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Note. The Figures direct to the Number of each House; Mer. stands for Merchant; str. 
for street; qu. for quay; gr. for great; l. for little; ;a. for lane; lo. for lower; 
up. for upper; Co. for Company; N. for North; S. for South; E. for East; and W. for West.—
Thus mared + are wholesale Merchants, free of the 6 and 10 per Cent. in the Custom-house,
Dublin, as regulated by Act of Parliament

CAFFRAY        James                       Chandler                                          7     Abbey Street
CAFFRAY        James                       Tobacconist and Soap Boiler                      13     Hammond Lane
CAFFRAY        John                        Baker                                            31     Cuffe Street
CAFFRAY        Peter                       Poulterer                                        29     Castle Market
CAFFREY        John                        Silk and Worsted Manufacturer                    11     Spittlefields
CAHILL         Edmund                      Silk Manufacturer and Haberdasher                81     Dame Street
CAHILL         Edward                      Grocer                                          118     Old Church Street
CAHILL         Francis                     Merchant                                         51     gt Britain Street
CAHILL         Joseph, Pat. & Co           Cotton Manufacturers                            105     Francis Street
CAHILL         Luke                        Merchant                                         10     Fisher's Lane
+CAHILL        Thomas                      Merchant                                         17     Anne Street
CAHILL         Timothy                     Glover                                           49     Exchequer Street
CAIN           William                     Haberdasher                                      11     High Street
CAINE          Richard                     Hosier                                           24     Cornmarket
CAINEN         Michael                     Goldsmith and Jeweller                           14     Skinner Row
CAINEN         Patrick                     Watchmaker and Jeweller                          90     Dame Street
CALBECK        W.                          Maker of Gunpowder. Clondarkin, Office           49     Bishop Street
CALDWELL       Thomas                      Umbrella Maker                                   31     Clarendon Street
CALISSENDORFF  J.                          Swedish and Dutch Ship-broker,                   86     Rogerson's Quay
CALLAGHAN      John                        Glazier, Painter, Map and Print Seller           35     Mary Street
CALLAGHAN      George                      Dry Cooper                                       45     Old Church Street
CALLAGHAN      Malachy                     Merchant                                         20     Fleet Street
CALLAGHAN      Mary                        Tallow Chandler                                 102     Pill Lane
CALLAGHAN      Patrick                     Chandler                                         75     Dorset Street
CALLAGHAN      Robert                      Painter and Glazier                              33     gt Britain Street
CALLAGHAN      Thomas and Sons             Merchants                                        20     Fleet Street
CALLAGHAN      Timothy                     Chandler                                         83     gt Britain Street
CALLAGHAN      William                     Apothecary                                       31     Mary Street
CALLAGHAN      William                     Poulterer                                        27     Castle Market
CALLAN         Margaret                    Clothier                                         30     Chambre  Street
CALLANAN       Joseph                      Wine Cooper                                      22     gt Strand Street
CALDERWOOD     Andrew                      Grocer                                           22     lit. Mary Street
+CALLWELL      & LECKEY                    Wholesale Woolen-drapers                          8     Ushers Quay
CALLWELL       Nathaniel                   Stationer and Lottery Office Keeper              35     College Green
CAMPBELL       Alexander                   Haberdasher and Hosier                          96      Grafton Street
CAMPBELL       Anthony                     Baker                                            44     Thomas Street
CAMPBELL       Charles                     Printer                                          11     Trinity Street
CAMPBELL       Edward                      Baker                                             7     gt Britain Street
CAMPBELL       Elizabeth                   Haberdasher and Linen Draper                     62     Back Lane
+CAMPBELL       George                      Merchant                                         15     Mary's Abbey
CAMPBELL       John                        Hatter                                           48     gt Britain Street
CAMPBELL       John                        Coal Factor                                      45     Aston's Quay
CAMPBELL       John                        Paper Merchant and Stationer                     35     Anglesea-Street
CAMPBELL       St George                   Upholsterer                                      35     Grafton Street
CAMPBELL       Peter                       Haberdasher, Perfumer and Glover                 59     Sackville Street
CAMPION        John                        Leatherseller                                    17     Back Lane
CANNAN         Peter                       Bricklayer                                        4     lit Strand Street
CANNON         Patrick                     Grocer                                           16     lit Mary Street
CANNON         Richard                     Wool-dresser                                     55     Watling Street
CANAVAN        Joseph                      Skinner                                          11     Watling Street
CANE           Edward and son              Army-Agents                                      53     Dawson Street
CANTRELL       John                        House Painter and Paper Stainer                  30     Cole's Lane
