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Note. The Figures direct to the Number of each House; Mer. stands for Merchant; str. 
for street; qu. for quay; gr. for great; l. for little; ;a. for lane; lo. for lower; 
up. for upper; Co. for Company; N. for North; S. for South; E. for East; and W. for West.—
Thus mared + are wholesale Merchants, free of the 6 and 10 per Cent. in the Custom-house,
Dublin, as regulated by Act of Parliament

 SURNAME       FIRST NAME            OCCUPATION                               ADDRESS
 DAFFRON       Joseph                Jeweller and Watch-maker                 16, Skinner-row
 DALRYMPLE     John                  Watch- maker                              2, Aungier-street
 DALTON        Charles               Cooper                                    4, Bull-lane
 DALTON        Edward                Grocer                                   44, old Church-street
 DALTON        John                  Clothier                                 24, Chambre-street
 +DALTON       Michael               Druggist and Apothecary                  37, Fleet-street
 DALTON        Peter                 Turner                                   19, Fisbar's-lane
 DALTON        William and Thomas    Coach-makers                             27, Dominick-street
 DALTON        William and Thomas    Fish-monger                              96, Pill-lane
 DALY          Catherine             Milliner                                 42, gt. Britain-street
 DALY          Christopher           Confectioner                             11, up. Liffey-street
 DALY          James                 China and Delf-seller                    63, Abbey-street
 DALY          John                  Silversmith                              84, Dame-street
 DALY          Luke                  Chandler                                 30, Temple-bar
 DALY          Michael               Boot and Shoemaker                       74, George's-street
 DALY          Rose                  Grocer and Fish-monger                   11, Pill-lane
 DAMES         Joseph                Hatter                                   32, Temple-bar
 +DANGERS      Mark and Co.          Hock-merchants                           49, Abbey-street
 DANIEL        James                 Bricklayer                               17, Cuffe-street
 DANIEL        Nicholas              Cutler                                   16, Arran-quay
 DANIEL        Thomas and Co.        Tea-merchants                            11, Dame-street
 DANIEL        William and Henry                                              43, S. King-street
 DANN          Samuel                Ribbon-weaver                             5, Wood-street
 DANNELLY      George                Chandler                                 54, S. gt. George's-street
 DANNELLY      Patrick               Chandler                                144, N. King-street
 DANNELLY      Richard               Tallow-chandler                          10, Queen-street
 +DARBY        John                  Merchant                                 35, Summer-hill
 DARBY         John                  Butcher                                   1, Castle-street
 DARCY         James                 Chandler                                  9, new Church-street
 DARCY         Nicholas              Coal-factor                              16, S. Anne-street
 DARCY         Patrick               Coach-owner                              22, Bishop-street
 DARLEY        Frederick             Alderman and Stone-cutter                88, low. Abbey-street
 DARLEY        George, Sen.          Stone-cutter                               , Ballybough-bridge
 DARLEY        Hill                  Stone-cutter                              5, Mercer-street
 DARLEY        Thomas                Publican                                 50, Golden-lane
 DARLING       Patrick               Grocer                                   52, old Church-street
 +DARLING      Richard               Merchant                                 15, Fleet-street
 DARLING       Siffon                Collector to the Gd. Canal Company         , Gd. Canal-bark
 DARLINGTON    Henry and Co.         Tobacconists                             31, Golden-lane
 DARTIS        John                  Timber-merchant                           3, Bonham-street
 DAVEY         George                Plumber                                  21, Michael's-lane
 DAVEY         James and Co.         Pawnbrokers                              19, Kevin's-port
 DAVIS         and Co.               Glovers                                  80, Pill-lane
 DAVIS         Anthony               Auctioneer and Undertaker                  , Royal Exchange
 DAVIS         Daniel                Shoemaker                                14, Wood-quay
 DAVIS         and O'Donnell         Apothercaries                            25, gt. Britain-street
 DAVIS         Henry                 Glazier                                  23, Liffey-street
 DAVIS         James and Co.         Brewers                                 102, James's-street
 DAVIS         James                 Vintner                                 103, James's-street
 DAVIS         John                  Army Accoutrement-maker                  31, Arran-quay
