Directory: 1801 Merchants, Traders, &c. -F

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Note. The Figures direct to the Number of each House; Mer. 
stands for Merchant; str. 		for street; qu. for quay; 
gr. for great; l. for little; ;a. for lane; lo. for lower; 
up. for upper; Co. for Company; N. for North; S. for South; 
E. for East; and W. for West.— Thus mared + are wholesale 
Merchants, free of the 6 and 10 per Cent. in the 
Custom-house, Dublin, as regulated by Act of Parliament

 Fagan Bernard, Mealman, 41, Meath Street
 Fagan Catherine, Pawnbroker, 26, Pill Lane
 Fagan Daniel, Mealman, 168, Thomas Street
 Fagan James, Timber Merchant, 10, Bridgefoot Street
 Fagan John, Baker, 35, Golden Lane
 Fagan John, Baker, 1, Redmond Hill
 Fagan John, Linen Draper, 45, Back Lane
 Fagan Patrick, Baker, 14, Ash Street
 Fagan Thomas, Slator, 48, N King Street
 Fagan William, Carpenter, 10, Paradise Row
 Fagan William, Vinter, 9, Eustace Street
 Fairfield John, Merchant, 12, Usher's Quay
 Falkner William, Grocer, 20, Grafton Street
 Fallon Thomas, Apothecary, 96, Gt Britain Street
 Fannin Robert, Cabinet Maker and Auctioneer, 15, Bride's Alley
 Fannin Thomas, Pawnbroker, 6, Wood Street
 Farange John, Merchant, 27, Bachelor's Walk
 Faris John, Wholesale Woollen Draper, 14, Up Bridge Street
 Farley Bartholomew, Jeweller, 17, Crow Street
 Farr John, Victualler, 14, Hay Market
 Farnall & Scott, Buckle and Button Manufacturers, 9, Fisher's Lane
 Farrell Alice, Toy Feller, 2, Henry Street
 Farrell Ann, Furrier, 142, Thomas Street
 Farrell Ann, Delf and China Feller, 8, Engine Alley
 Farrell Christopher, Cheese Merchant, Cornmarket
 Farrell Cornelius, Butcher, 12, Paradise Row
 Farrell Edward, Butcher, 3, Castle Market
 Farrell France, Woollen Draper, 27, Skinner Row
 +Farrell John and Thomas, Brewers, Blackpitts
 +Farrell James, Merchant, Blackhall Street
 Farrell James, Cabinet Maker, 10, Bride's Alley
 Farrell James, Hosier, 10, Cornmarket
 Farrell John, Carpenter, 5, Cook Street
 Farrell Michael, Grocer, 5, Cork Hill
 Farrell Patrick, Victualler, 17, Patrick Street
 Farrell Peter, Distiller, 16, Bolton Street
 Farrell Richard, Boot and Shoemaker, 7, N King Street
 Farrelly Michael, Butcher, 26, Castle Market
 Fawcett James, Woollen Draper, 4 High Street
 Fay and Connolly, Merchants, 25 Phoenix Street
 Fay Laurence, Linen Draper, 40, Dame Street
 Fay Michael, Cheese Monger, 23, Cole's Lane
 Fay Thomas, Shoemaker, 35, Meath Street
 Fayle Ambrose, Agent, 160, Jame's Street
 Fayle John and Samuel, Tobacconists, 1 Cork Hill
 +Fayle, Kyle & Hughes, Corn Merchants & Whiskey Factors, 67, Meath Street
 Fayle Thomas, Thread and Tape Manufacturer, 65, Thomas Street
 Fegan Bernard, Flour Man, 41 Meath Street
 Fenell Laurence, Butcher, 76 Patrick Street
 Fennell John, Butcher, 29, Patrick Street
 Fenton Joseph and Co, Pawnbrokers, 48, Fleet Street
 Fergusou Mary, Tea Dealer, 58, Dawson Street
 Ferguson Richard, Grocer, 97, Bride Street
