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Note. The Figures direct to the Number of each House; Mer. stands for Merchant; 
str. for street; qu. for quay; gr. for great; l. for little; ;a. for lane; lo. 
for lower; up. for upper; Co. for Company; N. for North; S. for South; E. for 
East; and W. for West.— Thus mared + are wholesale Merchants, free of the 6 and 
10 per Cent. in the Custom-house, Dublin, as regulated by Act of Parliament.

ABBOTT      Benjamin           Shoemaker                                      13,Ormond-quay
ABBOTT      Philip             Wine-merchant                                  30,Marlborough-street
ABBOTT      Tho.               Wholesale Silk & Ribbon-manufacturer           18,Castle-st.
ACHESON     Ann                Stuff-manufacturer                             10,old Church-street
ACHESON     Thomas             Apothecary                                    130,Capel-street
ADAMS       John               Merchant                                        1,S. Cumberland-street
ADAMS       Hugh               Shoemaker                                     51½,old Church-street
ADAMS       James              Tailor                                         21,gt. Britain-street
ADAMS       Owen               Shoemaker                                      54,old Church
ADAMS       Thomas             Goldsmith                                      83,Dame-street
ADAMS       Thomas             Silversmith                                    15,Sycamore-alley
ADAMS       William            Toy-man                                        22,Henry-street
+ADAMSON    George & Son       Sugar-bakers & Merch.                          18,Boot-la.
ADAMSON     Jane               Milliner                                       28,Grafton-street
ADRIEN      William            Tallow-chandler                                42,Thomas-street
ALCORN      Robert             Leather-seller                                 26,Back-lane
+ALDER      Finlay             Merchant                                        4,Ellis's-quay
ALDER       William            Tallow-chandler                                42,Thomas-street
+ALEXANDER  Robert, jun.       Wine-merchant                                  15,Sackville-street
ALEXANDER   Wm.                Alderman, Superintendant Magistrate             8,Williams-st.
+ALEXANDER  William            Merchant                                       91,Capel-street
ALKER       Samuel             China, Delf & Glass-merchant              25 & 30,Essex-st.
ALLARD      George             Baker                                          19,Vicar-street
ALLEN       Edward             Wholesale Linen-draper                         23,upper Bridge-street
ALLEN       James              Brass-founder                                  13,Cook-street
ALLEN       & Hicks            Mens-mercers                                   36,College-green
ALLEN       Christopher        Dyer                                           44,Pimlico
+ALLEN      John & Sons        Merchants; Office                              15,Gardiner's-place
ALLEN       Michael            Silk-merchant                                 118,Coombe
ALLEN       Patrick            Hatter                                          4,Bridge-street
ALLEN       Sarah              Linen-draper                                   95,Bridge-street
ALLEN       William            Linen & Muslin-draper                           2,Skinner-row
ALLEN       William            Map & Print-seller                             32,Dame-street
ALLEN       Wm.                Inspect. Of Tobacco, Wine & Porter-mer         25,Strand-st.
ALLEY       John               Brewer                                          4,Hawkins's-street
ALLEY       William            Gun-maker                                       6,Abbey-street
+ALLEY      William            Merchant                                         -Clanbrassil-st.
+ALLOWAY    John Barclay       Merchant                                        9,lower Dorset-street
ALLPRESS    John               Coach-maker                                     6,Marlborough-street
ANCELL      Samuel             Military Commission-broker                     53,Dame-street
ANDERSON    Gregory            Tin-plate worker and Brazier                   53,Dawson-street
ANDERSON    Jane               Lace-maker                                     84,Kevin's-port
ANDERSON    John               Brazier & Pewterer                             96,Thomas-street
ANDERSON    John & Co.         Pawn-brokers                                    2,gt. Longford-street
ANDERSON    Isaac              Fruiterer                                     145,Capel-street
ANDERSON    Matthew            Merchant                                       14,Summer-hill
ANDERSON    Thomas             Fruiterer                                      43,College-green
ANDERSON    William            Fruiterer & Confectioner                       31,College-green
ANDOE       John               Woollen-draper                                12, High-street
ANDREWS     Alexander          Silk & Ribbon-weaver                            3,Bridge-street
ANDREWS     Cahill & Fottrell  Wholesale-grocers                            173, old Church-st.
ANDREWS     and Curren         Timber-merchants                                8,Bonham-street
ANDREWS     and Kean           Wholesale Woollen-drapers                      3, Bridge-street
ANDREWS     Edmond             Butcher                                        21,Clarendon-street
ANDREWS     Elinor             Baker                                         111,?w. Abbey-street
ANDREWS     & Fleming          Ship-brokers                                     -Montgomery-street
ANDREWS     & Hughes           Porter-brewers                                  5,Cork-bridge
ANDREWS     Michael            Ivory-turner                                  157,gt. Britain-street
+ANDREWS    Mason & Robinson   Brewers                                       110,Coombe
ANDREWS     Michael            Merchant                                       12,Fleet-street
+ANDREWS    Thomas             Alderman                                       25,Merion-square, W.