CANTRELL       Robert                      Hardware Merchant                                12     New Row
CARBERRY       Anne                        Coal Factor                                      30     lower Ormond Quay
CARBERRY       William                     Paper Maker                                      36     Cook Street
CARD           Nathaniel                   Merchant                                         16     Summer-bill
CARD           Ralph                       Wine Merchant                                    10     Aungier Street
CARD           Thomas Ligoe                Wine Merchant                                    49     Abbey Street
CARDIFF        & EGAN                      Woolen Drapers                                   19     High Street
CARDIFF        Patrick                     Grocer                                           30     lit Strand Street
CARDIFF        Thomas                      Silk dyer                                        84     S. gt George's Street
+CARDIFFE      Matthew                     Ship Wright                                      93     Rogerson's Quay
CARELESS       Christopher                 Haberdasher                                      29     Bolton Street
+CARLETON      John                        Alderman and City Treasurer                      12     Eustace Street
+CARLETON      John and George and Co      Merchants                                        12     Eustace Street
CARLETON       Oliver                      Grocer                                            8     Exchequer Street
CARLETON       William                     Linen Draper and Shoemaker                        3     Queen Street
CARLISLE       Christopher                 Linen Draper                                      6     Werburgh Street
CARNEY         Daniel                      Glazier and Painter                             125     James Street
CARNEY         Edward                      Butter and Bacon Merchant                        42     Francis Street
CARNEY         Terence                     Apothecary                                       44     Queen Street
CAROLIN        Edward                      Carpenter                                        86     Methlenburgh Street
CAROLL         Daniel                      Poulterer                                         8     Ormond Market & Halston St.
CAROLL         Edward                      Breeches Maker                                   86     S. gt George's Street
CARPENTER      James                       Straddle and Collarmaker                         62     Old Church Street
CARPENTER      Margaret (3 Locations)      Poulterer                                        16     Royal-r, Ormond Market & Boat l.
CARPENTER      & CONNELL                   Apothecaries                                    144     Francis Street
CARPENTER      William                     Vinegar Manufacturer                             25     Dolpin's Barn
CARR           Anne                        Linen Draper                                     98     Thomas Street
CARR           John                        Soap and Candle Manufacturer                    126     gt. Britain Street
CARR           Nicholas                    Chandler                                         52     Henry Street
CARR           Patrick                     Wine Merchant                                    19     Nassau Street
CARRICK        James and John              Printers                                          9     Bedford Row
CARROLL        Anthony                     Coal Factor                                       3     Aston's Quay
+CARROLL       John and Anthony            Merchants, Office                               172     Abbey Street
CARROLL        Eleanor                     Grocer                                          191     gt Britain Street
CARROLL        Henry                       Anchor Smith                                     30     City Quay
CARROLL        Hugh                        Tailor                                            2     William Street
CARROLL        James                       Iron Monger                                      67      old Church Street
CARROLL        John                        Trunk Maker                                       6     Swift's Row
CARROLL        John                        Carpenter                                       123     low Abbey Street
CARROLL        Patrick                     Seedsman                                         10     Cook Street
CARROLL        Peter                       Paper Stainer and Painter                        35     Back Lane
CARROLL        Thomas                      Cotton Manufacturer                               6     w Arran Street
CARROLL        Thomas                      Grocer                                           93     Townsend Street
CARROTHERS     Anne                        Linen and Cambrick Merchant                       8     low Jervis Street
CARROTHERS     Charles Junior              Wine Merchant                                    36     s St George's Street
CARROTHERS     Frederick                   Rope Manufacturer                                 8     George's Quay
CARSON         Joseph                      Men's Mercer and Woolen Draper                   20     Dame Street
+CARTLAND      Elizabeth                   Wine Merchant                                    48     Dawson Street
CARTLAND       George                      Tin Man                                          67     William Street
CARTLAND       Nathaniel                   Silk dyer                                        10     W Park Street
CARTER         Anne                        Paper Machine Manufacturer                       19     Grafton Street
CARTER         James                       Iron Monger                                     119     Francis Street
CARTER         Mary and Son                China Merchants                                  89     Grafton Street
CARTER         Sampson                     Professor and Doctor of Music                    16     Mecklenburgh Street
+CARTER        & GRAHAM                    Merchants                                         6     Bishop Street