 DAVIS         John                  Grocer                                   14, Hammond-lane
 DAVIS         John                  Spirit-reailer                            1, Exchequer-street
 DAVIS         John                  Upholder and Auctioneer                  60, S. gt. George's-street
 DAVIS         Michael               Butcher                                  23, Castle-street
 DAVIS         Thomas                Carpenter                                 5, Price's-lane
 DAVIS         Valentine             Cotton-manufacturer                      13, Ramsford-street
 DAVIS         William               Chandler                                 23, Duke-street
 DAVIS         William               Livery stable-keeper                     13, Liffey-street
 DAVISON       Richard               Perfumer                                  1, Parliament-street
 DAVISON       William               Fishing & Fowling-tackle-maker           17, low Ormand-quay
 DAVISON       William               Perfumer                                 53, Grafton-street
 DAVOCK        James                 Silk-manufacturer                        69, Pill-lane
 DAVOCK        Michael               Silk-manufacturer                         8, W Park-street
 DAWSON        Francis               Engraver and Seal-cutter                 16, Essex-quay
 DAWSON        John                  Iron-founder                              7, Usher's-street
 DAWSON        John                  Woollen-draper                           37, Castle-street
 DAWSON        Thomas                Linen-draper                             12, Castle-street
 DAWSON        William-Henry         High-constable                            2, Halston-street
 DAY           Jabez                 Wine-merchant                            87, Marlborough-street
 DEACON        Edward                Carpenter                                26, Dominick-street
 DEASE         Elias                 Chandler                                 25, E. Arran-street
 DEASE         John and Co.          Flour-merchants                          29, Usher's-quay
 DEASE         Matthew               Skinner                                  22, Watling-street
 +DEASE        Patrick               Merchant                                 41, Usher's-quay
 +DEAVES       John                  Merchant                                 20, William-street
 DEBAR         James                 Chandler                                 48, Summer-hill
 DECLUZEAU     John                  Wine-merchant                             5, Frederick-street, Rutland-square
 DECOURCY      Francis               Breeches-maker and Glover                 1, King's-inn-quay
 DEDRICKSON    Frederick             Ship-broker                               5, George's-street
 DE GROOT      Cornelius             Carver and Gilder                        69, Aungier-street
 DE JONCGURZ   Isaac                 Tea,Wine and Spirit- merchant            30, Dame-street
 DELAHOYDE     Barnaby               Watch- maker                             81, Dame-street
 DELAHOYDE     Christopher           Hosier                                   52, Mary-street
 DELANDRE      Bartholomew           Goldsmith                                26, Skinner-row
 DELANY        Edward                Bookseller                               38, Low.Ormand-quay
 DELANY        James and Hugh        Ship-broker, N. Strand -Office,              Abbey-street
 DELANY        John                  Musical instrument-maker                117, gt. Britain-street
 DELANY        John                  Pawn-broker                              24, Mary's-lane
 DELANY        William and Thomas    Worsted-manufacturers                    19, Fordham's-al.
 DELAP         Jane                  Haberdasher                              94, gt. Britain-street
 DELILE        Francis               Cook                                     42, Essex-street
 DELMER        Francis               Merchant                                  1, Grampton-quay
 DEMPSEY       Anthony               Glazier and Painter                      53, Bolton-street
 DEMPSEY       Arthur                Cashier to La Touche's Bank                , Castle-street
 DEMPSEY       Christopher           Grocer                                   31, S. gt. George's-street
 DEMPSEY       Elizabeth             Grocer                                   37, Mary's-lane
 DEMPSEY       James                 Baker                                    43, Mary-street
 DEMPSEY       John                  Baker                                     3, Cole's-lane
 +DEMPSEY      John & Sons           Merchants & Corn-factors                101, Townsend-street
 DEMPSEY       Luke                  Upholder and Auctioneer                  20, Cuffe-street
 DEMPSEY       Michael               Publican                                  1, Tighe-street
 +DEMPSEY      Patrick               Merchant                                101, Townsend-street
 DEERIN        Michael               Publican                                 20, Duke-street
 DE VEAUX      Mary                  Hosier and Haberdasher                  154, gt. Britain-street
 DE VEAUX      William               Baker                                    61, Exchequer-street
