Directory: 1801 Merchants, Traders, &c. -E

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Note. The Figures direct to the Number of each House; Mer. stands for Merchant; 
str. for street; qu. for quay; gr. for great; l. for little; ;a. for lane; lo. 
for lower; up. for upper; Co. for Company; N. for North; S. for South; E. for 
East; and W. for West.— Thus mared + are wholesale Merchants, free of the 6 and 
10 per Cent. in the Custom-house, Dublin, as regulated by Act of Parliament
Eades, Christopher    	    Grocer,       		        37 Bride Street
Eades, Isaac		    Fishing-tackle maker,	        24 Ormond Quay
Eagle, George		    Silk manufacturer,	        	54 Francis Street
Eames Elizabeth		    Gun maker		        	1 Duke Street
Early, Patrick		    Yarn factor		        	5 Yarn Hall Street
Eayres, George		    Hosier			        8 High Street
Ebbs, Margaret		    Milliner & Haberdasher	        6 Trinity Street
Ebbs, William		    Brazier & Pewterer			30 Bride Street
Eccles, John		    Merchant				19 Eccles Street
Eccles, John		    Morocco & Spanish Leather seller	51 Golden Lane
Edmiston, William    	    Linen & Woollen draper		60 High Street
Edmonds, William	    Chandler				9 Exchequer Street
Edmundson, Joshua    	    Wholesale Linen draper		45 Low. Bridge Street
Edwards, John, George & Co. Distillers				148 James's Street                                
Edwards, Phebe		    Tea dealer			        60 Exchequer Street
Edwards, Thomas		    Gun maker			        60 Abbey Street
Egan & Finn		    Vintners				48 Exchequer Street
Egan, Daniel & William	    Shoemaker			        12 Wood quay
Egan, Elizabeth		    Broker				5 Bride's Alley
Egan, John		    Paper maker			        23 Cook Street
Egan, J.H.		    Pawnbroker			        63 Bridgefoot Street
Egan, Michael		    Tailor				39 Bride Street
Egan, Michael	            Vintner				40 Stafford Street
Egan, Patrick	            Linen merchant			34 Queen Street
Egan, Robert	            Agent				11 Bishop Street
Egan, Timothy	            Cotton manufacturer			43 Ransford Street
Egan, William	            Bricklayer				11 Summer-hill
Egerton & Browne            Goldsmiths & Jewellers		9 Parliament Street
Eggleso, Henry	            Cabinet maker & Upholder		12 Abbey Street
Eggleso, Peter		    Cabinet maker			41 Stafford Street
Ekenhead, Margaret	    Haberdasher			        57 Sackville Street
Elliott, Christopher	    Tin plate worker			24 Mary's Abbey
Elliott, Gilbert	    Slater				41 Beresford Street
Elliott, James		    Slater & Slate merchant		155 Old Church Street
Elliott, John		    Garrison Hotel keeper		Parkgate Street
Elliot, John		    Iron-monger			        95 Thomas Street
Ellis, Peter		    Sadler				13 Parliament Street
Ellis, James		    Boot & Shoe maker			1 Trinity Street
Ellis, John		    Printseller				9 Mary Street
Elwood, Joseph		    Hatter				23 Nassau Street
Emerson, Michael	    Linen-draper			13 Bride Street
Empson, William		    Mustard manufacturer		115 Thomas Street
England, James		    Silversmith			        4 Michael's Lane
Enlerton, John		    Merchant				5 George's Street
Ennis & Smith		    Silk manufacturer			25 Bridge Street
Ennis, Alice		    Baker				25 Grafton Street
Ennis, Andrew		    Baker				50 S. gt. George's Street                       
Ennis, Andrew		    Grocer				38 Essex Street
Ennis, Andrew		    Grocer				67 High Street
Ennis, Andrew		    Tallow chandler			9 Moore Street
Ennis, James		    Baker				27 1st Mark Street
Ennis, John		    Cooper & Merchant			25 Bow Street
Ennis, Martin		    Boot & Shoemaker			43 Barrack Street
Ennis, Moses		    Grocer				38 W New Row    
Ennis, Patrick		    Baker				38 Exchequer Street
Eurwisell, Thomas	    Cotton dyer			        Tenterfields
Eskildson, George	    Danish Couniul & Merchant office	60 George's Quay
Evans, James		    Confectioner			115 1/2 Capel Street  
Evans, Thomas		    Pump borer & Turner      		122 low. Coombe    
Evans & Caldwell	    Wholesale Hardware merchants	67 Pill Lane
Evatt, James		    Drug, Oil & Colour merchant		29 Mary's Abbey
Evatt, John		    Upholder & Auctioneer		26 Henry Street
Everard, Henry		    Grocer				8 Kevin Street
Evory, James		    Cashier to Gleadowe's Bank		Castle Street
Eustace, Allen		    Linen draper			30 Back Lane
Eustace, Edward		    Butcher				1 Patrick Street
Eustace, Rowland	    Grocer				13 Pill Lane
Eustace, Richard	    Carpet manufacturer			3 Ormond Street
Eustace, Sandy		    Butcher				21 Ormond Market
Ewing, Patrick		    Flax dresser			76 James's Street   
Exshaw, John		    Alderman & Bookseller    		98 Grafton Street
Eyres, Thomas		    Victualler                          166 N. King Street

Transcriber's Note. To facilitae finding names the old style f meaning s has 
been changed to read "s".