor, James, Commercial-coffee-house-keeper, Dame Street
 Gaynor, Michael, Corn merchant, 19 low Exchange Street
 +Geale Fredrick & Daniel, Merchants, 7 Batchlors Walk
 Gearaty, Richard, Silk manufacturer, 5 up. Bridge Street
 Geary, Jane, Haberdasher, 39 S King Street
 Gellis, M.T., Haberdasher & Tea dealer, 10, Digges Street
 Gemmell & Dawson, Muslin Manufacturers, 6 Usher's Quay
 Geoghegan, Christopher, Linen merchant, 23 Cook Street    
 Geoghegan, Gerald, Linen merchant, 15 Williams Street 
 Geoghegan, Jacob, Silk & Cabinet manufacturer, 51 Francis Street
 Geoghegan, Mary, Linen draper, 149 Gt. Britain Street
 Geraghty, William, Keeper of the Wool-crane, 25 Usher's Quay
 Gernon, Michael, Wholesale Linen draper, 17 Bridge St. & 29 Merc.q.
 Gibbons, Thomas & Co., Merchants, 12 Meath Street
 Gibbons, Patrick, Grocer, 54 S. gt George's Street
 Gibbons, Richard, Grocer, 12 Exchange Street
 Gibbs, John, Wax & Tallow chandler, 29 Lit. Ship Street
 Gibson, Thomas, Silk dyer, 2 Bonny's Lane	
 Gibson, Benjamin, Tanner, 37, New Market
 Gibson, Eliza, Pin maker, 56 Pill Lane
 Gibson George, Carpenter & Builder, Pembroke Street
 Gibson, John, Architect & Builder, 13 Baggot Street
 Gibson, John, Sadler, 4 College green 
 Gibson, Rob., Cabinet maker, Upholder & Auctioneer, 10 Stephen Street
 Gibson, William, Woollen draper, 7 College green
 Gibson, Robert, Leather seller, 36 Merchant's Quay
 Gibson, Robert, Tanner, 9 Mill Street
 Gibson, William, Silk manufacturer, 40 Nicholas Street
 Gilbert & Hodges, Medical Book sellers, 26 S. gt. George's Street
 Giles, John, Publican, 10 Green Street
 Giles, William, Horse dealer, 8 Parkgate Street
 +Gillespie, William, Merchant, 10 Abbey Street
 Gillespy, Launcelot, Skinner, 16 Watling Street
 Gill, George, Shoe maker, 4 Essex Quay
 Gill Catherine, Woollen draper & men's mercer, 29 Skinner Row
 Gill, Mary, Baker, 6 Bride Street
 Gilligan, Thomas, Leather seller, 34, Winetavern Street
 Gilligan, Valentine, Linen draper, 46 & 112 Francis Street
 Gillin, Jane, Clothier, 34 New market
 Gillington, John Upholder & Auctioneer, 51 Stephen Street
 Gilmore, Thomas, Confectioer, 15 Britain Street
 Giltenan, George, Salesmaster (?), 62 Smithfield
 Giltenan, Edward B. Woollen draper, 7 Francis Street
 Ging, James, Skinner & Tanner, 23 S. New Row
 Ging, John, Boot & Shoemaker, 23 Castle Street
 Ging, Patrick, Skinner, 19 S. New Row
 Giordani, Thomas, Professor of Musick, 36 Golden Lane
 Gladwell, Thomas, Secr. To Commissioners for Paving. 1 Dawson Street
 Glanan, John, Grocer, 9 James's Street	
 Glanan, Thomas, Skinner & Glue boiler, 3, Cook's Lane, Watling Street
 Glasco, Mary, Linen draper, 64 Dame Street
 Glascock, John, Tailor, 26 Anglesea Street
 +Glenton, Wm. Druggist & Colour merchant, 40 Mary's Street
 Glover, James, Cork cutter, 19 Temple Bar
 Glynn, Hanna, Milliner & Haberdasher. S. Anne Street
 Glynn, Thomas, Grocer & Wine merchant, 179, old Church Street
 Godey, John, Confectioner, 9 Grafton Street
 Goff, Joseph, Merchant, 3 Mountjoy Square
 Goggin, Juliet, Fruiteress, 43 Henry Street
 Goggin, Thomas, Apothecary & Druggist, 22 Bride Street
 Gonne, George, Engraver, 43 Exchequer Street 
 Gonne, Humphrey, Merchant, 3 Kennedy's Lane
 Goodin, John, Hosier, 29 Capel Street		
 Goodin, Richard, Coach owner & Undertaker, 69 Dorset Street
 Goodin, Thomas Corn factor, 21 Stoneybatter
 Goold, Matthew, China & Delf-seller, 125 low, Coombe
 Goramly, Mathew, Inn keeper, 6 up. Kevin Street
 Gordon, Alexander, Paper-stainer & Painter, 56 Capel Street
 Gordon, Anne, Milliner & Haberdasher, 60 Sackville Street
 Gordon, James, Watch-maker, 41 S. gt. George's Street
 Gordon, Peter, Butcher, 60 Patrick Street
 Gordon, Robert, Butcher, 6 Castle market
 Gordon, Sarah, Glover, 50 Grafton Street
 Gormacon, Rose, Tallow chandler, 28 Townsend Street
 Gorman, Andrew, Corn & Flour-factor, 74 James's Street
 Gorman, Fortescue, Merchant, 33 Stafford Street
 Gorman, Matthew, Baker, 33 Hammond Lane
 Gorman, Peter, Grocer, 28 Bride Street
 Gorman, William, Grocer, Fishamble Street
 Gorman, William, Linen draper, 17 Cutpurse Row   
 Gormly, Matthew, Publican, 6 up. Kevin Street
 Gorrell, James, Timber merchant, 1 Ryder's Row
 Goslin, Robert & Co., Showmakers, 19 Golden Lane
 Gosson, John, Coach owner, 7 Bolton Street
 Gough, John, Bookfeller, 20 Meath Street
 Goulding, Brien, Baker, 29 gt. Ship Street
 Goulding, John, Horse auctioneer & Liver stable keeper, 23 Anne S.