 DEVEREUX      Michael               Gunsmith                                  3, Blackall-row
 DEVERELL      Jonathan              Corn-factor                              21, Meath-street
 DEVLIN        Peter                 Hearth money-collector                   19, Abbey-street
 DEVOY         Nicholas              Wheel-wright                             17, College-street
 DEVOY         Patrick               Carpenter                                 9, Aungier-street
 DICK          Samuel and Co.        Merchants                                32, N. gt. George'sstreet
 +DICKINSON    Daniel                Merchant                                 21, Arran-quay
 DICKINSON     John                  Iron-monger                              10, up. Ormond-quay
 DICKINSON     Robert                Accountant and Stock-broker              15, gt. Ship-street
 DICKINSON     Thomas                Agent                                        Ordnance office
 +DICKINSON    William               Merchant                                 19, Usher's-island
 DICKINSON     William               Merchant and Agent                      102, Thomas-street
 DIGBY         John                  Haberdasher                             147, Capel-street
 DIGNAN        Owen                  Inn-keeper                               29, Stoney-batter
 DIGNAN        Patrick               Baker                                     5, Golden-lane
 DIGNAN        Simon                 Harness-maker                             7, Hay-market
 DIGNAN        Thomas                Tanner                                       Love-lane
 DILL          Benjamin              Leather-seller                           21, Back-lane
 DILLON        Edmond                Apothecary                               26, low. Ormond-quay
 DILLON        James                 Perfumer                                 73, Grafton-street
 DILLON        John                  Cotton-manufacturer                          Roper's-rest
 DILLON        John                  Linen-printer                            14, S. Brown-street
 DILLON        John                  Shoemaker                                16, Essex-quay
 DILLON        John                  Tallow-chandler                          50, Coffee-street
 DILLON        Maurice & Thomas      Worsted-manufacturers                    16, Mark's-alley
 +DILLON       Michael               Merchant                                 43, Castle-street
 DILLON        Patrick               Calico-printer and Dyer                      Donnybrook
 DILLON        Richard               Wholesale Linen-draper                   16, Bridge-street
 +DILLON       Robert                Wholesale Woollen-draper                 11, low Ormond-quay
 DILLON        Thomas                Woollen-draper                            7, Parliament-street
 DILLON        William               Apothercary                              53, High-street
 DIVINE        Thomas                Gunsmith                                194, Abbey-street
 +DIX          Ebenezer              Merchant                                 62, up. Dorset-strreet
 DIXON         George                Grocer and Spirit-merchant               42, Low. Kevin-street
 DIXON         James                 Button and Trimming-merchant             33, Fistamble-street
 +DIXON        James                 Tanner                                     , Kilmainham
 DIXON         John                  Wholesale Ribbon-weaver                  88, Grafton-street
 DIXON         Joseph                Cabinet-maker and Upholder               27, Mary-street
 DIXON         Samuel                Shoemaker                                 4, up. Ormond-quay
 DIXON         Thomas                Hosier                                   60, Dame-street
 +DIXON        William and Co.       Timber-merchants                         84, Rogerson's-quay
 DOBSON        Henry                 Upholder and Auctioneer                  80, Capel-street
 DOBSON        James                 Gun-maker                                32, Skinner-row
 DOCKERY       Jeremiah              Tailor                                   19, Abbey-street
 DOCKERY       Roger                 Druggist and Apothecary                  75, James's-street
 DODD          Francis               Coach-maker                              64, Marlborough-street
 DODD          James-Joseph          Seedsman and Grocer                      72, Thomas-street
 DODD          James                 Pawnbroker                               68, Mecklenburgh-street
 DODD          John                  Upholder and Auctioneer                  49, Bolton-street
 DODD          Laurence              Brazier                                  52, Moore-street
 DODD          Michael               Distiller                                 1, Bow-street
 +DODD         Michael               Dry-cooper and Merchant                      North-wall
 DODD          Michael               Pocket-book-maker                         7, Aston's-quay
 DODD          Richard               Porter-brewer                           134, James's-street
 DODD          William               Distiller                                 1, N. Bow-street
 DOHERTY       Kevin I.              Porter & Ale-brewer                      24, Watling-street, Office Bonham St.