CARTON         & HAWTHORN                  Hardware Merchants                               39     Pill Lane
CARTY          John                        Carpenter and Broker                             36     Plunket Street
CARTY          Laurence                    Grocer                                           42     Meath Street
CARTY          Patrick                     Grocer                                           21     Bridgefoot Street
CARTWRIGHT     George                      Tallow Chandler                                   1     Patrick Street
CASEY          Jane                        Baker                                            24     Nicholas Street
CASSIDY        Luke                        Hatter and Lace-man                              21     Parliament Street
CASSIN         Denis                       Grocer                                           16     N Earl Street
CASSIN         James                       Corn Merchant                                    12     Chatham Street
CASSIN         Joseph                      Grocer                                           22     Grafton Street
CASSIN         Luke                        Grocer                                            1     Clare Street
CASSIN         Michael                     Grocer                                           16     Winetavern Street
CASSON         George                      Merchant                                          9     Fleet Street
CATCHESIDE     Henry                       Carpenter and Timber Merchant                           Townsend Street
CAVE           Richard                     Merchant and Supervisor of Pipe Water Revenue    29     Dorset Street
CEUETE         Francis                     Gilder and Frame Maker                           41     Liffey Street
CHAMBERLAIN    Matthew                     Distiller                                               Blackpits
CHAMBERS       Todd and Co.                Merchants                                         7     N. Anne Street
CHAMBERS       John                        Painter and Stationer                             5     Abbey Street
CHANDLEE       John                        Tallow Chandler                                  24     low. Kevin Street
CHANDLER       John                        Paper Merchant                                   44     Cook Street
CHAPELL        Daniel                      Painter                                          30     Mary Street
CHAPELL        Henry                       Haberdasher                                      44     Bolton Street
CHAPMAN        Samuel                      Linen Draper                                     12     N. Anne Street
CHAPMAN        William                     Slate Merchant                                   63     City Quay
CHARGE         Joseph                      Carver and Gilder                                86     S gt George's Street
CHARRURIER     John                        Printer and Bookseller                           128?   Capel Street
CHARTRES       H. A.                       Naval Agent                                      34     Dorset Street
CHARTRES       John                        Wax Chandler                                    167     gt Britain Street
CHOWNER        Mary                        Woolen Draper                                   109     Capel Street
CHRISTIAN      Mary                        Grocer                                           51     Meath Street
CHRISTIAN      Thomas                      Jack Smith and Bell Hanger                       13     lit.Ship Street
CHRISTIE       John                        Merchant                                         35     Merchant's Quay
CHURCH         John                        Grocer                                           58     Mary's Lane
CLARE          John                        Tailor                                           19     Poolbeg Street
CLARE          Joseph                      Auctioneer                                        8     Upper Ormond Quay
CLARE          Nicholas                    Tailor                                                  Merion Row
CLARK          James                       Merchant                                          4     Granby Row
CLARENDON      Thomas                      Linen Draper                                      1     Capel Street
CLARK          & STEPHENS                  Sadlers                                           7     W. New Row
CLARKE         Arthur                      Apothecary                                       11     Gardiner's Place
CLARKE         Arthur                      Jeweller and Pawnbroker                          47     Bride Street
+CLARKE        Benjamin and Son            Merchants                                       110     Bride Street
CLARKE         David                       Merchant                                          9     Upper Ormond Quay
CLARKE         Edward                      Manufacturer and Calico Printer                   9     Merchant's Quay
CLARKE         James                       Baker                                            13     Smithfield
CLARKE         James and Son               Smiths and Iron Monger                            9     Aston's Quay, City Quay
CLARKE         John                        Military Boot and Shoe Maker                      3     Silver Street
CLARKE         John                        Jeweller                                          9     Capel Street
CLARKE         Nicholas                    Gun Maker                                        35     Capel Street
CLARKE         Patrick                     Baker                                            48     Old Church Street
CLARKE         Robert                      Baker                                            26     S. King Street
CLARKE         Thomas and Co.              Grocers                                          66     Old Church Street
CLARKE         and WILSON                  Porter, Ale and Beer Brewers                     74     N. King Street
CLARKE         William                     Cutler                                            2     Sherry's Court, Bridge St.