 Goulding, Michael, Flour & Corn merchant, 37 Grafton Street
 Goyer, David, Lapidary, 9 Trinity Place
 Grace, Anne, Hatter & Haberdasher, 16 Cutpurse Row   
 Grace, Reeves, Upholder & Auctioneer, 65 Stephen Street
 Grace, Richard, Chandler, 20 N. King Street
 Graham, Hector, Agent, 21 Palace Row
 Graham, John & James, Linen drapers, 67 Back Lane
 +Graham, John, Merchant, 61 Bishop Street
 Graham, Martha & Son, Slators, 6 Pembroke Court
 Graham, Michael, Grocer, 12 up. Kevin Street
 Graham, Peter, Hosier, 3 Capel Street
 Graham, Thomas, Boot maker, 45 Grafton Street
 Graham, Wm. Francis, Linen draper & Haberdasher, 139 Capel Street
 Graisberry & Campbell, Printers, 10 Back Lane
 Graisberry, Daniel, Printer & Bookseller, 33 Capel Street
 Grange, Edmond & Co., Brewers, 11 Smithfield Office, 43 Bow St.
 Grange, John & Co. Distillers, W. John St.
 Grant, J. & W. Coal-merchants, 10 Mark Street
 Grattan, Robert, Cabinet maker, 27 Bride's Alley
 Gray, John, Gun-maker, 1 Bride Street
 +Gray, John & Son, Merchants, 10 Usher Quay
 Gray, John, Stay maker, 94 Bride Street
 Gray, Robert, Wax-chandler, 14 gt. Ship Street
 Gray, Thomas, Clothier, 13 Elbow Lane
 Graydon, George, Watch maker, 43 Grafton Lane
 Green, Charles, Linen & Cotton-glazer, 33 Cook Street
 Green, John, Merchant, 37 Arran Quay
 +Green, Joshua, Merchant, 36, Arran Quay
 Green, William, Bookseller, 25 Anglesea Street
 Greene, William, Secretary to Grand Canal Company, 32 Dawson Street
 Greenham, James, Cotton manufacturer, 9 Cork Street
 Gregg, John, Tailor, 20 Ross Lane
 Gregor, John, Linen draper & Haberdasher, 99 Thomas Street
 Gregg, William, Biscuit-baker, 7 Moss Street
 Gregory, John, Tailor, 12 Ross Lane		
 Gregory, Martha, Pawnbroker, 1 Fishamble St.             
 Grehan, John, Carver & Gilder, 3 N. Anne Street
 Grehan, Patrick, Merchant, 55 James's Street		
 Grehan, Patrick, Stuccodoer & Painter, 100 N. King Street
 Grehan, Peter, Merchant, 9 Low Ormond Quay
 +Gresham, Stanhope, Druggist, 47 Castle Street
 +Grey, Martin, Wholesale Woollen draper, 28 Merchant's Quay
 Grierson, & Tyndall, Royal MarineStore-keepers, 78 Rogerson Quay
 Grierson, Abigail, Tobacconist, 40 Meath Street
 Grierson, George, Kings printer & Bookfeller, 28 Parliament Street
 Grierson, Robert, Salesmaster, 24 Smithfield
 Griffin, & Risk, Painters, 1 Wood Street
 Griffin, Richard, Clothier, 38 New Market
 Griffith, Christopher, Tailor, 46 Jervis Street
 Griffith, Rice, Shoemaker, 41 Nicholas Street
 Grimwood, John, Seedsman, 1 Charlemont Street
 Grimshaw, Thomas & Co., Calico printers, 18 Merchant's Quay
 Grove, William, Shoemaker, 1 N. Gardiner Street
 Groves, George, Parchment maker, 63 Marrowbone Lane
 Groves, Richard, Glue boiler & Parchment manufacturer, 44 New St.
 Grumley, Nicholas & William, Hide-crane owners, Bonham Street
 Grundy, George, Cabinet maker, 1 Bride's Alley
 Guest, Frederick, Hatter, 92 Dame Street
 Guinan, Thomas, Merchant, 104 ½ Thomas Street
 Guinness, Arthur & Son, Brewers & Flour merchants, 1 James's Gate
 Gunne, Patrick, Tailor, 40 Ramsford Street
 Gwynn, Swett, Coult, Drug, Oil & Colour dealer, 23 Mary's Alley
 Transcriber's Note. To facilitae finding names the old style f 
 meaning s has been changed to read "s".