 DOLAN         Terence               Glover                                   48, Pill-lane
 D'OLIER       Jeremiah              Sheriff's-peer, Goldsmith & Jeweller    87 , Dame-street
 DONACON       Laurence              Currier                                  36, Winetavern-street
 DONALDSON     and Dowling           Ship-chandlers                           22, George's-quay
 DONLEVY       Paul                  Linen-draper                              2, Arran-quay
 DONEGAN       Patrick               Seedsman                                 10, Christ-church-lane
 DONNELLY      Laurence              Tin-plate-worker                         47, Mary-street
 DONNELLY      Richard               Cotton-manufacturer                      15, Braithwait-street
 DONELLAN      John                  Carpenter and Builder                     4, Baggot-street
 DONOHOE       Thomas                Butcher                                  34, Castle-street
 DONOHOO       Patrick               Grocer                                   79, Thomas-street
 DONOHOO       Thomas                Distiller and Mead-brewer                34, S. Earl-street
 DONOVAN       James                 China and Glass-merchant                 23, George's-quay
 DONOVAN       William               Jeweller                                  6, Trinity-place
 DOOLAN        and Lett              Woollen-drapers                          25, Parliament-street
 DOOLAN        Nicholas              Baker                                     4, Mary's-lane
 DOOLEY        John                  Boot and Shoemaker                       21, S. gt. George's-street
 DOOLITTLE     Elizabeth and Henry   Silk-manufacturers                       32, Bridge-street
 DORAN         James                 Chandler                                 64, Cook-street
 DORAN         Thomas                Tanner                                   34, James's-street
 DORAN         Thomas                Woollen-draper and Rectifier              9, Francis-street
 DORNIN        Bernard               Bookseller                              108, Grafton-street
 DOUGHERTY     Christopher           Cabinet-maker                            42, Henry-street
 DOUGHERTY     John                  Tailor                                    8, Trinity-place
 DOUGLAS       Adam                  Apothecary                               20, Clare-street
 DOUGLAS       Anne                  Linen-draper                            144, James's-street
 DOUGLAS       Richard               Hosier                                   23, S. gt. George's-street
 DOWD          James                 Chandler                                168, Church-street
 +DOWELL       Patrick               Apothecary                               72, Abbey-street
 DOWLAN        James                 Brazier                                 199, gt. Britain-street
 DOWLING       Bernard               Grocer                                   41, Mary's-lane
 DOWLING       James                 Grocer & Coal-factor                    8½ , George's-quay
 DOWLING       Jane                  Grocer                                    4, Patrick-street
 DOWLING       John                  Haberdasher                              92, Nassau-street
 DOWLING       John                  Paper-maker                               4, Cook-street
 DOWLING       Michael               Grocer                                   16, Pill-lane
 DOWLING       Patrick               Haberdasher                              66, Dame-street
 DOWLING       Peter                 Tin-man and Oil-merchant                  3, Nassau-street
 DOWLING       Thomas                Grocer                                    8, Andrew-street
 DOWLING       William               Vintner                                  23, lit. Strand-street
 DOWNES        Eleanor               Haberdasher                              60, S. gt. George's-street
 DOWNES        George                Linen-draper                             19, S. King-street
 DOWNEY        Andrew                Skinner                                  10, New-row
 DOWNEY        Hugh                  Salesmaster                              12, Brunswick-street
 DOWNEY        Richard               Skinner                                  60, Watling-street
 DOYLE         Andrew                Button and Trimming-manufacturer          3, Francis-street
 DOYLE         Bartholomew           Grocer                                   76, old Church-street
 DOYLE         Charles               Tailor                                    9, Johnston's-court, gt. Britain-street
 DOYLE         Daniel                Castle and Military Tailor               12, Fishamble-street
 DOYLE         Denis                 Grocer                                   50, Patrick-street
 DOYLE         Edward                Tailor                                   19, Trinity-place
 DOYLE         Hugh                  Grocer                                  103, Pill-lane
 DOYLE         James                 Tailor                                   15, Andrew-street
 DOYLE         John                  Chandler                                  4, Ship-street
 DOYLE         John                  Measurer                                 27, Anglessea-street
 DOYLE         Joseph and Benjamin   Brewers                                   4, Meath-street
 DOYLE         Langrishe             Doctor of Music                          14, Cuffe-street
 DOYLE         Mary                  Grocer                                   36, New-row
 DOYLE         Michael               Leather-seller                            1, W. New-row
 DOYLE         Michael               Poulterer                                23, Fisher's-lane
 DOYLE         Michael               Iron-monger                             155, Francis-street
 DOYLE         Morgan                Grocer                                  133, gt. Britain-street
 DOYLE         Nicholas              Corn-factor                              31, Low. Kevin-street
 DOYLE         Patrick               Boot and Shoemaker                       61, High-street
 DOYLE         Patrick               Grocer                                   44, Bachelor's-walk
 DOYLE         Patrick               Grocer                                   48, Kevin-street
 DOYLE         Terence               Shoemaker                               150, Capel-street
 DOYLE         Thomas                Victualler                               15, Beef-row, Ormond-market
 DOYLE         Timothy               Carpenter and Timber-merchant            13, Bishop-street
 DOYNE         Charles               Woollen-draper                           91, Dame-street
 DORAN         William               Clothier                                 62, Cork-street
 DRAKE         Moses                 Plumber and Copper-layer                 18, Greek-street
 +DREVAR       George                Merchant                                 33, Townsend-street
 DREW          James                 Grocer                                   54, Capel-street
 DREW          James                 Shoemaker                                30, Pill-lane
 DREW          Patrick               Fruit-merchant                           26, Boot-lane
 DROMGOOLE     Christopher           Clothier                                  2, Weaver's-square
 DROUGHT       John                  Hatter                                   36, Temple-bar
 DRUIT/DROIT?  Edward                Slate-merchant                           11, Bachelor's-walk
 DRURY         Thomas Bate           Silk & Ribbon-manufacturer               61, Thomas-street
 DUBOIS        Charles               Merchant & Manufacturer of Perfumes      39, M___-st.