ANDREWS     William & Son      Woollen-drapers                                35,Castle-st.
ANGELL      John               Professor of Stenography                        7,Fownes's-street
ANGIER      Chas. Jun          Apothecary                                     34,Molesworth-street
ANGIER      John & Maria       Haberdashers & Milliners                     170, gt. Britain-street
ANGIER      Thomas             Velvet & Silk manufacturer                      2,Winetavern-street
+ANNEILEY   John               Merchant                                         -Darby's-square
ANNESLEY    Charles            Carpenter                                       9,Fade-street
ANTISELL    Christ. & Co.      Silk-manufacturers & Haberdashers               5,Castle-st.
APPLEBY     Henry              Clothier                                        2,Chamber-street
APPLEBY     John               Chandler                                        3,Fumbally's-lane
ARCHBOLD    Elizabeth          Paper-maker                                    38,Usher's-quay
ARCHIBALD   Richard            Wine-merchant                                  43,Stafford-street
ARCHER      John               Bookseller - Commercial-bldgs                     Dame-street
ARCHER      William-Henry      Sheriff's peer & Sword cutler                   7,Essex-bridge
ARMIT       and Borough        Army-agents                                     1,Kildare-street
ARMIT       William            Agent     - Genl. Post Off.                       -
ARMSTRONG   Andrew             Brewer                                         66,Watling-street
+ARMSTRONG  & Anderson         Merchants                                      21,Abbey-street
ARMSTRONG   Edward             Tea-merchant & Grocer                          46,Bolton-street
ARMSTRONG   George             Lace-man                                       19,Parliament-street
ARMSTRONG   H. & E.            Haberdashers & Milliners                        4,Arran-quay
ARMSTRONG   James              Merchant                                       68,Pill-lane
ARMSTRONG   Michael            Tailor                                         40,Summer-hill
ARMSTRONG   Robert & Co.       Apothecaries & Druggists                      149,Capel-street
+ARMSTRONG  Robert             Merchant                                       34,Abbey-street; Office, 20 Lotts
ARMSTRONG   William            Apothecary                                    34, Mary-street
ARMSTRONG   Wm.                Turner & Pump-borer                             6,White's-lane
ARTHER      John               Shoemaker                                      30,Grafton-street
ARTHUR      Nicholas           Bricklayer                                      7,Montrath-street
ARTHUR      Robert             Bricklayer                                      7,Montrath-street
ASHE        Rainey             Goldsmith & Jeweller                           10,Capel-street
ASHLEY      Joseph             China-merchant                                 96,N. King-street
ASHLEY      Joseph             Timber-merchant                                46,Queen-street
ASHLEY      William            Grocer                                         77,Francis-street
ASHMORE     Richard            Woollen-draper                                 21,Francis-street
ASHWORTH    Robert             Agent                                          16,Merion-square, N.
ASKEN       James              Clothier                                       14,Brabazon-row
ASKEN       John               Clothier                                       10,Pimlico
ATKINSON    James              Wine & Spirit Merchant                        71, Aungier-street
+ATKINSON   Joseph             Merchant                                       16,Anglesea-street
ATKINSON    Mary               Grocer                                         69,Marlborough-street
ATKINSON    Richard            Silk-throwster                              1S (?)Spittlefields
ATKINSON    Robert             Grocer                                        115,Thomas-street
ATKINSON    Samuel             Silk-throwster                                 10,Mapas-street (Malpas?)
ATKINSON    Thomas             Watch-maker                                    33,Camden-street
ATKINSON    Valentine          Confectioner                                   52,Stephen-street
ATKINSON    William            Clothier                                       21,Pimlico
ATKINSON    Wm.                Fringe & Tassel-manufacturer                  198,gt. Britain-street
ATWELL      Joseph             Vintner   - Commercial-bldgs                      Cope-street
AUDEN       James              Smith                                          19,Whitefriar-street
AUSTIN      James              Brush-maker                                    61,Exchequer-street
AYCKBOWM    John Ded.          Glass-seller                                   15,Grafton-street
AYLMER      Patrick            Butcher                                        12,Stoney-batter
AYLWARD     Pat.               Grocer & Tobaconist                            74,Queen-st. & 11, lit. Britain-st
AYRE        John               Carpenter                                      27,Mecklenburgh-street
AYRE        Martin             Grocer                                         28,Francis-street
AYRE        Tho                Victualler                                    146,N. King-street

+Transcriber's Note. To facilitae finding names the old 
style f meaning s has been changed to read "s".