1861 Thom's Dublin Directory
Contributed by
Anthony J. Roche <ajroche@iol.ie>

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A-Alc Ald-And And-Ard Ard-Ass Ass-Bag Bag-Bam Ban-Bar Bar-Bat Bat-Bee Bee-Ber
Ber-Bir Bir-Boa Boa-Bos Bos-Boy Boy-Bra Bra-Bre Bre-Bro Bro-Bro Bro-Bur Bur-Bus
Bus-Byr Byr-Byr Byr-Cal Cal-Can Can-Car Car-Car Car-Cat Cat-Che Che-Cla Cla-Clo
Clo-Col Col-Com Com-Con Con-Coo Coo-Cor Cor-Cow Cox-Cre Cre-Cro Cro-Cup Cup-Dal
Dal-Dav Dav-Dea Dea-Dem Dem-Dig Dig-Dod Dod-Doo Doo-Dow Dow-Doy Doy-Dub Dub-Dum
Dun-Dun Dun-Edi Edk-Ell Ell-Etc Etc-Fal Fal-Far Far-Fer Fer-Fin Fin-Fit Fit-Fle
Fle-For For-Fox Fox-Fri Fro-Gal Gal-Gay Gay-Gib Gib-Glo Glo-Gos Gos-Gra Gra-Gre
Gre-Gru Gru-Hal Hal-Ham Ham-Har Har-Har Har-Hau Hau-Hea Hea-Hen Hen-Hig Hig-Hod
Hod-Hon Hon-How How-Hun Hun-Ind Ind-Ins Ins-Ire Ire-Jac Jac-Joh Joh-Jon Jon-Juv
Kae-Kea Kea-Kel Kel-Kel Kel-Ken Ken-Keo Keo-Kin Kin-Kir Kir-Lam Lam-Law Law-Lea
Lea-Lef Leg-Lew Loc-Low Low-Lyn Lyn-McB McB-Mcl Mcl-McD McD-McD McD-McG McG-McK
McM-McQ McQ-Mag Mag-Mah Mah-Man Man-Mar Mar-Mat Mat-Mea Mea-Mex Mey-Mit Mit-Mon
Mon-Moo Moo-Mor Mor-Mos Mos-Mun Mur-Mur Mur-Murr Mur-Nei Nel-Nic Nic-Nor Nor-Obr
Obr-Oco Ofe-Old Old-One One-Orm Orm-Owe Owe-Par Par-Pem Pem-Phe Pim-Pop Pop-Pre
Pre-Pur Put-Ram Ram-Ree Rei-Ric Ric-Rob Rob-Roc Roc-Roo Roo-Roy Roy-Rya Rya-San
San-Sco Sco-See Sem-Sha She-Sin Sin-Smi Smi-Smi Smi-Soc Soc-Sta Sta-Ste Ste-Sto
Sto-Sul Sul-Syk Syk-Tay Tay-Tho Tho-Tie Tie-Too Too-Tri Tri-Tyn Tyn-Ver Ver-Wal
Wal-Wal Wal-War War-Web Web-Wes Wes-Whi Whi-Wic Wic-Wil Wil-Win Win-Wor Wor-Yeo


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