 DUCHENE       Anne                  Milliner                                 10, College-green
 DUCROS        Wm. And Co.           Braziers and Jappaners                   14, Golden-lane
 DU FOUR       Peter                 Tallow-chandler                          39, Fleet-street
 DUDGEON       Samuel                Wholesale Woollen-draper                 44, Pill-lane
 DUFF          Felix                 Corn-merchant                            49, Summer-hill
 DUFF          George                Tin-man                                   5, Mary-street
 DUFF          John                  Taylor                                   32, Chancery-lane
 +DUFF         Luke                  Cooper                                    3, Marlborough-street
 DUFF          Michael               Tanner                                   29, Dolphin's-barn
 DUFF          Richard               Baker                                    14, W. Arran-street
 DUFF          William               Fruiterer                                49, Grafton-street
 DUFFIN        Charles               Merchant. Office                           , Linen-butt
 +DUFFY'S      Byrne & Hamill        Mer. Manufa. & Calico-print              19, Bridge-street
 +DUFFY        John                  Merchant                                  4, Usher's-quay
 DUFFY         Pat. R                Cotton-manufacturer                     194, old Church-street
 DUFFY         William               Grocer                                    1, Bolton-street
 DUGAN         Alicia                Boarding-school-mistress                 58, Jervis-street
 DUGAN         Edward                Shoe-maker                                9, Essex-quay
 DUGDALE       Bennet                Bookseller and Stationer                  6, Dame-street
 DUGGAN        Michael               Shoemaker                                43, W. New-row
 DUIGAN        Edmond                Apothecary                               45, Mary-street
 DUIGAN        Alice                 Vintner                                   5, Palace-street
 DUIGENAN      Miles                 Grocer, Wine & Spirit-merchant           63, Grafton-street
 DUIGNAN       John                  Tanner                                   17, James's-street
 DUMAS         John                  Shoemaker                                70, Aungier-street
 DUMOULIN      Pollina               Boarding-school-mistress                 37, Stephen's-green
 DUNBAR        John                  Shoemaker                                 8, Mary-street
 DUNBAVIN      William               Chandler                                 56, High-street
 DUNCAN        William and John      Merchants                                22, Beresford-street
 DUNGAN        Walter                Baker                                    67, Dorset-street
 DUNCKLEY      Richard               Carpenter                                44, S. gt. George's-street
 DUNN          Anne                  Shoemaker                                17, Henry-street
 DUNN          Denis                 Chandler                                 50, Dorset-street
 DUNN          Edward                Grocer                                   13, Dorset-street
 DUNN          Edward                Cloth-merchant and Tailor                 7, new Sackville-street
 DUNN          Francis               Watch- maker                             25, Fistamble-street
 DUNN,         Hinks & Brocas        Ship-brok.                               97, Townsend-street, Off. 4, Lisburn-st. ?
 DUNN          James                 Paper-stainer                            70, S. gt. George's-street
 DUNN          John                  Hosier                                   13, Corn-market
 DUNN          John                  Printer and Bookseller                   62, Thomas-street
 DUNN          Joseph                Tanner                                   43, Cork-street
 DUNN          Michael               Skinner                                  32, S. New-row
 DUNN          Patrick               Tobacconist                              87, James's-street
 DUNN          Thomas                Baker                                    53, S. gt. George's-street
 DUNN          Thomas                Butcher                                  15, Patrick-street
 DUNNY         John                  Skinner                                  31, Watling-street
 DUPRE         Eliza                 Milliner                                 87, Grafton-street
 DURHAM        Barry                 Upholder                                 33, Bride's-alley
 DWEN          Hugh                  Hosier                                   41, High-street
 +DWYER        Jeremiah              Merchant                                 33, Mary-street
 DWYER         Philip                Musician                                 15, Chalbam-street
 DWYER         Thomas                Apothecary                               18, Andrew-street
 DWYER         William               Hardware-merchant                         9, W. New-row
 DYAS          William and John      Apothecaries                              3, Castle-street
 +DYKES        William               Coal-factor                              10, Aston's-quay
  Transcriber's Note. To facilitae finding names the old style f meaning s has 
  been changed to read "s".