 +Ferns John, High Sheriff and Wine Merchant, 44, Abbey Street
 Fernsley James, Carpenter and Tool Marker, 37 Camden Street 
 Ferrall Andrew, Iron Merchant, 131, Thomas Street
 +Ferrall Charles, Merchant, 15 Eustace Street, Office, 9, Sycamore Alley
 +Ferrall Christopher, Cheese Monger, 16, Cornmarket
 Ferrall Francis, Merchant, 192, Abbey Street
 Ferrall James, Publican and Inn Keeper, 20 Spittlefields
 Ferrall James and Son, Salesmasters, 12, Hay Market, Smithfield
 Ferrall John, Engraver and Copper Plate Printer, 1, Essex Quay
 Ferrall Joseph, Steam Enginer Maker, Phoenix Street
 Ferrall William, Woollen Draper and Mens Mercer, 3, Dame Street
 Ferrier and Co, Wholesale Haberdashers, 56, Fishamble Street
 Ferris Barnet, Haberdasher, 26 Bolton Street
 Field and Co, Starch and Stone Blue Manufacturers, 27, Old Church Street
 Field Boyle, Measurer, 31, Constitution Hill
 Field George, Sadler, 27, Nassau Street
 Field Gilbert, Tea Man, 34, S. Frederick Street
 Field John, Tailor, 11, Low. Liffey Street
 Fielding Thomas, Whip Maker, 23, Sackville Street
 +Figgis Samuel, Porter Merchant, Templelane
 Figsbee Joseph, Rotunda Baker, 55, Dorset Street
 Finigan Charles, Cabinet Maker, 11, Bride's Alley
 Finigan Hugh, Baker, 28, Gt Britain Street
 Finigan James, Tin Plate Worker, 26, Moore Street
 Finigan Luke, Tailor and Ladies Habit Maker, 10, Dorset Street
 Finlay John and Co, Bankers, 12, Up Ormond Quay
 Finlay William Henry, Hosier, 22, Castle Street
 Finlayson Henry, Shoemaker, 129, Capel Street
 Finn Daniel and William, Hatters, 4,Up Ormond Quay
 Finn John, Hatter, 162, Old Church Street
 Finn John, Tallow Chandler, 31, Abbey Street
 Finn Juliet, Milliner, 34, Grafton Street
 Finn Laurence and Co, Hardware Merchants, 9 Ross Lane
 Finn Patrick and Co, Tallow Chandlers, 71, Old Church Street
 Finn Richard, Currier, 20, Winetavern Road
 Finn Thomas, Tanner, 40, James Street
 Finn Thomas, Currer, 30,Winetavern Road
 Finney Richard, Iron Monger, 15, Duke Street
 Finny James, Cutler, 37, Henry Street
 Finucane John Corker, Grocer, 127, Coombe
 +Finucane Pat C, Merchant, 28 Denmark Street
 Firth James, Whiskey and Flour Factor, 40 Usher's Quay
 Fisher Emmanuel, Ship Broker, 53, George's Quay
 Fisher John, New Drapery Manufacturer, 95, Francis Street
 Fisher Jonathan, Artist, 39, Gt Ship Street
 Fisher Mary, Silk Manufacturer, 4, Hanover Street
 Fisher Samuel,Boot and Shoe Maker, 45, Aungier Street
 Fisher Samuel and Thomas, Painters and Paper-stainers, 35 Aungier Street
 Fitzgerald Alexander, Boot and Shoe Maker, 121, Capel
 Fitzgerald and Atwood, Merchants, 1, Essex Gate
 *Fitzgerald Bernard, Brewer, 1, Bason Lane
 Fitzgerald Catharine, Grocer, 2, Fishamble Street
 Fitzgerald Catharine, Grocer, 28, Temple Bar
 Fitzgerald Cecilia, Haberdasher, 1, N. Cumberland Street
 Fitzgerald Daniel, Baker, 50, Meath Street
 Fitzgerald Edward, Engraver and Copper Plate Printer, 25, Abbey Street
 Fitzgerald Frances, Mantua Maker, 46, Exchequer Street