CLARKE         William                     Iron Founder                                     73     N King Street
CLARKE         William                     Goldsmith and Jeweller                           16     Henry Street
CLARKSON       Mary                        Haberdasher                                      90     Grafton Street
CLAYTON        Benjamin                    Engraver                                        204     gt. Britain Street
CLEGG          Thomas                      Cutler                                           68     Stephen Street
CLEMENTS       Elizabeth                   Linen Draper                                     12     Marlborough Street
CLEMENTS       Finlater                    Coal Dealer                                      38     City Quay
CLEMENTS       Jane                        Tea and Muslin Dealer                            10     Anglesea Street
CLEMENTS       John                        Haberdasher                                      23     Dawson Street
CLEMENTS       Isaac                       Hatter                                            6     Temple bar
CLIBBORN       Edward                      Linen Merchant, Linen Hall, office               30     Bride Street
CLIFFORD       Thomas                      Baker                                            69     Bride Street
CLIFFORD       William                     Baker                                           100     Townsend Street
CLIFT          Joseph and Mary             Calico Glazers                                   36     Chancery Lane
CLINCH         Bartholomew                 Grocer                                           43     low. Kevin Street
CLINCH         John                        Carpenter                                        59     Summerhill
CLINCH         Thomas                      Grocer                                          147     gt Britain Street
CLINCH         William                     Glover and Breeches Maker                        10     King's ??? Quay
CLINDENIN      Alexander                   Apothecary                                       32     Peter Street
CLINDENIN      Jane                        Milliner                                        165     gt Britain Street
CLINDENIN      William                     Druggist                                         99     Upp Coombe
CLINTON        John and Francis            Wholesale Merchants                              13     Usher's Quay
CLINTON        Michael                     Carpenter                                         5     ??? Street
CLOSE          Andrew                      Hatter                                           34     Capel Street
CLOSE          Samuel (Senior)             Engraver                                        134     Capel Street
CLOSE          Samuel (Junior)             Landscape and Figure Engraver                   134     Capel Street
CROSS?         Richard                     House Painter and Paper Stainer                  87     Fleet Street
COATES         William and James           Salesmasters ?                                   10     Blackall Street
COCHRAN        Henry                       Merchant and Silk-manufacturer                    8     Mountrath Street
COCHRAN        Hugh                        Merchant                                          2     Usher's Quay
COCHRAN        & Co.                       Pawnbrokers                                       8     Mountrath Street
COCKBURNE      John                        Stonecutter                                       9     Mark Street
CODD           Francis                     Corn Merchant                                   105     Townsend Street
CODD           Thomas                      Bookseller and Stationer                         52     gt Britain Street
COFFEE         Anne                        Grocer                                           26     Kildare Street
COFFEY         Andrew                      Engineer of Water Works                           3     Pembroke Quay
COGHLAN        Michael                     Timber Merchant                                   1     Bedford Street
COGHLAN        John                        Umbrella Maker                                   16     Aston's Quay
COHEN          Barnaby                     Black Lead Pencil Maker                                 S. Pembroke Court
COLBERT        Harriot                     Bookseller                                      136     Capel Street
COLELOUGH      Thomas                      Chandler                                          8     Stoney Batter
COLELOUGH      Thomas and Patrick          Salesmasters ?                                   61     Smithfield
COLELOUGH      William                     Vintner                                          13     Dame Street
COILE          Bernard                     Cambrick and Muffin Manufacturer                 14     Linen Ball Street
COLE           John                        Boot and Shoe Maker                               2     Lower Ormond Quay
COLE           Richard                     Printer and Stationer                            18     Trinity Street
COLEMAN        Bartholomew                 Linen Maker                                       8     Bride Street
COLEMAN        Francis                     Mercer                                            9     Dame Street
COLGAN         Charles                     Grocer                                           17     Thomas Street
+COLIN         Lewis                       Hock Merchant                                    49     Abbey Street
COLLEY         Peter                       Skinner                                                 ??? Crane Street
COLLES         Isaac                       Printer                                           1     Northumberland Court, S. Cope St.