 Fitzgerald Gerald, Brazier and Tin Plate Work, 44, Mary Street
 Fitzgerald James Walcot, Linen Draper, 11, Grafton Street
 Fitzgerald John, Tin Plate Worker and Brazier, 23, Charles Street
 Fitzgerald John, Scrivener, 85, Pill Lane
 Fitgerald John, Wine Merchant, 58, Low. Jervis Street
 Fitzgerald Martin, Carpenter, 14, Up. Kevin Street
 Fitzgerald Richard, Coal Merchant and Grocer, 29, Poolbeg Street
 Fitzharris James, Baker, 83, Marlborough Street
 Fitzpatrick Andrew, Spirit Merchant, 2 Werburgh Street
 Fitzpatrick Catharine and Hester, Stay Makers, 12, Stafford Street
 Fitzpatrick Christopher, Cooper, 5 Lit. Longford Street
 Fitzpatrick George, Scrivener and Stationer, 27, Mary's Abbey
 Fitzpatrick Hugh, Printer and Bookseller, 4, Capel Street
 Fitzpatrick James, Cooper, 43, Queen Street
 Fitzpatrick John, Chandler, 62, Thomas Street
 Fitzpatrick John, Flax, Hemp & Sail Cloth Manufa., 23, W. New Row
 Fitzpatrick John, Grocer, 32, Frederick Street
 Fitzpatrick John, Parchment Marker, 39, Marrowbone Lane
 Fitpatrick and O'Leary, Grocers, 17, Gt. Strand Street
 Fitzpatrick Patrick, Distiller, Blackpits
 Fitzpatrick Simon, Chandler, 52, Up. Coombe
 Fitzpatrick Simon and Co, Pawnbrokers, 38 Meath Street
 Fitzpatrick Thomas, Chandler, 23, Patrick Street
 Fitzsimons Christopher, Grocer, 16 Stoneybatter
 Fitzsimons George, Cart and Car Maker, 3, Bridgefoot Street
 Fitzsimons Hugh, Hosier, 11, Capel Street
 Fitzsimons James, Corn Chandler, 28, Barrack Street
 +Fitzsimons James, Merchant, 187, Abbey Street
 Fitzsimons John, Inn Keeper, 92, N. King Street
 Fitzsimons Michael, Tailor, 57, N. King Street
 Fitzsimons Nicholas, Baker, 7 Townsend Street
 Fitzsimons Patrick, Factor, 18, Smithfield
 Fitzsimons Richard, Baker, 91, James's Street
 Fivey George, Watch Maker, 142, Capel Street
 Flaherty John, Serge Factor, 4, Tripoli
 Flanagan Gilbert, Skinner, 25, Watling Street
 Flanagan James, Grocer, 50, Francis Street
 Flanagan James, Grocer, 39 Winetavern Street
 Flanagan John, Tallow Chandler and Soap Boiler, 29, Mary Street
 Flanagan Maurice, Starch Manufacturer, 10, Hammond Lane
 Flanagan Patrick, Corn Chandler, 85 Thomas Street
 Flanagan Patrick, Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer, 34 Thomas Court
 Flanagan Stephen, Baker, 19, Duke Street
 Flanagan William, Baker, 97, Coombe
 Fleming Adams, Glover and Lady's Shoemaker, 1, Castle Street
 Fleming Bartholomew, Button Manufacturer, 3 Prussia Street
 Fleming Christopher, Grocer, 27, Cook Street
 Fleming Js. Harvey, Bookseller and Auctioneer, 88, S. Gt. George's Street
 Fleming James, Thread and Tape Manufacturer, 143, James's Street
 Fleming John, Tallow Chandler, 3, S. King Street
 Fleming Mary and Son, Salemasters, 54 Smithfield
 Fleming Michael, Vintner, 9 Eustace Street
 Fleming Patrick, Coal Factor, 33, Low. Ormond Quay
 Fleming Peter, Fruiterer, 5, Mountrath Street
 Fleming Peter, Spanish Leather-seller, 28, Bull Alley