COLLIER        Charles                     Coach Harness Maker                              12     Cole's Lane
COLLIER        Chr.                        Hatter and Military Accoutrement mak.            23     upp Ormond Quay
COLLIER        John                        Card Maker                                       18     Ardee Street
COLLIER        John                        Chandler                                         23     gt Britain Street
COLLIER        Patrick                     Weaver                                           61     Marrowbone Lane
COLLIER        Richard                     Baker                                            24     Copper Alley
COLLIER        Richard                     Grocer                                          112     Old Church Street
COLLIER        William and Sons            Coachmakers                                      14     Kevin Street
COLLINS        Daniel                      Worsted Manufacturer                              9     Carman ball
COLLINS        Fennel                      Saddler and Coach Harness Maker                  14     Dame Street
COLLINS        Francis                     Merchant                                          5     Lower Ormond Quay
COLLINS        James                       Coach Maker                                       4     Cuss? Street
COLLINS        James                       Shoe Maker                                       52     High Street
COLLINS        John                        Silk Manufacturer and Grocer                    149     James Street
COLLINS        John                        Silk Manufacturer                                79     Pill Lane
COLLINS        Joseph                      Silk Manufacturer                                53     Pill Lane
COLLINS        Patrick                     Grocer                                           18     Back Lane
COLLINS        William                     Silk Manufacturer                                51     Castle Street
COLLISON       Edward                      Glover                                            3     Wormwood Gate
COLMAN         Bartholomew                 Linen Draper                                      8     Bride Street
COLMAN         Letitia                     Grocer                                           11     Bradereen ? Row
COLMAN         Michael                     Coach Maker                                      12     N Earl Street
COLQUHOUN      George                      Musical Instrument Maker                          5     Trinity Street
+COLVILL       William and CO.             Merchants                                         6     Bachelor's Walk
CONAN          James                       Tailor                                            3     Trinity Place
CONDRON        James                       Baker                                             3     Bradereen ? Row
CONLAN         William                     Brewer                                           47     S. New Row
CONNELL        & BYRNE                     Milliners                                        21     Castle Street
CONNELL        James                       Slater                                           25     Mary's Lane
CONNELL        John                        Measurer                                        206     gt Britain Street
CONNELL        John                        Perfumer                                         20     Barrack Street
CONNELLY       Christopher                 Grocer                                           73     Old Church Street
CONNELLY       Nicholas                    Boot and Shoe Maker                              22     Exchequer Street
CONNER         Edward                      Timber Merchant                                  37     Usher's Quay
+CONNERY       Richard and John            Timber Merchants                                 95     Rogerson's Quay
+CONNOLLY      James and CO.               Merchants                                        42     Afton's Quay
+CONNOLLY      James                       Merchant                                         41     Sackville Street
+CONNOLLY      SOMERS & Co.                Porter Brewers                                   28     S King Street
CONNOLLY       Patrick                     Confectioner                                    139     gt Britain Street
CONNOLLY       Patrick                     Stuccodoer and Painter                            6     S Chamberlain Street
CONNOLLY       Richard                     Butcher                                          30     Castle Market
CONNOR         Bartholomew                 Grocer                                           19     Bishop Street
CONNOR         Christopher                 Timber Merchant                                   4     New Street
CONNOR         Edward                      Timber Merchant                                  37     Usher's Quay
CONNOR         George                      Manufacturing Jeweller                            5     Fowne's ? Street
CONNOR         John                        Iron Monger                                     128     James Street
CONNOR         John                        Turner and Machine Maker                         11     Lower Coombe
CONNOR         Luke                        Plumber and Water Closet Manufacturer            32     ???????