 Fleming Robert, Publican, 2, Aston's Quay
 Fleming Thomas, Alderman and Card Maker, 2, Smock Alley
 Fleming Thomas, Cabinet Maker and Upholder, 26, Andrew Street
 Fleming Thomas, Shoemaker, 197, Gt. Britain Street
 Fleming William, Brush Maker, 16, Old Church Street
 Fletcher Edward, Tobacconist, 59½ , Gt. Britain Street
 Fletcher Elias, Ship Broker and Spirit Merchant, 9, George's Quay
 +Fletcher James, Merchant, 32, Low. Ormond Quay
 Fletcher Robert, Mercer, 22, Francis Street
 Fletcher Robert, Tailor, 5, Pitt Street
 Flinn Ann, Pitch, Tar, and Oil seller, 4, Exchequer Street
 Flinn Denis, House Painter, 36, Liffey Street
 Flinn James, Painter and Glazier, 6 Poolbeg Street
 Flinn James, Sadler, 158, Gt. Britain Street
 Flinn John, Baker, 26, Thomas Street
 Flinn Nicholas, Flour Bag Manufacturer, 39, Aston's Quay
 Flinn Patrick, Silk, Worfred and Cotton Manufacturer, 17, Ash Street
 Flinn Peter, Baker, 92, Pill Lane
 Flinn Sarah, Linen Draper, 25, Greek Street
 Flint Benjamin, Tape Manufacturer and Grocer, 32, Cork Street
 Flood Christopher, Butcher, 10, Castle Market
 Flood Christopher, Spirit Merchant, 15, Lit. Britain Street
 Flood Daniel, Brush Manufacturer, 9 Brush Row
 Flood James, Cabinet Maker and Upholder, 40, Grafton street
 Flood Matthias, Tallow Chandler, 13, Boot Lane
 Flood Patrick, Sail Maker, 47, City Quay
 Flood Richard, Livery Stable Keeper, 20, Denzille Street
 Flood Thomas, Coach and House Painter, 2 Cuffe Street
 Flood Thomas, Baker, 12, Bride Street
 Florry Sampson and Co., Grocers, 28 Golden Lane
 Flyn Michael, Linen Draper and Haberdasher, 11, Suffolk Street
 Fogarth Andrew, Button and Trimming Merchant, 55, Castle Street
 Fogarth John, Pawn Broker, 103, low. Coombe
 Fogarty John, Cheese Monger, 6 Henry Street
 Folds Richard, Hosier, 28, Skinner Row
 Folds William, Printer and Stationer, 38, Gt. Strand Street & 7, Jervis Street
 Foley Catherine, Grocer, 27, Pill Lane
 Foley Luke, Tin Plate Worker, 23 Capel Street
 Foley Nicholas, Baker, 27 High Street
 Foley Patrick, Brush Manufacturer, 179 Abbey Street
 Folingsby George, Bookseller and Stationery, 59, Dame Street
 Fontaine John, Dancing Master, 43, Townsend Street
 Foot Lundy and Son, Tobacconists, 9 Essex Bridge
 Forbes and Mulock, Merchants, 24, N. Anne Street
 Forbes Edward, Merchant, 24, Bachelor's Walk
 +Forbes and Roberts, Merchants, 12, Low. Osmond Quay
 +Forbes and Hanna, Wholesale Woollen Drapers, 3, Old Church Street
 Ford Alice, Thread and Tape Manufacturer, 50, Thomas Street
 Ford Joseph, Painter and Paper Stainer, 88, Fleet Street
 Ford Mary, Painter and Paper Stainer, 6, Temple Bar
 Ford Thomas, Cotton Manufacturer, 34, Cook Street
 Ford William, Writing Master, Philip's Lane, Summer Hill
 Ford William, Amber Table Beer Brewer, 39 Stoneybatter
 Forlong Robert, Clothier, 21, Chambre Street
 Foster Allen, Iron Monger, 1, Grafton Street
 Foster Burton, Merchant, 29, Bachelor's Walk
 Foster Elizabeth Ann, Milliner, 43, Gt. Britain Street