CONNOR         Patrick                     Tailor                                           11     Ross Lane
CONNOR         Patrick                     Wine Cooper and Merchant                         28     Cook Street
CONNOR         Thomas                      Jeweller                                          5     Trinity Place
CONNOR         Timothy                     Clubhouse Keeper                                        College Green
CONNOR         Tobias                      Timber Merchant                                  98     gt Britain Street
CONRAN         Thomas and Co.              Merchants                                        29     Lower Ormond Quay
CONROY         Michael                     Pawnbroker                                       10     Mountrath Street
CONROY         John                        Laceman                                          21     Grafton Street
CONROY         Kevin                       Comber                                            5     W. Cole Alley
CONROY         Martin                      Wire Worker                                      20     Ash ? Street
CONROY         Michael                     Hair Dresser                                    145     Abbey Street
CONROY         Thomas                      Carpenter                                        10     Bishop Street
CONROY         Thomas                      Wine Merchant                                           James Street
CONROY         Michael                     Merchant                                                James Street
CONROY         Thomas                      Worsted Manufacturer                             33     Foedom's Alley
CONYNGHAM      William                     Hoop and Wire Riddle Maker                       54     Bridgefoot Street
COOGAN         George                      Skinner                                          54     Watling Street
COOGAN         John                        Skinner                                          17     Watling Street
COOKE          Esther                      Cooper                                           11     Fleet Street
COOKE          George                      Grocer                                                  Fis??umble Street
COOKE          John                        Artist                                           74     Camden Street
COOKE          John                        Horse Auctioneer and Livery Stable Keeper        59or89 Exchequer Street
COONEY         Cornelius                   Cotton Manufacturer                              45     Marrowbone Lane
COONEY         James                       Carpenter                                        32     Poolbeg Street
COONEY         John                        Coach Maker                                      13     Redmond's Hill
COONEY         Laurence                    Hatter                                            3     Temple bar
COONEY         Peter                       Coal Factor                                      19     Anglesea Street
COONEY         Robert                      Grocer                                          125     Townsend Street
COOPER         James                       Cotton Merchant                                  14     Mountrath Street
COOPER         Roger                       Grocer                                            3     Aungier Street
COOPER         William                     Shoe Maker                                        3     Gardiner Street
+COPE          BINNS, HAUTENVILLE, DOWNES  Silk Merchants                                          Dame Street
COPELAND       John                        Silk Manufacturer                                 9     King's Inn Quay
+CORBALLIS     James                       Merchant                                         53     Townsend Street
+CORBALLIS     Richard                     Merchant                                       62.5     City Quay
CORBALLY       Bridget                     Linen Draper                                     30     Corn Market
CORBALLY       Christoper                  Tanner                                                  Dolphin's Barn Lane
CORBET         William                     Bookseller and Printer                           57     gt Britain Street
CORCORAN       James                       Grocer and Corn Factor                           74     Thomas Street
CORCORAN       John                        Shoe Maker                                      185     gt Britain Street
CORCORAN       Simon                       Apothecary                                      115     Capel Street
CORRIGAN       John                        Merchant                                         91     Thomas Street
CORRIGAN       Mary                        Baker                                             8     Brabazon Street
CORRIGAN       Patrick                     Baker                                            49     Upper Coombe
CORMICK        A.                          Goldsmith, Goldbeater and Refiner                22     Parliament Street
CORNE          Thomas                      Merchant                                          4     N. Anne Street
CORNMELL       William                     Organ Builder                                    18     Montgomery Street
CORNWALL       John                        Painter and Glazier                              13     Marborough Street
CORR           Francis                     Coal Factor and Grocer                           35     George's Quay
CORR           James                       Joiner                                           22     Bride's Alley
CORR           Matthew                     Boot and Shoe Maker                             140     Capel Street
CORR           Nicholas                    Collar Maker                                   74 & 122 Old Church Street
CORR           William                     Saddler                                          36     N. King Street
CORRY          James                       Secretary to the Linen Board                      9     Lurgan Street
CORRY          John                        Carpenter                                         5     Aston's Quay
CORRY          Henry                       Glazier and Painter                              20     Lower Coombe
COSGRAVE       & MOLLAN                    Merchants                                        87     Abbey Street
COSTELLO       Andrew                      Bookseller                                       19     Stephen Street
COSTELLO       Jeremiah                    Butcher                                          82     Patrick Street
COSTELLO       Phillip                     Coachmaker                                       23     Jervis Street
COSTELLO       Walter and Christian        Thread and Tape Manufacturers                    31     S.Earl Street
COSTIGIN       Sylvester and CO.           Malt Distillers                                 161     Thomas Street
COSTLEY        John                        Ribbon Weaver                                    35     Nicholas Street
COTTTLE        William                     Basketmaker and Grocer                         34 & 35  Watling Street
COTTON         Anne                        Haberdasher                                       3     Palace Street
COTTON         William                     Cotton Manufacturer                              52     Francis Street
COUGHLAN       John                        Cotton Manufacturer                              22     Bridgefoot Street
COULAN         Barbara                     Linen Draper                                     29     Back Lane
COULAN         Peter                       Cotton Merchant                                  84     Fleet Street
COULTON        Thomas                      Timber Merchant                                  82     Townsend Street
COURTENAY      Elizabeth                   Haberdasher                                      44     S. St. George's Street
COURTNEY       Bernard                     Tailor                                           12     Cork Hill
COURTNEY       David                       Inspector of Barracks                            14     Baggot Street
COURTNEY       David                       Merchant                                          3     Fleet Street
COURTNEY       Joseph                      Grocer, Tea and Wine Merchant                    41     Mary Street
COURTNEY       Patrick                     Glover                                            8     Sackville Street
COURTNEY       P.R.                        Tea and Wine Merchant                            18     Moore Street
COURTNEY       Thomas                      Clothier                                         16     Chambre Street
COURTNEY       William                     Merchant                                          1     Yarn Ball Street
COVEY          John                        Grocer                                          205     gt Britain Street
COVEY          Peter                       Grocer                                           41     gt Britain Street
COWAN          John                        Merchant                                         41     Gloucester Street
COWAN          Hugh                        Merchant                                         41     Gloucester Street
COWDALL        Joseph                      Coal and Porter Merchant                         30     Bachelor's Walk
COWELL         Michael                     Mathematician                                    42     Arran Quay
COWEN          Margaret                    Grocer                                           15     Tigue Street
COWEN          Robert                      Print Seller                                     84     Grafton Street
COWER          Mary                        Grocer                                           16     Chatham Street
COWLEY         John                        Smith and Bell Hanger                            56     Mary's Lane
COX            Ambrose                     Brewer                                           83     James Street
COX            Charles                     Woolen Draper and Men's Mercer                    5     Dame Street
COX            John                        Woolen Draper                                    25     Skinner Row
COX            Stephen                     Fishing and Fowling Tackle Maker                  4     Upper Ormond Quay
COYLE          Denis                       Linen Draper                                    123     Townsend Street
COYLE          Marcella                    Milliner                                         59     Henry Street
COYLE          Patrick                     Skinner                                                 Watling Street
COYLE          Patrick                     Parchment Maker                                   2     Cook's Lane
COYLE          Thomas                      Skinner                                          62     Watling Street
CRAIG          Hugh                        Woolen Draper                                     4     Christ Church Lane
CRAIG          Richard                     Hair Dresser                                     18     Anglesea Street
CRAIG          Robert                      Silk Manufacturer and Grocer                     59     Dolphin's Barn
CRANE          Ambrose                     Tallow Chandler                                  90     Kevin's Port
CRANNAN        James                       Silk Weaver                                      16     Hendrick Street
CRAWFORD       Peter and John              Ship Brokers                                      2     Lisburn Street
CRAWFORD       William                     Apothecary                                        2     Temple bar
CRAWFORD       William                     Turner                                           57     Coombe
CREAN          Andrew                      Woolen Draper                                    23     Francis Street
CREAN          Martin and CO.              Woolen Drapers                                   13     Francis Street
CREATHORN      John                        Butcher                                          53     New Street
CREED          Nathaniel                   Livery Lace Manufacturer                         37     gt Ship Street
CREIGHTON      Abraham                     Tailor and Woollen Draper                       111     Capel Street
CROFTON        Curtis                      Chandler                                        161     gt Britain Street
CROFTON        Edward                      Woollen Draper                                    2     High Street
CROFTON        Hugh                        City Store Keeper, Pipe Water Office                    Barrack Street
CROFTON        William                     Scrivener                                        24     Chancery Lane
+CROKER        & MILLER                    Merchants                                         5     Bachelor's Walk
+CROMBIE        William                     Merchant and Muslin Manufacturer                 22     N. Anne Street