 Foster John and Co, Pawnbrokers, 10, Dame Court
 Fottrell John, Baker, 90, Fleet Street
 Fowler James, Coach Owner, 3½ , S. King Street
 Fowler John, Coach Maker, 43, Baggot Street
 Fowler John, Master of the Mercantile Academy, 46 Mecklenburgh Street
 Fowler John, Weaver, 35, Fordham's Alley
 Fowler Thomas, Gun Maker, 14, Capel Street
 Fowkes Bernard, Drug and Dye Stuff Merchant, 13, Andrew Street
 +Fox Anthony, Merchant, 61, Bolton Street
 +Fox and Darby, Merchants, 35, Summer Hill
 Fox Charles, Silversmith, 12, Hoey's Court
 Fox Francis and Son, Tobacconists and Merchants, 46, Capel Street
 +George, Merchant, 49, Capel Street
 +Fox John, Merchant, 30, Stafford Street
 Fox John, Butcher, 67, Mary's Lane
 Fox John, Ivory Turner, 58, Grafton Street,
 Fox Mary, Baby Linen Maker, 15, Trinity Street
 Fox Michael, Agent, Treasury Office, Dublin-castle
 Fox R & Co, Poplin and Stuff Mercer, 24 Francis Street & 31 College Green
 Fox Richard, Clothier, 14 Chambre Street
 Fox Simon, Stuff Manufacturer, 13, Carman Hall, Francis Street
 Foxhall Catherine, Linen Draper, 14 Nicholas-street
 Foxall Zachariah, Camp Furniture Merchant, 32, Arran Quay
 Frank Thomas Thorpe, Exchange Merchant, 23, Suffolk Street
 Franklin John, Painter, 12, Smock Alley
 Franklin John, Gold Beater, 5 Crow Street
 Franklin Richard, Hatter, 69, Mary's Lane
 Frazer and Read, Army Agents, 9 Henry Street
 Frazer H & A, Woollen Drapers, Adj. Commercial Buildings, Dame Street
 Frayne and Co, Starch Manufacturers, 61½, Back Lane
 Frayne Michael, Pawn Broker, 34, Patrick Street
 Frayne Rob, Cabinet Maker, Upholder and Auctioneer, 29 Bride's Street
 Frayne William, Linen Draper, 61, Back Lane
 Freeman Richard, Paper Maker, 25, Cook Street
 French Francis, Merchant, 4, George's Hill
 +French Humphrey, Merchant, 182, Abbey Street
 French James, Tailor and Woollen draper, 40, Castle Street
 French Robert Henry, Merchant, 44, Dominick Street
 French Thomas, Fruiterer, 17 Ormond Market
 +French William, Drug, Oil and Colour Merchant, 13, Jervis Street
 Frith John, Umbrella Maker, 7 Essex Street
 Frost William, Cheese Monger, 3 Chatham Row, Clarendon Market
 Fry Peter, Paper Merchant, 6 Cook Street
 Fry Peter, Shoe, ?? and Patten Maker, 11 Nicholas Street
 Fry William, Livery Lace Weaver, 39, Nicholas Street
 Fulham Thomas, Brewer, 6, Constitution Hill
 Fulham Thomas, Hosier, 82, Grafton Street
 Fullam Patrick, Distiller, 16, Bow Street
 Fuller John and Tho., Merchants and Manufa., 75 & 76, Meath Street
 Fullerton Allen, Card Marker, 4, Suffolk Street
 Fullerton Hugh, Pawn Broker, 17 Poolbeg Street
 Fulton Samuel, Merchant, 32 Dorset Street
 Fury and Leland, Hatters, 5 Meath Street
 Fury John, Hatter, 15 Meath Street
 +Fyan Robert, Merchant, 32? Thomas Street
 Fyan Talbot, Grocer, 17 Poolbeg Street
 Fyans John, Husbandry Artist, 7 Hawkin's Street
 Transcriber's Note. To facilitae finding names the old 
style f meaning s has been changed to read "s".