CRONE          Richard                     Cotton Manufaturer and Agent                     12     S. Anne Street
CROSBIE        Henry                       Woollen Draper                                   26     Parliament Street
CROSBIE        Matthew                     Wholesale Linen Draper                           10     W. New Row
CROSBIE        Thomas                      Cabinet Maker                                    12     Bride's Alley
CROSBIE        Daniel                      Brazier and Scale Maker                          36     Pill Lane
CROSS          Edward                      Delf and Glass Seller                           102     Thomas Street
CROSTHWAITE    John and Son                Watch and Clock Makers                           27     Grafton Street
+CROSTHWAIT    Leland                      Bookseller and Printer                           28     Bridge Street
+CROTHERS      Hugh                        Alderman and Merchant                             7     Lurgan Street
CROTHERS       Montgomery                  Ship Broker                                       6     Linen Ball Street
CROTTY         Cornelius                   Hardware Merchant                                11     W. New Row
CROTTY         James                       Tailor and Habit Maker                           28     Abbey Street
CROWE          Elizabeth                   Milliner                                         20     N. Earl Street
CROWE          William                     Hatter                                           46     Temple bar
CROWE          Laurence                    Artifacts and Mechanic Warehousemen              24     Golden Lane
CROWLEY        Timothy                     Clothier                                         38     Lower Bridge Street
CRUIFE         James                       Hatter                                           20     Parliament Street
CUDDY          Eliza                       Linen Draper                                      9     Cross Paddle
CUISSET        James                       Haberdasher                                     151     grt Britain Street
CULLEDON       Michael                     Butcher                                          83     Patrick Street
CULLEDON       Michael                     Tanner                                          1?      Mill Street
CULLEN         Christopher                 Grocer and Rectifying Distiller                  13     Barrack Street
CULLEN         Denis                       Cooper                                           76     Francis Street
CULLEN         George                      Girth Web Manufacturer                           57     Cork Street
CULLEN         John                        Miniature Painter                                11     Suffolk Street
CULLEN         John                        Turner                                           11     Fawner's Street
CULLEN         John                        Stationer                                        58     Capel Street
CULLEN         Mary                        Grocer                                           99     gt Britain Street
CULLEN         Patrick                     Tailor                                           12     Trinity Place
CULLEN         Patrick and CO.             Tobacconists                                     40     S. King Street
CULLEN         Richard                     Turner                                            3     Little Strand Street
CULLIDON       Maurice                     Comb Maker                                       86     Pill Lane
CUINAN         Bartholomew                 Grocer                                           14     Aungier Street
CUMMINS        Edward                      Skinner                                          57     Watling Street
CUMMINS        Richard                     Confectioner                                     25     Nassau Street
CUMMONS        Bernard                     Tobacconist                                      60     Thomas Street
CUNNINGHAM     Andrew                      Grocer                                          134     gt Britain Street
CUNNINGHAM     Edward                      Hoop and Wire Manufacturer                        7     Bridgefoot Street
CUPPAIDGE      Geo, Wm and James           Paper Manufacturers                               2     College Green
CURPHEY        Mary                        Milliner                                         41     Capel Street
CURRAN         Thomas                      Velvet Cap and Helmet Maker                      30     Bridge Street
CURREN         Felix                       Iron Monger                                      52     Golden Lane
CURREN         Winifred and Son            Coal Factors                                     12     New Church Street
CURRIN         Matthew                     Carpenter and Builder                            11     Montague Street
CURRY          Elizabeth                   Milliner and Haberdashery                        15     Stephen Street
CURTIS         Christopher                 Tobacconist                                      78     James Street
CURTIS         James                       Broker                                           17     Bride's Alley
CURTIS         John                        Haberdasher                                       6     Golden Lane
CURTIS         Patrick                     Currier                                           2     Patrick Street
CURTIS         Thomas                      Wine Cooper                                      93     Fleet Street
CURTIS         William                     Merchant                                         24     James Street
CUSACK         Isaac                       Linen Draper                                     33     Grafton Street
CUSACK         Joseph                      Carpenter                                       188     Abbey Street
CUSACK         Matthew                     Carpenter                                        40     Liffey Street
CUSACK         William                     Chandler                                         28     Vicar Street
CUSTIS         Francis                     Sadler                                           14     Nassau Street
CUSTIS         Thomas                      Leather Seller                                    4     W. New Row

Transcriber's Note. To facilitae finding names the old style 
f meaning s has been changed to read "s".